The solar eclipse exposed this fatal problem with Joe Biden’s green energy agenda

Most of the public’s attention was on the rare solar eclipse.

But that same day, the country faced a far more shocking situation. 

And the solar eclipse exposed this fatal problem with Joe Biden’s green energy agenda.

The April 9 solar eclipse was a rare celestial phenomenon where the moon traveled in between the Earth and the sun, partially or fully blocking out sunlight depending on the location in the country.

While Americans were celebrating this rare celestial event, the green energy sector was in crisis mode.

Solar energy shuts down during eclipse

The solar eclipse caused the country to lose 30 gigawatts of energy generated from solar panels because the sunlight was partially or entirely blocked.

“A full solar eclipse will briefly but fully obscure sunlight to utility-scale solar generation facilities from Texas through Maine with a combined 6.5 gigawatts (GW) of capacity. In addition, the eclipse will partially block sunlight to facilities with a combined 84.8 GW of capacity in an even larger swath of the United States around peak solar generating time,” the U.S. Energy Information Administration stated.

30 gigawatts are roughly equivalent to the energy produced by 30 nuclear reactors.

Texas was the hardest hit state by the eclipse because of its heavy use of solar power.

Solar is the second largest of power for the state’s electrical grid.

“Texas will lose the most solar generating capacity because most of the state is in the path that will lose 90%-99% of solar power during the eclipse,” the U.S. Energy Information Administration stated.

Power companies were able to prepare in advance to deal with the eclipse, but it exposed a major problem with the green push by President Joe Biden.

Biden is trying to power the country with an unreliable source

While an eclipse is a rare occurrence it revealed one of the biggest follies of the green energy industry.

Solar power only works when the sun is shining.

Wind and solar operate on the whims of nature.

When the often unpredictable weather doesn’t cooperate, the solar panels don’t work and the wind turbines don’t turn.

As more green energy comes on the line, the more unreliable the country’s energy supply will be.

Texas’ electrical grid is already struggling with reliability because of its dependence on solar. 

U.S. Senator John Barrasso (R-WY) pointed to the eclipse as an example of solar power’s unreliable nature.

“The US will lose more than 30 gigawatts of solar energy during today’s total eclipse,” Barrasso said. “A good reminder the sun doesn’t always shine and solar power alone is not enough. But don’t worry, WY oil, gas & coal producers will continue to step up to keep the lights on across America.”

Solar power is a flawed technology that Joe Biden wants to use to replace reliable energy generated from American fossil fuels.

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