The results of this poll practically guarantees Trump will win in 2020

Democrats are already laying the groundwork to run against Trump in 2020.

The left thinks the media has succeeded in destroying Trump and that the President will be easy pickings.

But then one brand new poll came out and showed they had failed.

A brand new Rasmussen poll found Trump’s support among black voters had doubled over the course of one year.

Black voters rising support for the President came in the face of every major institution in America – the media, Hollywood, academia and professional athletes – smearing Trump as a racist.

They shrugged off the smears and took stock of the lowest black unemployment in history – as well as the President’s long history of being anything but a racist – and credited him a job well done.

This infuriated the media.

And it worried Democrats.

The Democrat challenger in 2020 is going to need a surge in support of black voters to defeat Trump.

If Trump holds – and grows – the number of black votes he won in 2016 he is the strong favorite to win in 2020.

Do you agree?

Let us know your thoughts.


  1. Dan T., The comment above from Diane tells you she is black. She said you and DJT are racist and only want the best for people who look like you. If she is white she would have said, only want what’s best for people who look like us.

    Note: For info only, I like black people,
    Dan nor DJT nor I are racists.

  2. zee, Come on! Diane is a black racist atheist, who, is going to “bust” hell wide open. Sorry I won’t be there to remind her how many of us tried to tell her what will happen unless her heart and mind change.

  3. Lawrence Lester, Good for you Lawrence, we are so glad to have you in the GOP and so glad you brought others with you. So, welcome, welcome! Please continue to work on others to come and join us. Thank you!

  4. Diane, ‘Racist’ Has NOTHING To DO W/ What’s Going 0n here
    in USA. &&& ‘that’means U as well, ‘living’ a ‘free Life’.

  5. Amen, Lawrence, Amen. Thank you__ The Dem Party of JFK 60’s
    IS Looong GONE. Even tho there ARE Kraaap Rinos /Establishment etc.
    ‘WE’ Will WIN ie SAVE USA !!!

  6. Diane, you and your other few are the reason the democrat party is going down. You can’t think outside the box let alone know the difference between the truth and lies!

  7. I recently switched from democrat to republican because idiots like Diane exist. These fools should hide in shame. All democrats are the most evil people alive. They should be driven out of this country. They are the sworn enemies of America. They should ALL be driven out of this country. Many of my friends and family has switched. May that rotten party fall forever.

  8. 0h geez Di, Factoids re JFK/Clinton in 0val 0ff &
    nefarious ‘o’ activities in WH basement. Must ‘brief’
    yourself. POTUS Does NOT Do this ‘crap’ in WH. like
    the ‘others’. His ‘personal’ life 10-15yrs ago
    has nothing to do w/ USA Policy.(also, many of
    the women have been proven, liars for $$$, so gotta drop
    that argument? ) 0ver. Done. Gone. Soo – Just like your
    ‘personal’ life – who wants to know??? ewww. capish.

  9. Di, that is a ‘spin’ reply. Bigger Q IS WHY U Do Not Believe
    in an Higher 0rder. EX: flowers,butterflies, trees, water etc
    Btw: RR blocked a really good reply to U. 0h well, whatever.
    Also, I Said: ‘i’ Never Asked why re Godthang, I Always
    wondered From WHERE. do u get that ??? from Where,Di – WHERE???
    (now ‘that’ Is some scary ‘schnitt’)

  10. BUTCHY mahn – Am beginning to think ‘Some’ of
    these terrible trolls ARE (AI -Artificial intelligence)
    Threading thru internet. whatever. hmm
    > They Need to STFU. Period. STFU.

  11. Indeed, Bill – the ‘Bothers/Sisters’ Are ‘awakened’ & Will Continue
    ToDoSo. I Totally Notice ‘stuff’ where i’m at. Several yrs ago,
    i saw ‘menace’ in eyes/attitude. & NOW, the eye contact IS Awesome,
    & ‘friendly’ to say the least. Yes, ‘some’ on both sides, display
    ‘attitude’ (from days gone by). Butt, what i see, where i’m at, IS
    V. Coolio. the ‘Brothers/Sisters’ Have Been Waiting A Long Time for
    this ‘ComeUppance’.The % polls Reveal. &&& ‘i’ use E’vry Chance i get, to Display – it’s
    ALL Good. >>> &&& ‘WE’ RELATE. &&& i’ve Met Some V. ‘Classy’ Wealthy
    Brothers/Sisters, ( Far Beyond some ‘cracker’ trash). (& 0n this site)
    > ps. just a lil’ report from -me, zee. ‘WE’ Can __ DO/ &&& Live the
    Rite ‘thang’. MAGA. Thank U POTUS for a somewhat difficult & X-Treme

  12. I think the stupid comments come from Breitbart and Faux AlmostNews viewers. Have never seen such misinformed total morons in all my life.

  13. Absolutely
    I am still waiting to c all this evidence some say they have ??? Mr. Magoo and his band of buffoons would have produced by now. And the buffoons sure as hell wouldn’t be waisting thier time and our TAX DOLLARS ON AND F’n tax envision case as Mr. MAGOO AND ARE DOING NOW.

  14. “God’s” word was written by men. What if YOU’RE wrong? Both of us will be dead……what’s your point? I don’t respond to FEAR tactics either.

  15. Zee – What’s the right wing conspiracy about Obama and sex? Trump got all of them beat as far as sexual harassment and rapists go. None of them have 16 females who have filed lawsuits against them. None of them has paid off adult film movie “stars”. None of them had sex with an adult film movie “star” 3 months after his wife gave birth. None of them are as disgusting and deprived as this POS.

  16. And I’ll bet Dan is an obese old white male who sits on his fat ass all day long and posts ignorant nonsense all day long. He might even be that 400lb male that 45 talks about. Naawww, Dan’s not smart enough to hack into anything!

  17. BigJoe – But I DO exist and plan to for a very long time! Get over yourself big guy……the world doesn’t revolve around you. There are MORE people who disagree with you dimwits and you will see that in November.

  18. Dan – NOW you’re supporting TREASON? That’s very patriotic of you! You’ve taken kneeling to a whole new level!

  19. Ummmm, if I don’t believe in God and heaven, then I also don’t believe in hell! DUH you ignorant moron!

  20. B Moss! God is not treasonous! God would not have you to vote for a person who is traitorous. God put him in there and he said Trump will be President for two terms. So let more people get into the race, they will only lose..

  21. Do not reply to Diane. It doesn’t exist. Make your comments to the rest of us because we are real, Diane is non existent.

  22. There is no Diane. Whatever is posting these brainless comments is doing it to try to infuriate the people here that actually have a brain. Ignore it, don’t respond to it, and it will eventually go away.

  23. Too bad you paid such little attention in school. I guess you were out sick when they taught how to form a coherent sentence.

  24. Would that this country would have tried and executed Obama’s and Hillary for their treason against America.

  25. Bill the rat party used lies and deception to win the black Americans. Looks like the party’s over. We finally have a president whom wants the best for everyone.

  26. Completely ignore B. Moss because he/she is paid to troll these sights and talk trash about Trump. Anyway, I hope I’m right because I would really hate to think anyone could be that stupid to believe the words Trump and treason goes in the same sentence. B. Moss is confused! He meant a vote for Obama and his deep state and communist group is a vote for treason.

  27. The Black Communities are opening there eyes and realizing that the Democratic Party for many decades have been playing them only for there votes. I’d say that it was the Obama Administration that finally did it. The Black Communities having the first Black President in office were assuming and I didn’t blame them that his campaign promises of turning their communities around but once in office Obama and his Administration totally ignored them. Obama only considered on how he was able to make connections to benefit his future financially and Politically. He accomplished his goal. He came out of office 38 million richer and used his gift of gab to get the Democratic Party/Liberals to believe what he said and to ignore his actions and is still doing that today. He has the Democratic Party convinced that he is still there leader. That was proven recently because the Democratic Party waited for Obama’s list of 81 candidates for office. Here’s proof of his knowing that he is able to get his way due to his gift of gab.

  28. Diane, if you were a student of history, which you obviously aren’t, you would realize that most past presidents Republican and Democrat were imperfect humans. Many had scandals they were connected to. Many cheated,Kennedy, Clinton, FDR, Harding, etc. What makes the Democrats the most loathsome in the present is their support of infanticide,ABORTION. Call it what you want, a woman’s right, etc. but it is what it is. Even if you are an atheist as you attest, you apparently believe in some form of morality otherwise there is no right or wrong for you to protest about. Yes, there are many religious people who are atheist, but you’re no different. So If I were you, I get off your soapbox and never darken this forum with your presence again.

  29. Diane, the time is coming when you will find that there is a God. Pry it’s not to late for you. He is omnipotent and while many may dismiss him in this life, they will tremble when his reality is apparent to them. Hebrews 9:27

  30. Dianne, “The fool has said in his heart there is no GOD” He is the creator and He is coming again and His name is JESUS!!!! I pray that you either come to the saving knowledge of JESUS or GOD will stop you from being a stumbling block for those who earnestly seek HIM. You need JESUS!! Communists have said that they would take over the U.S without firing a shot. Through people like you they are doing it. Come to know HIM as I know HIM and HE will change your life.

  31. Tell me what treason has he commited? I know he doesn’t support liberal idiots, he doesn’t support illegal entry ,he supports the Police & military and NOT kneelers that’s treason to them



  34. You are so full of it. Treason??? Why don’t you people that say things like this put some EVIDENCE of where you these lies from??? Just like Mueller and his team of Democrats going after OUR President for collusion with Russia. And his BOSS; Rosenstein came out several weeks ago that there was “NO COLLUSION” between OUR President and Russia. So it really makes you wonder what Mueller is really up to. He’s the one that needs to be prosecuted right along with Hillary and Obama in the URANIUM 1 Deal with Russia. Giving 20% of OUR enriched uranium to Russia. But all THREE got EXACTLY what they wanted. And if you DON’T know anything about; just send me a message to e~mail Because unlike you on the treason crap; my words can be backed up by FACTS. And I’ll even throw in the Fact-check on it so you will know it’s TRUE. DEMOCRATS & LIBERALS don’t go by facts. Just like the media.

  35. Diane shut the hell up. Trump is the best president I know of .Has got jobs the economy is great so what’s your problem? Need more food stamps?

  36. Diane is going to hell. She will be there with a pitchfork stuck in her ass Hahaha!!!!!! When the rest of us commiecrats get there , we will have a big gay orgy. Won’t be able to murder any babies. They will all be in Heaven with Jesus.

  37. A vote for Trump is a vote for Treason.

    It’s real simple. We can’t defend him ‘cause we didn’t like the old leaders…

  38. David – Lordy, get someone to help you setup spellcheck! I understand, now, why you’re a Trump supporter. SMH!

  39. Richard – Yeah, by electing (with Russian help) a reality TV host to the highest office in the land! If that doesn’t prove that there is NO God, nothing will! Unless God has a warped sense of humor. Hahahahaha

  40. Tgw – what if BOTH are you are wrong? Won’t you feel stupid……oh wait…’ll just be dead…….my bad! Keep your prayers to yourselves and use them on somebody who actually gives a damn and is a believer………it’s not me.

  41. Thanks JHN, it may jar something lose in her. And God does command all us believers to pray for those who don’t believe .
    Diane , follow what JHN shared. Believe me, if you do as he says, the day will come when you get down on your knees and thank JHN. It is coming, don’t waste on minute. It isn’t going to hurt you, and peace will was over you like you never imagined.
    GOD will come in a blink of and eye, which can be HIS time frame and not ours.

    What have you got to Lose?

  42. Better think again Diane. It is better to believe there is , than believe there isn’t, and find GOD is real .
    Don’t throw your life away for and eternity , with the rubbish that is going to hell.
    Think ETERNITY, with the rubbish, separated from God.
    My goodness, that is FOREVER.
    Remember, it is your choice. Think about it.

  43. If not for the deceased and illegal invaders voting, the Democratic communists would never win an election.

  44. Yea, democrats aren’t very good at math. They couldn’t figure out how to use dead people who were born less than 108 years prior to the last election. Ohio had 170 voters older than the oldest person living in Ohio.

  45. The Demo communist and rinos don’t get the reason for the President’s success. All you have to do is try to accomplish what you promise. I cannot remember any politician in my life time who has tried to keep promises. I hope the Demo communist don’t get it, as for rinos maybe they will have a fatal accident on the freeway.

  46. onnotice, Ooooooooeeeeeee! That’s good. Now beat Diane and company to death with good stuff like that. She can dish it out but she can’t take it so, get ready for her mean angry black racist insults, just laugh at her. She thinks she is bad but she does not know BAD!

  47. Ol’ Diane is here again ringing her own bell as no one is ignorant enough to ring it for her. I mentioned that God must have known you from birth, and today you confirmed that knowledge. Bible says, “The fool says in his heart, there is no God.” Therefore, in your present condition we should all know what God, yes the one and only God thinks of your ideology. There is hope for you though, the one true God forgives those who believe in Him and confess their sins. As dumb as your remarks are I am compelled by Gods commands to pray for you and forgive your foolishness.

  48. thoughtful one, so you are writing a book also, a fiction novel! Might as well, all Dems are writing their own fictional book of lies. I am not criticizing, fiction novels are not real, not true, yep, all fake
    sort of like fake news, yes, that’s it.

  49. thoughtful one, (terrible name choice for you). You liberals really dig deep to find things to criticize POTUS. His remark about dating Ivanka were nothing but words saying he knew he
    had a beautiful daughter. They were not
    a good choice of words and had he
    known he would be POTUS one day he
    would have chosen more suitable or
    acceptable words so hypocritical commie
    Dem liberals, like you, would not be able
    to criticize him for it. I am sure you have
    never used the wrong words, said
    something you regretted, etc. can you in
    any way see how ridiculous you liberals
    are? If you can’t find something he said
    or did wrong, you will make it up! DJT is
    not perfect, he is human, and he has
    done the same things multitudes of you
    who are judging him have done. We
    know who POTUS is, we elected him
    because we were desperately trying to
    prevent the USA from becoming a third
    world country. The one BHO was
    creating and that HRC would have
    completed. So beat him to death over
    morals while we sing his praises for
    more jobs, booming eonomy, lower
    taxes, removing business strangling
    regulations, and the list goes on. Would
    be even better if he could get
    cooperation from commie Dem libs! To deny what I say is true proves what a lying hypocrite you are.

  50. Stupid white people are their own races and any countries own worse enemy LOL! No wonder your American President Donald Trump said the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES are the enemy of the {American] people and for America! The lowering of standards to pacify hurts all!

  51. PERO, I mean Pedro …. you have been listening to CNN and the media to long, better change source of information. You’re one of the one’s being let by the blind, lies, and racist liberal system. The way of the slave plantation, food stamp, and Welfare.
    Wake … your ASS Up!!

  52. I don’t personally pay too much attention to polls. They can all be manipulated. Put the right questions with the right wording to the right audience and you can get the desired results. All the politicians know this. Don’t forget that in 2016, right up to election day, the polls were predicting a Hillary 90% certainty of a landslide victory over Trump. A lot can happen in the next two years.

  53. Paul Hege, Diane uses the same old tired words, phrases, and insults on all good decent people. Pay no attention to that sad miserable insane useless piece of human waste. God is going to show her He is real and, guaranteed she will not like it. She doesn’t understand Christians get angry, even Jesus did. Being an atheist she doesn’t understand the plan of salvation or how we receive forgiveness. Oh, I have no patience for her right now, will ha e to do it later. MAGA, VOTE REPUBLICAN IN
    #WalkAway. to the Republican party.


  54. M – Hi! Are you NOT talking to me, again? Hopefully it will last longer this time, although you are a source of entertainment to me! You just confirmed my atheism with your thoughtful post. There isn’t a God. Hope you’re well! Come back soon!

  55. Dan – Is this your “Christian” post or your “fake” Christian Post? Leaning toward the latter. Hahahahaha

  56. NO DOUBT

  57. Dan T., Hey man, Would somebody remind stupid crazy angry racist atheist Diane that God allowed Bill Clinton to win. Few adjectives for him are adulterer, rapist, liar, corrupt, corrupter, corruption, thief, married to HRC, this could be an all nighter. Will be back with you in the mix in a day or two. Had a little problem and have not felt like reading comments from commie Dem libs. You keep their pot stirred!

  58. Is there a God? Think about it. The demos had everything locked up; media, popular vote, future plans,etc.,can’t lose. God heard the prayers from the good Republicans to save America and not only did the Dems lose,they lost so big even now going on a year later they are still in shock and unable to understand it. Thank you Jesus.


  60. Cacs
    WE NEED TO “ KICK ASS AND TAKE NAMES IN NOVEMBER “ THE left wing nut ???? cases are going commit VOTER FRAUD and in places it won’t be stopped especially here in California
    But WE THE PEOPLE will prevail

  61. Republicans even passed the Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act over the objections of Democrats. I agree and don’t understand how Dems have EVER gotten even ONE black vote!

  62. Dewey – That’s very patriotic of you. Bet you called yourself that, don’t you? You voted for Putin when you voted for Trump the last time moron!

  63. Charles – You have an incompetent, illegitimate, corrupt (so-called) president that you’re supporting. He’ll be lucky to still be in office in 2020. I’ll agree that he SHOULD get 20 years for Obstruction and 20 for conspiracy. Trump 2020. Get it? Probably not! (Sigh)

  64. Yes we are going to win in 2020 but the big win will have to be in November and we will have to check the BALETS and check them TWICE for the Democrats are non to CHET at the voteing BOOTHS thay will putting illegals in to vote as well DEAD people and voteing more then once. So we have to be on our TOES or we will have to have them CHECKED at every Poling Booth thay have done it befor. And thay will continue to do it there a bunch of COMMUNIST IDIETS.

  65. Black,Hispanic, Asian, the ladies, and just about EVERYBODY in better shape than just 18 months ago!!! I think the President make mistakes on TWITTER and has very thin skin BUT he has done or at least working on fulfilling ALL of his campaign promises!!!! The left and RINOS need to take notice!!! VOTE FOR YOUR AGENDA and get out for the Mid Terms!!!!! VOTE CONSERVATIVE to SAVE the AMERICAN DREAM!!!

  66. Trumpet 2020 is the greatest PRESIDENT ever!
    To all of you other idiots and fools including the biased media (that is right) lying idiots who hate Trumpet for no reason!!! Complete liars!!!
    You ate talking about Bamafoofoo again???? YOU FOOLS!!
    The only awful president in the last 63 years is Anti Christ Bamaloo!
    GO TRUMPET 2020!!!!!!!!! Many have your back!!!!!
    TRUMPET 2020 ????????????????????????????????????????????????PLAY IT LOUD, play it strong and NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!! Write all the BS YOU WANT AND MAKE DEMOTARDS CRAZIER THAN THEY ALREADY ARE! Hell they are all turning into crazy mad max, Nancy P the mental deranged lady and idiotic Warren. Keep it up TRUMPET!!!!! You are making ???????? Great again! Take away the clearance on all those previous losers like you did with Brennan!!! Go Trump! Go Trump! Go Trump!
    PLAY THAT LOVELY SOUND OVER AND OVER????????????????????????????
    That’s it and it is called TRUMPET 2020 let’s not forget it post it all over.
    ????????PLAY THAT FUNCKY SOUND NOW.. WHITE GIRL ????????????

  67. Charles – If it makes you feel better, pray away until the sun doesn’t shine. I will NOT believe in a God that put 45 in the highest office, child abuse, sexual assault, corruption, ect……..period.

  68. Diane: it’s who makes up the polls, knucklehead. We would love a real competitor to challenge Trump, but WHO? Nothing this side of Heaven has the Demorats have as a challenger, with any kind of agenda that we’ll change anyone’s mind! Not threats, scare tactics, or intimidation will move anyone towards your party! Except #WalkAway will just keep growing, leaving you behind with more whiners, crybabies, and p-brain ideas!

  69. Diane, whether you believe or not. It is better to live your life like there is a God and find out there isn’t. Then to live your life like there isn’t a God and find out that there is. I myself don’t believe in ONE all powerful being but I do believe in Karma. If you don’t believe, just ask Hillary.

  70. It is amazing to me that the Dems have ever gotten even ONE black vote considering their racist history. The Republican Party was established specifically to free the slaves and has supported, with vociferous opposition from the Dems, every measure to help them over the years since then. Why on earth have black EVER voted for Dems??????? If anyone has an answer, I’d appreciate knowing…..

  71. Nearly all on the left reside in Mythville, steeped in progressive canards, well programmed with the left’s cliches and ever so terribly proud of their ignorance.

  72. BUT THE LEFT WING NUT CASES will continue to play the race card because they have nothing else at least nothing positive. It’s mind boggling what these AMERICA haters are willing to do and say about our country. Like that F’n Dip sH~T COMO – HOW AMERICA NOT GREAT AND NEVER WAS !!!!
    REALLY …….AND MSM MORONS Etc still back this guy??
    Mr. COMO PLEASE move out of our country now!!! You don’t deserve to live here with talk like that

  73. Because his result in a short time have overwhelmingly beat Obummers in 8 years!!! And that is why I will vote for Donald Trump again!!!!!!

  74. I have the faith in Trump to pull the 2020 race out way ahead of the dumb DEMS so for all there screaming and calling names they will never make him walk away so he and Mike Pence will do well. Just also think about Mike Pence running in 2024 and again in 2028. Just think about the RNC keeping the WH and all the good that can be done. If the DEMS don’t change their ways they will be in line for a long losing future.

  75. Well said, Dianne. Going back 30 years, you see Trump remade his money by launder Russian mafia money by his real estate, and many of his projects show him to be heavily into Russian money – – Trump is corrupt and has been COMPROMISED for decades. Trump Jr. has clearly been, by his Dad’s own tweet, guilty of “conspiracy” and so is Trump Sr., an accomplice either after or before the fact. Brennan has seen the intell and knows it is “hogwash” that there was no collusion by Trump. He is a patriot for speaking up against TREASON.

  76. Like in real estate, it’s location, location, location. Peeling back 20% in those deep Blue states will still result in a loss. However, a mere 5%-8% in PA, OH, MI, FL will send the Dems into a tailspin. An added benefit will be forcing Dems to spend money and time shoring up what they have always taken for granted. That ‘box of rocks’ AA female in MI who viciously attacked an Asian opponent had to make the DNC cringe. Couple this with the impending Keith Ellison domestic abuse scandal and you can see that the ballyhoo surrounding a Blue Wave may be nothing more than wishful thinking. In the real world, hope is not a strategy.

  77. All I can say is you are a real moron!! Time to just go away now and except the fact that President Trump is doing some wonderful things for our country.
    We are now heading in the right the direction. Say what you want you democrats
    have some serious problems. And yes, I was a staunch democrat until this last election and I could not bring myself to vote for crooked Hillary but, to this day I have no regrets for voting for Trump. Go Trump 2020!!!!!!

  78. Is that all you can do, call people names rather than focus on facts, issues and reasonable points? No wonder Trump is your man, because that guy has NO control over himself, like indicating he would date his daughter if he could. He could have shown Omarosa to be a low-life but just has to show he is a low-life also and called her “a dog.” Trump tweets out any old stupid thought that crosses his tiny brain at any given time – – a decent president learns when to SHUT HIS MOUTH and let actions proceed behind the scene. What you people fail to see is your own poll you cite has over 70% of the Af-Americans disapprove of Trump . . . how ignorant.

  79. Let us hope that the dumbs will run Kamala Harris and some people will see what she really represents and it is not the people!

  80. Diane you really BLEW IT, IF there was a GOD, well my uninformed little idiot sis THERE IS A GOD and I can tell you HE is not very happy with you and people like you, I do PRAY for you and others like you that somehow GOD will reveal himself to you.

  81. I don’t know what you meant by Pedro but most mexican American like myself voted for Trump n will vote again to keep him in office as Trump has done what other Presidents have just talked about

  82. Diane you really BLEW IT, IF there was a GOD, well my uninformed little idiot sis THERE IS A GOD and I can tell you HE is not very happy with you and people like you, I do PRAY for you and others like you that somehow GOD will reveal himself to you.

  83. Dianne, WE HAVE A GREAT PRESIDENT TO SUPPORT, all you have is your corrupted mind that is totally worthless

  84. Dan – If there really WAS a God, there wouldn’t be a so-called president Trump. He/she would NOT allow this incompetent corrupt moron to hold office, let alone a serial sexual harasser. Exactly what do you think you have “won”? Polls have you dimwits getting slaughtered in November because of illegitimate elected 45. Hahahahaha

  85. Some libturds are soooo upset that our great president is winning and they can’t touch him. God put him there, God will keep him there. America is not declining anymore under commiecrat rule.

  86. Besides which 45 is the most incompetent corrupt individual to ever hold the office. Hopefully the jerk won’t be there in 2020…..hopefully he’ll be made to resign (just like Nixon). That’s rich that you morons would buy this Rasmussen poll when you don’t believe ANY polls unless they are favorable to Trump. Explains a lot about WHY you still support this corrupt moron.

  87. Dan – Your racism is showing again. How do you know that Pedro isn’t an American citizen? Just because his name is Pedro? SMFH in disgust.

  88. Let us not get over confident and let our guard down. Patriotic AMERICANS still need to beat the dead JACKASS. Right up through and after the election. The DumboRATS are likely to pull some sort of illegal BS.

  89. Let us not get over confident and let our guard down. Patriotic AMERICANS still need to beat the dead JACKASS. Right up through and after the election. The DumboRATS are likely to pull some sort of illegal BS.

  90. for me and my family and everybody I kinow and do business with in 2020 trump is our man he will certainlky be re -elected as 45 president of these united states biden will be what 89 yrs old and he is like ruth bader Ginsberg and sleeps all over the place,.

  91. I agree Ron. This is exactly why the Omerosa Tell a lie’s book is being thrust into the eye of the public with such a big splash! It is a blatant attempt to agitate and aggravate the black community much like Crazy Maxine was doing. That N Word, whatever it means must be powerful if it can be used to manipulate an entire culture which I believe is smart enough to see that they have just been minimized, insulted, lied to, disrespected, and has had their intellect and critical thinking skills challenged by this slap in the face by Tell A Lie Omerosa and the dim libs. I have more faith in the black community, they will recognize the slap in the face they were dealt and take care of her one way or another~*~

  92. Our Great President Mr TRUMP is been attacked by All forces of evil in the camp of the demonRats . But We the Deplorables have the Big gun , “PRAYING” . I am asking to all of You to constantly talk to & pray to GOD the Father & Jesus the Son to protect & guide our President .
    Lets do it to MAGA , & vote TRUMP’s type of Republicans everywhere all the time except paul ryan & mitch mcconnell .
    mueller is not only corrupt , evil & traitor , he’s a thief , he’s after the money he’s cashing in & will streach it as long as he can .
    Mr Sessions why are You NOT doing your job & fire rosenstein & mueller & all the other creepy crooks .

  93. Our Great President Mr TRUMP is been attacked by All forces of evil in the camp of the demonRats . But We the Deplorables have the Big gun , “PRAYING” . I am asking to all of You to constantly talk to & pray to GOD the Father & Jesus the Son to protect & guide our President .
    Lets do it to MAGA , & vote TRUMP’s type of Republicans everywhere all the time except paul ryan & mitch mcconnell .
    mueller is not only corrupt , evil & traitor , he’s a thief , he’s after the money he’s cashing in & will streach it as long as he can .
    Mr Sessions why are You NOT doing your job & fire rosenstein & mueller & all the other creepy crooks .

  94. I…RON PECINOVSKY…will take it personally if anyone of color would not vote for DONALD TRUMP…because of the color of his skin.

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