The Supreme Court will be faced with one decision that could impeach Donald Trump

The battle lines are being drawn over the fight that could decide the fate of Donald Trump’s Presidency.

That’s because Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats filed the one lawsuit that Trump White House insiders fear most.

And now the Supreme Court will be faced with one decision that could impeach Donald Trump.

House Democrats filed a lawsuit to compel the testimony of former White House Counsel Don McGahn.

McGahn spoke to Mueller for nearly 30 hours, and his testimony formed the basis of Volume II of the Mueller report — which put forth Mueller’s case for obstruction of justice.

The White House blocked McGahn’s testimony on the grounds of executive privilege.

But Democrats can compel McGahn to testify if there is an impeachment inquiry, and for the first time the Democrats admitted there was an open impeachment inquiry.

The Daily Caller reports:

The House Judiciary Committee took a decisive step toward impeachment proceedings Wednesday, filing a lawsuit in federal court to force former White House counsel Don McGahn to testify before the panel.

McGahn’s testimony is essential to an ongoing impeachment inquiry, congressional lawyers wrote in court filings, since he is the primary witness to the president’s alleged attempts to obstruct former special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

“The Judiciary Committee is conducting oversight and hearings, including assessing whether to exercise its Article I power to recommend articles of impeachment against the president, including those articles already referred to the Judiciary Committee, and considering significant remedial legislation and amendments to existing laws,” congressional lawyers wrote.

“But the Judiciary Committee cannot fulfill these constitutional responsibilities without full access to critical evidence, including testimony from McGahn, who was a key witness to many of the most egregious obstructive acts described in the special counsel’s report,” they added.

Most Americans moved on from the Mueller Report after Mueller’s disastrous testimony.

But Democrats believe McGahn will provide the type of compelling testimony and visuals that can jump start their impeachment push.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



    • Poppycock!!!
      Anyone who understands law surely knows the term, “plea the 5th” referencing the 5th amendment, involving self incrimination.
      McGahn knows this too. Everyone on the left involved in hearings has used the same tact.
      Can’t make tasty chocolate cake from sh_t.

  1. Question for racists for Trump. Yes or no. Would you walk alone late at night through a black neighborhood if you are white? Of course I assume you will duck the question. You don’t have the nerve to answer. And if the answer is yes, would you walk faster than in a white neighborhood?

    • I would have no problem walking through any neighborhood we are all human why is color so Important oh I know why the facist left promotes it but there are places in my state if you walk it no matter what color you are you could be harmed because you are American not muslim they are very hateful people


    • I have a question for you, would you walk through E. LA, or S. Chicago, or W. Baltimore even in the daylight. You might if you are real stupid and it has nothing to do with being a racist, it’s about knowing which areas are dangerous for anyone. I have black friends who live in Chicago and they won’t walk through S Chicago in the daylight, are they racists.

    • whoa whoa, Mr. LEE,
      I Would walk thru An ‘Affluent’
      Brother/Sister ‘hood’? IE NEIGHBORHOOD,
      PPL Surely Need to ‘correct’ Thoughts &
      Language, when ‘LUMPING’ ppl Into Categories.
      (but i ‘know’ WHAT you meant. ie a druggie hood. )
      & YESS, i’ve crossed a ‘line’ several x’s. & Still here.

      • I didn’t say a bad neighborhood. I said a black neighborhood. So some people are assuming all black neighborhoods are bad? Most aren’t. Hi zee.

      • Okay Gary, lets say you have your gun and you are confronted by say 6 guys who also have guns. The chance of you winning the gun fight is slim, it’s call superior fire power. Do you have a better argument than the left argument you are using.

    • Who walks? We’re busy killing the planet with the SAME vehicles the dims use to get around in while THEY’RE whining about the planet dying

  2. Wow – ‘betty’ 0n a ‘rant’ Aug 10.
    (woke up from a ‘sleep’ ? ) LOL
    ( myabe she got some ‘epstein’ dna
    in her brain’) oops. did i say that?
    GAK ___

  3. I don’t understand why the Democrats are trying for impeachment? They have no grounds, plus they know they will never get 2/3 majority. It must be to have something to go after Trump to stop his 2020 bid. They used Russia, Russia, for 2 years. Now they are using the Racist spew, they think they have obstruction charges, they don’t. They look so desperate. And are just making more people feel sorry for Trump with their made up nonsense. He is gaining more in the polls every day, and they are the ones responsible for a lot of that, besides the fact that he is a very good president , and doing a great job.

    • when are the democrats going to quit picking on our president??? you would think that they would have better things to do like not supporting the illegals and calling for open borders. how are we going to support all these people????

      • We can’t support all the aliens if we allow them to keep invading us! It would just be a matter of until we, also, were a third-world nation.

        • That my friend is the object, if every one is on a government program of some kind then those in charge can do what ever they want and if you don’t like it and complain they will just cut you off and tell you go eat dirt.

      • there are other men and women of good will who base their criticism of trump on the basis of his rhetoric, policies and who are true patriots who want to pass our democratic institutions to their children – when you attack the press, you are one step away from anarchy or fascism.

    • Becky, I totally agree with your comment, Donald Trump is a very good President and has done an outstanding job, especially for the American citizens.

    • If the Dems do this to Pres Trump, then former Pres Obama better watch out because we need to go after him and Hillary and all connected with them and Soros!

      • Bill Clinton raped women. And f—ked underaged girls on the late Epstein’s island. Clinton,probably Bill and Hillary, had him killed in jail. He’s in hell waiting for the Clinton’s to join him. I hope some huuuuge demons give it to them up the ass.

      • but the dems are sexual preditors and racist IN THE CLOSET , CLINTON WEINER AND WE WILL SEE WHO ELSE COMES OUT OF THE CLOSET PULLED OUT

    • I am so sick of this impeachment garbage!!
      It’s proven the President did NOTHING wrong!
      What we all know is Hillary and the demons are the ones that colluded!! Also Uranium one, Benghazi, FISA are all facts no investigation needed!!

    • They keep pushing for impeachment because they are trying to keep
      Distractions as possible as push forward on gun control issues along
      With red flag warnings. I’m telling you men you need to watch this closely, I sat in on a divorce situation where the woman said she was afraid yet her husband had never physically abused her in any way this was in Oregon the police pulled him over for a traffic issue they took his his legally authorized firearm and kept it with no legal recourse for the husband to get his gun back. I kid u not I listened to this divorce case and was shocked by the rights just walked on. If you don’t have 20,00 just laying around to fight this you are literally tread upon.
      There was more to this on the woman’s illegal actions and activities those things were swept under the rug.

    • That’s not the reason ! Keep making noise accusations keep it up, on and on…. you will pick up some believers, and influence the public…. keep at it ,on and on, They must win to take control….the prize is huge

  4. To THIS DATE = McGahn IS NOT ‘testifying’
    Further to ‘ANYTHING’. Got that?.
    &&& HAS NOT received ‘subpoena’. Period.
    Subject matter IS MOOT, Until further notice.

  5. Colleen says that she is a Muslim. I have no problem with that, however her comrades are always condemning Muslims, doesn’t that bother you Colleen, or bother he abusers that they are attacking all Muslims, knowing that every religion, race and ethnic groups has mostly good and a few bad people. Except Trump people of course.

    • RFT
      I was going to ignore you because I’ve read all your comments, & it’s obvious that your just trying to st I r up a reaction from people I guess to blow up your deflated ego. You have called me & everyone else evil, & other names. To what end? Yes I am a Muslim, & I have stated before that President Trump does not hate Muslims, he hates terrorists, & believe it or not, not all Muslims are terrorists, & not all terrorist are Muslims. & yes some of the insults about Muslims does bother me, but everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Just like you Trump haters insulting President Trump bothere me, & you insulting the wonderful people I have come to know on these sites bothers me. If you want to have a constructive conversation, I am open to that. But just hurling insults is not what I consider civilized & I won’t go there with you.

      • unfortunately, some people cannot separate a Muslim terroist from a Muslim who has not inclination in that direction which seems they have a racist bent and cause so much division in our country led by their leader – trump. It is sad that we do not accept that all people no matter their creed, ethnic origin, sex, race are created by God and are due the respect because of this.

        • Joseph if someone gets my respect they have to earn it. And I’m hard to impress. People out to kill us don’t qualify. Not all Muslims do that , but the ones that do need to be wiped out.

        • If you read and study the Koran you are a terrorist. There is no way you can call it anything else. The Koran calls for the death of all non believers, so if you don’t accept Islam they will kill you. You can keep those who read and study the Koran.

        • You’re partly right, Joseph, some people can’t tell the difference. That’s why the Dems have let terrorist cells flood into the country right along with the more peaceful Muslims. Hell, they can’t even tell the difference between the ISIS fighters sneaking across the southern border and the Mexicans!

      • see it does not matter your nationality , if you do not agree or go along with the dems your a racist because they are not capable of making a decision or standing for themselves they need to be lead like CATTLE THANKS FOR STANDING FOR TRUMP bring your people on board

    • I have nothing again Muslims the only thing is they want impose your religion to us you have the right to practice you religion but not to try to make us impose yours to the school and so is you way for the food you are in a christian country do your things and let us do our in peace

      • Fake patriots, the kind that hug the flag and dodge the draft like Trump, and Tyree, people like you who go around hating anybody who isn’t white.

          • Yes, Jesus is a prophet in Islam, I think that you should remind all these people who talk about kicking out all Muslims or killing them that most Muslims are good people and do respect and honor Christ in their teachings.

          • RFT
            WOW!!! I am being serious with you now, & for once I completely agree with you. However most people do not want to hear about our beliefs, the only thing people hear about Muslims is always negative things. There are some here & there that have told me they know not all Muslims are bad people. But I won’t try to “convince” anyone that we are not all bad people & try to teach them what we believe. If anyone asks me, I will be happy to answer any questions they have. Unfortunately the Muslims that are in the news the most are giving the ones like me a black eye. I bet most people don’t even realize (apart from the way we worship) the Sunni Muslims do have alot in common with the conservative way of thinking.(BTW:I am a Sunni Muslim). Now the shia, sufi,& nation of Islam Muslims are not respected by the Sunni Muslims. I can’t believe I am saying this…. but thank you for your comment.

    • At least the Democrats Are Not Too STUPID To See What A presidential PISS ASS PIG, A Pile Of Walking, Talking CRAP trump is with his Repeated Attempts to Flush this country right down History’s Sewer! Which Is More Than Can Said For Any ASSHOLE KISSING republican RETARD!

      • You said you not stupid i thing you are because Trump also you insulting the president and that its something in other country if you insult a president you go to jail and that should by applied here to you disgust me and don’t ha
        ve any education

      • Betty, Congratulations! You have read and mastered “Rules for Radicals”, by Saul Alinski! You know, at least the part where it tells you, when losing the argument, or you can’t refute the facts, just call your opponent names, belittle him, and ridicule him. The next step is to change the subject.

        • Bob S, that applies to all the Trumpsters, they ignore all the sexual assaults, lies, hatred spoken, his embrace of the flag when he was a draft dodger, his love of Putin for fixing the election and money laundering privileges, and his incompetent staff, so many fired or have resigned for corruption, stealing, lying, and spousal abuse. Trump is clearly the anti-Christ if such a being exists. How more disgraceful things he has to do for you to admit that. He apparently could kill someone on Fifth Avenue and somehow would think that is is fine.

          • Is there anyone more stupid that you are. I would find it hard to believe. Everything you say has been proven false. Did you know that Stormy Daniels had to pay Trump $300,000 for false accusations. Did you know that he never grabbed a women, only Biden grabs women and you would vote for him. Prove anything you said is true. By the way college deferments are not dodging the draft.

          • Bob S, he bragged about grabbing women, didn’t you hear the tape. Don’t you know there are 20 women who want to talk about Trump’s sexual assaults and rapes. E. J. Carroll is one of them.

      • Betty do you never tire of insulting others who have different opinions than you? I have read many of your post and they all contain hate and insults which neither are necessary. In this country we as citizens have a right to disagree but not to be disagreeably to all. Take a breath and think for a change please.

      • Betty poop
        You are too illiterate to leave a sensible comment. Go gargle your filthy mouth with bleach, & please do swallow, your filth runs deep!

      • OMG!!!! It is HATING BETTY again making her deplorable & despicable comment against our DULY ELECTED President Trump. I don’t understand how anybody can live everyday with such HATE in their life.

      • Betty, it’s good to know that there is another person on here that has a head and heart to know we have an evil person in the White House.

        • We had a truly evil man in the white house for 8 years. The only righteous thing Obama accomplished was getting Trump elected. As for your comment on the Antichrist, there is one. He has not been revealed as yet. He is not Donald Trump. The Antichrist will be revealed during the tribulation period. True Christians will no longer be here because the Bible says the Antichrist will be so deceptive, he would deceive the “very elect” if it were possible. When he is revealed, I am afraid you will support him whole heartedly, though you will not recognize him until too late.

      • Poor Betty, a very wise man once stated, “anyone who resorts to the use of gutter language to express themselves is just a sigh of a weak mind trying in vane to express it’s self.” so Betty get yourself a good dictionary and learn to use it.

      • Betty….you are the worst excuse of a human ever, You spout your filth out of the filthiest hole in your face….You would never have the guts to spew that filth in a public place, so why do it on here it only shows your ignorance back up your comments with facts…where has he flushed this country down the sewer and show me the facts behind the Any ASSHOLE KISSING republican RETARD! What makes you an expert with sewers, ass kissing and the mental state of a person who doesn’t want the United States turned into a communistic wasteland…..!!!

  6. If Donald Trump is impeached in the house, will that stop the crying? Will that change the outcome they’ve looked for since the 2016 loss?

  7. The Democrats have already shown their true colors and they offer us nothing but doom for are country!!!! I am very sure that all the citizens see all the violence and hatred is coming from the Democrats and that none of these liberals or Democrats condemn the acts of the violence,in fact they encourage these acts because of their hatred, and the bias media also do their part in encouraging it!!! I don’t know how anyone can even consider voting for a Democrat for they have shown us just how corrupt they really are, and they only offer us free everything but no way to pay for it!!! The citizens need to quit getting sucked in by these Democratic scams of giving us everything for free, for nothing is going to be given for the Democrats are going to tax the hell out of the citizens and what you thought you gained will all be taken away in taxes and then your right back were you started and that is the way it has always been, and the Democrats have been playing that game for ever and it is us that fall for this scam every time like a bunch of suckers!!! I sure don’t want to go back to the Bush and Obama days for we were going nowhere and are country was going completely broke and jobs were leaving are country by the thousands and the citizens were not given raises for years and are healthcare got worse and illegals were getting into are country with ease,and we were supporting these illegals with are taxes, and other governments from other countries were ripping us off and freedoms and rights were being stripped away from us citizens, and are traditions, religions, history and rights were being attacked and condemned by these liberals and Democrats!!! It is time to take a stand and rid us of the Democratic party once and forever or we will end up a doomed country that will lose all are freedoms and rights and become another Cuba or Russia or China!!!

  8. If the Supreme Court wants the next civil War to start as soon as they do that the God help our csiuls. It will make the first civil War look like a Sunday School Picnic
    Jon J. Spano Ltc(Ret)

  9. Someone once told me you can’t fix Stupid. Well Democrats, you made me a believer of that saying. You are beyond stupid and can never be fixed. You don’t believe in anyone or anything but your selves. Remember for the people!
    People kill people……………..That’s the basic truth.

    • You aren’t smart for a fox, the easy access to handguns and weapons to war is by far the most important reason for our 40,000 murders a year compared to Japan’s 10 or so.

        • Your comment is so wrong and stupid it is incomprehensible you could think that it is correct. We are thousands of times ahead of many countries per capita.

          • That is the problem with you people on the left. You never do any research and if you look those 3 cities are responsible for 98% of all shootings and murders in the US. Chicago has over a 1000 shootings so far this year alone. Also, I have no idea where you get your 40,000 shootings, you are so far off, I wonder where you get your numbers from. Did you know that Obama had the CDC do a study and it found that guns are used between 1.5 to 3.5 million time per year to stop a crime by a private citizen. You don’t hear that on MSNBC do you.

          • Bob, you also won’t hear that those cities are the ones with the strictest gun laws in the nation, or that most of the shootings have happened in “gun free zones”. Rather than report the facts, they still have their useful idiots pushing for even more of their failed, criminal protecting lunacy.

      • Two completely different cultures. Since the end of WW2, the Japanese have been instilled with politeness and nonviolence.Many are shocked by killings or violent acts.
        Here, it is the impolite, violent, disrespectful idiots like you that make us feel the need to keep some self defense handy.

  10. Do not Impeach Trump, the American people might want revenge and the democratic communist party chiefs arrested for treason after the Obama’s planned failed coup, which is now being ignored. Impeach him, then you better find a good place to hide out while the civil war rages in the streets, and we will plan your arrest as domestic enemies in congress and just punishment for acts of treason. After eight years under sneaky lying communist Obama, I will do all I can to protect the president from the democratic communist party. God Bless the president for saving America from communism..

  11. Good grief! This site is turning into a kindergarten. Come on people, act your ages. And for those of you who think you are…..go back and finish school!

  12. There are SOME actions this Country will NOT STAND FOR. If the House votes to impeach President Trump, this will precipitate armed conflict in the US.

    If the Senate votes to remove him, the US will foment into two Countries, and the Leftists will NOT prevail.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  13. They are desperate. Their time is nigh and they know it. Their scared like little children sitting outside the principal’s office waiting for their punishment. They have to get Trump out! To them that is their only chance of redemption and cover-up.

    • Trump did ZERO to be impeached for. If Dems want a real civil war to break out with all of them being rounded up in the process, then they will go ahead and try to impeach President Trump. He was elected fair and square and is a legitimate leader unlike the con artist formerly known as Barry Soetoro! We, The People, elected Trump and will fight for him. He stands for The American People and an attack on Trump is an attack on The Citizenry and we will defend this country and our fellow Americans. With so many Veterans, active duty Military, and other personnel, even many within the so called Deep State, the Dems THINK they can win an all out conflict with the Citizens and they are idiots to think that The current U.S. military will side with them.

        • Trump is a communist, is in love with Kim and Putin, he owes Putin for stealing the election and for the oligarchs money laundering and buying his shit ass empty condos.

          • If your BS was true, Robert Mueller would have disclosed it in Section One of his phony-baloney Witch Hunt Report! After 2.5 years, 40 MILLION taxpayer dollars, and 1,500 interviews, he couldn’t prove there was any collusion between the Trump Campaign and the Russians! If you’re too stupid to grasp that reality, cease posting your Leftist lies on these websites!

          • Racist, I believe it is actually you that loves Kim and Putin, and a racist, in fact you are so completely obsessed that it seems to be all you can post about.

      • Trump is a traitor, stole the election, asked from help from our enemy the Russians and received it a few hours later you moron. Mueller and Comey are Republicans yet Mueller found 10 reasons for obstruction of justice in the investigation that over 1000 prosecutors is a slam dunk. He is money laundering, he is tied in with Jeff Epstein, has committed hundreds of fraudulent activities and assaulted dozens of women, how is that for starters moron.

      • Trump cares only about himself Buehner, you brainwashed and/or evil idiot. Start your Civil War with your confederate flag. You’ll lose again.

      • “d trump is Nothing But A Walking, Talking, Sick Minded Pile Of Crap!”
        Who manages to drive you people nuts. Not much of a drive, more of a short putt.

  14. Trump didn’t do anything. This is about checks and balances between the legislative and executive branches – so Congress can’t paralyze a president for political reasons – just like the democrats are doing. The Congress is NOT a policing body, they make laws, but do not have the authority to execute the laws- there is a constitutional reason for that. They are searching for a crime which is not in their legal authority. The executive counsel is not resisting to hide anything – which the dems suggest to fool their constitutionally ignorant base – but to keep checks and balances for following presidents ( even Democrat presidents)

  15. 1. Please explain how it would be in the purview of the “Judicial Committee” to conduct an impeachment inquiry on anyone in the Executive Branch.
    2. Explain how ANY committee in Congress can legitimately conduct an impeachment inquiry without a motion, deliberation and vote of the committee to do so, or by such action by the full House delighting this task to a committee.
    3. In the larger sense, please explain why this is anything other than a rogue, unlawful harassment by a few members of Congress who are usurping powers and authorities not given to them.

    • then there is Gavin Newsome. He is gong to keep Trump off tha ballot in california. that is un constitutional and that guy needs his ass burned. if you get the petiton to rmove him, please sign it so all of the conservatives can vote and not have ilegals voting.

      • @ punisher would suggest getting this petition on social media’s
        ASAP! Have someone or if your in Cali get ahold of Jay Sekielow to file or how to file in a lawsuit to stop this jackass. That is full communism take over . Wake up Cali praying for u !!

        • Stephanie you are a evil traitor like Trump. Trump’s flunky is Sekulow, if you are going to try to name drop learn how to spell and we don’t need your hatred, your u, and capital letters that mean nothing but hysterical nonesense.

          • All you leftist dont have a clue what’s coming but you soon will if you mindless pukes keep pushing!!! You all talk a good game ??

  16. You know, if the DEMONCRAPS spent as much energy doing their JOBS as they have on this HOAX, they could get real work done.

    • There job is to impeach the traitor and evil monster mobster Trump. He fixed the election, is money laundering and has sexually assaulted many women, isn’t that enough for you Anne. You are with a guy who abuses women. You’re proud of that?

    • Anne is another white trash idiot woman who approves of a man who abuses women. What is wrong with all you people, Trump is traitor trash, a scumbag that Colleen shouldn’t even like as low as she is on the slime scale.

      • (Racists for Trump)
        Your post name is a lie because you obviously don’t support Trump. If you are a racist (which you may well be)then according to you, are on the wrong side of the argument, so the racist part is also a lie. What else about your posts are lies RFT? Does the end justify the means? Is a useful lie better than a harmful truth? Are you a Communist?

  17. How many of the DEEP STATE have had charges filed against them? Their crimees are obvious and THEY ATTEMPTED A COUP. In fact, they’re still riding the ‘coup’ horse.

    President Trump has NOT committed any high crime or misdmeanor and they continue to hang him in effigy with NO EVIDENCE

    Where is the justice in our Law and Order country?????

      • Obama and Clinton didn’t give pardons to anyone because they did nothing wrong, it’s Trump dangling pardons for his campaign colluding with the Russians and involved in dishonest deals as cabinet members and staff members abusing women like Rob Porter.

    • No matter what demos wants to do to have president Trump impeached they will never
      Get their. People of this country are very
      Unless they are looking for civil war
      They better stay home and try to stir the garbage
      They will all be.very.dirty

    • You are a traitor to Hispanics and Americans to back a serial sexual assaulter, scam artist, money laundering mobster Julio. He abuses women, you are proud of Trump the thug?

  18. Who the hell is to say McGahn will be honest. I don’t trust a dam one of them anymore with all the truths now coming out. Democrats are visious, lying evil people who need to be put in there dam place. This harassment Trump has put up with all these years has to stop. He is trying to do a job and should not have to contend with all this crap.

    • Republicans are vicious, lying evil people who need to be put in their damn place. Learn the truth and how to spell Doris.

      • Doesn’t that tick you off? I used no vulgarities. I didn’t say anything suggestive. You don’t need those approaches to make Redman look like the fool that he is.

          • By the way, I might add, so says the chicken poop who has to hide behind a pseudonym ( that is an alias, Racist. Even more help, a phony name. Even more help, a fake name.) If you need more help with English, let me know.

          • Racist, I’ve been waiting a long time for a reply from you…you twerp. I know I’ve made you look like thr fool that you are but you could reply!

          • I put the Italian curse on you Centonze, you know the horns, just for your continual malignant mouth.

          • Oh, I’ve got it. As usual, you have nothing intelligent to say so you resort to your usual verbiage characterized by stupidity.

          • Well, let’s hear your latest distorted reply! So far you have accused me of having a foul mouth and you are the only one who has used vulgarity in our discussion.

            Like I am really concerned about being cursed by you. Get it straight, however, the curse should be the malocchio…the horns ward off the malocchio. I guess I have to give you help in both English and Italian. That’s what happen when you are a little sissypants and hide behind a pseudonym (there’s that word again!)

        • Centonze, you are probably not a bad guy but you know Trump is a mobster, an uncouth leader who is a sexual predator, yes I know Clinton was as well, but he stirs up racism, and all the white supremacists back him, and praise him, some of those groups salute him. He believes Putin but not all the agencies that know Russia invaded our election system. Is that the side of history, and humanity and America you want to be on?
          My real name is Richard, I truly fear death threats if I told you my last name.

          • It seems my reply to you was lost so this might sound like a repeat.
            Death threats from whom…Antifa, the Clintons? Nobody on the Right would threaten you. It is people like you and Betty who convince us and non-committed people that the progressives, liberals, Democrats, communists are a bunch of raving lunatics. Heck, we thank you, why would we wish you dead?
            Racism and racist, definition- two overused and non-legitimately used terms; use them when you know your argument is hopeless. Bernie and Cummings say something, okay. Trump says same thing, RACIST!
            I am proud to say I am a racist. I favor he human race even though it is difficult when I am in contact with fools like you and Betty.

        • All the hate killers in the malls, the schools, the churches are right wingers, most inspired by Trump’s manifesto, Centonze. You come back at me and don’t address the points I made, Trump is clearly a mobster, a racist. an insulter, a braggart a liar and whiner. His campaign worked with the Russians, over 130 contacts with Russian operatives, and Trump asked for help from Russia’s friend wikileaks Assange, and there were the Clinton email dumps. Did you notice there was nothing controversial found in the email dumps, the right wingers don’t talk about that while the Trump children are using private servers as well. You are supporting an evil person, you are undoubtedly on the wrong side of history, whether he wins again or not. P.S. He not Clinton bumped off Epstein, partied with Epstein a lot, you saw the tape.

          • I am sorry, but you are so wrong. Almost every shooter has been either a leftest democrat or a Moslem. Say what you want about Trump, but he has done more for minorities than all the Presidents before him.

    • There is nothing there and the stupid democrats know it! I can’t wait for 2020 when once again Republicans will take back the House, retain the Senate and President Trump will be elected!

      • Mann, you know nothing, never did, never will because you are ignorant and believe the words or Trump and Limbaugh, two of the most evil people on the planet.

  19. I hope the gruber Dems continue pursuing impeachment against Trump cause they are slitting their own throats politically! Trump/Pence 2020! MAGA! 👍

    • yes, we will listen to more lies and fake documents and go through another full blown special counsel investigation and waste $30M.

    • Agree thy need to stop this b.s. and why can’t the government have them fined for all thr b.s. lies and wasting tax payer money ? And all this crap demoncrats in congress has pulled and sd beyond the lines of congressional

      • I believe the House of Reps don’t answer to anybody except the voters in November 2020. I hope the voters wise-up.

        • Nana try ; Me too ‘m wondering how they can go on unpunished for their lies ? Wishing that the attorney general succeeds to find out enough proofs of their treacherous criminal acts

      • Communist and democrats {no difference } say the end justifies to means. If they aren’t stoped it will be the end of this country as we know it, Can’t understand how the American people want the deep state to keep the power over them.

        • The end justifies the means is a Catholic doctrine that killed jews in order to get some converted to the pagan Catholic religion. Later they had to kill the converts as well because they continued to ‘secretly’ keep the Sabbath. Oh yes, Shabbat Shalom…

    • They will because they know they can’t win the election, if the phony witch hunt had ended before the mid-terms with the same result I seriously doubt the democrats would have regained control of the House of Representatives!

    • If “they” somehow manage to impeach MR TRUMP, this country will be in a world of deep shit. And I, personally will be looking for another country to live out my last few years in. GOD HELP AMERICA ! 😗😒😥😪😞😰

      • Look at the idiots in Commiefornia government even control the straws and paper bags. The idiots love their stupid government but soon all the money will leave the state.partshound. The

      • Miche Dennewitz. Be assured that You’ll live in peace in this country till the end ò your life I wish Those men never can realize their black scheme to hảrm the legally elected POTUS
        My opinions are certainly objective being formulated by me who am not american ,therefore not influenced by politics of any party.As a just person , I’m mostly outraged to see that those so called representatives in congress not doing the jobs they are elected and paid for Since they are elected the only thing they do is witch hunting and “” fouiner dans les poubelles “ looking in vain for imaginary things which allow them to revenge their party election’s loss.
        God bless America and its president

      • Hey, michael, when moving to a different country, remember to take both mr. White House WORTHLESS WORM & mrs. White House WORTHLESS WHORE with you to be Just Another of their ASSHOLE KISSING republican RETARDS!

    • Robert,
      Our current president is a GREAT president, that is for sure! However, I would put him right next to former presidents George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln. God bless President Donald J. Trump and God bless our country,the USA!

  20. I refuse to even read this story. All I want to say, is if these lunatic liberal pigs do somehow pull a rabbit out of the hat & impeach the best president ever, there will be H E L L to pay!! They better be ready, because I know we are more then ready!!!!

    • Coleen don’t worry about it. Renewed right throws bullshit out there to stir the pot. Trump has done nothing wrong. Nadler and his commie asshole crowd are blowing smoke.

      • Ask that question to antifa or the movie company making a movie called the hunt. Or the assholes that showed up at Mitch McConnell’s house talking about stabbing people. Any more questions Mr. Racist for Trump? I know you didn’t ask me, but I’m making it my business.

      • Well hi there RFT
        Where have you been hiding g fella? Did mommie ground you & not let you play on the comp? Ok to answer your question…I’m n I t “hinting” at anything…I am saying ABSOLUTELY there will be H E L L to pay!!

        • You’re right, are you going to get your musket or AK-15 and who are you going to start firing at Colleen. I want to know so I have more evidence for the FBI. They might take my concerns more seriously and your Trump comrade shot up El Paso this week, you probably don’t mind a bit.

        • P.S. I had to take some time off because you people are so disgusting and disgraceful it is time consuming to try to convince people that have rocks for brains to try to understand the truth. I asked God for help to try to find a way to reason with racist haters, and didn’t receive an answer because God must have given up on you Colleen and all your friends. You see the hatred on here and you even condemned one of them that wanted to kill Muslims. Then you said you are a Muslim. If you are a Muslim and are for Trump then you are absolutely insane, not evil.

        • I think Racists For Trump are phonies. I think they are democrat operatives claiming that name to make Trump supporters look bad. Trump has not said or done anything racist. It’s the script all the democrat receive to constantly say it so their followers will begin to believe it.

          • You are the only one on the planet that doesn’t think Trump isn’t a planet. Check out the Central Park 5, and his comments about Africa, Muslims, Mexicans, the four congresswomen. Even the white supremacist groups not only praise him they salute him like Hitler. That includes the KKK, alt right, Aryan Nations, Nazis, militia groups, biker gangs.

        • Jim
          Was that comment directed to me?
          If so you are wrong on both counts. I am NOT a democrat, & I am an Honest Muslim. If you have a problem with that, then get over it!!

        • In 2019 white supremacist groups killed 49 Americans. Liberal groups like BLM and Antifa killed ZERO WW. Some years ago white supremacist Tim McVeigh killed almost 300 in the Oklahoma bombing, don’t you remember?

    • Agree thy need to stop this b.s. and why can’t the government have them fined for all thr b.s. lies and wasting tax payer money ? And all this crap demoncrats in congress has pulled and sd beyond the lines of congressional

    • Impeachment has been around since the 1600s, and has ALWAYS been used to slander political opponents. The good news is that, in all that time, very few impeachments have ever been successful.

  21. Most of white america are demonic racist who are really demons in pink skin. hhahahahahahahahaha. They hate other pinkies as well. They are some of the worst terrorist in the world. Bar none. hahahahahahahaha

    • Hi Apple;

      Still spouting your racist BS. I grew up with the Redmen, and married one of their daughters. Different tribes, they have names for us, in their language. Give me one so that I will know who you are.

      • I don’t think the Red Man here is one of those red men.I grew up around them myself,mainly Utes and Cherokees, and they have much better sense than this fool, whose comments are nothing but pure racist ghetto trash.

    • I’m a White American & I’m PROUD to be the COLOR that ALMIGHTY GOD made me from beginning of creation! I’m NOT a DEMONIC RACIST! you should be careful about what you call other people!

      • No, dianna, Instead you’re just another BUTT LICKING SUPPORTER OF THAT presidential Walking, Talking PISS ASS PIG, that presidential PENIS in HUMAN FORM!

    • Who cares red man or white or black. I just hope we get the opportunity to finish the game we started a couple hundred years ago. It’s called purge! Racist? Everyone who opposes left wing ideology and is considered white. I’m white and believe the only good liberal is a dead liberal so, yep that’s me. Racist, bigot, you name it. But you’ll never see me being a faggot, a baby killer, or a donkeys ass.

      • Yes you talk like a killer, a coward and a donkey’s ass Caldwell. You are losing it with your hatred. You had a little sense and decency a few weeks ago, your mind is crumbling.

        • You can cal me coward Euclid Ave Paintsville Ky 41240 for any takers on this coward cause RacistsforTrump is coming to see
          me. It’s a small town, just ask where I live and everyone can give you directions. As far as donkeys ass most idiots especially ones who speak behind a computer screen making comments such as coward or idiots from the Baby butchering party forget the flag they fly for elections. It’s a donkey or some call it an ass for all retards who didn’t know.

  22. Impeach that DS Nadler!!I’m tired of hearing his bilious pontificating. If you don’t know google bilious. You may want to use it in the future.

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