The Supreme Court is about to undergo this big change that Trump will hate

Donald Trump’s number one accomplishment is stacking the courts with conservative judicial nominees.

The highest profile success on that front was the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

But now the Supreme Court is about to undergo this big change that Trump will hate.

In 2016 Donald Trump boosted conservative voter turnout through the roof by releasing a short list of potential Supreme Court nominees.

This move convinced Evangelicals and other grassroots conservatives that Trump was committed to their agenda and they rewarded him with record turnout.

Now, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is trying to copy that formula for victory by telling The New York Times editorial board that if he wins the nomination he will release his list of potential Supreme Court justices.

“It’s not a bad idea,” Sanders said, before adding that his wife, Jane, agreed with it. “It’s a reasonable idea. My wife agrees with you. Yeah. I’ll take that into consideration.”

The socialist Senator added that it would be premature to release the names of his picks – “got to kind of win the nomination first,” he jested – though it suggests Sanders already has a short list in mind.

The 2020 election could see a massive shift on the Supreme Court.

Liberal Supreme Court Justices Stephen Breyer and Ruth Bader Ginsberg are both in their mid 80s and Ginsberg is in poor health.

If Sanders or another Democrat wins the election and replaces them with two younger liberals it will lock in the court at five to four conservative/liberal split with chief justice John Roberts as the swing vote for the foreseeable future.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. After Trump wins in November there will be a review of the districts suspected of allowing illegals to vote. Those found to have voted illegally will be deported or imprisoned. That has to be the message put out prior to the election. Would they gamble just to vote for a loser? I doubt it.

  2. Boris here…
    Nostrovia! Thank Stalin, Lenin, Gorby, and Pelosi that Bernie has been sabotaged by our comrades Clinton and B Hussein ODrama. With luck, Babushka Biden wins so that The US uranium keeps flowing to us, along with Hunters’ 2nd hand provided secrets.
    Sure, it’ll cost us a few more donations to The Clinton Foundation, but Soros and China are subsidizing that cash with American tax payer funds!

    Glad to be Vlad!

  3. Ruth Ginsberg won’t be around much longer and Trump will be re-elected, by a landslide. Just make sure you vote!

  4. The only way Democrats could win any elections is to run interfering tactics like adding additional votes , in California 1.500,000 illegal votes.democrates will cheat lie pad the voting process. Keep a close eye on them.

  5. If President Trump wins are also carries congress . His first move should be to move the number of supreme court justices to 15 with his appointees. Everyone knows the democrats will try to do it as soon as they are in a position to do so and President Trump should beat them to the punch. I honestly believe this should be one of his top priorities.

  6. Agree with the analysis.
    But if a democrat wins they will try to increase the number of Supreme Justices to 13 and, or 15.
    But they will also need both houses.
    Lets not run any risk , vote Trump in and go to a 6/3 split, As Roberts votes more on the left than the right.

  7. Even if Bernie won, Now that’s a joke, Both Beyer and Ginsburg are both Liberal so it would not push the scale liberal

  8. However, when President Trump wins reelection, and nominates 2 more conservative Justices…the court will be a 7 to 2 conservative to liberal split for the foreseeable future! Wouldn’t that be amazing?

  9. I don’t think appointing Fascist leaning judges will help Bernie’s campaign any when the entire DNC is undermining him.

  10. So in an alternate reality. Communism has little resistance when the 2nd Amendment, is NOT AN INALIENABLE RIGHT. The re-education camps (Gulags) prosper. NOW In THIS reality Communists have a HUGE PROBLEM JUST STAYING ALIVE FOR A DAY! So the Question is COMRADE “Do YOU feel LUCKY?”

  11. Remember, bsanders winning pres is a cold hard slab to America and all veterans living and dead, a slab to all military services of our country. He is a draft dodger and would b the first pres being a draft dodger. How u like that America?

  12. @ DJT grammar has nothing to do with anything and Uncle Hoppy’s facts are accurate what are you finding fault with?

  13. If Bernie Sanders were to win. America will have much bigger Issues then The Supreme Court to worry about!!!

  14. Sanders problem is first he couldn’t beat Trump in a fair election seckond establishment democrats are once again stacking the deck against him so he will not be the lefts candidate.

  15. Uncle Hoppy, That has been reported to the Intel community millions of times! I am glad I am not that organizer!

  16. Sanders did say it is premature as he has not won the nomination. NOT that it makes any difference, as he has a snowballs chance to defeat Trump. Breyer and Ginsburg will both
    be spiraling downward in the not too distant future to meet the master they have been serving for quite some time now. 7-2 conservatives-a wonderful opportunity to reinstate a nation of laws, end criminal sanctuary cities, illegal anti-lawenforcement lawas pass by Dem States, etc.

  17. Why when President Trump appoints Judges he is ” stacking the courts with conservative judicial nominees.” However when Obama appoints his liberal cronies he is not stacking the court?

  18. Sanders to release his list of Supreme court choices if elected ,wow he’s in trouble!Does’nt he know that Marx.Lenin,Engles,Trotsky,Castro,Mao,Che Guvera,are all dead!Soros won’t be here much longer.Better start looking in Hollywood!

  19. Bernie Sanders is a communist. He has a staffer that says Soviet gulags weren’t so bad, and people that oppose leftist doctrine need to be reeducated.

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