The whistleblower got help from one RINO traitor to impeach Trump

The so-called “whistleblower” set out to help remove Donald Trump from office.

No one expected Republicans to lend a hand to this attack on democracy.

But now the whistleblower got help from this RINO traitor to impeach Trump.

RINO never-Trumper Texas Congressman Will Hurd is one of the Fake News Media’s favorite Republicans.

Hurd endorses anti-American positions on open-borders and grabbing guns while routinely criticizing Donald Trump for everything under the sun.

Now, Hurd provided a boost to the Democrats’ impeachment witch hunt by shooting down the idea that the so-called “whistleblower” should testify in public.

Politico reports:

Republican Rep. Will Hurd on Sunday broke with members of his party who have been calling for the release of the Ukraine whistleblower’s identity, though he agreed with his party’s calls to have Hunter Biden testify in the first public impeachment hearings set to begin this week.

Hurd, a retiring Texas Republican who spent years in the CIA, told “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace that outing the whistleblower by compelling their testimony in a public hearing would send a chilling message to potential whistleblowers in the future.

“I think we should be protecting the identity of the whistleblower. I’ve said that from the very beginning because how we treat this whistleblower will impact whistleblowers in the future,” Hurd argued. “Having this whistleblower law on the books is important; it’s important checks and balance are not only in the intelligence committee, but in our government.”

Reports indicate the so-called “whistleblower” is Democrat partisan former CIA agent Eric Ciaramella.

His long history in the Democrat Party — as well as accusations of being a prominent Deep State leaker — would add context to his allegations the President improperly pressured Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden.

If the American people learned the truth about this so-called “whistleblower,” they would demand the Democrats end this un-American attempt to undo the 2016 Presidential Election.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Un real as demoratts disrespect the country and steal every dime the taxpayer put in the IRS. As your favorite candidate is either a commie or a little girl getting hair sniffed with a whisper in her ear to meet him later with a crack addict son doing his dead bros wife is a demoratts choice of great candidate good luck

  2. Why must we protect a phony whistleblower anyway, this makes absolutely no sense at all. Let’s have a trial and call the WB , Schiff, Joe and Hunter Biden and maybe we can see if there was any corruption to weed out in the Ukraine. This fiasco has certainly showed us the corruption at the highest levels of our government with this coup.

  3. Eric the whistleblower was not even there. He’s is at best reciting 3rd hand hearsay to try to take down Trump. He doesn’t qualify to be a whistleblower, as the whistleblower laws were set up. He’s not immune from condemnation, as he is just another political hack. Adam Schitt lied about saying that he had not met him. Schitt lied about not knowing who Eric the whistleblower is? Even after Schitt released Eric’s name in his own statement. This has been nothing but another failed effort to take down a duly elected President. It’s time to start bringing charges against the Democrap obstructionists. We want our POTUS to lead the country without interference.
    Go Trump 2020

  4. Actually the homeless problem in San Francisco got out of hand, while Nancy’s nephew Newsom was mayor of San Francisco. He decided to have San Francisco become a sanctuary city, whereby Kate Steinlee got killed by an illegal alien. This guy should never have been in the country, as he was deported 5 times for drug dealing and other crimes. These are the people who the Democraps want to invade our country. They are not innocent poor people looking for a better life. They’re criminals who continue to violate our laws and citizens. So the Democraps continue to place American citizens in harm’s way, by not working with ICE to remove these criminals from our country.

  5. Trump wasn’t vindicated, his campaign was corrupt with many arrested and doing time. Also, Mueller had 10 slam dunk cases of obstruction of justice, Mueller was a coward in a way for not prosecuting Trump, not sure if that was legal, and Mueller was obviously old and tired.

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  7. How come Democrats go straight to the gutter talk as opposed to arguing the issue? Oh yeah, it’s because you can’t argue the issue.

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  9. Obama and his administration were the most corrupt in the history of the USA, I’m sure the liberal loon historians loved Obama. He was a great teleprompter reader, end of conversation. Never a leader!!!

  10. You really have a terrible case of TDS, so bad you are willing to make slanderous and demonstrably false accusations against the President who has done more for this country in three years than either of the two previous Presidents did in eight.
    There is no proof President Trump EVER sexually assaulted anyone, there is no proof that President Trump has EVER been a traitor to the US, there is no proof President Trump EVER fixed any election. You are the cowardly and unpatriotic NAZI because you are using the tactics they favor.

  11. Try reading a little. Lanie is absolutely correct. The only guarantees that officials are not allowed to use retribution against a whistle blower.

  12. Hey Justice, I voted for Trump. You are clueless. Educate yourself and stop with the Libtard talking points!!!

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  15. I was making fun of him Debbie, didn’t you spot the irony, usually you see it in all caps, RINO, and they aren’t traitors, they are telling the truth about the monstrous Trump.

  16. bj, you need to leave the planet, your ideas are too bizarre for earth. You are supporting the Criminal-in-Chief. Listen to the hearings this week if you can stomach the truth about your cult leader.

  17. Sully sounds like the Nazi he is. I never Heard of an Irishman who was a Nazi, he might be the first. His hateful words against probably the smartest and kindest President in history is worse than despicable. In retirement Carter wrote countless books, why don’t you read one, and also volunteer for Habitat for Humanity that he also started.

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  23. It isn’t majority rules when Trump had 3 million fewer votes than Clinton and Bush had fewer votes than Gore, is it Sully. The Irish were picked on a lot, don’t you know your history, you are backing a bigoted right wing party that despises all minorities, people who look a little different or act a little different like the Irish did in the 1800’s and 1900’s.

  24. Irrefutable Fact. That is the most bizarre statement on here, Trump, Andrew Jackson and all the slave owners were far worse. Mueller didn’t vindicate Trump, he was too cowardly to pursue prosecution especially when the Constitution isn’t clear on that subject. He did lay our 10 slam dunk cases of obstruction of justice for the Congress to consider charging Trump with. I was a history teacher for many years, and probably read more books about American history last week than you did in your entire life Jones.

  25. ….sorry, but the the contributor who is ignorant and thus complicit in broadcasting lies by repetition. hoping they will morph into truth, needs to be held accountable with serious consequences and no opportunity fot plea-bargaining

  26. Justice jimmy the pussy also let Iran hold American citizens for a hell of a long. But look what happened when Reagan took over.

  27. They were found innocent with DNA evidence and released, don’t you follow important stories. After countless hours of interrogation many innocent people, young and old, will admit to anything.

  28. He meant at the rally, he decided to change it many months after the incident. Debbie, you have to follow the news and history, read some history books. Trump and his father have both been white supremacists in housing and Trump with his speeches and his attacks on the Central Park Five. Google Central Park Five and Trump and read about it.

  29. At least spell American correctly if you are going to write your stupid statement. Trump and his father supported the KKK. It was started by a dixiecrat Democrat 150 years ago when the Democrats were the conservative party. Times changed and now all the white supremacists support and salute Trump and conservatives, the American Nazis, the alt right, biker gangs, militia groups. Tim McVeigh, America’s worth terrorist was a right wing extremist tied to the KKK and militia group extremists.

  30. Obama is rated 14th best President by 91 historians, who all rate Trump at the bottom in every category, read about that and all the doctors’ assessments of Trump’s mental illnesses.

  31. He straightened out the Egypt and Israel conflict, no scandals, wrote a dozen books and started Habitat for Humanity. What have to done Gutless Bones. What hurt him most was the hostage situation and you might not know that the Republicans worked with the Iranians with promises so the Iranians would release the hostages the first day of Reagan’s Presidency. It was another real G.O.P. traitorous scam.

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  39. justice, you really need to change your screen name. Trump has gotten justice. He was vindicated of any wrongdoing. Now take your sick hate somewhere else

  40. Christine, you are right on. What you said is the truth. But justice and others like him cannot stand the truth. They have only hate and lies.

  41. justice, Pres. Trump IS NOT a White Supremacist!!! But Obama is very racist and hates whites and I’m sure that is fine with you.

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  45. First of all, there is NO law that says that the so called whistleblower has any right to not being identified or not testifying! So these Congressmen who are yapping on about this should get their information straight.

  46. Scott, You have no concept of truth or facts. You prove your ignorance every time you post. It is the dems who are very dangerous to this country and our freedom. Their goal is to have total control of our government and us. No freedom. The corruption is in the dem party. You are a fool.

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  50. We don’t need to know who the CIA Democrat operative (ie..whistleblower) is. It’s all just smoke and mirrors anyway. President Trump could have eggs and bacon for breakfast and the Democrats would try to say it was a signal to Putin to infiltrate America. They even did the same thing during President Bush’s term. Slandering him so bad that foriegn news reporters were throwing their shoes at him as a sign of disrespect. If you vote Democrat you are Not American. Democrats hate America and long for the days of Obama when disrespecting America was a way of life for them.

  51. Agree also this whole Russia/Ukraine hoax began with the DNC and who else that serial killer and her pedophile husband, HILLARY CLINTON!!!! I see Schiff won’t let the DNC STAFFER who they sent to Ukraine to interfere with the 2016 elections!!! Along with the obamas and the Bidens. With even Brennan and Clapper orchestrating this whole CHARADE!!! And to me all of this is to the DNC COVERING UP ALL OF THIS BY TURNING IT AROUND. After the Comey Russia collusion hoax then the MUELLER CHARADE. I DONT BLAME TRUMP ONE BIT!!! For asking the Ukraine presidents help in trying to get to the bottom of it or for sending Giuliani. Obviously the FBI can’t be trusted !!! Or the CIA!!! This guy has no one he can trust. Except for the AMERICAN PEOPLE! It’s all hiding in plain sight. God I have to give my name and email to have this posted so if you hear I committed suicide by shooting myself 3times in the back of the head or strangled myself. I hope someone in The Trump administration will look into it. ? How is it I’m not getting whistleblower status. I’d hate to be 48 on the Clinton kill list. Hope CBS releases the Epstein investigation they are trying to squash. Miss seeing Bills sleazy ass in the news. And a quick question for anyone ?How the hell is Joe Biden still running for the nomination when he admitted on tv of a quid pro quo?

  52. …what a goob, you believe the crap coming out of the DNC, you would probably vote for George Sore-ass; keep you total oblivion to yourself, we have enough to deal with…

  53. Very typical trumplican statement, rw. Can’t argue with truth or facts so you go straight to juvenile name-calling. Nice.

  54. The Senate has said that if Ciaramella does not appear to be questioned, they will throw out the whole thing. That is a promise. Ciaramella doesn’t want to be known, because he’s a plant and a proxy, and a partisan hack.

  55. You got that false information from your Pravda Websites. Congratulations on being the biggest propaganda fed narcissist on this feed.

  56. You are a brainwashed, simple minded, millennial. There is no doubt that all of the information you get is from CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, NYT. These are Pravda News Sources, and you’re their sheep. bahhhhh…baahhhh..baahhh!

  57. Gavin Nuisance is the worst Governor in California History. Even worse than Jerry Brown.
    The homeless situation in California increased ten-fold after Jerry Brown was re-elected and will accelerate under Gavin Newsom. Biggest wreckers of the economy in history.

  58. Ciaramella is not a true Whistleblower. He’s a Democrat Party Partisan Hack, with a vengeance to kill the Trump Presidency because he was fired from the White House.
    He worked for Joe Biden, John Brennan, and attended all of the posh dinners with the Oblama’s. That is NOT A TRUE WHISTLEBLOWER!

  59. Except that the Dem controlled congress has repeatedly denied Trump his constituional rights as an American Citizen. the FBI with Dems blessing illegally raided Cohen’s office, and illegally used client protected documents. Schiff has falsified doocument after document in the Ukraniean witchhunt, asking the American Republic to believe him and the Dems after their false accusations re Russian collusion were proved nonsense in the Mueller report. So, how should one react to a congress disregarding basic constitutional rights to Americans? How should one react to a party bent more on the pursuit of power, than serving the American people ?? For Democrats, FACTS and HISTORY have zero meaning.


  61. Please, Redman, give yourself some credit. There were plenty of racist black people like
    yourself to add to the ridiculous fire of bigoted hatred against people simply because of the color of their skin. Look in the mirror redman, and you shall see R A C I S T.

  62. Too much of California has moved to Texas and are taking their idiot ideas with them. I was born & raised in California and Newsome and those that came before makes me sick.

  63. first, there were good nazis, some who were executed (like Canaris) for failed coup attempts to get rid of Hitler. Perhaps before you are critical of others, perhaps knowing history yourself would help. And “Justice For Trump” has already
    happened with the vindication of the Mueller report (also, here deal with facts, please). Yes, Trump is a womanizer – so what. Dems had no problem with Clinton, so why Trump? Last, Obama was the most racist president in modern American History. Irrefutable fact.

  64. Well, Rob, it’s quite evident you are not overly familiar with the Constitution and equally obvious you didn’t actually read the Mueller report. It’s also obvious you are not aware of the 100-plus pieces of legislation addressing real issues the House has passed only to have them languish on McConnell’s desk refusing to even discuss them in the Senate. Continuing, it’s overly obvious you are behaving much as a cultist sheep believing and following only what you are told, regardless of actual facts but rather relying on “alternative” facts.

  65. Wow that is one close competition. Carter, however, despite being very intelligent, a former Navy Nuclear Submarine Officer, was simply an inept leader of this nation, esp,
    in national policy issues. Trusted everyone, even violent terrorists on a daily basis.
    Kissed Arafat’s grave. Naive to the core. Obama on the other hand, simply values the
    rights of Arab terrorists over their targets – Innocent Americans.

  66. Lies=Schiff, Pelosi & co. Lies, and total fabrications led to the Mueller investigation which led to 100% clearance of Donald Trump. So, after a year+ of this
    unjustified Dem Party assault on the pres of USA, Part 2- with the story of we were lying before, now believe us? Really? Then after Trump is cleared of Ukraine folly,
    what new story will the Dems invent? Almost as creative as the numerous liberal judges appointed by Dems who on a daily bases make up new and ridiculous laws to
    circumvent the constitution, and create a national state of lawlessness.

  67. LAUGHABLE To the extreme!! Lets look at this so called Democratic Process – a yaar+ of trumped up accusations, illegal FBI raids on Trump’s lawyers offices violating our president’s constitutional rights, deliberate distortion of evidence, then a 100% acquittal of Trump in the Mueller report, NOW part 2, the fake Ukranian report hopped onto by the fraudulent news media, of which NOTHING as charged is EVEN a crime, or even impeachable. Still ZERO evidence of corruption (excpt on Joe and Hunter Biden), yet the Dem Drum for impeachment, an absolute slap to democracy keeps on beating. Pr
    Such an unforgivable waste of time and money, when Americans have real and sometimes desparate needs that congress SHOULD be addressing instead of this ridiculous folly.
    The voters shall remember, and Trump shall easily sweep out the Swamp Creatures in 2020.

  68. I agree.
    Soros is behind everything happening in the U. S. :division, violence, derision, open borders, funding and organizing the caravans of illegal immigrants, overthrowing the people’s elected President(Trump), alleged whistleblowers, etc.
    Schiff and Ciaramella are puppets. Ciaramella is not a leakerbut a spy planted by Obama.

  69. Rep. Will Hurd is a LOW LIFE Sob the the people of txaas should never have voted him into office. He is a RINO

  70. This whole impeachment inquiry is NOT an attack on Democracy. It IS our Democracy… working to weed out corruption. You, renewed right, and the rest of you sheep are the real and present danger to this nation.

  71. Chris, the whole notion of changing the whistleblower laws as you say is an absolute lie and misinformation you’ve been fed and believed. Further, what he reported has now been corroborated by several with first-hand knowledge. You have no idea what you are talking about but continuing to spread lies and misinformation makes you one of those presenting a serious threat to this Constitutional Republic.

  72. So Justice for Trump, you support a democrat sec of state who ignored a call from our Ambassador in Benzahgi and did nothing to stop them from being killed. DUMBASS Much!!!!!;

  73. You don’t know what you are talking about Cris. If they go through the right procedures then yes they would abide by the law thus showing up for the subpoena but the way they are doing it is not legal and so therefore they don’t have to abide by there subpoena’s. Do yourself a favor so you don’t look so stupid, find out what the democrats are doing then find out the way it was done “ by the book “ with Bill Clinton. Little knowledge is dangerous.

  74. Then defeat Trump at the ballot. Don’t cry about it. Just go vote next year.
    You know Trump will not be removed from office so what is with all your crying and whining and typing verbose posts? The only way to remove Trump is at the ballot.

  75. Little late now and this guy is not a whistleblower. He only became a whistleblower after Dems changed the rules right before he came out with out telling anyone. Third hand knowledge is not information. Second, he is a known CIA Trump hater who worked for Dems and the people under investigation for the Russia scam. Once again this is just another weak attempt to get at Trump without any evidence by some of the most corrupt people in goverment, Schiff, Pelosi are just some of the many that need to be removed.

  76. The democrats are breaking the 6th amendment by not letting Trump face his accusers.
    They say they don’t have to abide by the constitution because this isn’t a court hearing. So why does Trump have to abide by their subpoenas that are not court ordered? Please answer the question Chris.

  77. Black folks ruined America. We should never have brought them over here from Africa.
    In fact, we should never let any muslims into this country either.
    You see what happens when you let this scum into our country.

  78. The lying puppet of George Soros. That’s why Schiff is not allowing the “whistleblower” to testify. He only exists in the body of the bug-eyed Schiff who created parody of the resident’s conversation with the Ukraine president. Schiff must be impeached.

  79. Justice, you are lying. Trump never said there were good people in the Nazis.
    What Trump did say is there are good people on both sides, right and left.
    Meaning democrat and republican.
    When people like you deliberately spread debunked lies you are no better than the people the make them up.

  80. Democrats say the accused doesn’t have the right to face their accuser because this isn’t a court of law.
    Democrats also say ignoring subpoenas is obstruction of justice even though they are not court ordered.
    Can someone explain that to me?

  81. Hey Lying Communist !! You Just Outed The Democrats, They Are The Azzholes Guilty Of All The Crimes Mentioned, They Follow The Stalinist Playbook To The Letter, Blame The Opposition Of Crimes They Are Guilty Of..

  82. Justice for Trump–if you are in fact of Irish descent, you are equatable to a dumb blonde joke. Trump is not guilty of anything. Two and a half years and over 26 million dollars later has revealed nothing that is guilty of. You Democrats are like brain dead zombies are the endless prowl for something that won’t be found. Go back to your basement in your parents house, your mama is calling you.

  83. The whistleblower – Eric Ciaramella – is not a whistleblower. He is a spy. While the Whistleblower Act was created to protect anyone who came forward with a complaint, it protects them from any retaliation or harassment or demotion on their job. It does not protect them from being outed. As well as this, the spy’s complaint was directed at someone outside of the intelligence community – the president – which is not allowable under this specific complaint. His complaint has to be solely aimed at someone in the intelligence community. He is a biased liberal Trump hater with ties to Obama, Susan Rice, John Brennan, Joe Biden and others. He had no firsthand info only what was given to him. He is not a valid whistleblower. He is a spy placed in the WH by the previous administration. He should be brought before the Senate and questioned under oath about his actions and those who also helped him light this fire. It is his fault. We need to know.

  84. That’s exactly what you do here.
    You im certain have a miserable toxic existence and want to make everyone as miserable as yourself.

  85. That’s exactly what you do here.
    You im certain have a miserable toxic existence and want to make everyone as miserable as yourself.

  86. What happened to the right of the accused to face your accuser? This secret whistleblower is just a bunch of BS. Identify them. IF they are to chickensh*t to show their face just forget it.

  87. Your twisted ears do not hear the truth. What Trump said was there were good people on both sides of the argument. HE DID NOT SAY THAT THE KKK OR ANTIFA ARE GOOD PEOPLE. tHEY ARE BOTH ORGANIZATIONS STARTED BY DEMOCRATS AND BOTH ARE MADE UP OF IDIOTS. There are many good people who respect history. If we erase history we will surely repeat it. Stop being a cry baby, BE A MAN WHO DOES THINGS HIS MOM AND WIFE WILL BE PROUD OF. SET GOOD EXAMPLES FOR YOUR CHILDREN, NOT ONES THAT WILL LAND THEM IN DEBT OR JAIL. We must start calling out the stupid and stopping them, we need to start tomorrow with Adam and Nancy, two of the most retarded people we have in government, both are Soros puppets, it is disgusting.

  88. Seems being an anti-American idiot is now a requirement for membership in the Communist party, aka the Democratic Party. ALL you communist vermin can do is recite CNN transcripts and communist propaganda and lies.

  89. Justice:
    From all the heresay B.S. put out by the leftist media, Georgie Soros, and the Democratic party which you are a dyed in the wool brainwashed believer in. The media and the individuals above aren’t exactly good friends with him Trump.

  90. Dumber Plummer if you think that The RedMan is cool yeah about the surface of the sun than you have proven to all of us that you are more stupid than he is.

  91. Justice for Trump
    As I said before according to you all Irishman who are not leftists idiots are discracing the their race because they don’t go lockstep with your beliefs are traitors to you. I am a proud Irish person who happens to disagree with you and I resent your twisted way of thinking. Want Trump out? Vote against him next year, this is a country where majority rules. I hated Barack O when he was our president but I didn’t ruff or grouse about it and complain to liberal websites about his shortcomings as I’m a true believer in the old saying you says “better luck next time.

  92. He is a life long criminal Sully and now clearly a traitor, palling with Putin, and fixing two elections, isn’t that enough for you. He is a despicable creature, not a caring cell in his body, he’s is the ultimate evil egomaniac. Again, you embarrass all Irish people supporting a thug.

  93. He and his father discriminated in houseing and paid a fine, he blamed the Central Park Five with a full page ad, they were years later found innocent of rape and assault via DNA evidence. The irony is Trump has bragged about sexual assault and has paid off many women for assaults and 26 more are waiting to be heard. He also said that there were good people in the Nazis and alt right at Charlottesville. He crapped on various religions and Hispanics, so your lie in insane Mack the Cuck

  94. “Justice for Trump” You shame all of Americans by your stupid anti-Trump comments and believing all of the lies that Adam Schiff and the Democratic party for nearly four years by heresay evidence. Want to get rid of Trump as it’s quite obvious that you hate his guts is through the ballot box and not by politicians that you do. If you approve of this,then this country will turn into a dictatorship.

  95. Sully, again you shame all Irish Americans with your ignorance and backing a white supremacist. Your ancestors had to fight to be considered equal to all other Americans. P.S. When was the last time you read a book, not counting comic books.

  96. Daddy you sound like a queer or something. Did your daddy diddle you or did you have an uncle pervy in the family?

  97. BYE BYE for now Danniboi. You looked so cute the last time in the red lacy outfit. I hope you have a nice outfit for the next time we meet.

  98. o o o YES Danniboi, I love it when you are so “forceful.” DADDY will make everything better later. Oh yeah…please wear the pink ones with hearts.

  99. Josephine the dumber plummer as well as you and TheRedMan must’ve graduated the same funny farm at the same time.

  100. Justice for Trump should be changed to injustice for Trump and justice for
    Jimmy Carter Mr. Peanut farmer as shown he only served one term in office as people hated him so much. Maybe imbeciles such as yourself needs “justice” yourself for voting for this stupid communist buffoon.

  101. If you think Trump is anything other than a carnival barker scam artist, serial sexual assaulter and traitor, then you are brainwashed or evil. Take your pick, either way Galt it is your fault.

  102. bj, you are the hater, you cannot stay away from these sites to spill your misplaced anger. The Republicans and Trump are the sinners and problem in this country. Read about Jim Jordan’s wresting time at Ohio State. Linda M told me that you are a woman, I figured that you were a simple minded man but she told me that you are just a simple minded woman.

  103. Trump is bringing the country down, when are you going to smarten up and realize that with his racism, greed, insults, bragging, hanging with dictators like Putin and Orban, alienating our allies like England and Germany. You should get a better education before you write your nonsense.

    I AGREE.
    President Trump is defying the rule of law by demanding that his government staff  defy congressional subpoenas and not testify in the impeachment hearings.

    If it were regular citizens refusing to honor subpoenas, they would already be jailed.

    These actions are saying to the American people that it is okay to break the laws of the United States.

    This is not okay with me.

    I do not want my children to grow up thinking that if the president can break the law then they can break the law too.

    If the President of the United States is allowed to continue to break the laws of the United States then we will have lost the rule of law in our country.

    This is not right.       

  105. The problem is and I saw it first hand watching this debate with Republicans and demorats is republicans had the vote than on the second vote some rep left early that’s why Democrats got the vote so we have some republicans that are demorats cant even teust them now … this is horrible to watch our nation go down like this with the deep state and all the slimes involved. We are at a crossroads here to our democracy being taken away and I firmly believe that the republicans that left that room the night of voting are playing both sides of the quarter .. we are in definite trouble here .

  106. rafael…He keeps coming here to spew his sick hate. He is neither a Christian nor a conservative, but has nothing better to do than to come here and show us what a fool he is.

  107. Trump the traitor is also a serial sexual assaulter, a racist and mobster who has lost over 100 lawsuits. He is disgraceful to America and the entire human race with his greed, insults, bragging, lying, obesity, egomania. You Republicans are cowards for still backing the lifelong criminal, and draft dodging coward. Clearly, he and Giuliani are traitors, dealing with the Russians and Ukrainians to fix two Presidential elections.

  108. a fool…You really need to change your screen name. From your postings I have read you are far from a fool. You are usually right on as you are now.

  109. Democrats, Reno’s, liberals, and criminals from all walks of life want Trump OUT but have presented no evidence pursuant to support their claims that President Trump has committed any act that is of an impeachable nature. If anyone can produce F.A.C.T.S. proving President Trump committed any high crimes, misdemeanors, or acts of treason (as stated in the articles of impeachment in The Constitution) let them come forward and prove their claims. If these F.A.C.T.S. do not exist, The House should stop chasing their elusive Unicorn and start to legislate, as described in their duties outlined within The Constitution.

  110. Will Hurd, RINO Texas congressman is retiring! EXCELLENT! That’s ONE who will be gone and won’t have to be voted out! Texas, we hope you have a “REAL” Republican to slip right in his place! No RINO and No Dems need apply!
    It’s a sad and embarrassing day when we have even a RINO siding with the Dems on anything! The Dems platform and agenda is anti American, anti Constitution, anti law enforcement, anti religious freedom, anti American way of life, etc. (just too much to list but, I must mention the Dems have the Ukraine conspiracy aka attempted coup of President Trump in their reckless desperation for a power grab, robbing Trump supporters of our 2016 votes and election)…..
    It is enough just to be against the Constitution as written by our forefathers, that says it all and promotes the demise of America!
    We must have Real Republicans stepping forward to run for not only Congress but, all levels of public office to protect the Constitution and the American way of life!
    God bless and keep America!
    #WalkAway – we want and need you!

  111. Oh, worse than Jim E. Quarter, or B.O.Bumma? Hardly.Evidently your Elmer Fudd vocabulary is dyslexic and you meant “Trump is still the Best of presidents.”

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