The U.S. military told Donald Trump this one devastating truth

Donald Trump made rebuilding the military and securing the country a centerpiece of his 2016 presidential campaign.

That promise helped him win the election.

But now the U.S. military just told Donald Trump this one devastating truth.

Democrats, the Fake News Media and Never Trump Republicans fumed when the President declared a national emergency to unlock over three billion dollars in military construction funds to build a border wall.

The President said it would allow the administration to complete between 450 and 500 miles of border wall before the 2020 election.

But now the project is being scaled back.

The Defense Department announced it was canceling 20 miles of new border wall because costs for the project went up.

The Military Times reports:

Three proposed sections of border wall for Arizona are on hold, according to a Monday federal court filing, because they’re going to cost more than the Defense Department planned on spending.

The Army Corps of Engineers “has determined that there are insufficient contract savings to undertake the the three additional” projects, totaling 20 miles of construction on the U.S.-Mexico border, that Defense Secretary Mark Esper originally approved on Aug. 26, per court documents.

The filing is part of three ongoing lawsuits over using $2.5 billion in DoD counter-drug funding on border projects.

The Supreme Court lifted a freeze on that spending, handed down by a lower court, in July. But as the suit is ongoing, the Pentagon must file updates to its plans in federal court.

President Trump’s opponents cheered this development.

They view any setback in building the wall as key to defeating Donald Trump in 2020.

Even 20 miles of wall being canceled is cause for celebration in the Washington, D.C. “Swamp.”

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Do they really think that if THEY stop him from building the wall, that we will view that has a promise HE didn’t keep? I mean I know they are Liberals, and they don’t tend to have brain cells that are firing, but really? They think we will just stay home and not vote for him over 60 miles of wall?? Well who am I to stop them from their dreams!!

    • The way I see it, if the wall is not finished by november 2020, all the more reason to vote for Trump. We all know that he has had to fight the Democrats on every thing that he has accomplished. STILL he has done more than any other president in my lifetime. GO TRUMP

    • Yes! I totally agree with you. Now we need the rest of the silent conservatives to get balls and defend this country and our President!

  2. That is one problem with the wall, the construction was always going to be very costly and prices go up without some major changes in our system of procurement of land.

    • I’m pretty sure if we were to deport Pelosi and all the rest of these stupid ass Dems to Mexico, the Mexican government would give us the land and help us build the wall.

  3. It amazes me that we cant afford $2.5 billion to complete the wall but we can spend $300,000,000 Billion a year as this is what it cost us to deal with the illegals and the Dems think that this is OK??? What a crock of shit. Vote all of the Dems out in 2020 and some of the Republicans that sides with them!!

  4. The Defense Department is it’s own self governing body now i see. Dummy me, O always thought that the military took orders from one person and it’s funding came through congress. I wonder which three and four star is delaying the process with their congressman at the Pentagon? Is there any form of government inside the USA besides the President and Whitehouse staff that are not treasonous? The Defense Department isn’t a robot or a building, it’s the people inside so somebody is ready to retire and wants to screw with out President to show they are cool. It’s one of Satans appointees from 2009-2016 when only blacks and queers could do no wrong.

  5. This is part of our national defense system to protect our country from ANY TYPE of an INVASION. Anyone who is against this wall is declaring that they have immense ulterior motives (MONEY) for not wanting this wall built. Any money that is in the military is subject to be used for any methods to protect this country. Stop the BULLSHIT and BUILD the WALL.

    • Democrats are against the wall because they know it will stop them from expanding their voter base. Democrats don’t care about illegal immigrants. They only use them as pawns. This is obvious to anybody that pays attention. Just watch them and listen to what they say and how they say it.

      • And don’t forget the millions in drug money finding it’s way into dems personal bank accounts for doing everything in their power to stop the wall.
        Nancy says “thank you El Chapo”

  6. All the liberal NWO agenda “leaders” , being criminals themselves , are in cahoots with the Mexican drug cartels , & all oppose the wall because of it ! NONE of these career criminals have EVER had American’s best interests .

  7. There is one solution that Trump has not utilized…Over $90 Billion is sent to Mexico each year from these legal and illegal immigrants…put a 5% FEE on those money transfers that would go directly to building the wall…

    • so you want open border are you working and has your wages increase since Trump took office and you want that revered to you its ok to allow forgein work to under cut your wages if your truly are a stupid person.

      • Trump and his followers S A I D and promised that “Mexico will pay for the wall!”
        And Trump weaseled out of that one. Must be because some Mexicans bribed him through Trump properties – – like his hotels.

        • Dan you got him confused with obozo and killery. And I’m glad Trump has his properties. He’s living the American dream. The commiecrats wants no part of the American dream as our founding father visualized it.

    • Could we get the illegal aliens to pay for the wall somehow. Maybe have the IRS take all tax revenue taken from stolen social security numbers and use that money to finance the wall? Even the social security payments too? It’s not like they can ever collect it.

        • First off, there is no SS account. The IRS collects the revenue from both the illegals and the legitimate citizens under the same #. The IRS knows about the identity fraud but they look the other way. Why should they do anything about it when that only diminishes their revenue? Our government uses illegal immigrants just the same as businesses use them.

          • “The IRS collects the revenue from both the illegals and the legitimate citizens under the same #.”
            Then the Democrats spend it. All of it goes into the same account and all budgets are paid out of it.

    • You know, Mexico has troops at the border which are helping enormously to scale back the illegal entries into our country. Who’s paying? The Mexicans are paying more than we are – indirectly, I’ll grant you – but they’re paying.

    • You don’t know much. You’re not an Accountant that understands total costs and benefits.

      Deduct $125B for ONE year of illegal Mexicans.

      Deduct the remittances from our nation to Mexico by illegals.

      Deduct the military expenses for 27,000 Mexicans patrolling our border to apprehend illegals.

      Should I keep going? Who’s paying?

  8. We could take money from Mexico that’s in our country to pay for it. Watch that happen. Or we could take from welfare. That would increase America’s monthly job numbers.

    • Outstanding it’s way passed time to re-evaluate all people on welfare. It is time for a agency in each state,county and major cit city to collectively issue job assignments to these individuals that have been on welfare excessively of plus than one year. Simply because they can’t find a job. You would be giving them a job they can’t fine in exchange for there already welfare money.
      After all, this isn’t interfering with there freedom it is, however, finishing there (so called search) for one.

  9. There are those who get the job done like Trump, and those full of excuses why failure should be the American Standard (Pelosi, and nearly All of the Democrats). I support the
    one who gets the job done.

      • There are people like yourself uneducated and full of self-doubt
        That have very little to say. With hatred for all things. Our forefathers did take many many thing from our native American brothers that was not us. I see you as a person that complains strongly yet has not found a way to protest in any meaningful way, maybe just maybe you should spend time finding a way to provide a way to protest in a way that just may bring some of your frustration and your tribe respectful results. Just one Indian to another.

        • Don’t waste your time with a troll. The RedMan is a troll and frequents all of these websites. It’s only purpose is get people to reply to it. If people would stop feeding it then it might eventually go away.

          • Thank you, Steve, but same trolls in our government and to abolish these types is simply to take a moment to give a small amount of time ”once only” and let them go. Much like the woman wearing purple vagina. Miss lead and confused.
            Thank You

          • If he was a real redman he wouldn’t be here because we whiny inbred white folks would have killed your ancestors.

        • I don’t believe this character is Native American.
          The picture I get of him is a toothless , mentally impaired,
          shriveled, mean spirited, lonely
          Old man. Lonely because his basic character is just nasty.
          My MILaw was like that.
          Was nasty to everyone. Drove everyone away.
          She finally died, angry & alone.
          No one attended her funeral. Not one soul.
          That’s who this guy reminds me of.

          • It’s not male or female, black or white or red. It’s just a troll. Don’t feed it and it might go away.

        • Just because it uses the name The Redman its vocabulary is far more like that of a stupid Nigga than a native and I can guarantee that is exactly what it is.

        • He/she is not native, and is much better educated than you think. A troll, a highly paid one I think. Causes problems by nit picking, then lets it roll. Hard to ignore.

  10. Trump wouldn’t have to do any of this if congress would do it’s job. Both Pelosi and Schumer are on video stating we need to stop illegal immigration just a few years ago but now they’re claiming walls are immoral and illegal immigration should be decriminalized.

    • They did there job by trying to stop him tRUMP and the Republithugs had two years of unified government and your team couldn’t get it done. Why should the blue team help you out now.

      • It’s not about helping the other team. This isn’t football. It’s about doing what’s best for the country. It’s about upholding our current immigration laws. Not ignoring them because you don’t agree with them. The republicans failed us too. We the people have been shafted by both parties.

        • This is true!
          Not about parties now it’s about a individual who gets results for the people and those who have spent a life time doing nothing.
          ANSWER stop whining demand ”TERM LIMITS”

        • Sorry!, but in sports only fools do anything to give their opponents an advantage, but being that “Public Servants” are suppose to be striving to do what is best for genuinely cognizant patriots and not promoting their own self interests what the Communists are doing is not only a travesty of justice it is high treason.

      • MJ ~ You seriously think the Demoncraps could do one-third of what President Trump has accomplished in such a short time? Even though I couldn’t stand Obamanation, didn’t stop me from praying that God would be his guidance and not the NWO. Obamanation brought the hate of America to the rest of the world and President Trump is working diligently to repair the damages to our allies.

        • You are so right Linda!!!!I could not stand Obama either, but never did I publicly/social media voice my thoughts about him.(Might have gotten thrown in Jail) Ha Ha!! I do not disrespect even those I do not like!! I also said right from the beginning that he was fueling the race issues more than anyone I have ever seen!!! Anyone that can not see what President Trump has done for the good of this country needs to keep “living under their rock!!!” TRUMP 2020!!!!!!!!

    • Fact even a wall far superior to the DMZ wall between South and North Korea with a metal reinforced foundation extending 100 feet below the surface will not put an end to smuggling of anything illegal into the United States, you would also need 10s of 1,000s of armed troops patrolling along a corridor extending 10 miles within our border with orders to shoot to kill.

    • Not as extreme Communist as completely mentally incapacitated Bernie Sanders who said if elected would end all deportations.

    • They hate Trump and just because he is Trump and doesn’t fit into the 2 party click that are under the idea that they actually run our country. Let me emphasize we run OUR country and they work for us. Must be some lazy folks in NY and California that keep putting these buffoons in office. They literally come out in their campaigns and say we are going to take things from you cut back your benefits and tax you more, tell you what you can do with your property and they keep getting elected.

      • Unfortunately we gave our country over to them, and we keep doing it. Take Maxine Waters for example. She’s on her 15th term in congress. Who are the butt-heads that keep voting her back into office? She has done nothing for her constituents. Her district is a cesspool, and she won’t even live there herself. We are in this mess because of stupid low information voters.

  11. Our President, has had many obstacles in his way, but he has proven over and over he can handle it with no problems sending the democrats liberals into another spin, I for one am not worried about our commander and chief. We are the majority here.
    And I am placing my vote on him again.

      • The only thing more worthless than a White person or Oriental person residing on a warped plane of existence is a Nigga residing on a warped plane of existence which perfectly describes individuals such as you.

        • Craig, seriously avoid this wannabe redman who is seeking attention. The more he posts, the more I realize peyote would be a blessing to him for the trips he could take in his own head.
          If my ancestors (yes, I am Native American Indian) acted like him, I’d disown them too.

  12. Agree, Dan Tyree! Target practice with illegals would be perfect protection! Ready! Aim! Fire!!! Prizes to be awarded to shooters who stop the most illegals!!!

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