The Supreme Court just handed Letitia James this scary win

New York Attorney General Letitia James is part of a new wave of Democrat prosecutors openly bragging about weaponizing the powers of their office against political opponents.

Donald Trump was James’ first target.

And now the Supreme Court just handed Letitia James this scary win.

Letitia James opposes ban on biological males playing girl’s sports

Nassau County executive Bruce Blakeman issued a commonsense ban on boys playing girls’ sports.

When issuing the ban, Blakeman said it was a simple issue of fairness.

Blakeman told reporters that “it is an unfair advantage for someone who is a biological male to compete against a biological female.”

This seems obvious to everyone.

There are biological differences between the sexes.

Men are bigger, faster, and stronger than women.

Men and women have competed separately since sports began and no one complained.

No one, that is, until the woke Left decided men playing against women was their new ideological pet project.

New York Attorney General Letitia James issued a cease and desist order demanding Blakeman rescind the ban on biological males playing women’s sports.

James threatened legal action if Blakeman didn’t comply.

“The law is perfectly clear: you cannot discriminate against a person because of their gender identity or expression. We have no room for hate or bigotry in New York,” a statement from James read.

“This executive order is transphobic and blatantly illegal. Nassau County must immediately rescind the order, or we will not hesitate to take decisive legal action,” the statement continued.

Given that James won a $464 million judgment in a civil fraud lawsuit against Donald Trump in a case where no one lost money, there were no victims, and no one broke any laws, the threat of James filing a politically-motivated lawsuit with a liberal judge and winning was very real.

State Supreme Court judge strikes down the ban on men in women’s sports

James finally got her wish.

The ACLU filed a lawsuit on behalf of a women’s roller derby league because the Long Island Rebels wanted to allow men to compete against women.

State Supreme Court Justice Francis Ricigliano issued a 13-page ruling striking down the Nassau County ban on biological men competing in women’s sports.

Ricigliano claimed there was “no corresponding legislative enactment” that allowed Blakeman to issue this order.

“In doing so, this Court finds the County Executive acted beyond the scope of his authority as the Chief Executive Officer of Nassau County,” Ricigliano wrote.

Blakeman slammed the decision.

The Nassau County executive told CBS in New York this decision stemmed from a “lack of courage from a judge who didn’t want to decide the case on its merits. Unfortunately, girls and women are hurt by the court.”

Up until very recently, the idea that men could play women’s sports was treated as fodder for comedy movies like Juwanna Mann, where a basketball star gets kicked out of the pros and pretends to be a woman so he can play in the women’s league.

But now, Democrats want to create a new class of victims whose “rights” depend on voting for the Democrat Party.

Liberal activists are flooding schools and brainwashing kids into thinking they are transgender to mold the next generation of Democrat grievance class voters who need to vote for the likes of Letitia James so they can play girls’ sports and get transgender surgeries.

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