The Supreme Court just handed Trump a major win that will make Democrats blood boil

Donald Trump made it his mission to remake the Supreme Court.

That bet paid off in a big way.

And now the Supreme Court just handed Trump a major win that will make Democrats’ blood boil.

Clarence Thomas wrote the majority opinion in a case dismissing a lawsuit over Donald Trump blocking critics on Twitter.

The Justices in the majority ruled the case moot since Trump was out of office and banned from Twitter.

But Justice Thomas’ opinion could be one of the most consequential legal writings of the 21st Century because it could spell the end of Big Tech censorship.

In the ruling, Clarence Thomas wrote that social media companies are closer to public accommodations and may not have the ability to regulate content on their platforms based on ideological viewpoints.

Justice Thomas also wrote that Big Tech’s Section 230 tries to get immunity from lawsuits that may also violate the First Amendment.

It’s clear Clarence Thomas and other conservative Justices are
looking for cases to rein in Big Tech for its ideologically-motivated censorship of conservative speech.

Conservatives have been waiting for a court to step in and lay down the law that the terms of service for Big Tech companies are not more powerful than the Bill of Rights.

Clarence Thomas just sent a signal that day may soon be fast approaching.

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