The Supreme Court wrecked Democrats by throwing out this election case

Democrats were dealt a devastating setback.

It could change the course of the 2024 contest.

And the Supreme Court wrecked Democrats by throwing out this election case.

Democrats filed a lawsuit to overturn the Congressional maps in six states – Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Ohio, and Texas.

Republicans run these states, and in the redistricting process they drew legislative maps that reflected the Republican lean of the state.

Democrats constantly try to rig the redistricting process by using partisan judges to impose Democrat-friendly maps on Republican-run states.

That’s what the Left tried by claiming Republicans redrew maps in Texas with racist intent to make districts more white and thus more Republican.

“At the center of the dispute is Senate District 10, which is centered in Fort Worth in Tarrant County. Challengers argued the map was redrawn to make it more Republican and ‘more Anglo,'” CNN reported.

An appeals court rejected the Democrats’ challenge by citing the fact that leftists could provide no evidence Republicans in the Texas state legislature redrew districts with racial intent in mind.

“A panel of three judges on a district court conducted four days of hearings and held although the new state Senate map may ‘disproportionately affect minority voters’ in Tarrant County, and although the legislature may have given ‘pretextual reasons’ for its redistricting decisions, the challengers could point to no evidence indicating that the legislature’s ‘true intent was racial,'” CNN added.

Leftists appealed this decision to the Supreme Court.

However, the Justices dismissed this challenge and ended the case.

Former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder – who now runs the National Democratic Redistricting Committee – explained that this case was central to Democrats’ plans to win back the majority in 2024.

Holder explained that if Democrats could win this case, it would allow left-wing judges to impose favorable maps on Red states and put Democrats back in power in 2024.

“I certainly think that were we to win the majority of those cases [and keep the seats they currently hold], Democrats would be in control of the House of Representatives,” Holder stated. “I don’t think there’s any question about that.”

The National Democrat Redistricting Committee director of litigation and policy Marina Jenkins estimated this case could net the Democrats 13 seats in the House of Representatives.

With Republicans holding only a nine seat majority, that would be enough to allow Democrats to reclaim power.

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