The Whistleblower made a huge mistake that just ruined Pelosi’s impeachment plans

The spy that filed the so-called “whistleblower” complaint against Donald Trump is finally coming under scrutiny.

The tall tales in the complaint are falling apart.

And the Whistleblower made a huge mistake that just ruined Pelosi’s impeachment plans.

One of the spy’s key claims in the so-called “whistleblower” complaint was that the administration covered up the transcript of Donald Trump’s July 25 call with the Ukrainian President by hiding it on a secure system.

“In the days following the phone call, I learned from multiple U.S. officials that senior White House officials had intervened to “lock down” all records of the phone call, especially the official word-for-word transcript of the call that was produced—as is customary—by the White House Situation Room. This set of actions underscored to me that White House officials understood the gravity of what had transpired in the call,” the whistleblower wrote.

But this was a lie.

The White House actually began storing transcripts in the spring of 2018 as a result of Deep State saboteurs leaking transcripts of the President’s calls.

Politico reports:

The Trump White House upgraded the security of the National Security Council’s codeword system in the spring of 2018, according to two former Trump White House officials familiar with the matter, as part of an effort to ferret out and deter leaks.

The changes included a new log of who accessed specific documents in the NSC’s system — known as NICE or NSC Intelligence Collaboration Environment — and was designed in part to prevent leaks of records of the president’s phone calls with foreign leaders and find out the suspected leaker if transcripts were disclosed, one of the former officials said. Prior to the upgrade, officials could see only who had uploaded or downloaded material to the system but usually not who accessed which documents.

The spy made numerous factual errors in his complaint and said President Trump raised topics of discussion that he never did.

This latest lie is another body blow to the credibility of the Deep State spy’s whistleblower complaint.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  2. Sit, yes sit on their collective collusive can, and, yes and let the money role. No profit on doing, and I hope you have a good night. Rbt ?retweeter brushing-up

  3. That sounds similar to the FBI leaking a story to a reporter and then using the reporter’s article to verify a second source for their FISAs and so on and so on and so on. Anyone who watched the process of the House and Senate passing the Infamous “Affordable” Healthcare Bill would have known then that we have allowed the congress to become one of the most corrupt bodies, at least in the history of this country, and may vie for honors with some Third World countries!!

  4. Mob talk? Oh Lord that was one of the most ignorant comments so far. Wow talk about lala land and no touch of reality. Where do you get this crap? Mob talk…hahahahahahaha

  5. Yes, Dems are now the party of the “shudda cudda wudda” BS as their so called proof. It sounds like, seems like, might be, could be and so on and so on but no real undeniable proof which is needed to use as evidence of guilt. So tired of their pulling these fake rabbits out of a hat at every turn thinking something might stick. Pathetic

  6. I for one am tired of all the inhuman ways that people are executed , plus the cost of each one, then do them in a public square. Lets go back to the guillotine, remove their heads, doesn’t cost much to build them & put the families right in the front row, within 3 feet, then they will think twice before committing crimes


  8. You can get the number of senators offices in D.C. on google. I called Linsey graham, Jim Jordan and Kevin McCarthy’s offices and left message that I was sick of seeing their faces on Sean Hannity every nite talking about what heir gonna do!!!!! DO IT,,,,

  9. Have you all noticed how these demonrats all look like the grays? You know, bernie keeps hinting he knows something about Area 51 and the grays. Seriously – look at nutty nancy and then look at a picture of grays – and if that isn’t good enough for you look at ol’ pencil neck and kerry. They carry a STRONG gray gene.

  10. “I know it is hard to sit back & watch all the corruption going on by the Democrats & some Republicans.”
    It will make it so much more satisfying to vote all of the deep state cronies OUT.

  11. I know it is hard to sit back & watch all the corruption going on by the Democrats & some Republicans. There doesn’t seem to be anything done about it, YET. Here is the question, do you want only part of these criminals taken down now, or wait, get evidence & take them all down in 1 huge sweep. Give Trump & the people who work with him time. My take on this whole circus is this, the Democrats realized to late that the popular vote would show HC winning, yet they didn’t account for the electoral college vote giving Trump the presidency, yet the Democrats already had in place these erroneous scandals to take down Trump before he was elected. Neither party can accurately predict how people are going to vote. All the polls taken are just used to manipulate (sway) people to vote their way.
    Our country was founded on set principles that have worked for years, yet people have gotten greedy, The countries of the world have turned against the US , 1) The US is a new country compared to the rest of the world & has risen to a major world player in the world. Our only down fall, like many other big countries is they are still trying to conquer other countries & land. We don’t live in the medevial Times anymore. There is no free land in the world. We need to stop all the violence & work together as a world, Fix the problems, hunger, famine, diseases, Yet, delving into history, wars are the main way to control population, which is a sad, horrible way to control population. Statistic show, 2.5 children need to be born per couple to keep the population stable & to exist. When it falls below this mark, in time that population will cease to exist. NOTE: I am not a racist, I don’t judge people. I do listen to other people’s ideas, sometimes their ideas work better than mine. Always keep an open mind. When you close your mind to new ideas you become stagnant. Everyone has the ability to choose what they will do. Do what is right within the cycle of nature, it will survive long after we are all gone

  12. Well, you might want to at least make the effort to believe him, unless you want to end up losing it like the House Dems! Their continued deliberate efforts to impeach him have driven all of them to lunacy! This latest attempt with a “whistle blower” is going to blow up in their faces, the Dems are going to freak out, especially Pelosi, Schiff & Nadler because even with all their idiotic attempts to get rid of him, all their sneaky, lying efforts have failed and finally realize Pres.Trump will be re-elected next year because of their stupidity!

  13. T. Bell
    Lol. I think he should make a legal change to his name. Then his name would match his looks and his attitude!

  14. What makes you think the president didn’t use a secure server. The fake leakers overheard (supposedly) from someone,
    If Trump was as crooked as Hillary, he would have bleached the computers and smashed the phones like Hillary.
    Unlike Hillary, his devices are ALL secure. He doesn’t have a illegal server in his house, like ole Hillary.

  15. Why should they all the Republithugs did was block President Obama’s agenda for eight years. They are doing exactly what we turned the house for in 2018 40 seats remember that. They are putting the oversight on tRUMP and stopping him just like they did to the last president.

  16. Well you must be DUMB as well as blind and deaf. The democrats even cheated so Bernie couldn’t be in their debates. Hilary commited treason and wiped a classified server. The House illegally changed whistle blower rules WITHOUT a single vote. The same time as the current informer has come forward. And you still want to convict someone for a crime , with no factual evedence only ” heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend” you better hope you never are questioned by that kind of law.

  17. Really better than President Reagan or as forward looking as President Kennedy. Better than President Lincoln or FDR or TR. I highly doubt tRUMP is that smart or great as any of these great men.

  18. I like HANGING the TRAITORS at the base of the Steps Outside of Capital Building! Hand one traitor and this will stop when Others see Kicking and squirming with their hands tied behind them and Dangling on the end of the Hangman’s rope


  20. Oh my gosh…We now have a second whistle-blower who can verify that the first whistle-blower told him that he heard through the grape vine bad things about our President…so now the second whistle-blower is presenting his complaint because of the complaint he heard from the first whistle-blower…They both have the same story with which to dump on about Trump…How convenient there are now two witnesses the Democrats have in their hind pockets…Looks like another Go Fund Me Crowd coming up…these guys will make millions with their presentation of false and misleading hearsay…OMG…Hearsay is now permitted as evidence or grounds for the impeachment of a sitting US President…Who changed the rules?…Where’s the cold hard evidence of a crime?…Where’s the Justice in all of this?…Me thinks hearsay in a court of law is total BS…with the emission of the facts their can be no justice?…There must be facts to convict…Democrats don’t care about facts…they just want to convict on gossip and or hearsay…Is this the new communistic norm of the Democrats…Guilty before proven innocent…Apparently so.

  21. Amen to that. Trump is the best President to hit our country. If the stupid DEMOCRATS would do some work and pass some laws in stead of going,after. Trump for no reason. Everybody our there please vote Red and vote REPUBLICAN. God Bless America

  22. And it looks less me you are a listener of the fake news network MSNBC, ABC And you believe all the lies that have been verified as lies from the Dems. You need to buy stock in Kleenex before 2020 your good g to need it.

  23. And you believe all the lies that have been verified as lies from the Dems. You need to buy stock in Kleenex before 2020 your good g to need it.

  24. No, we have many examples of Democrats proving that they are liars, they include:
    1) Mueller hoax
    2) Smollet
    3) Whistleblower (we don’t know how many yet, but we know that Schiff lied on #1)
    4) Dr. Balsey Ford
    And, there are many more. How stupid are the Democrats that they believe this garbage.

  25. In regards to the second [whistle blower] CIA spy; do these idiots NOT realize everything Trump says is CLASSIFIED, so they are committing a felony by leaking it? Besides Trump has the corroboration of the principles in these conversations the dems only have hearsay.

  26. You really are an ignorant ass you know? The leftist media hasn’t gotten anything right in the past few years. Their news is all made up junk, proven over and over fake and fools keep reading and believing impeachment is not only possible but just one more fake scandal away. Please hold your breath.

  27. Jealous. Your precious obummer couldn’t do anything right. Don’t bother responding. I am ignoring you anyway.

  28. More of the same wit these trump-butt-bumps. Over an over whining about how “great” trump will look when he leave em behind for Russia. ahahhahahahahahahahahah

  29. He/She/It is a pathological liar. How do you help a pathological liar when they believe all the lies they tell? Medical research states there is NO help for a pathological liar. Do a background check on the accuser.

  30. To BUDDY H,
    Buddy H
    Dont you worry now.
    I know you are embarrassed
    But It is okay to be a cheap little pansy.

  31. The EVIDENCE of Biden’s actions are in Ukraine.
    Where would you suggest he look for it? In the DC Swamp?

  32. Actually, it was the IG that exposed the fact that the ‘whistleblower’ lied about being present for the phone call.

  33. Whistleblower, aka, Spy, aka Leaker lied! Huge mistake,,,, hey yo Nancy!!!!! now what???? you IMPEACH on lies now??? Do you need a ”broom” so you can fly around to find new lies?

  34. Once again Nancy Pelosi and all the Democrats who are in the white house deserve to be in jail there not following the constitution.

  35. Trump figured you didn’t know “Mob-Speak” which doesn’t come thru on paper so obviously. Trump is the globalist! He’s trying to involve gov’ts around globe to dig up dirt on Biden.

  36. Hey Mommy Biker, if you believe the crap the news media is spewing then you probably pee in a fan and think it’s raining. History has never seen such a concentrated effort to slander and discredit a sitting president before. The media and Democrats will forever be viewed as the villains of the 2016/2020 elections. Thanks for the free publicity.

  37. WOW, I have never seen so many morons on one website.
    All Trump has to do is shout “FAKE NEWS”.
    And with no proof, these cheap little Trump pansies believe it.

  38. President Trump did not keep the conversation from anyone, including the citizens. He did nothing wrong and he will prevail. Trump 2020

  39. Trump is not going anywhere and you are proving how low IQ you are by bothering to post your comment.

    Since you hate trump so much I think you need to live the Obama life style. Quite your job. Get on government healthcare and start taking drugs. the rest of us like the good economy, lower taxes and better trade agreements.

  40. No, stretch gross Pelosi is operating above the law to avoid giving republicans subpoena power. Because the cat will be outta the bag then and democraps would sink lower. Unfortunately the French Republicans won’t stand their ground and force a roll call. Scumbags like Rummy Romney and stupid a$$ coward Benny Sasse will probably collude with dems.

  41. I for one think that what Trump said is true and it is true for both democrats and republicans. I don;t know why people act like trump said something horrible. Clinton got elected twice after rape allegations were out and after Hilary had been proven to have threatened that victims. Clinton had sex with interns in the white house yet democrats think he is great. Hilary walking into congress and said: “what possible difference could it make now” concerning her failed leadership in the Benghazi and democrats still voted for her to be president. Obama flat out lied about obama care and democrats still voted him in again.

    So you explain to me what is your “outrage” about trump saying he could shoot someone and still get voted for?

    Come on explain your outrage. you already did what he is talking about twice with Clinton and Obama so you explain why if trump says it you are outraged.

    Face it you are a low intellect small minded person who only says and does things because you are told to by some media person. You have no analytical skills and you have no ability to remember things for more then a week. If I am wrong prove it. Explain your outrage in context with your vote for Hilary and Obama.

    I am an actual real life independent and we are capable of thinking and remembering and that is why democrats are losing because right now all democrats are behaving stupid.

  42. Funny how Mark Levin and Sean Hannity both said Two weeks ago that Adam Dip Schit and Jerry Nadless had their hands all over the crafting of the whistle britches complaint. So in between molesting young women, shifty Dip Schit wrote the base document for the moron blowhard.

  43. She and Maxine also suffer from Turkey neck. We should stretch her neck skin over her head and sew it to the back of her head. She might suffocate, but that’s a good thing!

  44. If he was so concerned about covering it up, why did he release it? If it were really impeachment “worthy” it might have precipitated his impeachment.

    Try to get over your TDS. Look, we are not naive. We know DT has and had character flaws.

    But he is saving this Country from globalists.

    I pray for his continued good health every day.

    So should you.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  45. So true Mary. He’s certainly a half wit. I’d love to throw a big party for the dems. All of them. A blanket party. We wrap them in a blanket and use a nice wood bat to beat the crap outta them. Then they might be knocked more stupid than Joe Bite Me and idiot Theodore above.

  46. Why don’t you learn to articulate the English language you inbred half wit. Sure looks like your mom May also be your sister or wife. I suggest hanging yourself to stop the chain

  47. let us not forget that the President is suppose to use secure servers. That was in part why Hillary got into hot water in the first place for using a none secure server.

  48. James Kirksey for one it is an inquiry as you say and not investigation and too will go no where like all the other lies that keep costing the taxes payers monies. Even so they must vote and they will not have the votes.

  49. They actually aren’t communists? They want to be part of the “New World Order”, don’t know they will be culled once it is in place. They would end up being “Left out in the cold”.

  50. Must be a college student? Without spell check and a calculator they are “Illiterate”. Give them a pencil and paper and ask them to prepare their resume.
    I tried to get one to list his work history, couldn’t do it!
    So I asked where did you work last? Didn’t remember. Hopeless.

  51. We know who we are and we a true Americans that support our President of the United States which is better than being a commie.

  52. Theodore Ziolkowski you are wrong but then I am willing to bet you are one of those Democrats that need to take your head out of the sand and get air. The information was not verified. The so called whistleblower did not have first hand knowledge of anything so how do you verify the SPY”s lies.

  53. WOW! You noticed the old bag ladies denture issue as well. I didn’t think anyone else would notice. Have you also noticed that she looks like she just came out of a plastic bag? Almost like she has been wrapped in Saran Wrap or something. The morticians will have a time with that one alright…………..”MAKEUP…WE NEED MORE MAKEUP”…….to shiny and waxy to say the least.

  54. I’ve read the transcript, word for word, and not one word the Dems are claiming was said was said. The person he spoke to said the same thing, all “FAKE NEWS”. These Dems believe every word of the “Propaganda” the Dems put out. Guess they all work at one of the over 2,300 liberal groups Mr. Soros funds? That’s about the only “Position” many college grads can find.


  56. Cris………learn how to spell “EXACTLY”. Seriously, how can I invest in my brain to give credence to a dummy.

  57. Cris we also know something else. That you are a dumbass. After Trump gets cleared of these lies, you trolls need to go away.



  59. It had been going on this way for a long time!! Sal Alinsky tactic had been their rule for radicals for decades…Demonicrats party was LYING and character assassination destructive scum from the start!

  60. Trump supporters in Congress are COWARDS

    THEY  KNOW EXCATLY  what  kind of person Trump is and
    THEY KNOW EXCATLY  the injustice that Trump is thrusting upon  our country and the world. 

    But they are too afraid of Trump and his threats to tell  him to STOP.

    So they are allowingTrump to do anything he wants to do without any regard for the Law.


    “No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion … People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love … For love comes more naturally to the human heart than  its opposite.”

  61. SHE IS a Monkey!! Especially while she is endlessly trying to extract the remaining food particles regardless if she is sitting behind the president during State of the Union address or in between her Demented statements/burps and uses it as CUD!

  62. A DAM lying-sack-of Schiff . When is he going to produce the conclusive evidence of “Russia Collusion”? What do you mean, he doesn’t have any ? You mean HE LIED before Congress ? The Executive Branch is in charge of security clearances. A DAM lying-sack-of Schiff can’t chair a committee without one.

  63. You are just a left wing nut brain washed by the COMMIE Crats I was Democrat for years no more I watched the Party of Truman Kennedy turn into anti American Anti Freedom anti 2nd Amendment Party did you know Truman carried a gun Kennedy life NRA.

  64. Amen, brother. The left loves darkness more than they love light. If Christ was alive today, the left would use their evil influence to crucify him all over again. I feel 100% confident that God will accommodate their wants and desires and cast them all into the darkest regions of oblivion. That is where they will be happy. Staring into a black abyss for the rest of eternity.

  65. Gary I hope you are right. I would love to see pencil neck explain that. But they are spin masters. And a lot of idiots would believe them. But the truth still needs to come out.

  66. Face it folks, the left’s ideology is not sustainable – period.

    ***** Lies, false accusatons kill trust.

    ***** Gay marriages do not procreate.

    ***** Abortion kills potential genius.

    ***** “By any means necessary” kills truth, honesty, integrity, trust, justice, etc…

    ***** Evolution lie kills God’s presence, removing God’s blessing and guidance.

    ***** Support of Islamic doctrine of sharia law “All Muslims are obliged to kill the infidel”.

    ***** Illegal immigration kills American citizens opportunities and culture.

    ***** Gun control, confiscation, kills honest citizens.

    See a pattern here? Democrats are the party of death!

    They have nothing to look forward to but death, no wonder why they are so angry.
    They should try God, give themselves a future.

  67. congress is a nothing Just spending our money on fake president stuff and the people we suffer the congress does nothing we need to vote them out

  68. In today’s world, all you have to do is accuse without proof and it is automatically accepted as facts. It is time that Americans open their eyes and do some fact-checking before they throw a stone. We have seen this happening numerous times throughout these last 3 years and it is time that we the people take a stand and require proof.

  69. Will Penny this will blow over. But, like Comey and his corrupt fbi, they will have a so called insurance plan. It’s going to be a fight to the finish.

  70. Dan isn’t that the truth , it’s just one false accusation after another . Enough is enough of this Witch Hunt !!

  71. Terry, are you concerned Trump will win in 2020? You should be, because he will. What happen to elections that were won by voting for one person over another. There is nothing you can do to change the out come. I’m betting he will win.

  72. Yes Diana he is the best one that has happen to this country and if the Democrat would let him do his job it would be a lot better country!

  73. They are angry because their ship is sinking. They have been caught. They are running out of ammunition. We need to stand behind our President and support his administration. After erecting the wall we can design a big prison with CIA operation torture chambers well put Obama, Hillary, Polosi and big man George in there.Drain the swamp. Reverse the curse! Thank you Lord! PTL!

  74. Cris, Interesting theory. Do we really have a legal Impeachment Inquiry? I have not seen information on a vote by the House. Two or more House Committee Chairs are ranting and making demands in letters. The big question – By what authority? Chairman Schiff presented a KNOWN LIE to his Committee and started interviewing a witness. Speaker POelosi is responsible for discipline for such violations. Where do things really stand?

  75. Anyone with half a brain would have done something about securing the phone calls after all the leaks to the media Trump has had to deal with and setting up systems to find out who these leakers were. This just shows how desperate Dems have become not thinking about this and to keep sending in their spies. Dems did try to go around this new security system by changing the whistle blower requirements quietly without anyone knowing it to allow heresay instead of actual proof. Dems were hoping their pals the mainstream media would be able to flood their lies to the public to start a uproar but the public now are on to their lies and no longer believe a word they say anymore. The mainstream media has lost the power to sway the publics opinions and that was their greatest tool.

  76. You’re lamentation is misguided. What Trump is doing is bowing back against a system that has been rigged and corrupt for far too long. His drain the swamp and calling out the press for the prejudiced body it is sets people off and “he don’t care.” I find it refreshing. But, you’re conclusion that Congress must act is lunacy. The American people are the ones to act, and they will next year. We will see what the results show then…I hope you showed the same visceral hatred towards Clinton when he lied to Congress and Ken Starr about Monica Lewanski after she performed oral sex on him (at least once) in the White House. Or, perhaps that did not arise to the level of hatred for his misdeeds did as does Trumps’ supposed dictatorial tendencies, which are not by the way.

  77. Dan Tyre. Right. Show me. Look at what they DO, not what they say. Ann Coulter & Candice Owens like.

  78. Here is another one for ya, this whistleblower started a save my ass donation account for people to donate monies to pay for his or hers legal fees that he or she fears that they will be in serious trouble when this comes to an end, it hasn’t been said just where the donors can send the monies this person’s lawyer is supposedly is setting it up through him, now if this person is so protected through the igs redoing the form for whistleblowers, why would the whistleblower need donations for legal fees. this smells along with the many items from the transcript not true or even in the transcript, or many things left out of the complante . this sounds like the woman who attacted our high court judge she also did the same thing, and was found out it was to line heer pockets.

  79. Keep lying & passing lies around Mike R. It just shows everyone what idiots the commie left consists of & brings more intelligent people to Trump. Trump 2020.

    We are the future. Leftists are racist-fascis-commie history trying so hard to repeat itself but failing. Keep on failing Mike R.

  80. YOU michael are the nut. Democrats & neocons are jumping the commie ship every day. Only a gov. ‘news’ tv zombie would be unaware of this.

  81. Paul. That would be prosecute Schiff, the CIA ‘whistleblower’ (commie) & the rest of the commies.

  82. As always, terry, mike whoever lying commie goons. Psychopath-narcissists-leftists-demonrats-neocons accuse others of what the psychopath is actually doing. NEVER FAILS.

  83. Wrong again Terry terrorist. You are unaware that you are the problem not the solution. Go home to your single mamma.

  84. what did the whistleblower did this time? and he are she the whistleblower needs to stop what he is doing i have been hearing about the whistleblower for a week
    then it was gun smoke and then ruined Pelosi’s impeachment plans this needs to stop.

  85. To Mike R, I agree.
    Trump supporters in congress are Begainning to jump ship.
    Those who don’t will be going down with Trump.

  86. President Trump is running America into the ground.

    He is supporting brutal dictators, targeting Muslims and other minorities with hateful policy, and bringing out the very worst divisions in us.
    It terrifies me to see President Trump make America more like those corrupt dictatorship regimes through out the world.
    I have watched him fire officials investigating him, launch a full-scale attack on our free press, and even call for his political opponents to be locked up in jail.
    He has praised the world’s most violent dictators — and he has even suggested his term as President should be made permanent.

    I have never seen the kind of all-out assault on democracy that the Trump administration has unleashed over the past year.

    His administration has targeted immigrants and refugees and separated children from thier parents.

    Hundreds of children – some as young as 18 months – have been taken from their parents at the border at an average cost to American tax payers of $327 million per year.

    Every time I turn on the news I am hit in the gut with another way President Trump and his supporters are derailing our country.
    They are eliminating our environmental protections in order to sell our oceans and national parks to oil corporations.

    They have abandoned the American people. They have relentlessly chipped away at President Obama’s legacy. And their only concern is how to help themselves and enrich their friends.

    Trump has spent the better part of the last year undermining the special counsel’s independent probe into Russia’s interference in our elections. He has fired his advisors that disagree with him. He has pardoned a convicted racist in Arizona and someone who leaked classified information in the Bush administration.

    These attacks go beyond battles over civil liberties and civil rights; they are attacks on basic tenets of democracy — checks & balances, the rule of law, and separation of church and state.

    Trump said while he was campaigning that



    Lawmakers in any political party who are doing NOTHING to stop Trump MUST be voted out of office.


  87. I am really tired of hearing “PEOPLE HAVE TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE”. It’s time to see some action!

  88. The impeachment joke has gone far enough. We need to let the rat party know how it is. Keep their phones and emails busy. They are afraid of Trump, but we can make them fear the backlash that’s coming. Let’s stand behind Trump. Now!!!

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