The Supreme Court is facing one decision that could decide Trump’s 2020 fate

Democrats are determined to use the courts to unwind Donald Trump’s Presidency.

This promises to be one of the biggest battlegrounds in American politics.

And the Supreme Court is facing one decision that could decide Donald Trump’s 2020 fate.

Before the 2012 election, Barack Obama abused his Presidential authority to instruct his administration to grant amnesty to millions of children of illegal aliens – the so-called “DREAMers.”

In 2017, Donald Trump fulfilled his campaign promise to end this program.

Democrats immediately sued and Obama activists in lower courts temporarily blocked the President’s end to Obama’s lawless amnesty program.

On Tuesday the Supreme Court is set to hear oral arguments in this case.

The Hill reports:

The justices have consolidated three separate cases over Trump’s decision to wind down DACA, and will consider two overlapping issues — whether courts have the power to review the Trump administration’s action and whether the president’s decision to unwind the deportation-relief program is legal.

The DACA program, which former President Obama established through executive action in 2012, shields from deportation certain immigrants who came to the United States before age 16 and continue to live here illegally. The Obama administration justified its policy of non-enforcement for so-called Dreamers as an exercise of prosecutorial discretion.

Under DACA, applicants who meet various criteria, including education or military service requirements, and have no serious criminal record, are eligible for a work permit, driver’s license and health insurance, as well as a renewable two-year reprieve from deportation. Roughly 660,000 are currently enrolled.

Immigration has become one of the top issues in the 2020 campaign.

If the Supreme Court correctly decides that Donald Trump was within his executive authority to undo the executive action of another President, then it could help propel him into the office in 2020.

Democrats — who want open borders and few, if any, deportations — will be thrown on the defensive as they are forced to explain why they want to roll out the welcome mat for millions of illegal aliens.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. And he did it all without anyone’s approval , just his pen . Now Democrats want to stop Trump from doing the same , talk about one sided justice.

  2. Maybe characters like RED MAN need to go live in someplace like Venezuela for awhile , THEN , he might become more appreciative about living in the USA .

  3. >ANY0NE Recall WHEN ‘0bama’ SAID :
    “i’ve Got a Pen & a Phone”….
    ( therefore Numerous EO’s) … E0’s signed
    coming 0ut the ass___
    > Not to mention, ‘illigitmacy’…
    > Supreme Court Needs Do Their JOB for USA.<

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  5. Well, “The Redman” thinks that I am a “racist, ignorant, white Trump supporter” and he is right about 2 things, I am white and I am a TRUMP supporter! But I am not ignorant (since my IQ is Mensa level) and I am definitely not a racist! And I am not anti-immigration since I married a LEGAL immigrant, but I do think we need a limit and we MUST have a strong border. Too many drugs, guns, and all sorts of illegal things are getting across the open border. It is crazy to not have a protected border.

  6. Solution to the problem establish that which is so apparent, Obama is an illegal himself and therefore he held an office he had no right to hold any and all laws he signed or EOs he issued are not legal and therefore null and void.

  7. Everything POTUS Trump has done is clearly legal and within presidential powers. The opposition to POTUS Trump has used every ILLEGAL means to dis-rail Trump’s four years and they will LOOSE because they are a collective of LOOSERS!

  8. Article 1, section 8, clause 5, to establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization, referring to CONGRESS, not the President by himself.

    • Timothy, Article 1, section 8, clause 5, as per your “quote” concerning “Rule of Naturalization” is incorrect! It is actually in clause 4 and authorizes congress to “establish a uniform of naturalization”. The ILLEGAL act of the O Bummer POTUS was to make a “presidential law” for the children of ILLEGAL IMMAGRANTS without an act or consent of CONGRESS! Clearly ILLEGAL and as the CHIEF LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER of the USA, POTUS Trump has the power to enforce the laws concerning NATURALIZATION and REMOVE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, including DACA at will.

  9. Whether or not a president can undo the EOs of a previous was decided decades ago:
    Previous presidents have already done so. The most notable was when Johnson cancelled over 200 of Kennedy’s executive orders before he had been in office 30 days.

    • That order that Obama signes, was not ‘legal’? Barack Obama *****abused his Presidential authority ****** to instruct his administration to grant amnesty to millions of children of illegal aliens – the so-called “DREAMers.”

  10. They are trying to keep President Trump from running 2020 because they know he will win. They are scared. I am voting Trump 2020.

    • Mark that’s the plan. They know that they can’t beat him. The commiecrats dream of fundamentally changing America is failing for them.

    • I agree 100 % and weather POTUS held up any payment to another country I’m sure there was a damn good reason he did.. Since when must the POTUS justify every single move he makes…Trump is the most open POTUS we have ever had…..must he report to the democrats every time he farts too?????

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      • If course not he is either a DACA recipient or at the very least those almost as illegal an Anchor Baby because that is a complete misinterpretation of the 14th amendment as the primary author Senator Jacob Howard in a nutshell declares only children of United States citizens are citizens.

  12. The SCOTUS should rule on this issue because a biased partisan political process is not a LEGAL DUE PROCESS and should not be used because of HATE for a person…only high crimes or misdemeanors as the CONSTITUTION states should be the factors of impeachment.

    • As yo should already know, the Democraps have no use for the Constitution or the laws of our country. They only use them IF it helps them.

  13. There should never be a situation that would allow the SCOTUS to determine who is President and who isn’t. However, IF this is going to the SCOTUS then pray to GOD (YHVH) that the Christians on the SCOTUS stand for truth and President Donald Trump.

    PS Also pray that the US passed a new Amendment to the Constitution of the USA that ALL LIFE BEGINS AT CONCEPTION!

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