The U.S. military is preparing to do the one thing that will stop the caravan dead in its tracks

The migrant caravan invasion represents a clear national security threat to the United States.

Donald Trump is pulling out all the stops to build the wall and break the Democrats’ obstruction.

But things just took a serious turn when the U.S. military prepared to do the one thing that will stop the caravan dead in its tracks.

If Democrats do not provide votes to fund the border wall, President Trump has one more card to play.

He can use the 1976 National Emergencies Act to direct the military to construct the wall because stopping illegal immigration represents a serious national security threat.

And while Trump is still weighing giving that order, the Pentagon is preparing for the President to do so.

Breitbart reports:

While no order has been given, the Pentagon has been making plans just in case such an order comes down, the official said on Monday.

The idea of declaring a national emergency to have the military build the wall has been considered since fall, the official revealed.

Some money could come from unobligated funds for military construction projects in 2019, the official said. “Unobligated” means that the funds have been authorized for a certain purpose, but for whatever reason, have not yet been used.

The Army Corps of Engineers would likely be in charge of overseeing the construction.

The organization would not build the wall itself, but would subcontract the project out, and then inspect it to make sure it meets specification and Defense Department standards.

Trump stated he would rather reach a deal with Congress than use emergency powers to build the wall.

The law clearly allows him to do so.

And there are very strong arguments that the Supreme Court would ultimately uphold his decision.

The media expects Trump to fold in this battle.

But instead, he is preparing to use every tool at his disposal to build the wall.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Your right June Burgess! Schumer and Pelosi HUNG THEMSELVES in the OVAL OFFICE during their combined effort to debunk the President’s WALL of PROTECTION. Their mindset was plainly seen by all America …rejection of all things TRUMP, which have proven to be nothing less than excellent for America!

  2. Build THE WALL Mr. President. Don’t cave to fake news….Use ALL of the resources we VOTED YOU IN to have and use for we Americans. DO YOUR JOB NOW .. PROTECT AND DEFEND! It’s what you PROMISED US YOU WOULD ALWAYS DO! We believed YOU, we STILL believe YOU, we support YOU, and WE THE PEOPLE will VOTE FOR YOU AGAIN in 2020 for keeping ALL of your campaign PROMISES!!!!! MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!!!!!

  3. I was a staunch democrat for most of my life. Over the years, they no longer care for the American people, but their foremost work is only for their individual benefit. And many have become very wealthy. I am no longer a registered democrat. And I’m sure many more Americans will probably leave the democrats, because of the hatred and disrespect of our Presidential Office shown by Waters, Schumer, Pelosi and others. It is a privilege to live in America. And it is the best place to live. These people are passing up the opportunity of their life time, when they could set their name down in history, by working together and accomplishing what the American people voted for.

  4. Our government’s FIRST AND FOREMOST DUTY AND RESPONSIBILITY is the protection
    of our nation and citizens. The people who support, aid and abet this invasion
    are traitors to our nation. Many have taken an oath to PROTECT AND DEFEND
    our Constitution and that includes our BILL OF RIGHTS.
    Those who have violated their oath should have their citizenship (if they have one)
    revoked and be expelled from the USA and never be allowed to return EVEN TEMPORARILY!

  5. Somebody must be paying the way for the illegal immigrants to apply for entry into America. I’ve heard it is George Soros. Who is it?

  6. American Voters: Miles of comments that we and the Demonrats all understand. The only ting that matters to the Demonrats is allowing enough rats to come on board and sink the ship so that a select group of Demonrats can take complete control of the country and shape and mold it into a system over which the population has no say!!!

    All the good reason for a Wall and stopping the mass invasion of America matters only to Trump and his supporters.

    Very simple thing to understand but the fight to prevent the Demonrats from winning is what this is all about!!


  7. Anyone know how much an illegal immigrant costs?
    How much do we taxpayers pay per day for:
    Three meals a day
    How many Zika babies will be born in the US.
    How many diseases do they have
    Let a Democrat itemize these things and
    Then tell us we don’t need a wall. These people get more than
    Poor Americans. Makes one think about breaking
    A law..the only other place you can get this care is prison.

  8. Marie, I totally agree with you. Build the wall 30 feet high and then if they still try to scale it, electrify it! I also like the idea of putting the illegal immigrants to work building the wall. It would keep them off the streets and out of jail. Just make sure they are on the southern side when it is finished,

    • Where the water cannons?? When they approach our border and touch our fench, squirt them with high pressure water cannons. They are used all over the world to quell this kind of nonsense…

      • Bring them on! Water cannons are too nice for illegal invaders.
        Come in legally like thousands others have or be shot! It would only take a few…
        Not against legal migration only the illegal dirty rats getting through either by wall or any border!

        • How about that stuff called “Israeli Skunk Spray”. It’s what they use over in Israel when things get out of hand there. It’s supposed to smell HORRIBLE, and hard to get washed off.

      • Make sure the wall is electrified when you use the water cannons on these FN ILLEGALS when they try to go over the wall they get electricuted, FN POS ILLEGALS, The only good ILLEGAL is a DEAD ILLEGAL..

  9. mr trump the greatest president this country has ever had, look back at the last piece of crap we got stuck with an illegal president and his janitor buddy, onlt thing he ever did was keep his head up his as_.BUILD THAT WALL NOW.

    • AGREED! People! Do,WE,’wish’, to ‘Retain, AMERICA? THIS, one, ‘Is TOTALLY, up to, WE, THE PEOPLE! Do, WE, ‘wish to ‘Secure Our Borders’-or ‘let them ALL, in? THOSE, in ‘CONGRESS, seem, to allow, ALL, the “Illegal’s, into, OUR COUNTRY-hoping that, those ‘Illegal’s, will vote Dem! WHEN, ‘VOTE’S, & ‘ Power’, come into ‘Play’-America,-“Lose’s! DAMN IT! THIS, IS, “OUR COUNTRY”! THIS, CANNOT, BE ‘ALLOWED’, TO BE A DAMNED, ‘PING-PONG’ ‘GAME! THIS, IS ‘NOT’, ABOUT ‘POLITICS’-NOW-THIS IS ABOUT, OUR COUNTRY’S SAFETY! GET OVER YOURSELVES, DEM.’S-THIS IS NOT ABOUT TRUMP-THIS IS AMERICA!

  10. One of my co-workers is a liberal that wanted the wall to be built now. Good for her. I know another co-worker who is American Hispanic that wanted the wall, too. Dang. The Dem Party don’t speak for every liberal.

    Build the wall now! I said now! It is much cheaper than all the free loader federal programs!


  11. Build the wall 30 feet high and if these stupid illegals still want to climb the wall, then electrify it. And that’s that.

    • We should hire the Illegal Immigrants to build the wall, and grant citizenship to those who work on it. Labor would be cheaper, and the President can then claim that, yep Mexico built the wall.

  12. WE as citizens have the right to expect protection from are government. we need the wall to protect us from this invasion. build the wall no matter what it takes

    • They love criminals because criminals vote for them with promises to get handouts–they favor “inmates running the prison”. Currently thugs south of the border are attempting to run America and liberals are helping them do it. Liberals are not for stopping the breaking and entering.

  13. A all volunteer sniper squad made up of citizens that have had enough would work too. I for one would gladly volunteer.

    • Congress dems should have a big fat target on there chest!! There ruining america!! This is our country not theres! I’m in!!

    • Democraps cant stop guns without a blood bath so there trying to slow down ammo and make it twice as hard to get which will only jack the price up! EPA is stock piling ammo! What you think there doing! Same old game! Buy and stock pile, make a shortage and hard to get and prices go sky high!! Now background checks and more bullshit to buy ammo!! Dems are nuts!! People will need more now to protect themselves thanks to sanctuary citys and dems!!

    But before you do have Schummer and Pelosi spend a night camped out there in the dirt on the border. So they can see first hand the danger we are facing. Lets see how Nancy handles the rapists & murders. Two years ago they both wanted the immigration stopped too. Now they are so overwhelmed with anger against the current duly elected President that they cannot remember their last promises or the true meaning of IMMORAL! Pelosi is using it as a spark word to start a fire with. They only want to argue and fight with Trump. They do not care about the welfare of the US citizens.
    Now they are inviting the illegals in to place their votes for them! Nancy should get ready to open her huge yard to as many illegal homeless immigrants as it can hold. Integrate into her neighborhood. And Schummer’s too. That should be OK right? After all they will get their votes. Which are also illegal in most states. If they could not vote then what would they do with the overload of sick illiterate desperate people.

    • That’s the next step to declare emergency and use army core, wont build it but will supervise and inspect it for specs,,! I say put those prisoners to work and save labor costs! Military is there to watch them!

    • I agree Danny! Were you one yourself? Let’s get those dozers dozing and erect steel like Trump did in downtown Manhattan for years and years…

    • The Air Force can provide the supplies, when needed. I was in Base Supply……Supply Sgt. Just bring the “proper paperwork”. Remember that one? Naw, just let us bring the supplies, and ole Supply Sgt will get them to ya!!

  15. Why not get started with military construction units? They could be augmented with contractors hired by the Corps of Engineers. And as for those Dem/Left wall nay-sayers, one worked great for East Berlin for nearly 30 years — nobody from West Berlin broke into the Workers’ Paradise.

    • G what a great move maybe using army Comsat engineers the navy Seabees the The Marine Corps to engineering to Help build the wall and Make a military training Exercise and the Democrats could stick that in your pipe and smoke it

  16. For all those Democrats/Republicans who will not fund border security and include the Barrier/Wall you are a disgrace and traitor to the American Citizen. Several times both Democrats/Republicans voted for border security and barrier but never followed through and now they are against protecting Americans. President Trump do whatever is necessary to secure our border and to protect citizens.

    • They do not seem to be concerned with protecting our American citizens as padding their own pocket books & stroking their own pride(?) by pushing unnecessary laws for them to control us by. We need the Border Wall! Send Schummer and Pelosi to the real border overnight! Then lets see what they will be saying. In the past they both were for the wall, only after Trump promised it did they object to it. They just do not want our President to do his job! They are obstructing justice. They both should be in jail!
      Instead they are living in multi-millon dollar homes scattered around the world. With fences, walls, gates and guards protecting them from us.


  18. We in this nation need the support of the people so our elected President can in any way be able to build the wall needed for our country to be safer from those wishing to come in regardless of what laws are broken. If he needs to have the melitary be in charge of the building do it. It the people canb not see past their noses at the reason and need for the US to have a means of stopping or at lesat making a hugh dent in thos coming across our border, the just step aside, we are in danger with just elected officials doing a great injustice to our country by standing against our needed additional protection from drugs, illegals and those meaning harm to the nation. I am all for whatever it takes but now not when everyone if so stressed and broke from the shutdown. Do build the needed wall for to give this nation a chance to keep out illegals and make them do their deal in a legal way. This move will stop the unworking dems thanks to Nancy refusing to see the danger she is putting our country in. BUILD THE WALL anywhere it will help stop the intraveling of illegals.

    If even with the Army Core of Engineers overseeing local contractors doing the job. Let’s do this! One way or the other. But then we need to put out all of those who felt the wall was immoral!
    I would much rather pay once for a wall then to pay forever taking care of thousands of illiterate, sick, and dependent foreign violent persons breaking down our border!
    Hey what happened to the Go Fund me Page for the wall?

    • Linda,,the democraps are trying to stop it and claim any donations, have to go to general use, people can’t tell government how to use it!! More in likely have to be returned! Another reason dems need to be stopped! People want it, they donated for it! Should be used for it!! Over18 million on last count! He also sells military grade dark roast coffee a d alot of proceeds go to wounded veterans fund!

      • With the shut down of the Go Fund Me site, this shows us that the powers that think they are over the people are working to KEEP US IN LINE ????? sure lookds like it. Come on people tell Trump to build the wall. NOW please!!!

        • Page is still up and working. Just under $7000 short of $20 Million in donations. And as proven by the donations to repair the Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island for the Bicentennial and the Washington Monument recently, Pelosi and company are wrong. As usual.

    • Brian kolfage is his name!dems had Facebook shut his accounts down and he lost 315,000 in advertising that they encouraged him to open! He was told to sue them! He needs everyone’s help and is a triple amputee lost in Iraq war!

    • Another quick question…
      IF so much of the border is private property where do the landowners stand on the issue. They could accept private moneys for a specific cause of building a wall to protect their property too. You would think they would be for the wall wouldn’t you? But perhaps they appreciate the illegal manpower?

      • They would go for building a wall privatly on there property, but if next door its wide open to walk through,what good would it do? Property owners been watching all kinds of trash walk thru from camel jockeys to mexicans! Find them around there houses and every where else,some dead,, Theres places they just walk through from lack of getting it done before with past useless presidents even though money was approved by Democrats for it!! If it keeps going you know whats gonna happen!! People will take it in there own hands and start target practicing!!

        • 700 miles cant be all watched all the time no matter what you do! The wall is definitely needed in every way possible!! The stupid democraps need it beat into there thick skulls, there creating problems for all of America and to dumb to see it!! Anybody who votes democraps in any branch of office should have there ass beat!

  20. Our American Bill Of Rights Constitutional REPUBLIC is at risk and if we Constitutionalists do not band together and act our USA as founded will cease to exist.

    • did you all not learn anything that trump is intentionally blowing things out of proportion in order to justify things so people will believe what he is doing is right and if he does this i hope they bring him down for abuse of power because they gave him an answer so far and he would intentionally declare a state of emergency knowing that there isn’t in order to do what he was told no to so he should be charged with abuse of power, and that part of the law i think you’ll find out was not intended to defy the government in order to complete a campaign promise that the house has denied funds for because you are holding the government hostage by refusing to reopen it til you get your way

      • Have you NOT seen all the historical tapes of Chucky, Pucker Mouth Pelosi, Clinton, Obummer amoung others who supported a wall be built and stopping illegals from “sneaking” into USA. There are ways to enter this country…legally!

      • The information the President gave during thee talk was entirely fact that dims refuse to listen to. Homeland Secretary Nielson tried to give the info to dims in the White House meeting but they kept interrupting her, refusing to take what she was saying seriously. They refuse to listen to the truth. You can’t reason with people who only listen to what they agree with. The President has not and will not take any steps that will not result in abuse of power. Congress ceded the power to declare a state of emergency in 1976 and their action remains in effect today. All the ranting and raving, pulling hair out, having temper tantrums will not change that fact and the dims know that!!

      • You have to be as dumb as Pelosi and Schumer. They have voted for the wall before and only because Trump is Pres. they want to oppose anything that he is doing to help our country. He has done more than any Pres, thus far in the short time he has been in office. You poor losers just can’t handle the loss in 2016. Grow up and become an American. Praise God for Trump. He is exactly what we need to drain the swamp.

      • He’s the Commander in chief, what part dont you get? He will get it done! He’s already got the dems beat! We the people will prevail!

      • Simple solution, buy the construction materials,check to see what the wall will be made of and buy them. Hire a company to over see what is built and make sure the proper permits are in force and surveys done. The last can be obtained from local government offices. Ask for volunteers to help build the wall. The company will be the overseer so will be cheaper. Also the building company can pull the permits.

      • Hey Phantom, you must be pretty uninformed if you think the facts aren’t true. DHS and border patrol all say Trump has the facts true. Fact checker confirms the figures, yet you would rather believe the fascist twins Schmucky and Dementia P ? Those at the border know more than them and obviously more than you.

  21. There’s a paradox taking place, the republic is reviving, while the forces of Satan that hate the republic and will run the world after the rapture are becoming ingrained. The one will prevail against the gates of hell, until it disappears and the other will be unleashed on the world when the restraining power of the holy Spirit is taken out of the way. An amazing time to be alive and watch biblical prophecy unfold right before our eyes.

  22. Hey Betty!! Can you read? How many times you been warned to get off our site?? Go find yourself a leftist site you pig!! Your right up Pelosi and Hillarys ass!! Nobody needs you! Can you compete with your own kind? You have the mentality of a street punk!!

  23. There is great opportunity to secure the needs ands wishes of the citizens of this free country called security and peace of mind from criminals and degenerates wishing to ply their self interest trades on us. Yes we welcome people with skills and trades to enrich the way of life in America. By having a wall this will give a better control of LEGAL imigration and entry for those who genuinely seek a better way of life for themselves and honestly want to contribute to society. Build the wall make it tall and strong like the immigrants of our ancestors who built this free country.

    • Who do you know? Not have heard one person here think a wall is a good idea. Just another project Trump could put his name on. Ask the people who enrolled in Trump University, or any of his failed projects. Let me remind you all, that a wall is useless and a waste of time, effort and money. Ask Capo, a mile long tunnel with electricity and a ride to escape a Maximum security prison and he got out. Trump: stop the demand that Americans have for drugs and you stop the sales here.

      • Louie, how do you know that the wall is useless and a waste of time, effort and money? If you would get you head out of Nancy’s or Chuck’s ASS, you would see the real problem at the boarder, go down there yourself to the Boarder and live there awhile – see if you like it – take Nancy and Chuck with you…. – it’s rally Dangerous there.

      • @ Louie;
        “Who do you know? Not have heard one person here think a wall is a good idea”

        Did you really just say that? Are you that blind or just to big of an idiot to see all of the pro wall comments on here & other sites as well. Or maybe you can’t read? I’m thinking that you are more of an idiot with comments like that & this one as well:
        “Trump: stop the demand that Americans have for drugs and you stop the sales here.”

        I’m glad that you have such an easy remedy for all the drugs entering this great country… It never fails to astonish me how brainwashed the leftist are to what is really going on. I pray that you grow a brain one day Louie.

  24. Do it President Trump any way ” YOU ” want to in order to get that Wall Built. Remember that other Caravan from South American Honduras is almost ready to travel to our Southern Border, just like tis last Caravan, except it is supposed to have about 15,000 Illegal Immigrants, which is a lot more than this last one. One way to stop this large group would be to add 30 and 50 Caliber Machine Guns ever so often, with Orders to shoot to kill. Some of these Immigrants are probably of Military Age, but if they won’t fight to save their own Country, they will be afraid to try to overrun ” Locked and Loaded Machine Guns.

  25. We are ready Mr.President and hope to see all the waiting on the DEMS to go away and the build to begin. Once we all see the wall and the defeated attitudes of the DEMS you will have sold us on how proud we are for making you our President. All the ways you have pointed out that you can get this done are fine I’m sure with all your voters in 2016. We are in need of seeing if the DEMS will calm down as they can not do anything about it. You are a very smart man to look at all the avenues where you can accomplish this task. Good Luck and may God bless you and all those who will work on the border wall.

  26. Build the wall/barrier by whatever means necessary. The democrats refused to built it when they had the money and used it elsewhere. We need our border secure.

  27. Build the dam wall, use the drug money that was confiscated or is it that the Dems are getting a kick back from the drug cartel?

    • Yes Check out how Chuck Norris feels we should pay for it
      And why not? elChapo’s bank accounts will have more than enough to build the wall! One and only time to use truly DIRTY MONEY toward good!

  28. Make it out of American steel that gives work for our steel mills plus think how hot it will be to touch in the southern sun all day then top it with some electric wire

    • No electric wires, just use tempered steel and put a point on the top that is ground to a sharp edge. Those little cockroaches won’t sit on that and give us/US the finger. Close the border down and let only those who have United States Pass Ports come in.

  29. Of course, d. trump is pulling out all the stops to get his own Selfish, Stupid, Stinking, Sick Minded Way. That’s all that matters to BULLIES like him, regardless of whom he hurts in the process. Somebody should stop mr. White House WORTHLESS WORM in his Insane path of destruction.

    • Wow, I can’t believe you got all your hate out in just one post. With that much anger, I doubt you can be objective about anything or anybody with whom you disagree.

    • Screw you Betty. You’re an idiot and should resume your meds very soon before your condition becomes permanent, ……. OOPS! Too late.

    • Take a seat. Remember you lost. As President Obama once said after his win,”you lost, get on the back of the bus”.We tolerated for 8 years, now it’s your turn.

    • Betty what anger and animosity you have! Who exactly had President Trump actually hurt not including someone’s feelings ? Hmmm !! Thought so

    • “We simply cannot permit people to pour into the U.S. undocumented” – Barack Obama
      “People who enter the U.S. without our permission are illegal aliens.” – Chuckie Schumer
      ““We have to send a clear message. Just because your child gets across the border doesn’t mean the child gets to stay.” – Hillary Clinton
      How do you propose to stop them, Betty?

    • I think if you “really” look at all the Good President Trump has done, you would see that what he is doing does not just benefit him but you and all the American people and this country. He is a billionaire, he didn’t need this job but the American people and the country needed him. People like you are so full of hatred you can’t see the good from the bad. Maybe you can tell us why you hate President Trump so bad, I have never heard anything sensible that would cause anyone to hate someone the way you apparently do. Please tell us why? I would really like to know.

      • Me too! He did not lie about his heritage as several others have. He did not rape against their will many, many woman just to have his wife threaten them and have their cat killed. He did not have sex at the Oval Office desk. He did not trade secrets or arms or drugs as the other two supposedly have.
        So they have tried everything they can to drag up something from his past to use against him. If they expose his taxes than they better be prepared to publicize Obamas and the Clintons and their own. If they are receiving their income from the American Public (tax dollars) then they should have their records audited too. Lets all be accountable for. Pelosi probably would not want her records exposed. Or Waters? Where has she hidden away at? Typical. Big mouth when she is hiding her own indiscretions.
        Donald’s indiscretion with Stormy and the other professional prostitutes was a professional hiring someone to do their job situation. Not illegal. Only issue should be between him and Melania.His building a tower in Russia. Again not illegal, or immoral. Just Business. That is what he does, builds towers. So why the deep bloody hatred? I did not want either of the past two presidents. Both were major liars and degenerates but you did not see me attacking them in restaurants or send mail bombs! And what about the border!? Trump is trying to protect our Nation and he is so right about the threat. What does Schummer and Pelosi know that the men and woman on the border doing their jobs, sacrificing their lives don’t know. The border is immoral?
        Who is Pelosi to say anything is immoral? She is immoral for holding back on the Border Wall. Immoral is throwing children over the fence onto the hard ground in hope to break through our border. Using children as shields. Dragging little girls though the entire trek (that the Demos created) knowing they would be raped along the way. THAT’S IMMORAL! That needs to be stopped. A Wall will do that!
        No Trump does not deserve the chaos that the Demos have brought on unnecessarily. What a waste of precious time! And how embarrassing for our country worldwide. Other countries are dealing with similar situations, many due to their open borders! Can we not all just work together to a better future for all of us Americans? Is that not what these Congressmen and woman were elected to do? Not bickering and plotting against each other.
        Our government officials arguing among themselves. Taking sides regardless and fowl language and the ANGER!

    • I think if you “really” look at all the Good President Trump has done, you would see that what he is doing does not just benefit him but you and all the American people and this country. He is a billionaire, he didn’t need this job but the American people and the country needed him. People like you are so full of hatred you can’t see the good from the bad. Maybe you can tell us why you hate President Trump so bad, I have never heard anything sensible that would cause anyone to hate someone the way you apparently do. Please tell us why? I would really like to know.

    • Right on, Betty! Dick, dick, dick. Get your head out of kindergarden fantasy fox no where near news and realize We the people don’t wat you spend 5.7 billion dollars on a wall. Spend it in school, housing, hospitals, roads, and 100 other worthy causes. Hello not rocket science.

      • How much will it cost us if we allow unfettered entry into our country by illegal immigrants??.These are undocumented immigrants who have nothing of value to offer, they even bring very bad diseases with them..tge C DC has warned about allowing these people in….so Louie are you okay with them giving your children deadly diseases..and getting untold amount of free housing, food healthcare that not even out veterans that what you desire, Louie..

    • @Betty , You are a great example of a Deranged , Delusional Anti American Disease Brained Liberal Lefty Lunatic filled with Anger and Hate , What a Vile Capricious Malignant Creature You are

    • You have to be as dumb as you sound. You leftists are more like communists than Democrats. A lot of the Democrats want the wall just like Schumer did a few years ago. You people should pack it up and leave this great country. Thank God for Trump.

    • Betty: Seems like you are related to SHUMER and Pelosi! You are so full of HATE that your heart must be solid BLACK. How DARE you try to join True AMERICANS! We all know that your IDOLS have WALLS surrounding THEIR HOMES! What would they do if they were told to BULLDOZE every one of them and dump it the TRASH? Better yet, BULLDOZE them while they are fast asleep!!!

      • BETTY: FYI: Obama Shutdown the Government in 2013 16 DAYS
        B.Clinton 1995-96 21 DAYS
        B.Clinton 1995 6 DAYS
        G.W.H.W.B 1990 3
        R. REAGAN 1983 3
        R. REAGAN 1982 3
        J. Carter 1979 11
        J. Carter 1978 17

        Now: Let’s hear it from the CHEERLEADERS!

        J. Carter 1977 8
        J. Carter 1977 8
        J.Carter 1977 12
        G.Ford 1976 10


    • I am behind potus to build the wall. I cannot get Kate Stienle out of my mind. Her last words after being shot were to her father. “Help me dad”.

    • Harold. This is not a Race. The only winners here should be the American people. You can’t think of other uses here in the USA for 5.7 billion dollars? We could start with education. That might help with the dumb asses that think a wall is worth the money rather than invest it in America. I have got the solution, double tax the Anericans who want a wall and get the money there. If you raise $15 dollars I’d be surprised.

    • Do not go to the Pentagon for funds this is what Liberals want and this would allow them to say to their base we don’t have our finger prints this

  31. The Democrats want the President to stop the shutdown and then work on funding the wall. Why should he? They have already declared numerous times they are not going to vote for the wall so they just want the President to do what they want, then they will fight tooth and nail to stop the wall. They are not going to work with the President or the Republicans to pass anything. They have shown numerous times they do not care about the people or the country, only their power.

  32. I will guarantee you ,that If you go to any country around the world ,you will be turned away until you meet their requirements. so what is the big fuss about turning awaw unauthorized persons to be detained and turned away . these are not citizens of this country. we have enough problems here ,lack of funds for needy people here , I have to agree with trump ,we don’t need more trouble. we have enough here.

    • I’ve made mention before that MR TRUMP has many “trick cards” up his sleeve and now I’m convinced. YOU GO MR PRESIDENT ! ????????☺????

    • Then the democrats will do to them what they’re trying to do to the United States citizens. Wake-up illegals you are being used for their pockets and purpose!!!

  33. I agree with all the previous comments. Invasion of our country is an act of war. Build the wall, build it tall! Maybe we could hire the company that built the wall around Nancy’s house. How could she object to that?

    • I agree!! The wall is a must…especially that another caravan is in the making. (Soros is back to his evil meddling again!) How much can this country handle?? That is exactly what the Dems want to do to this nation…break its back and point the blame at Trump. They certainly are not patriots!!

    • What a great idea to use the same company. I bet no body would be able to cross that wall and then use the same security company to protect the United States citizens that protect her and her family.


    • Tax every transfer of money leaving this country by western un
      Western Union and all companies that do so.
      Build Build Build

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