The shocking video you are about to watch will end the career of this top Democrat

It’s crunch time in the Midterm elections.

With so little time to recover, any mistake or gaffe can swing a race.

And now the shocking video you are about to watch will end the career of this top Democrat.

Pennsylvania Senate Democrat candidate John Fetterman’s cognitive impairment following a near fatal stroke in May is dominating the race.

An NBC interview where Fetterman needed special translation software to muddle his way through it combined with the reporter saying he could not understand basic small talk even with the benefit of computer transcription showed voters that he is mentally and physically incapable of serving as a Senator.

Since Fetterman’s brief and rare campaign appearances are under a microscope in the last three weeks of a campaign, a clip of him incoherently rambling through a stump speech while his stunned supporters looked on in silence took on added significance.

The corporate-controlled press is also doing everything in its power to hide the truth about Fetterman’s condition from the public.

Rolling Stone activist Kara Voght wrote that she deleted a tweet about a story she wrote where she identified Fetterman’s wife Giselle as the “de facto candidate.”

But Voght left the language in her story where she wrote about Giselle Fetterman assuming the role of candidate because her husband is an invalid.

“Then her husband had a stroke four days before the primary for the U.S. Senate. Suddenly, the reluctant political spouse became the de facto candidate. ‘I just had to survive, I just had to go,’ she says of that time. Did she consider asking John to step out of the race? ‘It wasn’t my decision to make,’ she says. ‘If you have the ability to make lives better, then it’s your duty to do so.’ And if he has the green light from every doctor, then I support that,” Voght wrote.

Fetterman’s handlers – including his wife – hid him for months following his stroke.

It’s obvious as to why.

And it’s also obvious with every public appearance that Fetterman is not well.

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