The Supreme Court hit Democrats with one order that sent them into a panic

Donald Trump and Joe Biden are fighting over every vote in key battleground states.

Both sides think they hold the upper hand.

And the Supreme Court hit Democrats with one order that sent them into a panic.

The Trump campaign is challenging a ruling by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court allowing ballots to count if they arrive up to three days after the election even if they lack a postmark or proof of mailing to validate that they arrived before the deadline.

Chief Justice John Roberts previously sided with the court’s four liberals in letting the ruling stand.

But the Trump campaign’s legal challenge proceeded and now with Amy Coney Barrett on the Supreme Court, the Justices ordered the state of Pennsylvania to respond to the challenge.

The Washington Times reports:

The Supreme Court ordered Pennsylvania Democrats to respond by Thursday evening in a case challenging the state’s three-day extension for counting mail-in ballots.

President Trump has moved to intervene in a lawsuit brought by Pennsylvania Republicans, arguing the state’s Democratic Party and Secretary of State violated the law by extending the time for counting mail-in ballots to Nov. 6 at 5 p.m., despite the state legislature setting the deadline as Election Day.

The lawsuit takes issue with a state Supreme Court ruling that postmarked ballots be presumed to have been mailed before Nov. 3, even if not clearly postmarked to that effect.

Every legal vote should count.

But allowing ballots to come in after Election Day with no proof that they were submitted on time is an open invitation for Americans to question the legitimacy of the outcome.

Despite what the Fake News Media says, the President has every right to challenge ballots that his campaign believes were cast in violation of state law.

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