The View exploded after Alvin Bragg made this bad decision

The ladies of The View spent the last eight years saying the walls are closing in and that Donald Trump’s a criminal.

Now it’s the moment of truth.

And The View exploded after Alvin Bragg made this bad decision.

Media support for Bragg’s case collapsing 

A common narrative emerging in the liberal media is that Alvin Bragg’s prosecution of Donald Trump is a bust.

CNN analysts admitted that Bragg’s yet to prevent any proof that Donald Trump committed a crime.

Even the mindless propagandists on The View had to admit that fact.

Fake conservative Alyssa Farrah Griffin was the latest Biden supporter in the press to tell their audience that Bragg led them all on a wild good chase.

Griffin tried to hold out hope that the next two weeks of trial would turn up the elusive smoking gun.

“I actually, I hate to say this because I want to see him be held accountable. I don’t think that the prosecution’s thoroughly proven the case yet. I do think they showed this was about the campaign, that’s why he didn’t want it to come out. That’s half. They still have to definitively, beyond a reasonable doubt, convince them that he falsified the business records and they may get there. There’s two more weeks,” Griffin stated.

One of Griffin’s co-hosts agreed.

“They’ve got time, they got time,” co-host Sunny Hostin interjected.

But Griffin cut to the meat of the matter and reminded everyone that the real point of this trial is to damage Donald Trump politically with swing voters.

“The court of public opinion, as we’re speaking, Stormy Daniels is talking about him asking her if she has STDs, if she was regularly tested,” Griffin stated. 

“And I hate to bring up salacious stuff like that, but people watching who don’t necessarily, you know, hadn’t paid as much attention—could sway some minds. So even if he’s not convicted, this may resonate with women,” Griffin concluded.

What this case was supposed to be about 

Bragg is trying to make the case that Donald Trump conspired to steal the election by paying Stormy Daniels $130,000 for a nondisclosure agreement to prevent her from coming forward with allegations of an affair.

Bragg claimed Trump stole the 2016 Presidential election by falsifying business records in 2017 to make reimbursement to Michael Cohen – who originally paid Daniels – for legal fees.

If all of this is confusing and doesn’t make any sense, it shouldn’t.

That’s because Bragg seized unlawful authority as a county prosecutor to charge Trump with a federal campaign finance violation that does not exist.

Boston University Law Professor Jed Handelsman Shugerman wrote in The New York Times that a candidate paying a nondisclosure agreement is perfectly legal and doesn’t run afoul of any laws.

“As a reality check, it is legal for a candidate to pay for a nondisclosure agreement. Hush money is unseemly, but it is legal,” Shugerman stated. 

“The election law scholar Richard Hasen rightly observed, ‘Calling it election interference actually cheapens the term and undermines the deadly serious charges in the real election interference cases,’” Shugerman added.

What the co-hosts of The View and the hosts on CNN won’t tell the audience is the reason Bragg hasn’t provided any evidence of a crime.

And that’s because you can’t show proof of something that doesn’t exist.

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