The Supreme Court may never be the same after this news about Clarence Thomas just dropped

There has never been a fighter on the Supreme Court quite like Clarence Thomas.

He has been steadfast with his conservative values since the day he got on the court.

That’s why the Supreme Court may never be the same after this news about Clarence Thomas just dropped.

For decades, Clarence Thomas has stayed on the Supreme Court with a record as conservative as you can get.

While Justices like John Roberts continue to shift to the Left, Thomas stays at the same spot he was the day he first joined the court.

But his time on the court could be coming to an end due to rumors about his retirement.

There are reports that both Thomas, and fellow conservative Judge Samuel Alito could retire soon.

While there is no set date on when this could happen, it is speculated that President Trump is preparing for this.

The Washington Post’s Robert Costa first made these claims, and alleges that it is Thomas who Trump officials believe is most likely to retire first.

Costa writes, “Justice Clarence Thomas, a conservative appointed by George H.W. Bush, is privately seen by Trump’s aides as the most likely to retire this year. While Thomas has not given any indication of doing so, the White House and Senate Republicans are quietly preparing for a possible opening, according to a White House official and two outside Trump political advisers who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the private conversations.”

But while these Washington Post claims are that Thomas will retire first, conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt told the Washington Examiner that he believes it will be Alito who retires first.

None of these claims are far-fetched, as Alito is 70 years old, while Thomas is 72 years old.

They have both held solid conservative records since joining the court.

If they were to retire before the November election, it would become a huge issue for President Trump on the campaign trail.

Trump has won major victories on the Supreme Court.

But he has also faced major losses, especially following a recent betrayal from the Trump-appointed Justice Neil Gorsuch.

If they were to retire, and Trump ended up losing the election, the Justices that Joe Biden would appoint would be disastrous for the country.

Do you approve of Clarence Thomas’ time on the Supreme Court?

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  1. Dan, I collect rocks. Please don’t insult my rocks. They are much more intelligent than Diane…………

  2. Clarence Thomas no more belonged on the Supreme Court than Pee Wee Herman. He never spoke because he was never curious. Not exactly a great quality for a Supreme Court Justice. When Scalia died, Thomas’s “go to” guy was no longer there. Thomas, in the meantime, unable to to weight both sides when he flatly denied the existence of one of them, was actually expected to participate. I’m not surprised that he would retire. I am also not surprised that he would leave the choice of his successor to someone equally incompetent.

  3. Justice Thomas has been a shining example of conservative thought thru his entire tenure! Chief Justice Roberts has been on a downward spiral for many years. It’s too bad that Thomas is too old to replace Roberts and improve the court! Ahh Well! President Trump step up and straiten out the court!

  4. Justass for Trump we know that you want libturds like you on the scotus. You want people that will legislate from the bench. You’re one of the fools that don’t like the original meaning of the constitution. Why are you here? You belong in Cuba.

  5. I beleive that Thomas has been one of the better Justices. He’s tried to abide by the constitution to where some have used their opinion instead of what’s actually written. No one should have a lifetime position, including politicians!! Should have term limits to help keep them from becoming crooks, liars or theives. Good for thee but not for we!

  6. Supreme Court Justices should not have life time appointments!!!
    Before appointments they should have to meet certain Constitutional regulations as well as a very high level of moral standards where humanity is concerned. This would allow the refusal and or removal of traitors to this standard like Roberts, Ginsburg, and homosexuals, and oh yes Gorsuch!!

  7. Clarence Thomas and his wife have been disgraceful in their dual actions for right wing causes. The thug Johnson and Scalia should have recused themselves several times when they had a financial interest. Thomas was picked at 41, an absurd age for someone who had no experience in major decisions, not a great education, it will always be George Bush 43’s worse action. Thomas benefited by affirmative action as a student but repeatedly voted against it for other blacks, the frigging hypocrite. He also never spoke in court for many years until he tried to make a lame joke in court a few years ago. He is a total failure, always going with the far right, sometimes being the only justice that was.

  8. Clarence Thomas, like Donald Trump will easily be forgotten. The evil that they have allowed to continue is essentially why they were appointed and elected. If this nation is to improve, this will happen when people like them are no longer put in positions that they never deserved to be in. Neither one has done anything for America or justice. The word all is totally inclusive, the whole is the sum of all of it’s parts. Likewise a government by the people,for the people or of the people at some point may start to exist on the earth.

  9. Justice Thomas is soft-spoken, very deliberative, conservative core and steadfast, and above all a stalwart Christian due to the love and kindness of his wife and her living witness to this great man. We need not only for Trump to win, but also to put real core constitutional conservatives into the Senate.

  10. Justice C. Thomas is a mighty man of integrity and reason. His voting record, and more importantly, his written opinions are so spot on and critical to the point at-hand. He never interjects his personal views, as his role is arbiter of the written law. On the absolute other end of the spectrum, is Chief Justice, J. Roberts. What a snake… and so transparent, as well ! To express how disappointed I am in his conduct and voting record would take much too many words than I’m allotted. The inevitable stares us in the face. The freight train light is bearing down upon us. Justices Thomas and Alito will soon retire and that makes certain the vital importance of the upcoming election. On paper, it shouldn’t be close. Unfortunately, we have several things working against this president. Not only the savagely partisan Left (who are immoveable), but also the defective ‘never-Trumpers’ on the (supposed) Right. The unfairly partisan leftist media is an overwhelming factor working against the president. The two most dangerous factors working against the president are very hard to combat. The unwillingness of an under-informed voting populace and the intent and willingness of the political apparatchik to CHEAT ! Ballot-stuffing, ballot harvesting and controlling the count are routine procedures that are utilized by the cheating factions on the Left. Simply stated… the Left will not tolerate this president being re-elected ! In addition, both House and Senate races (resulting in majority control) are up for grabs. You have heard, many times, that this is the most important election season, ever ! With what is going on, today and what’s headed our way … Well, you judge for yourself ! Fireworks to follow !

  11. I love Judge Clarence Thomas,,,,, very objective human being ! May GOD always protect & watch over him no matter what his decision is !

  12. The Supreme Court justices being appointed by Joe Biteme??? This prospect alone should unite every red blooded patriotic American to vote for President Trump. A liberal leftist commie supreme court would result in: NO SECOND AMENDMENT, 100% LEGAL ABORTIONS FOR ANYBODY WHO WANTED ONE AND IT WOULD BE PAID FOR WITH OUR TAX DOLLARS, NO PRESUMPTION OF INNOCENCE, NO FREE SPEECH ETC. ETC. DO YOU GET THE MESSAGE AMERICA????? MAGA

  13. The Supreme Court should be filled with judges that uphold the Constitution of the Americans of the U.S. Any judges that do not suport the Constitution needs to be removed. God have mercy on our country when Clarence does decide to retire. I pray he will be replaced with an even more Constitution protecting man of God.

  14. He will be hard to replace and greatly missed. Like our President, Thomas believes in America and doing the right thing.

  15. I believe the sun is setting on the USA. This nation has turned it’s back on God, is killing the born and unborn babies, has put into law homosexual and trans abominations has become lawless, violent, and hateful. America has run to the dark side at every opportunity. Empires fall because God is not mocked. This nation will be judged for it’s sin, which is increasing daily! Soon tribulation and suffering will increase 100 fold. The writing is on the wall!

  16. There should be a new law written that the Supreme Court Justices do not stay till the day they die. There should be a set term limit. Ginsburg needs to Go. They do not write the law, they interrupt the law. However, there are some on there now, who are rewriting the law. So, these should be struck down by the President of the United States. While I am writing, let it be known that ALL LIVES MATTER!

  17. There is no way either one of those two will retire before the election for 2 reasons. One,they won’t put that pressure on Trump right before the election. And two,they are going to want to wait and see the results of the election before making any major decisions. I doubt they are going to want to immediately put the appointment power into Biden’s hands just in case by some miracle or voter fraud Biden wins.

  18. Because of Clarence Thomas’s position as a “constitutional scholar,” Joseph R. Biden, Jr. tried real hard to prevent Clarence Thomas’s appointment as Associate Justice to the United States Supreme Court. Meanwhile, John G. Roberts turned out to be a traitor when he sided and sanctioned the foreign-born illegal alien Muslim communist agent saboteur Barack Hussein Obama II’s unconstitutional Obamacare. In other words, John G. Roberts created laws not found within the scope of the United States Constitution…. he created his own definition of the law from the bench which only Congress has the absolute power to create legislative laws in accordance with the Constitution of the United States. Justice (Using title loosely) Neil Gorsuch, I hope you have read my post as well as other contributors. Not only did you betrayed President Donald J. Trump but, you also betrayed the American people including our men and women serving in the United States Armed Forces. I wouldn’t trust you behind my back!

    USAF (RET)

  19. Imagine what would happen to our country if justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito did retire before the end of the year and then Joe Biden wins the election in November? This one issue, in itself, should convince the patriot American people to vote for Donald Trump in November to prevent this possible atrocity from happening.

  20. I would hate to see Justice Thomas go. He’s been a steadfast conservative who follows the Constitution. Justice Roberts is a traitor to the Constitution. He rewrites laws. That is not the Supreme Court’s job. They are there to assess if the law brought before them is Constitutional or not. If not it’s supposed to be struck down. Instead over the years the court has written, and rewritten laws which is outside their powers and is the realm of the legislative branch which writes laws. Get rid of that old crow Ginsburg! She’s so old cobwebs are on her. Get rid of Roberts too! Nuff said!

  21. Appointments to the Supreme Court are not to be taken lightly for their honest background and industry in service to the laws of the land. We should be most thankful for his faithful support of conservatism in applying the law of the land, not making personal law to suit a favored political party. Justice Thomas deserves full respect for his faithful service to the Court.

  22. I have so admired Justice Thomas from the very beginning! He is a true American, who cares about the Constitution of founding fathers gave us! His concern has always been to that document and he bends to no one if their view is contrary to it! He is such a gentleman and someone all blacks should look up to! When he retires we will lose a great champion for the conservative viewpoint and a supporter of the Constitution, but most of all, I shall miss seeing him up on the bench!

  23. We need to support the true American justices on the court and get rid of the communist loving justices. All the liberal morons that are still there even though they are past health limits and retirement age.

  24. Mea, I totally agree with everything you said. I too love this
    American patriot and conservative. He and I are approximately the same age. And I have agreed with all of his decisions. And while I can understand him wanting to retire, But as it is with ALL true patriots. We put the Nation and GOD’s conservative values first. After President Donald J Trump’s re-election. He will be able to make the SC the strongest it has ever been. Decisions like Roe v Wade will be overturned. Constitutional amendments will be made to add that ALL LIFE BEGINS AT CONCEPTION! Thus making ALL abortion a murder. It is NEVER OK to murder one citizen for the sake of another. Murder is murder but the premeditated murder of a defenseless life is so heinous that the only punishment possible is death. YHVH and the soul that was murdered are waiting for them so the real trial can start. The next 4 years of Donald J Trump will be something to see. Don’t miss the show. It’ll be so riveting that all those that are there will be standing and applauding.

  25. There is no other like Judge Thomas. He has done an outstanding job and he cannot leave. He is my roll model and should be the roll model of all Americans, a man who knows the Constitution and upholds it with every decision he has handed out. More than ever we need him now. The nation needs him. Young and old, all Americans should look at him and say this is what it means to be an American, upright and a believer of the Constitution and what it means for us, a nation where there is freedom and justice for all. A man who still makes decisions with his conscience and after much contemplation. I admire him and believe, we as a nation need him at this crucial juncture of the nation’s history. I urge him to stay on as there is still Roe versus Wade that needs a final decision…. who other than Justice Thomas to make the decision with this problem that has plagued our nation and made us into murderers for decades!

  26. It need to be up to the voter if we need term limits. Which I’m sure 80 percentage of the people would support. There is no sense in letting any Congress member to serve more than two terms! If the President can’t serve more than two term then all Congress should not either They don’t deserve lifetime benefits either! Stop their benefits at 50k! Nothing more! Why should they get lifetime benefits if they CAN’T BALANCE THE BUDGET?

  27. I do believe Judge Thomas has stayed within the Constitution and not allowed Politics to enter his decision making I hope Judge Thomas continues to stay on as Democrats do not have the Constitution or rule of law in mind. We need sound Judges and not ones that sway to the left for political gains. JUDGE THOMAS, PLEASE CONTINUE TO DO A GREAT JOB

  28. Since the supreme court is DENIED BY LAW, from writing, enforcing laws, it might be time to change this.


  29. While both have been GREAT, if they are thinking now is the time, it should be NOW, as in RIGHT NOW, so our great president, Donald Trump, can appoint two responsible conservative judges who will interpret the constitution correctly, as opposed to the four sitting now who creatively add new liberal rulings not found on a regular basis.

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