The worst secret from Barack Obama’s past went public and now he’s doomed

Barack Obama spent eight years falsely claiming he had no scandals as President.

That lie offended millions of Americans.

And now the worst secret from Barack Obama’s past went public and he’s doomed.

For all the Fake News Media hype about Donald Trump being a Russian agent, the biggest Russian dupe in America was in fact Barack Obama.

It was on Obama’s watch that Russia allegedly meddled in the 2016 election while Obama sat on his hands and did nothing.

Now, a new bombshell report from Yahoo News finds that, starting in 2010, the Russians cracked the FBI’s secure communications system.

Yahoo News reports:

American officials discovered that the Russians had dramatically improved their ability to decrypt certain types of secure communications and had successfully tracked devices used by elite FBI surveillance teams. Officials also feared that the Russians may have devised other ways to monitor U.S. intelligence communications, including hacking into computers not connected to the internet. Senior FBI and CIA officials briefed congressional leaders on these issues as part of a wide-ranging examination on Capitol Hill of U.S. counterintelligence vulnerabilities.

These compromises, the full gravity of which became clear to U.S. officials in 2012, gave Russian spies in American cities including Washington, New York and San Francisco key insights into the location of undercover FBI surveillance teams, and likely the actual substance of FBI communications, according to former officials. They provided the Russians opportunities to potentially shake off FBI surveillance and communicate with sensitive human sources, check on remote recording devices and even gather intelligence on their FBI pursuers, the former officials said.

“When we found out about this, the light bulb went on — that this could be why we haven’t seen [certain types of] activity” from known Russian spies in the United States, said a former senior intelligence official.

It was Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton that presided over the “reset” with Russia.

And on Obama’s watch the Russians annexed Crimea, hacked the FBI’s communications network, and allegedly meddled in the elections.

If any American President was a Russian plant, it was Obama.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. I’m going to be nice, American Patriots should drag Barack and Michelle out of their million dollar home (that we paid for), take them to the nearest town square and hang them both by their nuts! Oops, did I say the same thing about “Michael”? Oh well, everyone tells the truth from time to time, except the Obamas! The next time you talk about the sweet Obama girls, remember that we made them what they are!

  2. Neither Obama nor any other former high government official (e.g., Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Rod Rosenstein) will ever pay for their crimes against America. Anyone with a much intelligence knows that. The national government is filled with political criminals who will never pay for their sedition, treason, and self-enrichment through criminal behavior. To my mind, the most embarrassing “secret” that is not a secret about Obama is his history of being a homosexual hustler in Chicago.

  3. The title of this article: “The worst secret from Barack Obama’s past went public and now he’s doomed,” is horrible. It is clickbait at its worst. I’m sure sick of this kind of nonsense.

  4. Obama was raised with a Communist upbringing, his Mentor in Hawaii when he was young was Frank Marshall Davis, Davis also friends with Obama’s grandparents and all were known Communists. He is a fan of the likes of Marxism, Cloward-Piven and of course Saul Aulinsky. With all this there could be no doubt about him being a Comminist also.

    • And if any of this was properly vetted by the corrupt MSM Obama would never have been elected. He couldn’t even pass a background check for his own security detail. Nobody knew about his past because the MSM deliberately ignored / buried it. It’s sad our first black president had to be Obama.

      • Lest you forget, Barack loves to be bent over. Just look at his husband, Big Mike. Speaking of old Big, remember when he went on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, and was prancing and dancing around, and his sausage cum untaped from his thigh? What a freakshow was with old Ellen’s eyeballs about to pop outta her pin head. It was such a show. And tg those bongo lips, flapping nonsense, talking about his real he man that bench presses 7 pounds, which just so happens to be the weight of Big Mike’s underwear, with full load of tape and secret sauce. What a lovely show it was.

  5. Remember when the left called everyone racist that didn’t support Obama and vote for him? Well now all you folks that voted for Trump are racists according to the left. Everyone that doesn’t think like a leftist is racist by default.

    • Steve, the dems can’t stand anyone who does not agree with their sick agenda. They have only hate and lies. They have thrown God out of their party and satan has taken over. They cannot win. When Jesus returns we will be forever free of them.

      • Yeh, bj, I’m sure Jesus would have dehumanized an entire people because of their skin color (you do realize he was middle-eastern, right?); and would separate and cage children; and tell more than 1,000 provable lies in the span of two years and spew hatred daily…. look at your cult leader. And please don’t pretend you are a Christian.

        • Securing the border is not dehumanizing people. It’s called doing his job as president. Hello!!! You do realize we have immigration laws? You do realize the president is sworn to uphold those laws? And if you were paying attention Obama did the same thing. They didn’t call Obama the “deporter in chief” for nothing.

        • Jesus Christ never once spoke against the wall around Jerusalem If parents break the law, they get separated from their kids. Boo hoo.

          • Yeah and the biggest lie is that none of these detention facilities were in operation under Obama, and that Obama never deported anybody. You only believe what you want to believe. You are a selective lie believer, (SLB).

        • Scott, you just continue to prove yourself a major hypocrite.
          Still denying the proven fact that families were separated and kids put in cages in 2014, if not earlier. Trump was not the president then. And attempting to drag Christianity, which you obviously know nothing about, into the argument, while supporting blatant bigotry against Christians, along with full support of the in utero genocide of millions who have no voice, and are afforded no choice? You are truly despicable.

        • Scott, Your ignonrance is profound. You know NOTHING at all about Jesus, who SUPPORTS borders and walls. Read the Bible if you know how. You are totally clueless. And you have no concept at all of what a Christian is. You have rejected the great love and sacrifice of Jesus. And, YES, I am a Christian. I have come to Jesus and accepted Him as the Lord of my life and I KNOW that I will spend eternity in Heaven. You can know that, too. It is your choice to follow Jesus to Heaven or satan to Hell. You have chosen satan, as has the Democrat Party. When you deny God, satan takes over.

          • Thanks BJ you moved me today. Let’s all keep eachother in prayers left or right. We are facing some very serious times. It is felt through out the entire world. No matter who our President is we must support him. Keep him in our prayers. God loves all people and we must deliver the same message. This country was blessed at one time, however we took him out of our schools and completely abandoned him. Our young people today are LIKE not into God, LIKE that stuff is for weirdos,LIKE they use LIKE in the begging of every sentence. What have we done? What are we teaching them? This is where they are learning from.I will too try harder. I get angry too. But please let us work together. Whatever it takes. We have a generation behind us…and that is my concern.

        • Scott, it is YOU and the whole dem party that spews lies and hatred daily. YOU are extremely SICK!!!! Hillary lies every time she opens her mouth and Obama the muslim traitor LIED his way into our White House, but that is all fine with you. WAKE UP!!!!!!!!

        • Scott, you do realize that those who are storming our southern border are CRIMINALS, right??? They are invaders breaking our laws and Jesus does not support lawbreaking invaders. The way to come into this country is LEGALLY. But you have no morals and breaking the law means nothing to you. sad.

        • So sad, so much hate! All this whining won’t undue the election of 2016. It will probably ensure Trump’s victory in 2020. Get over it!

        • Wow, are you stupid. No sense bothering to talk to you. You are a true CNN junkie. Too ignorant to actually research for yourself. Have fun in h e l l
          PS. Love my name, dont you? Pss. Cages were built and used in obungholes administration, but, cant let that little fact get in your way, huh.

    • Steve, Not to worry… I always say You can call me anything ya damn well please.. However DON’T CALL ME LATE FOR PAY DAY …I DON’T MEAN THE CANDY BAR!!!

  6. OBAMA THE RUSSIAN PLANT FOR PRESIDENT BY COMMUNIST RUSSIANS. This means the Russian hacked FBI spy on President Trump plant under the Obama and Clinton’s has full knowledge of all classified material within the WH. Clinton Obama and the FBI must all be held accountable. SUPER TRAITORS! They hang seditious traitors don’t they?

  7. The classmates of Obama thought he was gay in Hawaii and at Occidental where he joined the Marxist Club but was always hanging out with a man from the Middle East and touching him a little too much.

  8. What about lies about Obama care
    What about Lerner’s email scandal and crooked going on at I R S What about cover up for Hillary’s crimes , which were many.
    what about aid to a Foreign student.
    What about crooked Social Security numbers
    What about telling Putin in secret you would have more options after you were elected
    I’m sure there were others but this is getting too long

  9. Let’s see, Obama has been out of office for almost 3 years. Have you not one thing more than this. Pathetic and not even newswothy.

      • No, bj, I’m an American who has faith in truth, ethics, integrity and honor… all of the things this group and your dear cult leader have no scintilla of sense of…

          • Scott27, The only “cult” I know anything about is the “Obama Cult” and I for sure did NOT buy into that low class, inbred, un-American, unpatriotic cult. I have it on good authority you are a charter member!
            Republicans don’t have a cult, we support the best President ever, President Trump! You know the one who has done so much to repair the damage your cult leader, BO, did during his eight year reign of terror and destruction!
            Scott, what kind of an idiot puts a hook, line and sinker on a bridge and fishes for Republicans? Only a Democrat who doesn’t have any idea what in hades they are doing, ah, that would be you, troll! Your chronic brain rot has really gotten worse, eh? 🙂

        • Trump is not our cult leader. He is just a man doing a pretty good job and delivering on his campaign promises. Even in spite of the activist judges Obama stuffed on the courts, and the worthless house of democrats that can’t seem to find anything useful to do. Just waste everyone’s time and money with a never ending barrage of investigations.

        • Scott, you prove your ignorance every time you post. You are truly clueless. DARE to check it out. YES, Pres. Trump has done a LOT of good for this country. That is a FACT. But just keep living in your hate-filled fantasy world. You have no concept of reality. sad.

  10. egnore the red man , he’s a brain dead oboma $uck a$$ , and like all liberals , when they can’t defend what they say , they throw insults back at you ,

    • Tim, that is because those who follow them have no concept of the truth. They do not have the intelligence to understand the sick evil that that was and is going on in the dem party.

  11. Old man trump has a lot of brown nose ticks on here. They whine worse den he does. Snowden over in Russia may not can pull it off for trump the bump on americas butt this next round. Den he’ll leave his brown nose followers behind as he creep into Russia wit nothing butt love while his brown nose, racist, bandit, followers whine themselves to death by gun shot to their own greasy heads. hahahahahahahahahaha. bang, bang, racist gun worshipers. hahahahahahahahahaa

    • When a DEmocrat accuses a Republican of anything untoward, you can win a bet if you say it’s the other way around.

      Your post was filled with language I would prefer not to read. Clean up your act.

    • still hoping that the bernhole will win and bring your love angel, the ho clintoney, back to DC ? maybe this time she will invite you to the oral office for some split licking practice.. like you really need any practice..

    • The racists are the white folks in congress that tell black people they need whitey’s money because they’re too stupid to have a job, and too stupid to get voter IDs. Hey black man, just vote for whitey and he will give you money, and whitey might just throw in a little reparations too if you nig*rs stay on the plantation.

  12. Great speech by President Trump in New Mexico tonight. The commiecrats will have a hard time following him. All of their candidates are a pack of idiots spouting nothing but nonsense. And I can’t help but believe that Beatoff O’Rourke screwed them up big time. Don’t doubt me when I say that so called assault weapons would be their only ban agenda. They will come after your pistols and hunting guns. Let’s beat them at the ballot box so we don’t have to pull anarchy. Obama is in the past. He’s nothing but a fart in the wind. We need to unite to beat the ones that are in the presidential race.

      • when did you stop playing with your tiny thing ?.. oh right, you mom caught you and put a plaster cast on that tiny thing.. well just keep dreaming about the hore clintoney and maxipad headwaters.. the stupids out in crapafornia will probably re elect that commie loving african… hey maybe she will send you a ticket so you can fly out there and vote… of course you could always ask to borrow her broom or the ho clintoney’s broom. I hear that the clintoney’s broom is so fast that it would blow her dress up and that is why she wears those adorable pantsuits.. what does your squaw wear ? well whenever she is not entertaining the neighborhood..

      • Pakistan is where the inbreeding goes wild. Even after they migrate to London, 50% of their marriages there are to first cousins. Do you really think that the poor in India, South America and Africa don’t inbreed!

    • “Assault weapons” would be the gun grabbers foot in the door. History proves that an unarmed people are at the mercy of governments, their own and others.

      • You can kill just as many people with a semi automatic pistol as with a rifle so of course the democrats will come after pistols next. In fact, far more people get killed from pistols so yeah they will move onto pistols after they ban the rifles claiming they didn’t go far enough the first time.

    • Curious, Dan, which “well-regulated militia” are you a part of? I don’t think the Constitution says you can have a gun just to cover your shortcomings as a man. You should really read the Federalists papers.

      • Scott, you have no clue at all about who our founding fathers were or what they left us. That “well-regulated militia” is us citizens. They were very wise to give us the second amendment to protect ourselves from a rogue government. The dem party’s goal is to TOTALLY take over our government and our lives. That is why they want gun control. We have the RIGHR and the DUTY to protect ourselves from anyone who would harm us.

          • Scott, since you hate this country and our Constitution so much, you are free to move somewhere more to your liking. Please do.

          • You honestly think that is not the dem’s real goal to take away guns when that is exactly what they are all pretty much saying now. Sure they use euphemisms like “mandatory buyback” but certainly even YOU are intelligent enough to see that for what it is.

      • Snott27 are you saying that I shouldn’t have a gun. Having a gun don’t make a man. But the constitution is clear and the scotus confirmed it. But you, being an idiot, don’t understand that.

      • We haven’t reached the point of having a well regulated militia yet, but when that time comes not only will the militias be well regulated, they will be well armed too.
        Militias are a state thing – not a federal government thing.

        • A well regulated militia is citizens being armed and ready to assist in the defense of our country. Thomas Jefferson said that the easiest way to enslave people would be to disarm them. I don’t have a police officer or soldiers living in my house. Or traveling the roads with me. I don’t have armed security or live in a gated community. Yes, if I need to I will call the police, but I’ll do whatever I can to survive before they get here. The armed citizens militia is also for personal protection of life, home and family. And I’ll defend my rights with my life.

  13. How do you know that Obama had a real STINK about him ?? Try, BO aka as old fashioned BODY ODER , IT ALWAYS HAS A REAL PERSONAL STINK, AND HE HAD IT!!

      • RedMan, you are a real Dem, using the words of ignorance to try and prove your point, and yes I am part Black and Native American. So shut up and grow up. The Dems will be in control someday and there goes all your money to taxes, unless you are one of the non-workers whom want everything you have not work for. I wondering what names you are making up to call me, sense you have nothing intelligent to say anyway…DA

  14. The left seems to have forgotten that Trump WAS NOT president when the Russians meddled. The worst offender is good ole Joe from Delaware.

    • But the Chosen One proclaimed that he asked Putin if it was Russia and Putin denied that it was Russia. With Putin at his side the Chosen One said I don’t see why it would be Russia.

    • I never ceases to be amazed with the stubbornness to be stupid agenda of these DemoRats to have been decided by the Left wing leaders be as much as they already have is personally insulting enough but to carry on with support for these commie desiring clowns just shines the stupid light brighter on them!!

    • theolddog and julio richard laredo all you two can do is attempt to deflect from BO and divert to President Trump! You really have no choice after this article, right?
      Don’t worry, you will not be successful in changing the subject, too much in this inciteful true article. Conservatives were already aware of who the REAL Russian American President was and now you have seen it in black and white, out there for the whole world to witness!

      • Real M the commiecrats are getting desperate. More of them are crawling out of the sewer. Notice these posts. They are running scared.

        • Dan T., Yes, and they are giving conservatives plenty of ammunition to beat them over their ugly heads with! I wrote in a comment the other day somewhere that the Dems are desperate and I don’t blame them one bit! If there is a Dem anywhere who can think and reason, they know they are having to support policies, agenda, and presidential candidates who are radically un-American and I frankly don’t understand how they can do it but, they DO! And conservatives as patriotic Americans are “duty bound” to make them answer for it!
          #WalkAway to the Republican party, we want and need good conservatives to help us KAG! TRUMP 2020!

          • wow, real M, how can one person be so totally ill-informed and ignorant of the world outside your door? “Think and reason” coming from you as a dyed-in-the-wool, goose-stepping, cult member is nothing short of laughable.

          • Scott27, Oh Scottie you are such a GIRL! I mean REALLY such a girl! Wink Wink Nod Nod! Coming from the “likes” of you, all you commented is a compliment! I live for the crap I get from you, you make me sing “You Are My Inspiration” every time I read one of your ignorant moronic attempts at being a passive aggressive Dem jerk. So you keep up your stupidity and I will continue making people “aware” of what you and the Dem party really mean to the American way of life and our Constitution.
            NOTE: Don’t forget I know you are not real rather, one of several names used by a single troll………..who is also not real…….there is no end to you fake Democrats! 🙂

          • Scott, it is you who is totally ill-informed and ignorant. You just blindly believe the lies of your dem leaders without question. Why do you even come here??? This is a conservative board and you know nothing at all about conservatives or the truth.

          • Scotty, I have often wondered myself how you idiots can be so ignorant of the free world outside of your little Nationalsozialistiche echo chamber.

      • M, I still tend to think Obama was a Muslim Brotherhood plant, and at the same time Putin’s bitch, along with the Saudis, the EU, and others. He got his instructions from the globalist leaders during his ‘world wide apology tour’.

        • Will T, I think BO “sucked” up to everyone as was plainly demonstrated when he took his “apology tour” soon after being sworn in! I really believe he is a globalist whose plan was to navigate America to that end. Plan was/is to set up NWO with United Nations in military control of the world and BO was to be the “Supreme Leader” of the WORLD! I swear I believe that was his plan and Hillary was to be elected to continue navigating America to the globalist community.
          I cannot prove any of that but, based on what I saw out of him, BO did his best to get inside all groups/countries where he thought he could and use them as a means to an end for creating the NWO. This was a large in the shadows movement, I think AND, he may still be working on that plan considering what the Dem candidates sound like, most any of them be a dandy puppet for BO! Scary? YES!

          • Key words there, real m, “I cannot prove any of that.” Alternative views based on alternative facts. Pretty much describes you, Dan T, and many others here.

          • Scott, read Obama’s own books. He is MUSLIM and hates everything this country stands for. His goal was to have total control. There is no freedom in islam. He is a muslim traitor who lied his way into our White House. That is FACT. Try getting out of fantasyland and join the real world .

          • Scott27, Just keep on commenting to me, troll. Every time you do, you prove the point I made about you and fake Democrats in my last reply to you!
            P.S. I wish I had a penny for every unprovable accusation and lie you Dems have made against Republicans. I would be so wealthy I could hire someone to respond to you of course, I wouldn’t be having nearly as much fun! 🙂

          • Dan T., Oh believe me, I know and would never try to influence it in a positive way. You can’t reason with the unreasonable! That is the definition of an impossible dream. Scott27 is a fake and troll way beyond redemption!

        • The communists and the Muslim brotherhood have been working quietly for decades to takeover the world. Now the Democratic Party is the New Amerikan Communist Party, FULLY embracing the Communist agenda. They are no longer Americans and should be rooted out and deported or jailed as terrorists.

    • I live in a very liberal state and in a liberal county – only moved here to help out a relative.
      In our county, 96,000 voted for a Republican for governor and that is NOT a fringe.
      In all the wealthier areas, Republicans won.
      Republicans even won in the state capitol where the Democrat governor sits.

      • Another bone headed commit. Make sense coming from low I.Q. people. Try and keep up Redman. You must believe the news media’s prop-wash……….

        • bj, That stupid “The RedMan” is so brainless “it” doesn’t realize WE know it is just another fake troll. Certainly not a Native American but, is black pretending to be a uneducated black, you see how crazy that sounds and is? Thank the Lord, fewer and fewer people are replying to it and it will go away when it is ignored. This one serves no purpose other than to make an idiot of itself and makes the Dems look bad to have this caliper person represent them.

          • Scott, it is very obvious that it is YOU who is ignorant. You have no clue about the truth. You just come here and spew your hate and lies. Take a good look in your mirror to see hate and ignorance. You need the great love that Jesus has for you. You are missing out, but that is your choice to follow satan’s hate and lies, as has the whole dem party.

        • Scott27, There is a video out there, it is of BO speaking to a small group of people and he states he was born in Kenya, I have seen it! Couldn’t believe my eyes and watched it over and again. IT IS REAL! Find it and read it unless you are too afraid of the truth! “The truth, you can’t handle the truth”!
          Go find the video, I double dog dare you, coward!!!

        • Scott, dare to open your willfully blind eyes and see the truth that you deny. YES, Obama said he was born in Kenya. TRUTH!!!! But we already knew that years ago. His whole presidency was illegitimate and should be annulled.

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