The special counsel demanded Trump betray his administration in this insane way

The Washington, D.C. Swamp’s plan to destroy Donald Trump involves scorched earth tactics to attack every aspect of his life.

And now the Deep State is targeting one of his closest advisors.

And the office of the special counsel just demanded Trump betray one of his closest allies in the worst way.

The office of the special counsel is different from Robert Mueller’s operation.

This outfit enforces the Hatch Act, which bans federal employees from engaging in partisan politics.

The office issued a report demanding Donald Trump fire Kellyanne Conway for criticizing Democrats in TV interviews.

The Washington Post reports:

The report submitted to President Trump found that Conway violated the Hatch Act on numerous occasions by “disparaging Democratic presidential candidates while speaking in her official capacity during television interviews and on social media.” The agency described her as a “repeat offender.”

The decision about whether to remove Conway is up to Trump. A senior White House official said Thursday the president is unlikely to punish Conway and instead will defend her. The White House counsel immediately issued a letter calling for the agency to withdraw its recommendation that Conway be removed — a request the Office of Special Counsel declined.

In an interview, Special Counsel Henry Kerner called his recommendation that a political appointee of Conway’s stature be fired “unprecedented.”
“You know what else is unprecedented?” said Kerner, a Trump appointee who has run the agency since December 2017. “Kellyanne Conway’s behavior.”

The administration wisely ignored this partisan hack report.

Kellyanne Conway is one of the President’s longest serving and highest profile advisors.

That’s why she is being targeted by the swamp.

Previous Presidents put political hands on the payroll.

Barack Obama had David Axelrod in his administration and George W. Bush designated Karl Rove as a White House advisor.

No one went after them.

Attacking Kellyanne Conway is another way anti-Trump forces inside Washington, D.C. are trying to deprive President Trump the ability of carrying out his duties.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. When you say no respect for the law? Then Hillary should be in Levenworth for the next 100 years, along with Barack,Comey, Brennan and Clapper. These are the ring leaders of collusion and obstruction of Justice. These treasonous individuals have broken many federal and state laws. If anyone should be held accountable, let’s start there

  2. what law say you ok for you to break many laws and dont regard any that you would suport now you say clinton didnt do any thing wrong its ok to hammer phones bleach stuff and you say ok thats what a stupid person would say enddddddddddddddd


  4. Hey gun nuts I wish you would explain with your valuable insight why Russian donors sent 145 million $ to hillary’s Canadian charity. Should that not have gone to Trump? Tell us was the corrupt FBI’s intent to thwart an election just good patriotic citizenship? and legal? You should call the CIA and give them the valuable information that you have with regard to Trumps obligations to Putin. They will send you a new picture of hillary to kiss. You should go for a walk and try to shake some of that fat off. Too much fat causes braincells to misfire.

  5. Disparage the democrats? How could she say anything that is less than true about the sorriness of the democrats who are the most rotten criminal protecting bunch of trash that the nation has ever sent to Washington. Everyone of them should be criminally charged with sedition and treason. They support destruction of subpoenaed evidence, they support the FBI’s efforts to thwart an election, they support the BATFE’s sponsored sales of guns to criminals. They support giving aid to the enemny billions of $ to Iran . etc., etc., etc.,

  6. fake dan…You prove your ignorance every time you post. It is YOU who blindly believes the lies of your lib leaders without question.

  7. scott…Pres. Trump DOES have regard for the rule of law. Guess you can’t see that because YOU don’t. dems have no morals and have thrown God out.

  8. nutty…NOTHING you said is true. You are a fool. And there has been NO evidence at all that he colluded with Russia because he didn’t. But Hillary DID and that is fine with you. WAKE UP!!!!

  9. Yes, dems are very dangerous to our freedom. They want complete and total control of this country and they don’t care how they get it. They are no better than the muslims who have the same goal. But neither dems or muslims will win, as both have rejected God.

  10. Scott…it is YOU who has no regard for our laws. I’m sure you have no problem at all with the millions of illegals who keep coming in here. And I’m sure that you have no problem with the Clintons and Obama being very corrupt.

  11. You couldn’t care less about breaking the law. Libs have no morals and no regard for laws. The only time you care about breaking the law is if someone you hate does it and then it is suddenly wrong.

  12. Scott if you truly believed in the rule of law as you keep spouting about you’d be blowing the internet up with all the lawless deeds that the Dems are doing on a daily basis instead of blindly sucking on the baby bottle they keep handing you blind sheep that keep following them and you’d begin to learn to think for yourself and research true provable facts instead of dancing to the Dems insane rhetoric. Use the brain God gave you please

  13. I agree…they are desperate and I feel, at this point, SO desperate, that I cannot feel confident that our President is truly safe. I believe there should be special ops in charge of his safety. Deep State is still out and about…creeping around him every day. But I am sure the top security people know this. It is a shame we have to think this way about our government, but the Kennedys’ didn’t think they had to worry either.

  14. Hillary Clinton’ is the one who collaborated with Russia and Putin. Paid them off for a bunch of lies against our President. She gave thousands of classified Emails to our enemys.

  15. What about the $40 million that Russia and Iran gave the Clinton Foundation that is nothing more than a funnel of money to the three Clintons. That foundation based in Canada so the US cannot get the details is still a 501c tax dodge, so the Clintons can steal and further sell out America ! They are the Evil of the universe along with every last Democrat with ties to Washington D. C. Even in WI. we have a Senator that is anti nation & state values , but pushed to the seat by the so-called educators, the unions and the government workers & all The losers wanting a free life while they set back and ask for more, Tammy the pro baby murderer, and the gay activists ! No, she does NOT represent American values but rather, that of the deviate!
    She claims to support the Veterans but that is just a smoke screen to get votes, I and nearly every veteran that I have been in contact with in the past 6 years have never been helped by her. She was contacted many times for assistance , never as much as a return call. She was NOT & is NOT capable to carry former U.S. Senator Blll Proxmires baggage, he was a Democrat but he was an AMERICAN first and HE worked for ALL the people NOT just for weird special interest minority groups! Douglas M. Scheel

  16. Fake Dan I’m a conservative. You are a liberal. Our vision for our country is different. But I know what is in store for us if you people prevail.

  17. Shooter, sounds like DJ Dump has sold you the snake oil. Keep drinking your cult leaders “kool aid”.

  18. Democrats are the number one enemy of the American people. They are turning our country into a third world hell hole with their open border policy and let anyone and everyone into the country.

  19. Dear Gunnuts. You are more than misguided. Pull your head out of your ads and look around you. The commies are here and they have taken over the Demoncratic party. Are you one of them?

  20. Every day these swamp dwellers prove who they are and the reason they need to be banished from America. Send them to Gitmo for treason.

  21. Because he’s a democrat. Demo’s can run pay-to-play schemes, bust up cell-phones with hammers, do “bleach-bit” on their hard drives and do anything else they want to remove evidence and it’s all good. If a republican jay-walks, it’s “O’ my god they have no respect for the law!! Lock them all up!!”. This country is over due for an “adjustment” and put a bunch of demon craps behind bars or on the guillotine!

  22. These comments are so typical for the liberal mob. They will assault you on the street, violate your rights and do their utmost to deny you your constitutional rights, and then whine that “you have no respect for the rule of law”, their favorite phrase.

  23. I don’t know why you guys are whining. Kellyanne is doing exactly what she was hired to do. Just as Sarah Sanders and Sean Spicer were doing. Quit crying and get over yourselves. Besides, with the way ALL of the demo crap cave dwellers are acting if you were to actually enforce this you would need a special prison for all of the demo crap congressional workers. Double standard much!!

  24. mnc and Ruth… maybe you should learn a little something about the law. Conway has broken the law multiple times; but then what does the law mean to you, your ilk on this site, and this administration…. absolutely no regard for the law.

  25. Chain, if he’s all about America, wouldn’t he have just a little regard for the rule of law upon which this nation was founded and thrived as a world leader… until 2016 anyway.

  26. She broke the law, Janice, repeatedly. Why is it you, and most others on this site, have no regard for law and order. This nation was founded upon, and thrived, because of the rule of law. This administration ignores the law like yesterday’s garbage. You really don’t understand what you’re asking for.

  27. Conway has broken the laws of the Hatch Act numerous times. She is a female thug. However Trump’s main ally besides you insane or evil people is Vladimir Putin, who Trump owes his soul to for the election for the Russian money coming in from the Russian oligarchs who are buying many of his half ass empty condo projects.


  29. Abolish the Special Counsel. This is a good place to start the necessary budget cuts that are necessary to bring the Deficit down.

  30. ”Abolish the Special Counsel. This is a good place to start the necessary budget cuts that are necessary to brinng the Deficit down.

  31. Democrats have been extremely disrespectful talking about the POTUS. But it’s OK for them to do it? I’m so sick and tired of them sounding like little children on the playground. They seem to be forgetting this is their country they are attempting to ruin.

  32. Fake Dan:
    You seem to support the party of the donkey which means that you and your mother likes sucking donkey dick.

  33. Dan, you really shouldn’t post on public forums because then everyone knows how goofy you are as to a few folks who walk wide trails around you because they think you’re weird. When you come onto public forum and talk your trash it leaves no doubt.

  34. Kelly Anne is not going anywhere. How dare they DEMAND that President Trump fire her. That’s a sure way to get him to keep her. They are so stupid. I wish I could count high enough to remember how many times they have violated the Hatch act. Nothing ever happens to them though. Damn shame!!!!!

  35. It’s left up to the president to fire her, but as
    we already know that’s not going to happen.
    The boogeymen for the dem-rats know this.
    20/20 is going to be a blast for President
    Trump, and he’s got the goods on all the
    candidates. They have lost everything.
    I really feel good for Trump the guy is all about

  36. Once again we see the double standard that Democrats live by. They can say anything they want about the President, elected Republicans and everyone that supports the elected President yet no one is allowed to talk bad about them. Personally, I think it is past time for everyone to band together and files some massive law suits for slander and defamation of character against these self appointed “Democrat” Gods.

  37. Of course they want her out. She embarrasses them every time she exposes them for the evil villains they are. She is gorgeous, she’s smart and the craven democrats can’t stand her. As for speaking out, she is doing just what Trump wants her to do. She is a free-lance press spokesperson. As for her violating some obscure law, they do it every single day!!

  38. U R not giving the devil his due! The SOCOMS main concern is NOT the hrc loss. Their PRESENT objective is 2 get rid of the “DISRUPTOR” DJT aka our present POTUS. He has thrown off their takeover timetable. They expected 2b 1/2 way 2 being tittled COMMISSARS by now. The “DON” has the timetable set back & if he remains in office much longer, it’s possible he can do irreparable damage 2 they agenda. IE: Silicon Valley & the swamp become the Big Brothers & the rest r serfs/zombies.

  39. The Democratic party are experts in turning black into white and vice versa. Their futile attempts to throw Trump out of office will ultimately fail as other attempts in the past that they have tried. The Democratic party is a bunch of cheap two bit sore loosers because Hillary didn’t win.

  40. I am not worried look who are the once’s reporting it the fake propaganda,tabloid media that is now spinning it.
    They are dealing with the smartest President they’re butt hurt at every corner and when they hit bottom they will start to dig even lower. This has been a national disgrace what these democrats have and are doing.

  41. If my memory serves me right there have been other opportunities for the Office of Special Counsel to nail Democrats for hatch Act violations which weren’t pursued.

  42. When we learned that it was Hillary/Obama conspirators that secretly created their behind-the-scene coup in an attempt to void Trump presidential eligibility. We pointed out that it is the law that requires their punishment. We had to remind their Democrat fans that Hillary and Obama are not above the law.

    They attempted to turn the table around at us by saying that Trump is not above the law. What?! They have a way of turning around the obvious facts at us. They are either stupid, or attempting to save their face. No remorse for their devious acts at all. It is sickening to see them denying the truth.

    Truth is much stronger than their lies.

  43. The Hatch Act, If the Democrats wish to pursue this path then I would like to remind them that every time they open there mouth with collusion and impeachment statements they are in fact in Violation of the Hatch Act.

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