The U.S. military just smacked Nancy Pelosi with her worst nightmare

This was the day Nancy Pelosi was dreading.

As Speaker of the House, Pelosi leads the “resistance” to Donald Trump.

But then the U.S. military smacked Pelosi with her worst nightmare.

The Pentagon sent an email that caused Donald Trump’s enemies to recoil.

Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan announced the Defense Department awarded the first two contracts to build portions of Donald Trump’s border wall.

Breitbart reports:

The announcement said one contract went to SLSCO Ltd. in Galveston, Texas. The company was awarded a $789,000,000 firm-fixed-price contract for border replacement wall construction.

“Work will be performed in Santa Teresa, New Mexico, with an estimated completion date of Oct. 1, 2020,” the announcement said.

The second contract went to Barnard Construction Co. Inc., based in Bozeman, Montana. The company was awarded an $187,000,000 firm-fixed-price contract for design-bid-build construction project for primary pedestrian wall replacement.

“Work will be performed in Yuma, Arizona, with an estimated completion date of Sept. 30, 2020,” it said.

The listed dates of completion are what terrified Pelosi and other Democrats.

This email stated the Defense Department would complete construction of these sections of the wall by October 1, 2020.

That is right in the heat of the Presidential election.

The last thing Democrats want is President Trump taking a victory lap on his biggest issue complete with a high-profile photo op just weeks before voters head to the polls.

Democrats want to portray Trump as a failure on his signature issue.

But this email sent out a warning that not only will Trump be able to claim victory on the signature promise of his campaign, but he will have the physical and photographic evidence to do so.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Well thought out answer with so much insight that comes with age.Hopefully one day she will see things the ways they are and not what is thrown at her.

  2. Obama turned the country and its eventual demise over to Russia right after he took office!

  3. Your are the idiot! JFK Signed the use of Agent Orange in Southeast Asia killing 300-thousand veterans have died, so far and probably more than the government is willing to admit. Disabling and shortening the lifespan of a 100,000 more. This Agent Orange debilitating disease gave each of my six children a disability not found in any of their cousins. That war was brought about by Johnson and his cronies to make themselves rich from the war!

  4. And we can also hear Trump say abortion should be a womans choice. Big deal. He is wishy washy like all of them

  5. Like Trump has the military on his side. You all say the military support him . Makes sense. He sure seems like Hitler

  6. Back to childish name calling. Gee it gets old. You are the party of name calling. You think murder is ok unless it’s an unborn unwanted fetus. Hypocrite

  7. Back to childish name calling. Gee it gets old. You are the party of name calling. You think murder is ok unless it’s an unborn unwanted fetus. Hypocrite

  8. Harry Truman was in combat in France in 1917, was in the Army Reserves for decades, FDR was Secretary of Navy, and tried to enlist and was denied. Republicans Hoover, Coolidge, and Harding, three Republican Presidents in a row not only did no service, but Harding’s Presidency was almost as corrupt as Trump’s and Hoover was responsible for the Great Depression which George Bush almost brought is into until Obama straightened out the problems,

  9. Mysty there are so many mistakes and conspiracy errors, and racist, ignorant and so much grammatical stupidity, you need to stay away from these sites until at least you finish sixth grade.

  10. Funny, who do you consider communist. Dems think Republicans are, republicans think dems are.

  11. Sounds great but the only way it happens is if people go out and vote. It goes like this, that movie we wanted to see is on tonight, he is going to win anyway or you told me you would take me out for supper this week, I want to go tonight. A lot of excuses and the dems win just because they want the free chit they were promised. GET OUT AND VOTE WHEN THE DAY COMES !

  12. As good as it sounds it looks like it’s back to the courts again with an Obama judge saying it can’t be done.

  13. As a veteran, I support our current POTUS and would bet that if you took an honest poll of our military you will find a majority supports him as well.
    I was in active duty for over 10 years and now wished that I would have stayed in to retire. The pay was never my main reason for joining but 2% is better than none. If you let the Demonrats have their way you will see defense cuts, not increases and your constitutional rights will also go away. I for one will vote all Republican and my hope is we replace all of these liberal Demonrats. Mr. President please keep draining the swamp and get rid of these corrupt politicians.

  14. They were going to send all those illegals to Florida for processing but discovered in Florida, you have to present a valid id to vote. All of a sudden, the illegals were sent to San Diego. Go figure.

  15. Your personal doctor does not make the decision. Your are checked out by a military doctor and everyone who has ever joined the military knows this. You commies are so funny the way you make stuff up. LOL

  16. So does the majority of citizens….just look at Trump’s rallies verses any of the liberal rallies…lol….see I can lie too…

  17. MYSTY…His answer will be …”you are a RACIST”…..or “you are a SEXIST”….you know the ONLY response to an argument that they have NO response for…

  18. Hey all you wonderful military guys, my wonderful military man of 45 years passed 3 & 1/2 years ago. I hope some of you live near me and will protect me from the really bad guys that come. Thank ALL of you for your service in your various branches, and thank you for your dedication even after retirement. My guy was Air Force.

  19. Never have been able to trust them, Vocal Patriot. They are a vile bunch. Power, control & money are their gods.

  20. Tammy, I’m curious. How old are you? You sound about 12. Surely you’re not old enough to vote. Me… I’m 72. I’ve followed every president from Dwight David Eisenhower. I can tell you which ones should have never been elected & which were ok… Some needed killin’ & some needed a good paddling. I didn’t like Reagan for awhile but then I saw how tough he could be. I saw some good decisions on his part. But of course no man/president is perfect. Not even PRESIDENT TRUMP, but he is doing his very best for this entire country & I, along with billions of other people, really, really like him. Sorry that you don’t but, being so young it’s understandable, you just don’t understand politics. Give him a chance. Read & listen to other media than cnn, nbc, cbs, etc.

  21. You are RIGHT, Earl. The dems DO want this country to end as it is right now…a Constitution Republic. That way they can rebuild it using the backs of their slaves…the U.S. Citizens…to raise it up as the NEW WORLD ORDER. Where they have miscalculated in that they think THEY will then be in CHARGE of the WORLD. THEY WILL SIT ON THE TOP OF THE TRIBUNAL TO CONTROL THE WORLD. But they seem to have forgotten there are some pretty radical dictators out there; oh, like putin, kim, castro, every country that supports terrorists…which there are MANY. And EVERY ONE OF THEM PLAN ON THEM BEING THE NEW LEADER OF THE WORLD. Do you think our dems are going to come out the victors? They HATE OUR MILITARY. They have not given then the firepower, safety gear, & protection they need. BUT TRUMP HAS. Who do you think they support???

  22. Oh good heavens joe, how silly you are. Are you REALLY so naive to think that hill & billy are the ONLY 2 cowardly democrats who went to Canada to get out of the draft for’Nam??? And by the way… PRESIDENT TRUMP did NOT dodge the draft…he was medically deferred. He did NOT leave the country OR give up his birthright citizenship. obummer NEVER had birthright citizenship. He was born in Kenya. By his very own words. I saw him, I heard his words. He was talking to a group of black people. He was actually bragging how he was the only foreign-born president ever.
    So, Joe, you have a few questions to answer…WILL YOU???

  23. Bahahaha, by a doctor renting from his father. There are no exrays or even records. The Trump boasted about his athleticism until he was drafted. Suddenly he had crippling bone spurs.

  24. Bahahaha, by a doctor renting from his father. There are no exrays or even records. The Trump boasted about his athleticism until he was drafted. Suddenly he had crippling bone spurs. Wow

  25. Maybe you should Google more … you might find 1 or 2 liberal Democrats in addition to cigar Bill. You also need to try another flavor of koolaid … that brown koolaid you’ve been drinking is giving you a $hitty outlook on life.


  27. Tammy , you must be kin to Joe the Plumber , so you clean crappers along with Joe , seems you two are fighting over who gets to eat the most Liberal Crap , your both up to your eyes in you know what , that’s right ” S “

  28. I agree, Joseph. It would be A MAJOR SPECTACLE TO SEE pelosi, schemer, schifty, aoc, omar,tlaid’ both obummers, both clantons, well heck just throw out a giant net & gather up ALL the dems. They’re ALL guilty. Ship them off to mexican prisons. Let them get used to learning all about them up close & personal.
    Ought to do alot to make them see the ‘error of their ways.’

  29. Actually what the military should is let the wicked witch of the west know that the military is to protect all the people from all enemies both foreign and domestic. That means remove all who do things against this country and its laws.

  30. That’s funny . President Trump, the great American patriot, brags about not paying taxes . I guess when you are loaded it’s ok to screw the people. The great tax cut? YEA,THAT’S SO FUNNY. Now we will pay more taxes to fund his wall that he promised we wouldn’t pay for. Nice tax break. Wow it seems to me that a lot of you resort to Trump like tactics. Bunch of idiotic name calling. People need to stop acting childish. Get over the past and look to the future. I could care less about the stupid crap Obama or Clinton did . You peeps act like Trump is a god. Give me a break. He makes deals with murderers, he bullies everyone who dares have a different opinion from him, he lies constantly, he is racist, and chauvinistic, disrespectful and arrogant. Oh and just plain ewwww… he kind of makes your skin crawl. I know I wouldn’t want him anywhere near my daughter if I had one. No amount of money in the world would make me change my mind. He is like , Chester, you know, Chester the molester. By the way, what makes immigrant babies less precious and priceless than American babies? I’m sure god sees no difference

  31. That’s funny . President Trump, the great American patriot, brags about not paying taxes . I guess when you are loaded it’s ok to screw the people. The great tax cut? YEA,THAT’S SO FUNNY. Now we will pay more taxes to fund his wall that he promised we wouldn’t pay for. Nice tax break. Wow it seems to me that a lot of you resort to Trump like tactics. Bunch of idiotic name calling. People need to stop acting childish. Get over the past and look to the future. I could care less about the stupid crap Obama or Clinton did . You peeps act like Trump is a god. Give me a break. He makes deals with murderers, he bullies everyone who dares have a different opinion from him, he lies constantly, he is racist, and chauvinistic, disrespectful and arrogant. Oh and just plain ewwww… he kind of makes your skin crawl. I know I wouldn’t want him anywhere near my daughter if I had one. No amount of money in the world would make me change my mind. He is like , Chester, you know, Chester the molester.

  32. Or, the Pentagon at least giving Pelosi a Bill to pay – for her Personal pursuits in making use of US resources and aircrafts – to travel worldwide w her friends and family members, including her family’s use of US resources and aircrafts to attend private events = (wth).

  33. Where does your family originate. Unless you are native American, you really shouldn’t talk. Wonder if the native Americans were happy to see your ancestors come in and steal their land

  34. Hey, “Will”,

    Joe the Plumber has some twisted facts. Fails to mention Democrat Bill Clinton, the draft dodger, who left the USA, set himself up in UK, and gave up his US citizenship, fir Boll Clinton to ensure he could not be forced to serve.
    Democrat Bill Clinton was actually a non-citizen, an illegitimate President, just like Usurper obama.

  35. Hehehe , You and Old Berine the Draft Dodger , Now who cut funding to Vets Joe , your wrong once again , your buddy Obummer / Barry the Raghead Traitor cut funding to the VA , stop eating so much liberal crap Joe , it’s coming out your mouth , ears , nose and eyes , S I M P L E T O N

  36. The military probably supports Republicans more although they are always the party to cut Veterans’ benefits, and didn’t want to supply armored vehicles in W’s war against Iraq, which was a pathetic and deadly fiasco. Compare military records of Democrats to Republicans that have been congress. Draft dodger, Bill Clinton but draft dodgers for Republicans are Trump, Rove, Lott, Tom Delay, Cheney, Gingich, the list goes on and on for Republicans. Google that.

  37. As I said many times before that the left, the media, and Democrook party keeps harping on the myth that border walls don’t work. All one has to do is look across the Atlantic and see Israel who built a wall around their country and effectively stopped the suicide bombers from entering there. They want to trick us into believing that lie as to keep the borders open to get votes from illegal aliens.

  38. Cudos to you Master Sargent! Thank you for your service to this great nation and for your “right on” comment.


  40. For a wall that doesn’t work, it’s compromised & breechable.
    Tammy you should read more than just headlines.

  41. Yup and all that wall being built. Did you read the arrival. It’s replacement wall for wall that already exists

  42. @Eric , I suggest You ( Google ) yourself , Eric = Deranged Delusional Anti American Disease Brained Liberal Lefty Lunatic that has a severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome and is Light Years Beyond Stupidity

  43. Yup it’s TRUE. Lots even find it shameful to consider pardoning war criminals. It’s a slap to every vet that experienced the same horrors without committing those unnecessary atrocities. He also lied and told them during a televised speech they were getting a 10%pay increase which he new was bull. It was 2%

  44. gee, if it’s on the internet, and posted by a simple-minded Eric, then it must be trooo?


  46. Why do you lie like that? You sound like a nut. Democrats aren’t asking you for anything but what is right. You don’t have the least problem treating human beings like garbage. We treat animals better than what you suggest. Why do coalflakes want to kill everyone but unborn ,unwanted fetuses. Hypocrites. Life is either precious or it isn’t. Immigrant babies have as much value in gods eyes as American babies. How can you pick and choose ? Life is life

  47. Oh darn.

    I had hopes they notified her that arrest warrants had been issued by Military Tribunals for 287 congresspersons and the TRIBUNALS would be held at OFFSHORE MILITARY INSTALLATIONS!

  48. Thank you goes out to The United States Pentagon. May God Bless our Military Leaders and God Bless our President Donald J Trump as well as The United States of America. Down with the Treasonous Democrats in the Congress and Senate.

  49. He also gave a big speach and told them they were getting a 10 % raise. In reality it was 2% and he knew it.

  50. Trump said he was going to do that and Peelousy had a screaming fit. So much for her claim of taking them in and supporting them.

  51. That Sour FACE is her TRUE SELF~~ always envious of those who are better than what SHE IS! Especially when it comes to our Capable and Virtous President Trump!

  52. If you believe google on an issue like that you are a fool. I know a lot of people in the military and they are all without exception Trump supports. You’ll see if it ever hits the fan but I do g think it will cause we will win at the polls.

  53. We don’t need more republicans per se, we need more constitutionalists. Too many rinos and elitists in the GOP. In 2016 Trump nearly didn’t get on the ballot as the GOP elitists were going to make Ryan the nominee in a brokered convention. Someone exposed their plot and it went viral. Reps got called and emails jammed up their sites. We the people can make a difference if we stand together.

  54. They conveniently “forgot” that; they insist on thinking of themselves as our “masters.” They need to be taken down a few pegs for sure.

  55. Eric: Why would a majority disagree with Trump? He gives them respect. something that obama and hillary would not do

  56. I’m hoping that the entire DNC and all affiliates will be in Prison by that time for treason. The declassifying has begun!

  57. The Google it is libs f-king joke! No one in millitary disagrees with Trump ! Wash your brain Eric, before it will be too late …..

  58. We’ve heard your brand of BS before Eric. A few loud mouth cowards do not a majority make, no matter how many different names one person uses.

  59. Only fake is you with your fake lies trying your best to attack OUR PRESIDENT!Don”t you get it yet?
    the People of the USA months ago quit believing your stupid , ignorant, comments produced by your so called representatives of the DemoRats Party!

  60. I was hoping for her to half to pay all the money back to us in the use or misuse of said trips and alcohol consumed , and of course cancel any new flights that she would want also but I believe MrTrump has put the kabosh on future misuse

  61. Oh really? No one I know in the military disagrees with Trump. What happened to when Leftists thought “military intelligence” was an oxymoron? It still is.

  62. Pelosi does what she thinks is right which is contrary to what the majority of people thinks is right. If she wants to do what America thinks is right,then she has our support for her, but she is too stupid to realise this and a hopeless cause.

  63. I fully agree but it’s because we were smart enough to vote for him and we will do it again in 2020. Thank you Lord for your many blessings.

  64. I fully agree but it’s because we were smart enough to vote for him and we will do it again in 2020. Thank you Lord for your many blessings.

  65. President Trump has trumped the president Nuttcey and HER government. She has been trying very hard to over rule President Trump. Now she has been put in her place.

  66. President Trump has trumped the president Nuttcey and HER government. She has been trying very hard to over rule President Trump. Now she has been put in her place.

  67. I agree Mary. It’s obvious liberals don’t give a damn what happens to America. Thank God for the US military.

  68. I do not see it as a victory for the President, I see it as a victory for all true American people.

  69. Master Gunny, Thank-you for your service I am a Army Vet. and I will stand with you at the firing squad and also bring my 30-06 with 220 grain that will put I nice hole in the Traitors, and my service never ends either, we commit to protect our country to the end.

  70. Idiot so if past presidents built walls and with no backlash why is Trump having such a hard time from the lame brain dead dumorats??? They are idiots who have accomplished nothing in the years since Trump was legally elected and should be totally ashamed of themselves. They are only fighting against Trump and not fighting for USA citizens and country.

  71. She is just Mr. George Soros puppet. Like Hillary and many others.
    Read their goals on the “Open Borders Foundation” website. They are very simple.
    NO governments, borders, or religions, with the “Elite Billionaires” in control!
    Don’t argue, just read it for yourself.

  72. Trump is “Doing his job”. The Dems are all working 100% for Mr. George Soros. Why? Because they want to be part of the “Elite Billionaires” ruling the country! They do nothing for me, what have they done TO you? Anything for you?
    I’m banned from California, unless I leave my guns at home, and buy a “California Legal” truck. Not that I would ever go there.

  73. Right on “Brother”! From another “Old Geezer” U.S. Navy Tin Can veteran. I still say the “Proper” punishment for treason is a military firing squad! I’ll volunteer any day and bring my own 30-06 and ammo. My oath did not include, “Until I’m discharged”, did yours?

  74. Right! The Muslim women are required by law to bear their husband “At least 10 children”! Do some math and see how many muslims one women turns into in 50 years? She has 10, five daughters, each has ten, that’s 61 in two generations!
    Of course several will be beheaded in their lifetime….

  75. How about just a small fence maybe two feet tall, and fill it with diamondbacks? That should slow down the flood of “Illegals”? Can’t we release some gators in the Rio Grand? Water moccasins? Or is there some EPA rule against that?

  76. Better news! California Gov. says he will build a wall around California! Then I think we should fill it with sea water! Until it overflows!

  77. ROTFLMAO! Nanny Pelosi and her band of out of control representatives, will have accomplished a great big NOTHING BURGER, and President Trump will be taking victory laps, complete with photo opps next to his great big beautiful wall!!! It will be awesome! And the last picture they will have of Nanny, is her sour face!

  78. NO new wall. Just repairs/replacement to previous administration’s actual wall building. Drumpf hasn’t built anything much less getting Mexico to pay for his wall!! FAKE PROMISES FROM A FAKE PRESIDENT!!!!

  79. I thought the Pentagon was going to tell Nancy that NO MORE Air Force planes to fly her, her family, her friends AND THEIR FOOD AND BOOZE AT TAXPAYERS EXPENSE, to and from California to Washington time after time….
    Good for the Pentagon…
    Now lets watch the DEMOCRAPS rection…!!!!!

  80. God is shining His light into their darkness, they will not bee able to hide from it. Pray America every day and every night for God to continue to keep His hands on our country. Ask for the forgiveness of our country. 2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land. This is God’s word, He is always faithful, Pray America.

  81. This piece of news makes me very happy and I am certain that it will make all of President Trump’s supporters elated as well. What a wonderful Easter gift for President Trump. Stick that in your bonnet, Ms. Pelosi. What goes around, comes around.

  82. Vocalpatriot, I would say worst nightmare! Within a few years much of the stream of the Dims’ fresh supply of voters will no longer be coming from the southern border!

  83. DARN IT! I just thought of something that would make Mrs. Pelosi think twice, I should have bought two or three of pallets of bricks, to be sent to Mrs. Pelosi’s Office in DC, so she could wall herself UP inside her own office, so she could NOT get out of her office, until she would change her extremely crazy mind, ABOUT ALL OF THOSE Illegal Immigrant-Aliens!!!

  84. I agree with you. I am a old geezer also. I am a retired Master gunny sgt USMC with 30 years of service to this great nation. Love it or get the hell out of my area . SEMPER FI TRUMP 2020

  85. Lets build that wall high and deep….thank you President Trump you are getting the job done….its about time….get some k9 dogs to help Patrol

  86. The Wicked Witch of the West Pelosi is not only anti-Trump, but anti-American. We need to re-double our efforts to make certain that not only Trump wins again, but also that a majority conservative take over the House and extend the lead of Republicans in the Senate.

  87. worst nightmare? slight over statement, i’d say.
    Still a good first step that has been overdue since the days of Ronald Reagan. when he gave a pass to 3 million mexican illegals as a compromise for the democrats to help build it…they never did…YOU CAN’T TRUST THE COMMUNISTIC DEMOCRAT PARTY…

  88. I’m still hoping for videos of pelosi, schumer, waters and others being PERP-WALKED into Courtroom in manacles and leg irons as CAMPAIGN ADS….

  89. Evil is what they are! They know exactly what they are doing! Many of them belong to satan cults and practice witchcraft!

  90. Kara Wright, do you believe that P-Loser, with her decades long cramming of false facts into her skull, has the ability to change her “mind”?

  91. THIS PRESIDENT IS AMAZING…..Unlike other Presidents that would run with their tail between their legs THIS PRESIDENT KEEPS FIGHTING….

  92. Not only Pelosi, but Omar, Cortez and the rest of the liberal dumbcrats. Or better yet, take the illegals and make them build the wall.

  93. These verses should give all of us Christian Americans hope. God is with us. He absolutely gives us the right to defend our country. The old testament is full of God’s wisdom. How to handle are neighboring countries. We are to work with them but we are not to get to close or to incorporate their cult into ours. that is why God told them no to inter marry and the was a very key reason for this. And that was their culture would eventually get a strong hold. That is why the Muslim invasion in our country is out of control. If they are unwilling to totally assimilate into our culture and country they need to go home. That is why refugee should never be give immediate citizenship as we need to vet them. Just because they are leaving persecution does not mean that they are willing to assimilate into US laws, culture, or our constitution. Until the swear to under oath and have taking the proper steps through education and learning the English language. Also any immigrant can loose their citizenship if they break US laws or protest against our US constitution…

  94. Pelosi and company are in a panic mode because it will stem the flow of Illegals about 90%+ taking a large voting bloc away from her. That’s the reason why they don’t want that wall built as she was getting a lot of votes from them. The Dumbbellcraps have to go elsewhere to get their votes and do it legally as everyone else does.

  95. The way I see it, the Bible has its laws to be upheld. Our country has laws to be upheld, too. These illegals coming into this country have chosen to enter illegally for their own agenda. They probably would not be granted asylum legally, and they knew it. To willfully allow criminals into this country is a criminal act in and of its own. Allowing these illegals to break our law coming into our country is no way to start a “new life” in any country.

  96. Yep let Nancy get a real days work for a real day’s pay!!! She can then see what this nation is really facing. It will become real to her very quickly and she will have the wall built immediately. These people forget what the real working people have to deal with on a day to day basis. It is sad what our politicians ever have to deal with. They are clueless.

  97. Well said and God bless you Tony…and God bless President Trump Vice President Pence and our county.????????????????????????????????

  98. Bailey I agree with all that you have said – except that Democrats are stupd – they are not – they are just plain Evil, Malicious, & Envious.

  99. That’s how she got so rich- that and being paid by lobbyist to vote how they wanted her to. Also rumor has it she is being paid by the drug cartels! She needs to be removed from her position and from congress altogether!

  100. CP23 the ones you are referring to are those who cannot think for themselves and only believe the most vocal and repetitive, like the fake news outlets.Our education system hasn’t been teaching anything worthwhile for decades, certainly not the ability to apply logic. So, we have a growing citizenry who are dumb as posts.

  101. Good for you Mr. President. Nancy you should try changing your mind like Cher. You are a loser if you don’t.

  102. YES, PEOPLE, PEOPLE, PEOPLE 2020 is a coming fast, and WE THE PEOPLE must band together and vote every last DEMONRAT out of office and DISBAND that whole GOD FORSAKEN PARTY altogether.LETS TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY AWAY FROM THESE TREASONOUS DEMONRATS…

  103. Nancy Pelosi was once mentioned for Insider Trading under the Obama administration while in Congress on 60 Minute TV program.

  104. President Trump is GREAT. He needs our prayers to help strengthen him and for God to give him wisdom to do the right for the good U. N states. God bless America. If u do not like our ways. LEAVE. OAC. Go where u came from

  105. They could build the wall with California on the Mexico side. We would get rid of thousands of illegals and a Sanctuary state at the same time. No more taxpayer dollars going to them. Sounds like a win win to me.

  106. Pelosi an the rest of the Democrats are a treasonous bunch they are guilty of of many things lock them up before 2020 Election .

  107. Trump is paralleling Nehemiah 4 in the Bible.15 And it came to pass, when our enemies heard that it was known unto us, and God had brought their counsel to nought, that we returned all of us to the wall, every one unto his work. 16 And it came to pass from that time forth, that the half of my servants wrought in the work, and the other half of them held both the spears, the shields, and the bows, and the habergeons; and the rulers were behind all the house of Judah. 17 They which builded on the wall, and they that bare burdens, with those that laded, every one with one of his hands wrought in the work, and with the other hand held a weapon. 18 For the builders, every one had his sword girded by his side, and so builded. And he that sounded the trumpet was by me. Schumer and Pelosi have the same spirit as Sanballat in the Bible!

  108. No Nan the pignosey is a big blob of $hit … a piece of $hit is what falls off her scally skin.

  109. Ramon Munoz, it is because they are bombarded with nothing but lies and false criticism of his every action and they are not able or willing to think for themselves. Logic is becoming a lost commodity in America, as is our level of useful education.

  110. I pray that Conservatives, Independents and smart Democrates will stand together and support President Trump. I might not agree with everything he says or does but He has our backs. He loves America unlike our ex President and those stupid Democrates. Build that wall and Thank you for helping to make the economy better.

  111. John, if someone “couldn’t care less” doesn’t that also mean that they are at the bottom of caring (meaning they HAVE cared) ?

  112. First let us put this into a correct category. Then,let us realize drama bama was no ,American. Thirdly, drama bama, is not a civilized person. This is where the division of the people became a reality. This is the beginning of our America, being put to a testing ground for our fight for our freedom(s).It will take all of us TRUE Working, Tax Paying, Veterans whom have given their time joining the pull and fight to put ,America back in command. We, can do this if, we ,will all stick together; If, we do not give up, step aside or, roll over. We have got to stand for something or, we will fall for, everything. Me! I am not moving over That is my 50/00″ American Indian”, in me. I mean it.I am also, REPUBLICAN. Go TRUMP! 2020 !

  113. I agree. What gets me is why so many people, including most of my friends, hate President Trump. I just seem to fail to make them understand any better. I say Trump 2020.

  114. It is with the idiots running it, now. What hasn’t burned down has flooded out and what hasn’t burned or, flooded is covered up with mud. I dread going back to see the damage.A sanctuary city? That will also, be gone before it is over.

  115. LOL>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOL>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOL>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOL!

  116. Send them all to ,San Francisco. I do not think these rejects will make it anywhere without a government assistance. 111,000 were captured recently. and, mostly the worst law breakers. They will loot that town until it is torn apart. Katy bar the door.

  117. God bless president Trump.
    Interesting how democrats are fully supportive of banning execution of convicted criminals that have unleashed untold terror on folks, yet fully and gleefully support the execution of innocent babies, yet in the mothers womb. Could anything be more telling of the twisted mentality of these people? We must not let them gain control ever again. Vote wisely, please.

  118. It is amazing the attacking on President Trump. Something looks fishy and the hate that comes out from the Demo-crates. It seems to roll of his back like water on duck.
    It also seems like AG Barr is going after some of the alleged wrongdoers. I’s about time.

  119. I agree with your post completely. Illegals are just that Illegal invaders of the United States of America. As such there are only 1 of 3 places they can go. 1. Back where they came from. If there are no criminal charges or convictions against them. 2. Jail until the trial is over and IF convicted they go to prison. 3. IF they are terrorists they go directly to Gitmo.

  120. The Real Failures to date have been the DemoCommunist what have they ever accomplished? Not one Damn thing. They dummied down education, they declared war on Poverty that has become a war on the Family. The first real cut in Deficit spending came last year and it was done by Republicans not DemoCommunist 10 years they had and yet the Deficit doubled. No the DemoCommunist have never done one damn thing to fix a problem.

  121. Sending ‘immi’s TO ‘Sanctuary Cities’
    IS the ‘COMMON SENSE’ , RIGHT thing TO DO.
    The Dems ‘designated’ their ‘territory’.
    TAKE CARE of ‘it’ / ie ‘0VERFLOW’.

  122. The president want to send thousands of illegal immigrants to sanctuary cites – include the Democrats home yards as sanctuary sites to and send several hundred to Pelosi’s home and other leading Democrats yards since they want open borders and have fences around their yards..

  123. Our President has been forced to not only cope with the border but to have been subjected to an ongoing slow coup by the FBI, CIA, corrupt activist Judges and a Former President who all but gave this Natiin away. However he just keeps fighting for the people who love this Republic and will support him and do all in our power to reelect him. He will have great pictures of the almost completed wall at his rallies to show us. Let Nancy Pelosi cry on AOC’s shoulder. They deserve each other.

  124. The wall needs to be built along the northern and eastern borders of California, then continuing all across the northern border of Mexico.

  125. Just think, if something should happen to President Trump and Vice-President Pence peeloso would be president peelosa

  126. Amazing how a political party will sacrifice the stability, economy, resources and security of our country just to save their job or party. Talk about individualists or people that are only worried about themselves, the Baby Murdering Party is full of them. We all know thousands of illegal votes were cast for Hillary. They have popped up in hundreds of news reports in towns all over the country over the past two years but in this crooked ass country we’ll never get this goat screwing system fair. At least The Wall will be a small bandaid helping us have some form of accountability and control. We can’t be lawless like a lot of people think Freedom brings. It doesn’t mean total freedom because people are too stupid and would hurt themselves. We can’t stop migration but those migrating here should follow a few of our customs such as taxation.

  127. Still waiting for all Hollywood folks that were suppose to leave when President Trump become president why are those hypocrites still here?

  128. When the civil war starts Nancy Pelosi and her cronies will expect the military to protect their treasonous traitor asses along with these dumb ass democrats along with these Moslems

  129. Absolutely right, there is a real problem too ! A country without border in our time it is a big joke !

  130. I admire and love Donald Trump for working so diligently to improve the lives of American Citizens, in spite of all he has had to put up with by the opposing party. He is winning–keeping his promises, and MAGA. He cares about America and her citizens unlike the Demomarxists who have thrown every obstacle in his path and have lost–they are a bunch of losers. God Bless and thank you from a grateful nation.

  131. President Trump has been very impressive. Piss ant Pelosi and the other far left Demorats can go bite the big one!!!

  132. They’re are not being voted in! Everything about her district is corrupt, which tells us they are in under false pretenses.

  133. Hey Ed. Hope you’re having a great day. You can vote them out of office, but they are always going to create chaos in this country. You have to ERADICATE THEM like cancer. That way they cant ever show themselves again.

  134. Having read the Koran, cover to cover, I contend that any muslium that goes to synagogue and studies the Koran is a threat to America, I con’t care what they say. You can’t undo crazy people with kindness. They will stab you in the back first chance they have. There is no good Muslium that practices their so called religion.

  135. I believe the “end game” is turning America over to the New World Order (made up of the Bilderbergs, Council on Foreign Relations & the Trilateral Commission). Then there will be NO FREEDOMS to do anything as it was under the Constitution because there will be no Constitution at that point. That is their agenda.

  136. Reiham Salam is a true American , better then
    Any first generation who ran for the President
    In the last election.
    No need to put people in boxes . That’s what
    so called liberals do.

  137. The phrase, “they could care less”, is just the opposite of what you may want it to mean. If they could care less, means that they DO care some. If they couldn’t care less, means that they don’t care at all. Sorry for the lesson on backward speaking. John.

  138. I admire President Trump and the entire Trump Family for always getting verbally attack and all the fake news they have to put up with and Trump still gets his promises full filled ! He is trying to do the best for AMERICA and it’s citizens! Build your Wall SIR anyway you have to with a Grateful Nation! Love you and your family SIR and thank you! GOD BLESS the Trumps and GOD BLESS AMERICA! SALUTE !!

  139. The United States also needs a wall on our Canadian borders as well. These Terrorists and Mexicans will and can get into America from the Western and northern sides of The United States as well so we should continue the Border walls all the way around the United States.

  140. The Communist Party aka Demorats need to be removed from this country along with all the greasy illegals and sub human Muslims. Let them all go to Somalia and govern that cesspool. This nation would again be clean and civilized.

  141. Now let’s be fair, there have been quite a few who have come in and become Americans. There have been a large number who have served with distinction in our military. Just because Odumbdum opened the door and let the uncivilized come pouring in, doesn’t give the right to generalize and lump all into one bucket. To thise who chose to assimilate and become Americans, I salute you. To those who came in to tear down what we have come to know and love, your day is coming.

  142. The best way to shut down the left and their lunatic ideas is to make sure you get out and vote these Democrats out of office. Remember, local elections are also an important to show America that WE the people are the ones that really count.

  143. Jose your words should be the words of every good American. Thanks for letting all of us share your thoughts

  144. 100% agree with you. I’m wondering WHO ARE THEY? that vote for individuals like Nancy Pelosi? What’s their thinking? (or lack thereof?)

  145. And to think, I once thought Hillary was America’s worst enemy. Pelosi got her beat by far.

  146. I see a Civil War coming. Most Americans will give up their guns one bullet at a time. Immigration has it’s due process. Closed borders for all. Let’s get rid of the corrupt and biased journalists. It takes 6 billion dollars to run ICE, I say give them 24. I say all the ones that took an oath to uphold our constitution And decide to tear it down should be hung at dawn. I believe we are gonna shut the idiots down voting time. Trump 2020.

  147. You know, if the dems want control of America so much you would think they would realize from dictators of the past you Must have the military on your side.

  148. Pelosi is the prime example of why we need term limits! Sooner than later!,
    She is a disgrace and an embarrassment to Congress.
    This woman is brain dead. She has done more damage to our country than half of the of the other Democrats. In my opinion, Career Politicians are more dangerous than our advocaries. If she is an example of the best and brightest of the Democrat Party we are in a world of hurt. I wouldn’t follow her to the nearest latrine.

  149. and during this time the illegals will be streaming into the country and screwing up the rightful citizens.

  150. Democrats are walking ????‍♀️ suppositories with their craniums inserted deeply in their rectums! It is so dark in there that they can’t see the light of true freedom that we have in the greatest nation in the world! I am a very proud and conservative naturalized U S citizen! I hate the idiots invading our nation. They could care less about our laws. Do not feel sorry for them. They elected their own corrupt government and now they are literally crawling into our free country, and it doesn’t mean that you will get everything free! MAGA! 2020! Talk to everyone about electing those who side with our great President! VOTE conservative at all elections to save our country! May God bless America AGAIN!

  151. President Trump needs to put together campaign ads doing re-election time with Obama, Nancy, Schumer using their own words saying we new to secure our borders and build a wall. And show their dreams coming true.

  152. We tried with Nancy by having some camp in her yard. She called police and had them removed from premise.That was during past few months.

  153. Very correct, it would be several decades and cost 1000 times more. Like a 20 dollar hammer for 5000 dollars.

  154. Trump should name the wall the Nancy-Chuck security wall. Then place them two idiots on the south side. President Lincoln had his opposers taken and dumped in the south. Those two fools like illegal aliens so much they should go live with them.

  155. Some how I suspect their will be crying, tantrums, lawsuits and races to liberal judges with all kinds of stupid reasons to stop the construction .

  156. Some obviously have some sense left, and thank the People behind President Trump and the support of the United States of America, and God Bless America.

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