The sex scandal that rocked CNN is even worse than you thought

CNN President Jeff Zucker resigned after admitting he did not disclose an affair with a subordinate.

But that is not the whole truth.

And the sex scandal that rocked CNN is even worse than you thought.

For years, Jeff Zucker carried on an affair with CNN marketing executive Allison Gollust.

Zucker started working with Gollust at NBC over 15 years ago, and he began making sure she followed him at every step along his rise to power.

The only time Gollust and Zucker did not work together was a brief period in 2012 and 2013 when she served as the Communications Director for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

And that is where this story takes a turn.

Andrew Cuomo became a national figure during the early days of the coronavirus pandemic with his daily 11:30AM briefings, where he held court and played the role of soother-in-chief as CNN carried his briefings live every day.

But CNN covering Governor Cuomo, how he acted during briefings, and CNN showering him with praise was no happy accident.

In fact, it appeared to be another performance scripted by Jeff Zucker.

During these briefings, Zucker and Gollust reportedly coached Cuomo on how to conduct himself and also how to respond to Donald Trump.

Cuomo’s briefings were allegedly just more fake and staged news orchestrated by Zucker.

“CNN boss Jeff Zucker and his paramour Allison Gollust had an inappropriately close friendship with former Gov. Andrew Cuomo — personally calling him to do news segments with his brother Chris Cuomo and even coaching him on what to say during his infamous COVID briefings,” the New York Post reported.

“Gollust and Zucker — the latter of whom dramatically quit CNN Wednesday after their affair was exposed — also gave Andrew Cuomo endless positive coverage because of their relationship,” continued the New York Post.

“While those 11:30 a.m. daily briefings by Andrew were across every network, they boosted ratings in a poorly performing slot for CNN,” the New York Post added.

“According to a source to Cuomo, Zucker and Gollust even advised Andrew what to say — how to respond and particularly how to hit back at [President Donald] Trump to make it more compelling TV,” concluded the Post.

Critics contended for years that CNN was just a propaganda house organ for the Democrat Party.

This blockbuster New York Post report confirms those fears.

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