The Supreme Court just let Chuck Schumer know he is in for this crushing defeat

Conservatives celebrated Donald Trump nominating Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

So far, Trump’s two nominees have lived up to the hype.

And now the Supreme Court just let Chuck Schumer know he is in for this crushing defeat.

The Supreme Court recently announced it would hear arguments in January on a case centered around a New York City law which restricts the ability of firearms owners to transport their guns except in a few specific and narrowly defined circumstances.

The Daily Caller reports:

In January, the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear a Second Amendment challenge to a gun control law for the first time in nearly 10 years. The case arose from a New York City regulation that banned city residents with “premises” handgun licenses from taking their own legally-owned firearms outside Gotham for lawful purposes. The city defended the law all the way to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, insisting it was essential to public safety. But ever since the Supreme Court agreed to hear the appeal of that decision, city and state officials in New York have been running scared, desperately maneuvering to convince the justices to dismiss it. Now, it seems, their reckoning may be nigh, as the high court has scheduled the case for argument on Dec. 2.

The lawsuit, New York State Rifle & Pistol Assoc., Inc. v. City of New York, offers a revealing look into the mindset of gun control extremists, and in particular, their refusal to acknowledge the Supreme Court’s precedents that recognize the right to keep and bear arms as a fundamental, individual liberty.

Indeed, over a decade after the Supreme Court made clear that handguns are a protected Second Amendment “arm” and cannot be banned, New York State still generally prohibits the mere possession of pistols and revolvers. State residents, however, may qualify for an “exception” to this ban by obtaining a license issued by the locality in which they reside. The difficulty of obtaining a license depends on where in the state a person lives.

At first, the case seemed like an odd choice.

But it quickly dawned on Chuck Schumer and other gun-grabbers that the Supreme Court was set to expand the Heller precedent which defined the Second Amendment as a fundamental right.

This case – which court-watchers expect the conservatives will deliver a five to four majority victory – will push Heller to establish a right to self defense outside one’s own home.

At a time when Schumer and his cronies are pushing to ban and confiscate firearms, the Supreme Court is all set to deliver a historic victory for Second Amendment supporters.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


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  2. It is the IPCC that is trying to deceive you. If you want to know how, study physics. If you want to know why read Otmar Edenhofer’s remarks on climate change.

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    I don’t know about that Dan. If there is a cult. he is definitely a member

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  7. That is what the Supreme Court is there for to protect and service the Constitution. The is too but they chose not too.

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  9. Everything you speak of why,who,We the People have allowed this insanity to take place, our daily grind was all that mattered. We’ve allowed them into our daily lives, our children confused and taught lessons that are against mans law.Our health care, education, rewriting the constitution and bill of rights. We the People have allowed this and We the People have to get out and support our country. Only we can end this!

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  14. In NY City, for the average citizen, it is almost impossible to get a concealed carry pistol permit & if you decide to try, it is expensive, you’ll probably need a special type of lawyer, lots of paper work and submission of 2-3 years of ALL Tax Returns for yourself (& Wife if married) & wait many many months for an answer which probably won’t be in your favor.. In NYC it is possible to get a premise permit after paying exorbitant amounts of money & lots of paper work & waiting usually over 6 months.
    This is the procedure for legal handguns…. there are many (illegal) handguns on the streets I don’t think the criminals go through this red tape.

  15. That all you got, Stan???? Why not just keep quiet as no one is interested in your insults and name calling. You are a disgrace and have nothing to add to the conversation.

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  17. That is a fact Surly. We must vote but we have to know that one day we could be fighting other Americans who want our Liberty and freedoms taken away. Most of them are to stupid to realize that but it doesn’t matter to me if they know it or not. If they were indoctrinated and don’t know any better makes no difference to me. They want to change our country and that is what I’m fighting against so regardless of how they got there they are my enemy so they will be the ones I’ll be fighting. Don’t listen to a few people who say I’ve been to war and you haven’t so you don’t know what your talking about. Oh yes we do just like they didn’t know anything about war until they went we will do this just like they did if it is the only way to save our country. God bless you patriots.

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  21. I pray they do rule the right way namely for the RIGHT to bear arms not just in ones home but anywhere one may go and feel the need to carry one. That is what the founding fathers meant to be the rule of the Land. These Gun grabbing MORONS like Schmuck and others should be stripped of their armed protection for the rest of the time they are in office. Let’s then see what they do about guns then. If Americans who these IDIOTS work for cannot be armed then their security people should not either since they are why guns are banned.

  22. President Trump is a fighter and has anticipated a return on every scheme to have him impeached. All of his supporters now need to get behind him live and loud! It is time to fight them off once and for good. Let’s start showing them what the inside of a prison means.

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  28. Thomas Jefferson stated, “A well-armed citizenry is America’s greatest defense against a corrupt government.”
    If a person is ignorant enough to believe that a corrupt government is not possible in the United States. They should see a psychiatrist immediately.

  29. We are way past the point of obeying the 1st amendment. A religion has already been established by the state a long time ago. They teach it in public schools, and in universities. They pass laws around it. They preach it in the media. People are punished and lose their jobs or worse for not following this religion.

  30. There is really going to have to be a concerted effort of all thinking gun owners and those that support the constitution to work together, and to ensure we all vote. The fantasy democrats are hell bent on their agenda.

  31. Real M there’s more to come. Just look at how Trump is shaping the courts. There will always be some restrictions on gun owners, but they need to focus on armed criminals.

  32. Poor old Chuckie Schumer, get out your “crying towel”! It’s going to be a sad time for you and yours! Schumer, you are on the wrong side of history and will not be remembered fondly…………………
    Patriots who believe in upholding the Constitution, in this case the second amendment, will be very happy! 🙂

  33. Dan T., Want me to puke on Scott27? Normally I would write regurgitate but, old Scott27 doesn’t deserve that much respect……..He and JD are trolls in one body!

  34. Just a quick reminder: the 1st amendment prohibits the establishment of religion by the government. We are, and have always been, a nation of many religions. As citizens, we are allowed to worship as we choose, but that also means our neighbor is allowed the same freedom.
    There isn’t a single element of the Constitution or Bill of Rights that is optional. With due respect to all parties, too many people throughout the political spectrum pick and choose what they agree with. That’s not how it works.

  35. I have a riddle for you, this person is dumb, isn’t very articulate, uses insults instead of solidifying his case, is a racist, hates America, supports evil polititions, lacks wisdom and has is a dumb laugh, I’ll give you a hint, his name begins with an R and ends with n…, ( Jeopardy jingle)…

  36. Scott, I already asked you before how Trump is shredding the constitution but all you came back with was the emoluments clause. I have yet to see Trump give himself a title of nobility.
    You tell me which party has issues with the 1st and 2nd amendment?
    Freedom of speech – not on college campuses.
    Freedom to practice religion – not if you’re a Christian baker.
    Freedom to own a firearm – not if it’s scary looking.

  37. But yet you all seem to be chasing shiny things and ignoring the blatant corruption; instead you’re focusing a lot of energy on someone who hasn’t been in office for nearly three years and who would never have attempted nor gotten away with the crap your dear leader is doing….

  38. Don, you are QUITE correct, but if your desire comes to fruition (mine too and all American patriots), there will be hell to pay as well. I have no doubt that the “SQUAD” is covertly communicating with Antifa and to their handlers (the Soros minions) to set up their reactionary tactics to a Trump and RNC House victory. Many others are fomenting that eventual reaction and I believe that will come to fruition as Trump will win in landslide fashion and the Dems will lose control of the house. The loons running for the presidency leave America no choice but to elect Trump or fall into the dark ages of chaos anarchy.

    It will get NASTY!!

  39. Their agenda to disarm people, so they will not be able to resist their oppression, when they will take the power. Same did Soviets, Venezuela communists, etc. Hitler was also crying for clean environment.It was his point as well as clean Aryan race.

  40. You are 100% correct. The democrats gin up racism all the time, then blame in on Trump, and every other republican president before him.


  42. The Democrats in the past did not accord minorities to be human let alone having rights. Today’s Democrats view minorities only as a tool to be used to further their agenda and ideology.
    The Democrat party has fostered and encouraged racism and bigotry from their beginning to the present day.

  43. The RedMan is a troll. Having said that the white are the minority in the United states with racial coupling. From the Indian and white, black and white, to Hispanic and white. As for the Satan followers that would be the Democratic party the NWO the Democratic party. New World Order = Satan. It is time that the Supreme Court upheld the constitution.

  44. “Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God.”
    — Thomas Jefferson
    GOD gave man free will. For those that insist GOD is only a myth, Free will comes with being alive. Tyrants always look to end your exercise of free will. Believing in GOD or not, shooting a tyrant is self-defense.

    If you are not actively engaged in opposing evil you are complicit in that evil!

  45. Scott, Trump did not convince us that climate change is a scam, and he did not convince us the media and leftist experts can’t be trusted. We all knew that way before Trump came along. For decades actually.
    You should read about Secular Humanism if don’t think it’s a religion.
    What else would it be then?

  46. Yes Don!!! I agree with you…we need a BIG RED WAVE on every election day!! The left is for so many evil things…bad for this nation.

  47. He is indeed a cult leader. When he can convince such a mass number of people that scientists, journalists, intelligence experts are all out to deceive you and he is the only one having the answers (a reality TV star, no less), then he is indeed a cult leader. And secular humanism is not a religion.

  48. Heller is the law. Heller will be expanded. NYC and the rest of the leftists are wasting taxpayer money, what’s new about thaT?

  49. The government has in fact established a state religion. It’s called Secular Humanism. One of it’s tenants is climate change. Another tenant is moral relativism.
    I am not aware of Trump trying to establish any religion. Trump is not a cult leader or a Nazi, or a fascist. He’s just a man trying to fix what Obama did, and he will be out of office after his second term. Notice how I didn’t do any name calling, and I was not demeaning in my response?

  50. I pray to God every day that Donald Trump will win the next election and that the Republicans will get full control of the House and Senate. If the Democrats win, all hell will break loose in this country. The Democrats will turn our once great nation into a filthy and corrupt third world country. This is what they want. They want total control and dominance over the American people. They want to be our kings and queens whereas we will be mere peasants and commoners to them. Are we going to be so stupid and blinded as to let them do this to us? I am going to do my part in voting these hideous swamp creature scoundrels out of office come Election Day. Are you?

  51. Lets just vote HIM out New York voters must see that these Democrats are just trying to take our guns from us New York Vote all these Democrats out. If you don’t all People in New York will lose all our rights.

  52. Chuckie Schemer, please don’t make me laugh! It will be good when he is no longer in the Senate, along with Nutzi Peelousy…????

  53. Chuckie Schemer, please don’t me laugh! It will be good when he is no longer in the Senate, along with Nutzi Peelousy…????

  54. Steve, the Constitution says the government shall not establish a state religion. All I’d like to see is adherence to the Constitution. Your cult leader and his cronies are corrupting it and shredding it piece by piece every day. Would you people please pay attention.

  55. The court will strike down this BS with licences , all you Libbys can take a hike strait down below , your not getting our rights to own guns , no matter what ! The Sooner U realize this , the better

  56. DemonRats want to be able to TELL us how we have to live, they want 100% control over Every Person in the USA. they want nothing sort of a Dictatorship where they are in control

  57. The racist white-folks who are posting on here are some of the worst coward terrorist in the world. Jes look at what they post like lil greasy headed cowards because their evil demons in pink skin ruining the world for everybody. hahahahahahahahahahaha

  58. I do not believe there is a single Democrat since President Kennedy.
    What we have since, LBJ, are Democratic party faithful. A small distinction in a word but HUGE when applied to Political Beliefs. If you can produce a single democratic party member who has the same Belief in and Love for our Nation including our Constitution as amended I am willing to at least hear them out.
    I make a fine distinction between Democrat and Democratic. The first is American the second Communist. I would vote for a Democrat NOT for the other.

  59. Exactly! It seems the courts spend too much time dancing around these issues instead of putting them to rest. Just like with the baker in CO.

  60. Every time a government, at any level, in this nation goes after the Secondment Freedom it is controlled by the Peoples Democratic Party. What I fail to understand is why the Citizens continue to vote the bums into positions of any form of power. Simple answer = VOTE the BUMS out! Retake a High School Level course on Civics. After you do that, replace them with real Americans not Commies in disguise.

  61. There is no question this must be settled Constitutionally, not just for NY but as guidance for the country. And it will prevent NY getting sneaky and re-introducing the same garbage at a later date when they no one is paying attention. Bolshevic Bill needs a solid kick in the rear anyway.

  62. Yep, Pauline gross. Satan always put his demons in place to ruin things, and cause all hell to break out. However, the “majority” of white-folks in america are demons in pink skin. Jes look at the one dat 98% of evil racist white-folks in america are brown nosing. trump the bump on americas butt. hahahahahahahahahahahaah

  63. It seems like the democrats want to eliminate the first two amendments. Obviously, they’re opposed to the 2nd but it seems the 1st also.
    Democrats are opposed to freedom of speech on college campuses, their PC hate speech rules. And they oppose the government establishing any religion unless it’s their own religion of course, Secular Humanism.

  64. When will the liberals ever learn? Trump is conservative. The SCOTUS has a conservative majority. See that was the most important part of the 2016 election. Most of us didn’t want Hillary appointing judge after judge because they would obviously be liberal. The Supreme Court is where the power lies. They dictate the law of the land and interpret the Constitution as it was meant to be. So if some piece of legislation is passed that someone doesn’t like then it can be challenged all the way to the Supreme Court and guess who will win? Donald John Trump!

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