The Supreme Court was asked to make a decision that could send Nancy Pelosi into retirement

The 2020 election could be decided by one question.

This question is before the Supreme Court at this very moment.

And the Justices are being asked to make a decision that could send Nancy Pelosi into retirement.

Recently, three judge panels in Ohio and Michigan struck down those states’ congressional maps as drawn unfairly to benefit Republicans.

Judges ordered new maps to be drawn up by this summer which would hand Democrats favorable congressional maps heading in to the 2020 election.

But Ohio and Michigan appealed to the Supreme Court asking them to temporarily stay those rulings because the Supreme Court heard arguments on a case that could restrict the rights of federal courts to interfere in drawing legislative maps.

Ohio and Michigan argued the rulings ordering them to redraw their maps should be put on hold until the Supreme Court weighs in on the partisan gerrymandering case involving Maryland and North Carolina.

The Daily Caller reports:

Both applications were presented to Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who reviews emergency applications arising from the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which covers Michigan and Ohio. Sotomayor may ask both sides to submit further briefs, refer the matters to the full Court for consideration, or both.

The applications come as the Supreme Court is considering related challenges from Maryland and North Carolina, which ask whether and how federal courts should police partisan gerrymandering. Decisions in those cases will bear directly on the Michigan and Ohio disputes, since all four matters present similar issues.

In the Ohio case, the lower court ordered the state to produce a new map by June 14. There is a good chance the Maryland and North Carolina disputes will not be decided at that time. Ohio Republicans said that could cause ordinary people to conclude that the lower court is trying to impose a new map on the state before the Supreme Court has any chance at getting involved.

If the Supreme Court stays this ruling and then decides in the North Carolina and Maryland cases that courts should not meddle in drawing legislative maps, then it could make it easier for Republicans to retake the House of Representatives.

If that happens, many political experts believe Nancy Pelosi could head off into retirement.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Now that Pelosi is losing control of her caucus she should look forward to retirement as I know we all look forward to her returning home to the filth and trash on the streets in SF. I will look forward to her being gone.

      • But, but, wait! Nazi Pig-lousy says boarder walls are illegal. So the boarder walls around her mansion are illegal! Tear them down Nazi Nancy! And we want to see you standing up for what you claim to be. Show your compassion. Let the illegals you love so much set up camps on your property. We DEMAND you show your support for your beloved illegals.

        • Nancy Pelosi and her DemonRats preach tolerance, but it’s so easy to give someone elses money away. she won’t give away any of her fortune, especially to illegals. She’s all projection talk.

    • Centurion, I second your comments. Ms “Nancy” is in something all over her head and understanding. I’m still waiting for her to reimburse the Air Force for all those “free rides” she managed to bum on USAF aircraft back & forth to California.

  2. To Betty,& similar etc.
    If You get what you want,
    guess what honey etc. We All
    Go Down, & THAT INCLUDE YOU etc.
    Is that what you want ? You will not
    be saved thru what you think & post.
    Not funny Betty. Your ‘safe haven’
    you have now, will no longer be, in
    less than 10 yr. Fight for the Right Side
    inpreservation. Figure it out. & BTW:
    ‘Change your Diet’.
    Good comm’s here, scroll thru to end.
    Thankyou. God Bless. Some kinda ‘life’
    we’ve been exposed to. Rite ? Wow.

  3. The Baby Butchering Party had free reign to realign districts during the years our untouchable Kenyan Muslim was living in the Presidents house. Why should the libtards care? The liberal Federal judges around the country are allowing a new read on every old law just to delay any accomplishments Trump continues to have. Hell, just last week a Federal Judge ordered 32 Florida counties to print ballots in Spanish. Why only Florida? The so called grassroots libs, I call it low level criminals have time to stuff the ballot box with a half million extra illegal absentee ballots for 2020 to try and flip Florida. Now they’ve also set a Presidence and will somehow use this to change the U.S. Census criteria. Between the libs in office and the Fed judges sitting on all of these God seats, were screwed no matter what.

  4. Democrats do want control and maybe that is why Ruth Ginsburg is still sitting in the court room pictures when neighbors reported a Hearst arriving at their area mentioning that some body was being picked up…Democrats as discovered were the first in the KKK picture..that should be enough to tell you the whole story from the 1920’s…they NEVER changes …only got worst each time they lost and bit back…

  5. Wow, the Democratic Party wants to control the government! I never realized that that’s why political parties existed. Thanks for pointing that out to me! Of course Republicans are different. They don’t want to control anything.

    • Dems MUCH better @ cheating! Wake up!
      Dems love abortion. They get many more abortions than Republicans, thus their desire that illegals vote. Their moral self-righteousness is obscene.
      Look at Brian Sims, the DEM Pennsylvania state senator who filmed two 15 year old girls & & an old lady
      against their will & threatened to
      doxx them. He is human vermin who needs to be arrested, tried, & JAILED to keep him away from decent society.

    • We need to do away with BOTH of them .There is no difference .Our elected officials NEED to answer to the voters and not to any party leaders !!!

  6. Why are you still showing Ruth Ginsburg on the court of judges still…is she dead as the neighbors report or are the Democrats doing a real good display of their fake power on the benches? Ruth Ginsburg is dead?

    P.S. please don’t multiply, we have enough evil on this earth- oh silly me, you won’t you’ll kill your baby at its birth!

  8. The hatred and lies coming from the right wing conservatives here is pathetic. May God have mercy of your souls.

    • ???? Please point one out. It is the dems who have nothing but hate and lies. Hilary lies every time she opens her mouth, but that is fine with you.

    • Says the man from the party who booed God on National TV, and the party who took his name out of the oath, “So help me God”
      You dumbacrats always use his name when it’s convenient.

    • “Real Joe”. Funny you want to invoke God now when your party of baby killing atheists have tried to remove Him from every aspect of governance and people’s daily lives. The Founding Fathers relied on his word and example heavily. Don’t try to bring Him into this now as you have rejected Him at every foul soulless piece of legislation you bring forth. Your rejection is the reason you and your party are so far removed from justice and humility.

  9. Leave the districs as they originally were.
    If the political and/or ethnic makeup of a district changes then they can elect accordingly.
    But, this idea of redrawing the districts just because a district favors one party over the other is rediculous.
    Districts will change naturally and may change again and again, or, some Districts may never change.
    But that has to allowed to stand.
    It is the only fair way to address this.

    • Redistricting is how the Dems have kept the likes of Pelousi in office. And have created districts that favor one voting class over another. Maybe you would like to see the districts go back to the way they were but what I’d rather see is the districts forced to be square in shape. And let the chips fall where they may.

      • I hope the Supreme Court rules in favor of staying it. Maybe we will finally be rid of Pelosi. But I think she will die in that chair.

  10. The Federal Courts should either not get involved or should require that all districts be as compact as possible and not consider ANY factors to benefit ANY group. There is no good reason to allow districts to be drawn to benefit the election of any ethnic or racial group but not to benefit a political group. The current practice of some Federal courts to decide which groups should be benefitted and which should not is liberal micromanaging and is judicial nonsense.

  11. Dump Pelousy and put either of the ragheads in charge or Cortez. THEY will take charge and get things done. When they are.”BOSS”, you better believe they will “do something to somebody” and “impeach that mother F-er”, We couldn’t be so lucky…heh, heh, heh.

  12. Got to love how the democrats /liberals scream gerrymandering of districts when the republicans are drawing the lines (like in N.C. Mell watts district 12 which ran from Charlotte to Greensboro and some times just a mile or so wide to encompass all black neighborhoods to ensure that old Mell got reelected every time….now that after 100 years the republicans are in power and can redraw the lines…ALL of a SUDDEN gerrymandering is being accused because they redrew the 12th….google it and see what REAL gerrymandering looks like….and it was 100% fine with the liberals

  13. Being Nancy thinks she has as much power as the President of the US I do not see her retiring. What needs to happen is limited terms and that will put a lot of those that have made a life on the taxes payors to an end and rightly so. Because when they stay as long as Nancy they think they are Gods and they are not and that is also why nothing is done as far as boarder or budgets because they forget their oath of office and who they are suppose to be representing.

  14. Congress or somebody else should remove d. trump from the Oval office though Impeachment which is just what that Pile of Sick Minded Gutter CRAP deserves

    • You are entitled to your opinion … but I totally disagree. Pelosi lies, Clinton is as crooked and corrupt as they come, Harris slept her way to the Senate, Waters is a corrupt liar and cheat … and they all want to murder babies. And YOu think Trump is sick …. Oh Please!!!!

  15. All Demoo Rats Congress to Nuts Big House.They are Lunatics Uneducated Hates American Values. They need to Removed from our Country.A.S.A.P. Before they will spread Diseases,they are like V.D.

  16. Pilosi can’t put 2 sentences together.
    What a pathetic individual that cares more about screwing Donald Trump than our country.
    A disgrace even to her own party!
    She may as well be representing a foreign country that wants to explode a nuclear bomb on her own country. What she represent is treasonous!. She is useless piece of uneducated crap that should be presiding over her local nursing home and she would be incompetent at that!

  17. This goes to show that the Devilcraps will try any trick in the book to gain votes by redrawing congressional districts, getting votes from dead people and illegal aliens etc. A very sad way to win elections don’t you think?

  18. Demonrats thrive on all kinds of voter fraud. Could have confronted these problems in a long time ago. We need the voter ID now!

  19. The DEMonCrats will do anything to get what they want. They won’t leave anything alone. If you have noticed. They are trying to change our Constitution to suit themselves. They are totally selfish and money hungry.

    • Yes, dems are the enemies of our Constitution and our freedom. They want complete and total control and are very dangerous.

  20. Personally I think ALL politicians should be registered as Independents. That way they can be elected on their merits and not people voting down the party line.

    • Good idea. There are very ignorant voters who have no concept at all of who they are voting for. You should not even be allowed to vote if you don’t know anything about the candidate.

      • Good point, bj, after all, many Ignorant Americans voted for d trump without knowing what a WORM he is really is, though they sure have learned it by now!

        • Oh Betty … someone who belongs to a party that supports abortion over life, illegals over our own citizens, refugees over homeless veterans and has the likes of such corrupt, liars as Clinton, Pelosi, Schumer, Waters, and you call those who voted for the only one who cares about our nation ignorant. YOU are the ignorant one Betty. You apparently supported the most corrupt cheat ever. Doesn’t say much for the worm you supported does it?

          • I really Hate to say this But,
            Abortion ‘harvesting’ For Many
            things ie Food/drink/vacc’s/ meds
            & MORE, is apparently what Betty
            is consuming, along w/ Terrible Dems
            & those that support. This ‘stuff’
            Make your Mind/Soul Go Crazy.
            I’m sorry.

          YOU IGNORANT S.O.B.
          P.S. please don’t multiply, we have enough evil on this earth- oh silly me, you won’t you’ll kill your baby at its birth!

        • Betty…Your ignorance is profound, as always. You attack Trump, yet I am sure that you support extremely corrupt and vile Hillary and traitor Obama. WAKE UP!!!! Pres. Trump has done a lot of good for this country, but all you have is hate. You are a very sad creature.

    • Mike W, George Washington said that having two parties was a bad idea. I think he was right. They out voted him.

  21. The districting maps aren’t drawn by the people, they are drawn by state legislators, and they are drawn to maximize the political benefits of the party that happens to be in power at the time. In the case of Ohio the representation in the House is currently 16-4 in favor of Republicans, when overall state contests in the last election showed a republican majority of slightly more than 50%. 80% in the House, slightly more than 50% among the voters. Maybe this seems fair to you, but it doesn’t to me.

  22. the states should have nothing to do with any legislative maps when it involves any political standings in President or any congressional or senate appointments one way or another. everyone knows what the dems want and there are many judges in many states the obama placed in them as we all know what these judges have done for 3 years. this spin saying the maps help either party is bull, it depends on the population in each state how the maps are drawn. not because on party wants to change them.the democratic party most likely was the one who wants them changed, if anyone since 2015 has been watching the democratic party wnats to control the whole government, look at ny, one party is what they want a blind person can see that.

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