The truth about the voter fraud in the Florida recount is beyond what anyone imagined

Immediately after the midterm elections, the Democrats flooded Florida with lawyers and staffers.

They only had one goal: steal the elections from the Republicans.

But someone just revealed the Democrats true plan and it’s worse than anyone could have imagined.

Matt Schlapp is the head of the American Conservative Union.

He’s also the husband of Mercedes Schlapp – a Trump White House official.

Schlapp revealed the Democrats’ real goal with the Florida recount is a dry run for 2020.

The Daily Caller reports:

Chairman of the American Conservative Union Matt Schlapp said the ongoing Florida recount is just a “trial run” for Democrats to help prepare for a close race against President Donald Trump in 2020.

“We’re going to spend a lot of time in court, we’re going to spend millions of dollars. We’re going to waste a lot of time. I believe at the end of this, Gov. Rick Scott will be a senator. Ron DeSantis will be the governor,” Schlapp said on “Fox & Friends” Wednesday. “But what the Democrats are trying to do here, this is a trial run to figure out what they do in 2020 when Donald Trump is on the ballot.”

“You watch. They are learning lessons so that they can do everything possible to stop him in 2020.”

Schlapp also said he’s concerned about the legitimacy of the recount process and claimed the counters involved have used unorthodox methods to get the job done.

The Democrats’ top lawyers will figure out what legal arguments work and which the court is likely to throw out.

More importantly, corrupt local officials will figure out how much voter fraud the country is willing to accept, and put those best practices into place for the Presidential election.

Much more than the Governorship of Florida and one Senate seat are at stake in these recounts.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. I agree with you on most of your points. I think most people just want a fair and honest election, on both sides. I really like the finger print idea for when you vote. How would this work for mail in ballots?

  2. ID’s can be forged, so this is only a first step. Voter confirmation must be validated by both sides watching each other for fraud at the polls and fraud must must must be swiftly prosecuted.

  3. Re National ‘Citizenship’ ID.
    0nly NEED 1 set of FP’s.
    > Retinal Scanning Effective.
    > Perk = Creating ‘new tech’ jobs
    for NEW Citizen ID’s./
    > Goal: Before 2020.
    > Problem: 0pposition ‘body politic’.

  4. They are NOT democrats anymore. The Democratic Party is now the new Amerikan Communist Party. LIBERALS ARE COMMUNISTS AND TERRORISTS AND ARE NOT AMERICANS. ALL should be eradicated from America.

  5. It is crazy that we have to put up with the corruption that is going on concerning the Democrat party and elections. They have lied, cheated their way back into the house of Congress. This is pure crap what they have done. They used illegal aliens, dead people and supervisors to fill blank ballots, this is country wide not just Florida. They are fighting in Florida to mask the other states they have done worse corruption and fraud in. It is like dangle the carrot over here to keep everyone from watching the rotten tomato doing all the harm over there. They have used the slight of hand trick so many times and gotten by with it, they believe their own lies. We need a National ID for voting, that has your finger print on it and a machine at each voting location, to prove you are who you claim, before you can vote. That way it eliminates felons, dead people and illegal aliens. The next thing is that both Democrat and republicans have to be in place to verify no filling of ballots take place. Then the Democrats and Republicans will have an equal chance, like before the Democrat party started using the voting place, as a place to create fraud in elections.

  6. Hi. A revote is Fl. expense problem. It will work when outsiders run the election. Teams will be set up in blocks of 4 with 1 from each main party, Lib, Rep, Ind and dem. . None will be Florida residents. There is a U.S. Rep race in fhis mess so that makes this everyones problem. They would also count the votes.

  7. Other ID is probably the only method of insuring fair elections. It is opposed by the democrats for only one reason. They want to be able the cheat the American people of honest elections. Voter fraud should have very long and hard penalties.

  8. Ditto to all suggestions made above for an honest election. I want to add more. First, start NOW and clean the rolls of all who rise from the dead every election cycle and vote. (Interestingly, they all seem to vote Democratic.) Flag or remove all non citizens from rolls. In other words, have a clean voter roll at each voting location. When the deadline time comes on election day, only the ones who are in line when the clock strikes the witching hour should be allowed to vote. I have been election clerk several times in my life, and I ran a tight ship. The rules were the same for ALL voters. I made myself knowledgeable of the rules and followed them to a “T”.

  9. The democrats have openly said they will lie, cheat and steal to shove their agenda down everyone else’s throats. How very democratic. I don’t know how anyone can trust them – here or around the world. Hell I don’t know how they can even trust each other.

  10. Florida should be the final wake up call for republicans and THE COUNTRY .Voter ID has to be dealt with like yesterday. 2 people 1 dem. AND 1 REPUB AT POLLING STATIONS and no vote without proper ID .DO IT AND START NOW GOP OR ELSE THE DEMS WILL KEEP CHEATING AS THEY HAVE IT DOWN TO A SCIENCE PRESENTLY.

  11. I have lived and been registered in WV as a non affiliated voter for 12 years, I have notified MD numerous times and the democrats still have me on the MD voter roles and I have not voted there in the last 12 years . How can I still be active? But it says I am. Next call will be to federal election authorities and FBI just to protect myself. People that think voter fraud is imaginary do live on other planets.

  12. Remember President Carter and his policy to go all over the world when countries were having elections, to “MONITOR” the proceedings? To make sure everything was on the up and up….How ironic is that?!!

  13. A very good ideal .In Arkansas we have to show your drivers license to vote .but adding a passport woul help even more

  14. Yes voter ID a must. All so all absentee ballots must turned in and counted by election day. That way there is NO questions about that part . And all other votes must be turned in by the next dayby 5:00 PM. If they fail to do so the federal government will take over the counting from there with all ballot counting

  15. If you do a re-vote, the Dems will be sure to win. Because it gives them the chance to stuff the ballot boxes with more voters. And it gives them a chance to make more phony ballots. And that is before they mix illegal ballots in with good ballots.

  16. In Florida, they weren’t all in a trunk of a car. Some of them were in a Ryder Truck. Voter fraud was perpetrated on Broward county citizens by the Supervisor of Elections there, Brenda Snipes.

  17. We already have a voter ID law in Florida. Broward’s Supv of Elections just doesn’t follow them. Or just about any other laws that would make for honest elections. Including withholding results so that the counts are lower for the true winner, Rick Scott.

  18. Missouri does a good job of absentee ballots. You have to be previously registered, and you have to show your passport if you are out of the country. And you have to notarize the “envelop” the ballot is in. It’s not perfect but it is pretty good.

  19. Each county should have two Supervisors of elections. This having demoncrats in charge of elections in most counties is bs. Like the fox guarding the henhouse. One Republican and one demoncrat for each county.

  20. I would say that this would cover all of the bases. I am all for PROOF of citizenship, why have early voting? That alone can cause problems. Stricter guidelines for absentee ballots.

  21. Voter ID should be for ALL US Citizens. It has nothing to do with race. Voter ID protects our votes so they can’t be disrupted like recent events in Florida. Voter ID and paper ballots. Eliminate machine voting because they can be manipulated.

  22. Possum layin’ IN the ‘middle’ of the Road
    Still playin’ DEAD. ps. opossum here IS
    An ‘insult’ to Real 0Possums.

  23. 0H – Sooo, Matt Schlapp revealed the Democrats’ real goal with the Florida recount is a dry run “TRIAL RUN” for 2020.<<<
    Just remember – there are N0 'secrets'.
    'they' TELL E'vry thing 'they' Are Going To Do.

  24. Picture Voter ID should now be demanded. Proof of Citizenship and another form of state picture ID required to obtain Voter ID. Eliminate early voting. Absentee ballot to be accompanied by copy of Voter ID and picture form of state ID where vote is being submitted and a sworn statement that this is the only vote being submitted. Perjury will result in mandatory prison sentence of five years and permanent loss of all voting rights.


  26. Illegals have no prints on file, all you need to do is require legal DL ID, I do not think finger printing everyone is the most infallible means by which to establish voter eligibility.

  27. Hey Posssum,
    What planet are you from. Voter fraud has been with us for a long period of time. The dems have it down to a science; just look around the Country at election time. One answer is the dead people voting. Another is that more people vote than there are on the voter rolls. Prime example is in Florida where voter fraud has run rapidly for years. Another example is the 22 million illegals voting that are not citizens; my observation is that many of these people were given driver licenses that allows them to register to vote. I think you should try new glasses, that are not tinted PINK!

  28. John of Patmos was already suffering from mental incapacity when he was exiled then you had toxic gasses from the marble mines and the hallucinogenic mushroom spores.

    Are you going to sit around and wait for the return of your savior?

  29. the GOP better come up with some voter ID laws between now and then. That should have been the first priority while they still ran the House now it will be a lot harder to get them passed, you can kiss Trump 2020 good bye if thats the case you know the Democrats are going o get away with anything they can it will be June 2020 till all the ballots are counted and we know whos president..

  30. so the woman who voted 8 times had a right to do so and the people who are voting from the grave are ok to do so and the people who are changing the ballets while they are kept secure from oversite can do so and steal the election. one poll worker saw the name of her dead husband had voted yet again! and we have people who lost the right to vote allowed to vote but yup no voter fraud can be found by the blind reporters and lying lawyers and criminal poll workers a part of this scheme.

  31. Any slick legal tactics used by the Demoncommieshariaideological party need to be counteracted with legal tactics of our own.

  32. Hi. In case you missed tbe memo… the Dems have control of the Federal law enforcement as well as the Courts. Therefore from here on out the Dems need mot worry about bdi g charged for crimes. If anyone tries they be convicted on those charges since they obviously are trying to deflect blame. With that ounce if truth vented, I must ask, “Who was the recently fired A.G. and what Dem was prosecuted under him?” Granted, until people start going to jail for the crimes they commit this criminal activity will continue. Which will come first, a Dem conviction of beneficial importance to the country such as Clinton or Snipes or Civil War II?


  34. I guarantee you if the Democrats did voter fraud in Florida They absolutely did Voter Fraud in all of the other States. I will bet on it!

  35. “loser”….Stacy Abrams……”loser”….Hillary CLinton……..Clinton, saying this race was not “fair”? { that’s because both lost…..fair & square }…..Hey!…..Slick Perverted Willie: Come & get your “loser” wife, & take her home, & lock her up! STACY…..GO TO THE DENTIST!

  36. Is there any justice in this insane country we call America? This country is disgusting, all from These Liberal scum called Democrats! They should be on death row for treason….at the mercy of Lucifer

  37. Would someone PLEASE educate the Dems that Voter ID is for Honesty and not what the minority is teaching to people of color?the Dems are saying Republicans want voter ID passed to keep only the white race voting? What a Forest and the Biggest Lie!!!

  38. Everyone has their own unique ID. It’s called a finger print, and that finger print can only be attached to one name across America. It cannot be used in another city or across state lines.
    Did you watch the latest Veritos video how they are admitting to fraud and paying people to vote multiple times. It’s getting worse, as they get more desperate.

  39. All this is a preparation for the next Presidential Election! The DemoRats will steal the White House if the election in Florida or Georgia is even close!

  40. And how much more fraud did they commit across the country. California blows me away. At our republican office every day there were Democrats coming in to register and wanting to vote Republican. Their reason was the democrats were killing California. And the Republicans got no seats? In what trunk are all those voting ballots? Major Fraud!!

  41. Do we have no laws that prevent these kind of things what is wrong with us as a country that would allow such dishonesty. This tells me we are in trouble because we have a government that has no laws or a system or honesty. Heaven help us we have become a country of stupid people letting everything go to hell!

  42. Please send as much money as possible! The Demoncrats who counted the ballots in Florida need it for bail money and attorney’s fees!

  43. Andrew Gillum and his radical agenda lost in Florida This is the biggest victory for the Republicans and the biggest lost for the Democrats

  44. Get rid of Brenda Snipes now before she does more damage. There has to be someone in the State government who can get rid of her and her Palm Beach buddy. I have never seen such an untrusting election in my life.

  45. Brenda Snipes is a corrupt democratic elected official in a corrupt democratic county, and she is delivering the results that the democrats who elected her expect her to produce.
    Al Gore exhausted the hanging chad gambit back in 2000. So dems are going with the tried and true gig of finding the bags of magical mystery locked in the closet ballots when the races get close and threaten the loss of democratic control. This is more efficient than the mysterious white vans showing up with bags of unverified ballots in the middle of the night. Brenda steps up and delivers. She is a valued member of the democratic party, and the dems will continue to support her to the end.
    The dems coerced Jeb Bush into appointing Brenda, and they have kept her elected ever since. Brenda isn’t going anywhere, and the dems are not going to let anyone change that. Not without a BIG fight.
    Expect to see more of these election shenanigans in coming elections, especially in the 2020 races. The dems can’t rig every state into democratic fiefdoms like they have in California, but they can and do manipulate key voting precincts in many other states, like Florida, to produce election results that are more to their liking.

  46. M are you there. I found a fake M on another post. Knew it right away. Zee watch and you will see a fake Zee somewhere. They are blocking your posts.

  47. This is to much!
    1: re-vote across the entire State!!!
    2: start investigations for prosecution of all suspected persons engaged in this election cycle, especially Snipes herself. She’s the Supervisor thus responsible for it all. If you have to pardon everyone to nail her, great! Just do it!
    3: let a jury decide guilty or not guilty.
    4: Let the political seats remain filled as they were before the election until this is sorted out.

  48. Put teeth in the laws. Anyone caught commuting voter fraud should serve a mandatory sentence of 35 years I prison. Democrat or republican. But most of the convicts would be dems.

  49. Political parties play this game every election. If laws and rules are not followed…ANYONE CAN STEAL AN ELECTION. NEVER CREATE 4 TIMES THE NECESSARY NUMBER OF BALLOTS TO COVER REGISTERED VOTERS!!

  50. If ballots that are incorrect are counted…what proof do you have a person did not vote twice? One incorrect and one corrected.

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