The Supreme Court could undergo one big change that is bad news for Trump

The Supreme Court promises to be one of the defining issues in the 2020 election.

That’s because Donald Trump’s nominations of Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh are two of the highlight achievements of his Presidency.

But the Supreme Court could undergo one big change that is bad news for Donald Trump.

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg is one of the top contenders for the Democrat presidential nomination.

Like every other candidate, he is running far to the left in order to court the party’s radical base.

And one idea he came up with was packing the Supreme Court with six new liberal justices.

Buttigieg outrageously claims this is “nonpartisan” but installing six new liberals judges on the Court will give the left a 10-5 majority.

That means when a Republican holds the White House, they will never be allowed to govern as the liberal justices will just strike down every action they take.

Breitbart reports:

2020 White House hopeful and South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg (D) has reiterated his support for packing the Supreme Court, stating he views the policy proposal as “the one that I find most intriguing.”

In an interview with NBC News released Monday, Buttigieg discussed his plans to “overhaul” the nation’s highest court. The Indiana Democrat told the news outlet that he supports “whatever Supreme Court reform will depoliticize this body” in an effort to change its perception of “an almost nakedly political institution.”

“The reform of not just expanding the number of members but doing it in a way where some of them are selected on a consensus, nonpartisan basis, it’s a very promising way to do it,” he claimed. “There may be others.

But the point is, we’ve got to get out of where we are now, where any time there is an opening, there is an apocalyptic, ideological firefight. It harms the court, it harms the country, and it leads to outcomes like we have right now.”

Court packing is one radical idea that quickly gained traction in the Democrat primaries.

Another is eliminating the Electoral College.

Democrats are seizing on these ideas because they think Republicans should never be allowed to win elections or govern.

They want to rig the system in their favor in perpetuity and that is why you see presidential candidates playing to their base’s anger by embracing increasingly radical policy prescriptions.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. It’s dick-heads,like you, who are the problem! There should be a hunting season for citizens like you!

  2. gm
    JUNE 25, 2019 AT 8:04 PM The democrats and some republicans in congress are criminals and should not be allowed to question the government as they are in no position to do so, since they are under investigation for crimes against a legitimate president, we shall soon learn. They continue to revel in sedition and treason here and countries they connect too. They remain defiant towards the rule of law as though they are untouchables and above the law. Everything they do they blame the republicans of, when its them who is above the law as evident of their behavior and crude talk. The republicans have to jointly hold a meeting to fix this problem and work around it to overcome these creatures who are bent on the illegals to come and assure them of work or even to replace citizens with cheaper labor. Freedom of speech and liberties is fine, its when it gets out of control and there is abuse of this freedom, harsh measure have to be introduced to discipline the situation or it gets out of control, people become lawless. And, this is what the democrats want, so as to put pressure on Trump. Well, they are not going to succeed, Trump’s got balls of brass. It’s they who have to be careful what they do otherwise it will come back to bite them where it hurts the most. There are some real bad reps in the demo. and repub. and its time the people remove them from the government come 2020 polls. This must be done by the people and by the people only not the politicians or the rich and powerful or Hollywood who use the people to voice their opinions as they have a lot to lose. People on both sides of the isle must get together and vote bad politicians out in the country’s interest and yours. Trump needs the support of the people and he will fight till the end against demo.& repub.
    who are false prophets, and preach, but do not practice what they preach to make false promises of all things free only to get into power and do the opposite, once they are in that’s it you cannot remove them, and, who loses, the people and, the rich gets to have their way, to only put even more pressure on the people who they consider as deplorables. Wisen up people, lets get rid of the bad politicians for good, for we the people rule by our voice and not theirs, so be it.

  3. “WE THE PEOPLE” Has anyone forgotten what this term really means? Politicians ignore the will of the people, none as bad as the DNC, they throw out there all the time “the people want this, or don’t wont this, or there’s no way the people would put up with this” when you here that enough, and they ignore you more little, by little, it becomes a normality!
    WE THE PEOPLE need to stop this blatant disregard by politicians, who salivate the “I’m for the People” during election time”, then after elected, they say “what people?” It keeps getting worse, and we must stop it! That should be one thing both sides of the aisle, as far as voters are concerned, could agree on!

  4. Facebook is a registry! The CIA put up half the money that started Facebook, the other half was Rockefeller money, and if the Government had told all the people to “fill out this registry, we want to know all about your life” it would have been too intrusive and they would never have gotten it done! So, some very clever person said, what if I told you how we could trick them into volunteering that information? People put everything out there! Bible prophecy tells us that in the end times, everything you’ve ever done will be shouted from the rooftops! Where is your satellite dish?

  5. People live their busy lives, watch the news while eating dinner, they hear about gay people want this, or that, and the term gay is barely noticeable, but if the people saw gay people kissing each other, or worse, humping each other, it would sicken them! Homosexuality is far from normal and the gay community is embarrassed by their lifestyles, and they walk around feeling guilty, all the time, they want to be accepted by everyone to the point of forcing their sick lifestyle on normal people! There are no homosexual animals!

  6. That can’t even be done! The Democrats will try anything, like a school-yard bully, that keeps getting beat, he can’t play baseball, football, or basketball, so he tries other ways to save face!

  7. If this queer is elected president the country has had it that the end of morality for America we are in a bad state already we have very little morals left in this country what is wrong with this people that support this kind of rhetoric.

  8. Truth for all that cannot be for the BIBLE says for a man to live with another is an abomination! So I am figuring he knows s nothing about being a CHRISTIAN!

  9. So true. The president is mocked and ridiculed by the Hollywood crowd. I think it is awful. President Trump was not my favorite for the Republican nomination but he won it and I support him. He has made a great president. All we need now is for those Schumer’s and Peloskis to get beat at the polls.

  10. This is completely the result of Mitch McConnell failing to do his Constitutional duties, and denying the President his Constitutional right to make someone to the empty chair on the Supreme Court. McConnell last week acknowledged he had no justification for denying Garland a vote. If the dems pack the court (which is very unlikely)) the republicans have no one to blame but themselves. What goes around comes around.

  11. If any of that were true, he obviously brought it with him from his many years of association with the democrook party, after all, he was not always a republican.He merely saw the light and divorced himself of that NASTY group of hellions.

  12. Right on Donna. Laws being passed without public input that effects our society and government protecting for all intents and purposes sexual aberrants. They sneak this crap into the schools under nifty little programs that give the lie as to the content. My daughter caught them pulling thus crap in KINDERGARTEN in Utah. By the time law suits were threatened involving everyone from the Utah Dept of Education to school boards and teachers it was stopped. Transsexuals were coming into the classrooms and telling tiny little impressionable minds that this was normal and FUN and they had a right to make up their minds what they wanted to be. This is no joke. My daughter had a hard job and it took about all she had, but she got the point across LOUD AND CLEAR. For those of you with school age children I would heartily suggest you look into the programs being taught in their schools. The leftists found out that when someone says no and takes a stand that the legality of what they were trying to promote did NOT EXIST. And don’t back down from them. They will try their best to bully and buffalo but when push comes to shove they don’t have a leg to stand on!!!

  13. Gum Nuts of fairyland
    You are the example perfect of Blue Iron’s comment. Honestly I can’t understand how you are able to breathe all by yourself, you are that damn dumb. Tolerance does not mean acceptance. Once again a churlish little brat trying to show how big and tough he is because someone dare to voice their opinion. Golly Beave…I sure bet you changed this guys attitude and opinion with your witty and factual responce. Go to another site and play with toddlers who have the same IQ. You are not adult enough for this site.

  14. You are absolutely correct. If liberals regain total control we can kiss America goodbye. Look at the damage they did during the Obuma reign and the damage they are attempting to do against America, while fighting Pres. Trump every step of the way. Pelosi is anxious to follow O’s agenda and give power over US citizens to the UN.
    Liberals are totally corrupt and greedy, and have done nothing good or useful, in at least the last 10 years. They promote violence and racism. I suppose with all their ill gotten wealth they feel they would be exempt from whatever happens to the rest of us.

  15. Sooo, MR. BUTT,In an interview with NBC News released Monday, Buttigieg discussed his plans to “overhaul” the nation’s highest court.
    You? MR.BUTT going to “0verhaul” Supreme Court ? INTO WHAT ?
    Sodom & Gomorrah.? PLEASE, STOP THIS ‘Warped Madness’.
    Folks, Butt’s DNA IS ALTERED & his mind thought Display ‘that’.
    I have inked ‘numerous’ times re DNA Altering thru ‘babie harvesting’ Abortion. IN FOOD/DRINK Vacc’s etc. IT’S REAL &
    y’All SHOULD KNOW What IS Really Going on w/satan/lucifer.
    TODAY a Horrific vid. about Coca cola & Dairy farms. You really
    don’t want to know. But you better.

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