The Supreme Court is about to change forever because of this one decision

Conservatives hold a slim five to four majority on the Supreme Court.

But that may not last.

And now the Supreme Court is about to change forever because of this one decision.

When Republicans confirmed Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, conservatives breathed a sigh of relief.

Donald Trump made good on his word to appoint conservative Supreme Court Justices which completed a generations-long fight to break the liberal stranglehold on the Supreme Court.

But now it may not last.

And that’s because Demand Justice — a George Soros-funded group — is pushing the 2020 Democrat presidential contenders to adopt the platform plank of packing the Supreme Court with anywhere from two to six additional liberal justices.

Breitbart reports:

Demand Justice, an organization founded by former members of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and associated with a secretive “social welfare organization” financed by billionaire activist George Soros, is pushing a scheme to pack the Supreme Court with liberal justices by adding new seats to the nation’s highest court.

This comes after Demand Justice has failed in its repeated attempts to bring about the impeachment of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

A Demand Justice petition circulated over the weekend reads:

The number of justices is not established in the Constitution — in fact, we’ve changed the number of justices seven times throughout our history.

We need every Democrat to join us. Sign the petition and tell Democrats to support adding seats to the Supreme Court today.

If Democrats win the White House and the Senate, there will be a major push to enact this liberal takeover of the Supreme Court.

Packing the court with additional liberal justices will ensure the left wins every major court case and puts all state pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, and right to work laws in danger of judicial extinction.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Why doesn’t George Soros just do the world a favor and die? Make the world a better place. The likes of him, Bloomberg, Feinstein, Pelosi, and Cuomo makes you really believe in retroactive abortion. They’re all just a bunch of oxygen thieves.

  2. Amen!! This is allowing Satan to dismantle our government as he has done to many other countries. He dismantled Venezuela from his post right here in the United States. There is more to the story & the Clintons need to be punched, or Waterboarded Roger the answers as to why nothing has been done to him yet!! The Clintons & Bush must be up a creek without a paddle joining forces with him as taking down other countries, just something thrown out there to think about!! Poland, the Libya thing comes to mind as does Syria, Venezuela, New Zealand, Us, & other countries. This man should be in a military court found guilty & shot military style!

  3. America….haven’t y’all had enough of these communists yet? You better stand up and be heard before you can’t ever again. How does this communist bastard, Soros, be allowed to breathe our air? Stand up before we are all persecuted!! Don’t think for a second it can’t happen. Evil never stops.

  4. Are you kidding? It was probably Soros that had Epstein taken out to protect the reputations of the scum that work for him.

  5. No that was Obama that insulted our ally Israel – not Trump.
    The Kurds are muslims that hate America, just like the rest.
    The Kurds cannot be trusted.

  6. He is not a “professional Politician” and therefore a member of the club, and is so wealthy that he doesn’t have to kiss butt or shill for an “entity”. He is proud of America and sees our future from a practical, not political viewpoint. We need to get rid of the “professional politicians” and the dynasty’s that they attempt, and sometimes create. MAGA

    Remember, TERM LIMITS C

  7. Why did Obama bash Hillary in 2008 and then campaign for her in 2016?
    Why did Bernie bash Hillary in 2016 and then endorse her in 2016?
    Why is Hillary calling Tulsi Gabbard a Russian asset?

  8. The Purple Man one none of the crimes were or are true. They the republicans did not ridicule him. You need some history President Trump was awarded next to Parks for his support during the civil rights movement. None of your Democrats were and so to call him racist is a joke. He hires more people of color and women than your Democrats so give everyone a break and get some much needed air.

  9. Bonie Bushard President Trump is not inciting civil war in twitter or on TV but your Democrats do it every day. Waters with her mouth out there until she is threaten and then runs for cover. The Democrats have encouraged hate and dividing of this country every sense President Trump has won the election. The republicans did not try and use dead and illegals to win. The Democrats did and do on regular bases. As for killing of people within the US you need to learn some history this has been going on sense America has been America it had calmed down a lot until Obama got into office. You are blaming the wrong person for the unrest of this country. It is people like you that buy all the propaganda of the yellow journalist and the fake unsupported lies of the Democrats that need to wake up.

  10. It be the racist white folk in gov that keep the black folk in poverty. They tell black folks you better vote for whitey or else you ain’t gettin’ no more free handouts and you gonna get kicked off the plantation and might even die of global climate change to so you’s better do the right thing and keep voting whitey into power ’cause you too stupid to make it alone. Rich racist white folk call black folks “porch monkeys”

  11. Why is a war criminal being allowed to funds any group in the US and there by interference with an US election of any kind? Why is Soros not out of this country and paying for his war crimes? I know one reason is because of his tires to they Clintons. Democrats want to yell about foreign interference but that is what they are doing with Soros. The President of the US has the right to appoint Judges and that is what he is doing. The President will win the re-election so they may as well get over themselves and the justices system needs to deport Soros to stand trial for his war crimes. If it were the 60’s he would already have been gone. The President, and the DOJ need to stop playing this war criminals games and send him packing.

  12. You are correct Mary. These living constitution advocates claim the 2nd amendment only applies to muskets and flintlock rifles and should be removed.

  13. If Democrats get the presidency there will be a civil war and the first casualties will be those in DC!

  14. Trump is a legally-documented racist: United States v. Trump, NY, 1973. He laundered money for the mob: FinCEN v. Trump, 2015. New York State determined his “university” was unlicensed and fraudulent. His “charity” has been closed for “self-dealing.”
    He insulted all of America’s allies. He just abandoned one – the Kurds. In doing so, he has told the world America cannot be trusted.

  15. Every group that Soros Funds and backs has one goal, to over throw that countries Government so Soros can move in and become his country. These groups need to be label terrorist supporters and banned from everything in the USA. Now Soros’s group wants to pack the US Supreme Court with crooked Liberal so he can dictate to them. Soros needs to be taken out of the human race by a Black OP’s Team

  16. Criminal activity of the Dems in Ukraine goes alot deeper than reported. Starting in 2013 with Obama’s ambassador, Nuland, conspiring with neo-nazi groups to topple the ELECTED govt.

  17. Kurds have been attacked in Turkey, Iran, Iran and Syria for many decades. Why is it only NOW a problem?
    Keep in mind that the Kurd’s response has been terrorist attacks in return.

  18. I suppose it’s OK with you than when they don’t get what THEY want they can call for all conservatives to be thrown into concentration camps

  19. The problem is one half of American believe in the original constitution and the other half believe in a living constitution like Ruth Ginsburg.

  20. Soros just may have forfeited his U.S. citizenship. Under Federal law you cannot be both a “European” and an American. In a 2011 letter to European political leaders he demanded they support the European Union, he said “As a concerned European we urge European Union to unite” and seize control of banking and the military. He signed the letter as a European Union citizen. So doing this he denounced his U.S. citizenship and can’t donate to any U.S. political group. We can now deport him. Write to Trump and demand it.

  21. I just turned off the Democratic debate. I could not stand the lies they said about Trump especially Biden who trying to say he didn’t do anything wrong by black-mailing Ukraine when he is on the new bragging about what he did. He also has hand that touch every woman near him but he criticizes Trump for what he says he does.. The Democrats have a double standard. The rest promise things we all know they can’t do if they become president especially Harris. None one is capable of being a president.

  22. Mary
    I am very sorry that it is okay with you that if Trump doesn’t get what he wants then he can start a war inside the United States that will get millions of people killed.

  23. yes they use artificial intelligence so when certain word or statement are detected they block you. Google and Facebook do the same thing.

  24. Soros just may have forfeited his U.S. citizenship. Under Federal law you cannot be both a “European” and an American. In a 2011 letter to European political leaders he demanded they support the European Union, he said “As a concerned European we urge European Union to unite” and seize control of banking and the military. He signed the letter as a European Union citizen. So doing this he denounced his U.S. citizenship and can’t donate to any U.S. political group. We can now deport him.

  25. The Democrats could stop any civil war id they would just accept that Trump won the election fair and square. They have done so many illegals things by lying and cheating to try to get rid of him. We voted him in and they didn’t like it. The Democrats are what is dividing this country by their constant lies with the dishonest media.

  26. On Twitter, President Trump is inciting a civil war if he does not get what he wants.

    People around the country are echoing Trumps civil war threats and wanting to know where they can sign up.

    They are willing to start this war for him.

    If another civil war happens in the United States then millions of civilians will be killed.
    Including children. That scares me.


    Go to GOOGLE and type in words like  CIVIL WAR, PRESIDENT TRUMP, TWITTER.

    There is a lot of information on Trumps Civil War Threats here,

  27. In 2016 When Trump was campaigning for the  presidential primaries, Republican Lawmakers where on every news show furiously ridiculing Trump and calling him out for his crimes, dishonesty and his sexist and racist activities that he showed in his past. 
    Then right after Trump became the Republican nominee for president, these same Republican Lawmakers immediately switched from ridiculing him to complete PRAISE.

    It was then that Republican Lawmakers announced that Trump was the most perfect man for the job of president.

    Why did Congressional Republicans Hate Trump so much and called him out for being a Racist a Sexist a Criminal and a Pathological Liar before he became the Republican nominee.??


  28. In 2016 When Trump was campaigning for the  presidential primaries, Republican Lawmakers where on every news show furiously ridiculing Trump and calling him out for his crimes, dishonesty and his sexist and racist activities that he showed in his past. 
    Then right after Trump became the Republican nominee for president, these same Republican Lawmakers immediately switched from ridiculing him to complete PRAISE.

    It was then that Republican Lawmakers announced that Trump was the most perfect man for the job of president.

    Why did Congressional Republicans Hate Trump so much and called him out for being a Racist a Sexist a Criminal and a Pathological Liar before he became the Republican nominee.??


  29. I don’t think Soro’s owns Progressive Insurance but some other less well known Marxist sympathizer does. I don’t remember the owner’s name but the revelation was enough for me to move to another Insurance company.

  30. I heartily 1000percent agree with you. Well written. The only thing you didn’t address was George Soros. Isn’t he wanted in Europe for was crimes??? Why doesn’t he get back sent there to stand trial and get out of America business and gov’t????

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  36. The only sensible “demand for justice” is to have a Putin sent chartered Russian airliner fly to the United States. Next have homeland security constrain and board Soro’s and his entire extended family and fly them back to Moscow for an open and fair trial before the courts for crimes against Russia and the former Soviet States. This kind of extradition will best serve the premise of liberty and justice for all.

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  41. You and Vasu conveniently forget that it was the Dems that put that idea out there in the first place. Back when Nixon was President. In that case, Nixon could be reelected while under Obama, no matter which side won, it would be a new President.

  42. Willie, they seem to forget that it was Dirty ( we ain’t passing no budget Bill )Harry Reid that did it for all but a Supreme Court Justice. And Mitch just completed the job.

  43. When it comes to ‘Traitors’, methinks the Kurdish people in the Middle East can have a word or two about Americans – thanks to our “genius” and “Supreme Intellect” in the Oval Office…

  44. MJ, you mean at least follow the Constitution in the proceedings? That is what happened in both Nixon and Clinton’s Impeachment. It isn’t happening under Schiff or Pelosi. It is still an illegal coup attempt.
    “In authorizing an investigation by a committee, it is essential that the Senate or House should spell out the committee’s jurisdiction and purpose with sufficient particularity to insure that compulsory process is used only in furtherance of a legislative purpose. ” SCOTUS 1957
    Where does it say Nancy Pelosi spells it out? It doesn’t. It says the House or Senate depending on where it starts. And that means a voted on Resolution and all protection afforded by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
    “The Bill of Rights is applicable to congressional investigations, as it is to all forms of governmental action.” SCOTUS 1957
    Now when are the traitors in Congress going to be removed from it?

  45. Wait until you see the real rise in the cost of goods when your candidate raises minimum wage to $15/hour, twit.

  46. What rise in taxes? Are you finally paying your way? Mine went down and no, I’m not one of the rich fat cats that sit in Congress.

  47. Which could happen in the next election because there is a plethora of low information adolescent minded people running around this country.

  48. There are certain words that are flagged for whatever arbitrary reason I’ve noticed.
    I have no idea how Vasu gets through with his encyclopedia posts.

  49. I am starting to think that this is not a true Conservative Site.

    I never wrote anything bad but the truth.

    I am thinking about stop reading Renewed Right

  50. The trump-butt-bumps whine like lil greasy headed lice baits wanting trump to fart in their pink faces while they’re brown nosing him into Russia ta be wit Snowden, hahahahahahahahhahaha

  51. Regarding Soros, you need to know he owns Progressive Insurance. Please do not buy Progressive Insurance and do not watch or listen to his cutesy commercials on TV. As far as I am concerned, Flo can get another job. That company needs to go bankrupt or go out of business. Use your heads, people.

  52. Jesus spoke His Parable in Matthew where he separated the sheep from the goats.
    Sheep were put on the right side and goats, well you know the rest?

  53. WE need term limits on Congress. The US Constitution doesn’t name how many judges are allowed and it needs to be an odd number. Why not have 5 judges vs 9?

  54. The only reason Clinton wasn’t impeached is the American people didn’t want Gore to be President. The less of two evils.

  55. What upswing are you referring to? The rise of xenophobia? Or the rise in our taxes? Or the rise in cost of goods thanks to tariffs?

  56. Ruth Bader Ginsburg should have been impeached immediately after she denounced our Constitution during her European visits. The reason she was never impeached is that ALL Democrats are protected by members of the “Democratic Communist Party” (DCP) for all criminal and treasonable activities.

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg was nominated by the rapist William Jefferson Clinton in 1993. It figures!

    USAF (RET)

  57. I am not much of a McCnnell fan either, for too often he has not provided the support our president needs. However, he is a FAR better leader than ANY Democrat in Washington right now. Democratic Party imposed senate rules, NOT THE LAW, is what McConnell has changed to ensure that the MAJORITY rules, NOT the minority. The Dem party has ZERO regard for the Democratic process, or even the most basic rules of law and order. With sanctuary cities encouraging outright lawlessness, and states committing treason against the USA on a regular every day basis, I will take Trump enforcing the laws of this nation each and every day.

  58. Didn’t George Soros collaborated with the Nazis against the people of Austria? If so; would he still be subject to the laws of Austria for high treason? I believe that only the Austrian people might be able to answer this question?

    USAF (RET)

  59. Except for a VERY important difference. Clinton was GUILTY beyond ANY Doubt WHATSOEVER!!
    A very, well known and proven FACT. He lied under oath about Monica, and getting serviced under his desk while on the phone with the Israeli Ambassador. Disgusting, yet
    true. The truth of Clinton’s guilt did noot matter then, nor des the truth of Trump’s innocence matter now. The only thing the Dems care about is POWER.

  60. He did! He managed to deceive the Congress on the promise that mandatory retirement for judges will be set at age 70. We all know what a joke that was! In addition to the six Associate Justices, he also received authorization for the appointment of 44 judges to the lower courts, thereby, tipping the powers in his favor. And that is how he managed to force his Social Security program upon the American people….Communist style!

    USAF (RET)

  61. The only advice that I can offer in order to save our nation’s judicial system from the clutches of the “Democratic Communist Party” (DCP) in America is to vote all Democrats currently holding position in our nation’s court system out of office.

    After all; “We the People are the rightful masters of both Congress and the Courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.” — Abraham Lincoln —

    USAF (RET)

  62. Carol, that would be ironic except for the fact that the current trend for either party is to nominate Supremes who are in their late 30’s and 40’s – people who could be on the bench for the next 5-6 decades. Secondly, given that as Trump has proven his innocence in all of the ridiculous bogus Democratic charges, no doubt Senate ill aquit, and with the embarrassment not only of their utterly foolish party platform, will take a minimum of 60% of the electoral college, there is no way the court ill get stacked. And after the truly evil Ruth Bader Ginsburg joins Satan in Hades, Trump will appoint another conservative man of God to the Supreme Court.

  63. Now that is the best answer I have heard yet… how old Is this devil..he has brought many countries down
    I read about him. I have read that he would tell Hitler men where to find the Jewish people were they were hiding… he is true DEVIL.
    .I think it is time for God to check him out…. this man is the horror of any country….

  64. Well said. Instead of trying to oust our President e everyone should be focused on us. The people of the United States duly elected you bunch of horrors to govern for George Soros and Republicans flap around trying g to stop them.

  65. Your comment was the best I have read in any paper, in any news on any newcast, even the Republican newcast… you should be applauded, for this writing, and I wish I could have put those words together .. as most us real Americans are soooo angry, and think that our Republicans should be doing more to stop this horror in our country… thank you for all you input, that is so perfect….

  66. Why do you keep not posting my comments I didn’t say anything other than the truth with no negative content with exception of questioning Vasa Murti long winded post?

  67. It now shows my theory that the Supreme Courts are being paid off by Soros and other people to interfere with Justice for all.

  68. If the Dems continue with this impeachment debacle, they will lose quite a few key spots when their folks try to win elections in Republican dominated areas. The handwriting is on the wall. They had better wake up and realize that doing the Clinton orchestrated revenge plan is going to bite them in the rear. I guess those who are backing this impeachment scam are too blinded to see the reality of the coming election. President Trump will win, big time and the country will continue on the upswing that President Trump initiated in spite of the roadblocks the Dems through his way. The Dems have proven that they are traitors and self serving and couldn’t care less about the good of our country. The fact that they choose to use their time and resources (for which we the people are paying) to tear down a President who is the best thing that has happened to America in a long time, indicates that they have another plan in process, that has nothing to do with the good of our country. We have a staunch patriot in the White House and he is not tainted by a political mind set nor does he deny the existence of a Supreme Being, God Almighty! Get over it Dems your gal lost, and your candidates will continue to lose until you decide that you were elected by the people and it is they whom you serve, not your own greed and power mongering.

  69. Whoa there pilhram, we don’t have a ruler here. We have elected representatives. We ditched the ruler in 1776. Now I know the demwits can’t grasp that concept, but we certainly don’t need anyone on the right feeling their hopes and dreams by acknowledging that idiotic idea.
    Being on the right means choosing your words and phrases a little better than that.

  70. As Rush Limbaugh aptly named the leader of the Senate when the democrats were in power, “Dingy” Harry Reid was the one who created the “nuclear option.” And yes, it has come back to bite the lefties in the ass.

  71. Vasu I thought your post was excellent and informative. Merick Garland deserved a shot to be considered for the Court. Refreshing not to read another post about military tribunals,hangings, civil war, mass shooting of Democrats and so forth.

  72. You had better just get used to the fact that President Trump will be Re-Elected in a Landslide, and McConnell will remain the Senate Leader after he wins his re-election and Republicans will also take the House Back!,and Lastly but not leastly,President Trump will add an another Conservative Justice to The Supreme Court to Replace that Old Battle Axe,She wont last much longer!,Once You just come to terms with all of this ,Your Life will be Better in Everyway!

  73. Not allowing Senate questioning and voting of a nominee and a totally fabricated smear campaign against a nominee are totally different political moves. Ones is procedural the other is viscous and slanderous. It speaks volumes about the moralities of both sides.
    Which do you want to rule over you?

  74. “after Brett Kavanaugh was credibly accused of sexual assault by multiple women”? No friggin’ way. The accusations were bogus and setup by the liberals. A horrible display of liberal lying.

  75. President Clinton actually committed a crime — lying under oath in a Federal Court. It was deemed serious enough when he was convicted that he was disbarred — had his license to practice law revoked. Trump has committed no crimes, been found guilty of nothing, committed no impeachable offense and has been hounded mercilessly from day one. George Soros is one evil individual and a good litmus test should be: If Soros is for it, it’s bad for America and Americans. Every thinking American should be diametrically opposed to George Soros, his ideas, his PACs, his supporters and anything he supports.

  76. Who gives a damn what future generations write? The way the liberals act with their outrageous,nonsensical agenda,Mitch and the Republicans need to play hardball. And this all hinges on the Democrats winning the White House. They won’t. Because articles like this will scare the bejesus out of even left leaning independents. When RBG retires or passes away,whichever comes first,she will be replaced by a conservative justice. Then it will be a 6-3 majority. And Mr. Soros is obviously forgetting that any change to the high court must be approved by Congress. The Republicans are not going to lose their Senate majority. The only reason the Democrats have the House is because of gerrymandering. They can never win straight up without an angle. And you need to take what Republican senators say in their off time about liberal justices as knee jerk comments so people like you can bring it up and have a speck of hope. Don’t get your hopes up and neither should Soros. I’m 49 years old and the SCOTUS has had 9 justices my whole life. It will have 9 justices when I die if I live to be 100.

  77. 1st of all I was a democrat up until recently, but I always believed in the rule of law. Bill Clinton did commit federal crimes. The Republicans were the majority and they were very fair, and to say Donald Trump is pay back for the impeachment of Donald Trump is fair, 1st is sick. Donald Trump has committed no crimes. The impeachment is not about the law, it is about taking down a duly elected president and putting this country back into the hands of the democrats. Democrats have always been about power and control. Obama was the worse president that this country ever had but I am thankful because it was because of him that I walked away from the democrat party. Obama hates this country and all it stands for. Donald maybe you need government in every part of your personal life, maybe you want to go to work just to have your money taken from you and given to someone else, maybe you are just to blind to see you are being lied to, yes and by the democrats. I know what your response is because I had the same response when I was a democrat. You really need to do your research. I really hope you don’t have children, they would be taught an eye for an eye and if you teach your children that, they most definitely will grow up hating and they probably end up in prison, that is the truth. Millions of democrat voters are waking up and they are seeing the truth of the democrat party and how the MSM is all a party of the democrat hateful, lying and demonic cult. I guess if you are happy with yourself and want government to control your life, then you go for it. Obama during one of his speeches over seas while he was president made a comment that shocked my conscious “people are to small minded to govern their own affairs” maybe you Donald are to small minded to govern your own affairs but guess what I am not. #WalkAway

  78. Amen. It is what patriotic American citizens are supposed to do. Is it a crime to want your president to be successful? If you’re against the president you are against your own country and not even close to being a patriotic citizen.

  79. If the Democrats get their way and they succeed in packing the Supreme Court and Federal Courts with liberal minded idiots, then all hope for civility and morality will be lost in the United States. A black cloud of evil will always be over us. God help us all.

  80. I hope they win and get allowed more seats to the Supreme Court and then I hope Trump wins and puts more conservative Judges in there instead of Left Judges….lol wouldn’t that be a hoot.

  81. Since President Trump’s ENTIRE first term has been spent fighting off the Na Zi left, we should give him a THIRD!!

  82. Other countries have outright BANNED s0r0s.

    Time for America to do the same.

    Better than Russia who want’s him dead.

  83. Renewed

    WHY ARE YOU NOT POSTING MY COMMENTS. I posted two times.

    I am only telling the truth about Liberal Democrats (Democratic Party).

    Are you leading more to Liberal instead of Conservative. If so then I can not to read anymore of your articles.

  84. We are a democratic republic who elects representatives to the house of representative and the senate to govern on our behalf. Let’s see the democrats as well as the republicans do their job and justly represent us instead of trying to tear down our president

  85. It appears that like most liars you are quite long-winded. But that wind is just hot air coming from where the sun doesn’t shine. None of the conservative justices are “right-wing” they are merely on the right side. Remember Jesus said to fish from the right side. The RIGHT side is the righteous side. In Paradise, there are two sides to the gulf, the left, and the right. The right is the side that GOD and Christ Jesus are on. The left side, well, it’s the side that all evil and those that serve Satan are. Right-wing are nuts just as left-wing is nuts. So let us remove both nut houses and concentrate on the righteous right side and the non-righteous Satan side. All the conservative constitutional justices are not trying to legislate from the bench. Which is un-constitutional. This fact has never seemed to bother the liberalist justices. This is just another very good reason to re-elect President Donald J. Trump to a second term. Then if the Democrats want more justices we will be pleased to oblige them by seating more good Christian conservative men on the Supreme Court. Also don’t forget the district courts. they also need good Christian conservative men.

  86. And so will the red team when all of this is done you have let tRUMP run over all of the political norms what do you think a blue team president will do when they are elected.

  87. First off President Roosevelt tried in the 30’s he had no luck. As far as impeachment goes the red team did that in the 90’s to President Clinton didn’t work out so well for red team. So turnabout is fair play what red team did to President Clinton now blue team gets to do to tRUMP

  88. Despite rambling on ad infinitem, you conveniently left out one important fact (just like all bed-wetting, wimpy, whiny liberals do). And, that is that it was Harry Reid (Dem.) who 1st utilized the “nuclear option”. I didn’t hear a peep out of you when he did that!! Of course not! That’s because you approved of it at that time. Now, it’s come back to bite you in the butt!! What goes around, comes around! LMAO!

  89. That’s b.s. and you know it. The Democrats created the “nuclear option” and now it’s blowing up in their face. They changed the rules to suit themselves. Now there paying for it.

  90. In April, Mitch McConnell forced a historic vote using the “nuclear option” to change Senate rules and allow himself and Trump to continue to pack the courts with more right-wing justices.

    Mitch McConnell bragged just a few weeks before that the “Republican Senate majority is confirming President Trump’s judicial nominees at a record-setting pace.” But since April’s vote, Mitch McConnell has now been able to confirm them even faster by limiting debate to just two hours per nominee. And he’s wasted no time putting that new power to good use.

    This latest rule change is yet another way Mitch McConnell has been willing to break the Senate in order to pack the courts with right-wing judges…

    After President Obama took office, Mitch McConnell did everything he could to slow down the process of confirming Obama’s nominees, so that by the time Obama’s first year was over, there were over a hundred vacancies on the federal courts.

    In 2013, Mitch McConnell refused to confirm any judge Obama nominated to the DC Circuit Court – one of the most powerful and influential courts in the country. And in 2015, when Republicans took control of the Senate and Mitch McConnell became majority leader, he changed the rules so that judicial confirmations came to a screeching halt. Only 25% of President Obama’s nominees were confirmed after that – the lowest number since Harry Truman was in office.

    And then, Merrick Garland…

    Merrick Garland. No one will forget the day that Mitch McConnell told President Obama that he would refuse to allow him to fill that Supreme Court seat. Mitch McConnell gleefully calls it one of the “proudest moments” of his 34 years in the Senate.

    Article II of the U.S. Constitution states that the President “shall nominate, and by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, shall appoint judges of the Supreme Court.” Therefore, President Obama had an obligation to put forward a nominee to fill the Supreme Court vacancy, and the Senate had an obligation to quickly consider that nominee.

    Chief Judge Garland was a nominee with impeccable qualifications. A graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School, Judge Garland served since 1997 on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit. He previously clerked for Supreme Court Justice William Brennan and famed Judge Henry Friendly before serving as the Principal Associate Deputy Attorney General at the Department of Justice. During his time at the Department of Justice, Garland led the investigation and prosecution following the tragic bombing in Oklahoma City in 1995, which claimed the lives of 168 people. Chief Judge Garland has the disposition and the credentials to serve on the Court, and that he deserves a full review and hearing in the Judiciary Committee.

    Fourteen Supreme Court Justices have been confirmed in presidential election years, before the 2016 presidential election took place. Justice Anthony M. Kennedy was confirmed in 1988 during the final year of President Ronald Reagan’s term. Justice Clarence Thomas was confirmed in October 1991, after the presidential election campaign had begun that year. In both instances, the Senate had a majority of Democratic members, but still moved to confirm them to the high court. In fact, not since the Civil War, in 1862, has the Senate taken longer than a year to confirm a replacement for a Supreme Court vacancy.

    In addition, an eight-member court creates the potential for deadlock in important cases, which will create uncertainty in the law. In 2004, Justice Scalia wrote about the dangers of an eight-member Court. He stated that in cases of a tie vote, the Court “will find itself unable to resolve the significant legal issue presented by the case.” That means the law and constitutional protections could differ in different parts of the country, denying the full system of justice guaranteed by our Constitution. In fact, the Supreme Court was already deadlocked in two cases since Justice Scalia passed away.

    They refused to meet with him nor give him a simple up or down vote!

    Prominent Republicans spoke favorably of Merrick Garland, a moderate. Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) said, “Obama could easily name Merrick Garland, who is a fine man.” Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) said, “I have nothing against the nominee. Mr. Garland seems to be well qualified and would probably make a good judge.” Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama) similarly said, “I would feel comfortable supporting him.” And Rep. David Jolly (R-Florida) said Republicans should act on President Barack Obama’s Supreme Court nominee in 2016. “I do think he should have a hearing and I would like to see a vote,” Jolly said. The Florida lawmaker also said if he were in the Senate, he would meet with Obama’s pick, Merrick Garland. “Of course,” he said.

    Jolly didn’t say he’d vote for Garland. He said he’d vote against him, and cited concerns with his judicial record on the Second Amendment and labor unions. Nonetheless, he said the Senate’s job is to give nominees hearings and votes, and they should be doing it with Garland’s nomination. “That’s actually the proper exercise of the Senate’s Article I authority,” he said.

    It might not sound like a bold statement, but Jolly’s comments came as several GOP senators refused to even sit down with Obama’s nominee. That’s because Republican leaders settled on a strategy of denying Garland any attention and punting the Supreme Court nomination until 2017, when Obama would be gone. Their hope was that a Republican would be in the White House by then and select a nominee more to their liking.

    Once Trump took office, Mitch McConnell began confirming his nominees like they were “on a conveyer belt.” When Neil Gorsuch was nominated instead of Merrick Garland, McConnell used the “nuclear option” to do away with the filibuster and ram him onto the court. And even after Brett Kavanaugh was credibly accused of sexual assault by multiple women, McConnell rammed him onto the Supreme Court as well, where he will now sit for decades to come.

    This latest move by Mitch McConnell to allow Republicans to push through more of Trump’s nominees is all part of Mitch McConnell’s strategy. When Democrats are in power, he does everything he can to block and obstruct. And when Republicans are in power, Mitch McConnell changes the rules back (and then some!) to pack the courts with right-wing justices for an entire generation.

    Mitch McConnell is willing to erode the very fabric of our democracy to get his way, and when future generations write the history of who broke Washington, it will be Mitch McConnell’s name staring up at them from the pages of their history books.

    In 2020, Mitch McConnell is up for reelection, and he’s already confirmed that he’s running for another Six year term. But America can’t afford another Six minutes of McConnell in the Senate, let alone another Six years.

    It’s the Republicans playing hardball and playing partisan games, not the Democrats!

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