The Supreme Court handed down a ruling that Kari Lake never saw coming

Kari Lake’s campaign to become the next Governor of Arizona is attracting national attention.

Polls show Lake pulling into the lead.

And now the Supreme Court handed down a ruling that Kari Lake never saw coming.

Lake is turning Democrat Katie Hobbs’ incompetence as Secretary of State into a major campaign issue.

During the Primary, Republican strongholds ran out of GOP ballots on Election Day.

And just recently, the state sent out 6,000 ballots with only races for House and Senate listed.

Now an Arizona State Supreme Court decision admonishing Hobbs for another screw up in administering elections is attracting attention.

Arizona Supreme Court Chief Justice Robert Brutinel wrote for the Court in taking Hobbs to task over a case involving her office failing to set up a proper petition circulator in the online portal for ballot initiatives.

In this case, individuals circulating petitions failed to submit proper affidavits to register, which fell at the feet of Hobbs’ office.

“By also refusing to accept manual submission of a hard copy affidavit… the SOS rendered it impossible for circulators to successfully submit a registration application… if they had already registered to circulate other petitions,” Brutinel wrote.

“We have every expectation that the SOS will remedy deficiencies in the submission of information through the Circulator Portal and accommodate the manual submission of required information in the interim,” Brutinel added.

The Lake campaign released a statement slamming Hobbs’ failure to perform her basic duties as Secretary of State.

“Katie Hobbs’ incompetence in running Arizona’s elections is so obvious that even the Arizona Supreme Court had to take the unprecedented move to call her out for her errors,” a statement from Lake’s campaign read.

“Given that Hobbs hasn’t even shown up to work for months, and that just last week thousands of voters were mailed faulty ballots, why should any Arizonan trust her to successfully administer this election? This is why Kari Lake continues to call for Hobbs to recuse herself from overseeing the 2022 elections – no Secretary of State should be in charge of the same election that he or she is running in,” the campaign statement continued.

Katie Hobbs’ audition for the role of Governor is her performance as Secretary of State.

And in that role, Lake’s argument that Hobbs has been a disaster is gaining steam.

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