The U.S. military received this warning about China that put jaws on the floor

China unleashed the coronavirus on the world.

This crippled nations as economic activity ground to a halt.

Now the U.S. military received this warning about China that put jaws on the floor.

Florida Republican Congressman Michael Walz served as a National Guardsman.

Congressman Walz tweeted out a video warning that the American military was actually funding the Chinese military through contributions to pension plans that invested in Chinese companies that built military hardware.

Walz demanded an end to this practice.

In the video Congressman Walz stated:

Every month, me included as a National Guardsman, we contribute to this 401K-style plan. Well guess what? Billions of dollars from it are going over to Beijing and funding Chinese shipbuilding, plane building and all types of companies. Many of which are close to the Chinese Communist Party, some of which are even on the U.S. sanctions lists…

…We cannot have the American military who’s out on the frontlines retirement account funding their biggest adversary in the 21st Century. America, we need to wake up. We are in a Cold War with China, they are certainly in one with us. And we would be no more funding their industry through our retirement than we would the Soviet Union and companies in Russia years ago. We need to think about this differently and this has got to stop.

There is much talk in America about how to make China pay for the catastrophe it set loose on the world.

Hitting China financially is one way to make Beijing pay for the lies and cover-ups that allowed the virus to spread from China to over 180 nations across the globe.

China is a hostile foreign power that sought to displace the United States even before the coronavirus.

The U.S. military divesting from companies that support the Chinese military seems like an easy call.

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  1. Communist China has deep fiscal pockets and resources to corrupt anyone, especially politicians. Biden would be ideal since he can be easily manipulated due to his mental infirmities. Trump is the complete antithesis to communism, especially as he earned his success via good old American capitalism.

  2. Fighting a war on 2 fronts would be even more difficult for a civilian population and probably is not possible. For more than 60 years we U.S. citizens have been mobilized in moving out to the “burbs” while moving up financially, requiring comensurate education, deft political maneuvering, necessary guile, stuffing bibles and Bill Of Rights in our back pockets, cheering for our ‘Wide World Of Sports”; all the while trying to immerse ourselves in the warm waters of hedonism. How ridiculous to think that we might have time to engage another nation of wily, cunning predators who want to eat us alive !

  3. We have been put on notice “China is our enemy”. Nixon tried to tame China and every president to President Trump has ignored China’s efforts to out do and over come the USA for world dominance. We now know what the Chinese’s agenda is; their blatant conduct and espionage through out the western world companies. And our governments complacency to their attacks on our inventions, patients and trade “secretes”. The Chinese have stolen, begged, and coheres to get ahead in the economic markets. The Chinese are no friend of ours; they are the ultimate competitor. You die fighting them.

  4. Hey Jaybird…the President and Congress maybe can put a stop to a lot of things…and maybe should…however the MOST EFFECTIVE way to teach China and the money grubbing turncoat traitors who are selling you out a lesson is for ALL true Patriots to BUY LOCAL…might cost a couple more bucks, but by so doing, except for the rare exceptional item that is not readily available with a made/produced in the USA “monniker”, you would be surprised how fast things would change…

  5. United we stand and divided we fall!! Choose!! What ever happened to Espionage and people who commit Espionage, sure seems to be a-lot of that going on in our country today. Why are people who call for the death of a US president allowed to stay out of jail, especially sitting politicians. Why is it alright to break the law and profit from it, but others are locked up for the same thing (ask Randy Duke Cunningham, Richard Nixon etc..) Just thinking out loud America.

  6. Will the congress folks wave their salaries until the nation is back to work. Didn’t think so.

  7. It’s called Counterespionage jaybird…Shadow Wars of counterintelligence officers. China has blamed us all along for the protest in Hong Kong, this time it got out of control. We’re breaking up their party of Communism and they will go to any lengths to stop us.This party is just starting…

  8. What is scary is that China is making our medicine and medical equipment, has bought food processing plants that just shut down. They infiltrated our Country more than we can imagine which can bring us to our knees. The President and Congress needs to put a stop to it.

  9. I notice you won’t post my comments about NBA players and China…What do they think about about Nike and the zips now??? They won’t even let blacks into McDonalds…Hey Obama, want about the One Million Muslims they have locked down in camps.

  10. The article is very interesting aqnd well worth reading. . .But the headline on this or a good many of the headlines on the computersites had to be written by excomic book affectanados . . .I have never had “my jaw on the ground”. or “my blood to boil” or “my head to explode” far too sensational for serious readers. Headlines should be more serious and not sensational. People like me who want to get facts are too often not enticed by “WHAM ! BAM! headlines. people who are enticed by headlines like this only read comic books anyway ! OK SO I AM TOO PICKIE, OR OLD FASHIONED, yes I am !

  11. Israel is NOT the enemy. China,Democrats,media, Middle East except. Israel , are the enemies of the American people!

  12. With multinational and foreign companies owning so much that drives Wall Street; how are we to divest ourselves of this monster?

  13. We all have the power to bring them to their knees, just don’t buy anything that is made in china, and don’t watch those channels that spew china’s lies and the the anti constitutional messages from the demos and don’t buy anything that companies that contribute to the demos.


  15. Wake up folks!!! A list of AMERICA’S enemy’s
    Middle east
    The QUEER folks

  16. China tested virological warefare to determin impact. The success means theun will bot have to fire a shot to be dominant over freedom loving people in the world.

  17. It’s to late to rein China in. We have already sold them the rope that they will hang us with. We, the US stood China up. We transferred our technology to them. Now that they have it, we cannot take it back. They are empowered and they will use that power to their own ends. All the while, we will fight Israel’s wars for them to make them the economic, military and political hegemon of the Middle East. When Netanyahu tells US to jump, we will only ask for clarification as to how high he wants us to jump. As God is my witness. Amen.

  18. China has been our enemy forever! They have NEVER been our friend, as they are constantly trying to eliminate the United States……And we have NOT helped by buying all of the crap that comes from China. My Dear Sainted Father was always talking about what the Chinese were doing to us!

  19. To think that Pres Obama ‘gave’ $3.7million to a Chinese lab that was doing “research” on bat viruses that could be used for illicit purposes without any controls is an absolute disgrace. No wonder that the media or the democrats do not want to mention any of this !!!!!

  20. America has long since lost its sovereignty. America dances to the tune of Hatikva as orchestrated by Jerusalem. The US military is Israel’s running dog.

    The guileful Ashkenazim Jews in an above top-secret psyop, psychological operation replaced the protestant King James bible with the Cyrus Scofield study bible.

    It was a canny way to replace the replacement theology of that old time religion, that had held sway since the time when the Jews beat Jesus nearly to death and nailed him to that old rugged cross.

    They replaced it with something that they call “Dispensation”. It is a theology that holds that Jesus was not the Messiah and that God’s covenants with the Jews were never broken.

    Out X-tians have eaten it up and america has become a contemptible vassal state of Jew Israel.

    As God is my witness. Amen.

  21. When china first discovered the wuhan virus, china cut off ALL flights to other areas of china, yet allowed flights to the rest of the world ! Don’t tell me this virus wasn’t intentional.

  22. Time shut this down! Feeding the enemy to build up their war machine with funds from our soldiers is just so wrong! President Trump needs to shut this down now.

  23. We need to call our enemy by its name….CHINA! You can’t defeat an enemy by refusing the understand who that enemy is.

    Another enemy that we need to call by name is…The Democratic Party…aka Demo-rats. Naming the enemy and understanding who that/it is is the first step in winning the war.

  24. Red Communist China build a military base off the Horn of Africa in 2017. The zips are trying to take control of the seas in the South Pacific just like the Japanese did in WWII. I’m starting to see we don’t have brass balls anymore, more like Chihuahua nuts. Their already in our pocket, my ex-boss married one, dumb bastard graduated at West Point, disgrace to the United States Army.

  25. Bob crooked commiecrats will find a way. OAC has done well for herself coming from a bar in Brooklyn. I guess that I wasted my life in HVAC and playing music

  26. Who is going to punish the wealthy as in seeing to it justice is served against those the most responsible for abusing the patriots of this nation depriving them of decent jobs with appropriate pay and fringe benefits just so they can live in godlike grandeur, if not for the business operations of the wealthy and the wealthy of those from nations our politicians categorize as our friends the Wuhan virus would have remained contained in China and would never have become a Pandemic.

  27. China has their chop sticks in every critical business in America-Food Industry, medicine, Tech. Companies, etc. When are our leaders going to wake up and put restriction on what they can buy in America?? One Company Smithfield Pork had 35 subsidy’s that they acquired when they bought Smithfield. Now they are planning on closing 3 processing meat plants. Wake up America and keep contacting your Representatives with suggestions.

  28. I already knew that the idiots within our government were providing military contracts to companies owned by those tyrannical Chinese politicians that has been a well known fact for years and a despicable act at that.

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