There is a horrifying truth about the migrant caravan Schumer doesn’t want you to know

Caravans of migrants are pouring toward the United States’ southern border.

The situation is dire.

But there is one horrifying truth about the caravan that Chuck Schumer doesn’t want you to know.

Chuck Schumer is leading the Democrat opposition in the Senate.

Schumer – and other Trump opponents – claim there is no emergency at the southern border and that Congress should block Donald Trump’s declaration of national emergency to unlock access to money to build a border wall.

But Schumer – as well as many members of the fake news media – have been lying to you.

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen testified that as many as one million illegal alien migrants will try to cross into the United States in 2019.

The Daily Caller reports:

Illegal arrivals at the U.S. southern border are set to hit one million by the end of fiscal year 2019, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen told Congress in prepared remarks Wednesday morning.

“The agency is now on track to apprehend more migrants crossing illegally in the first six months of this fiscal year than the entirety of FY17, and at the current pace we are on track to encounter close to one million illegal aliens at our southern border this year,” Nielsen said.

Nielsen’s testimony comes just one day after Customs and Border Patrol revealed that in February U.S. authorities apprehended or detained 75,000 illegal aliens constituting a 30 percent increase in illegal encounters or apprehensions over the previous month. Nielsen warned that “I can report today that CBP is forecasting the problem will get even worse this spring.”

If that doesn’t scream emergency then many Americans don’t know what does.

They believe something must be done to stem the tide of migrant caravans trying to invade the United States.

That’s why they support Donald Trump’s emergency declaration to build a border wall.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story


  1. The American Indian was here before America was discovered. India people are not American. We lost everything that was ours, & is happening again. The foreigners think they r right about everthing. These people are pigs. other countries built fences, deported then back .They throw garbage out of windows.

  2. I am and I have no generational family tree on mom’s side. Thanks so much.
    I believe I will keep my guns. This time.

  3. Well if you keep putting the same old garbage out you begin to believe it. We need that wall built and these who don’t knows that and hate TRUNP so much that they can’t see RIGHT FROM WRONG.

  4. Think all imigrates should be on probation for 5 years to make sure there here for right reason! Then another 5 years to be able to vote! Must be legally here! Non legals have no rights and cannot be on Medicare or anything else! Catch and deport no matter what!! America dont need this problem and we know who’s paying them to come here!

  5. Schumer and Pelosi are both a disgrace to the office they hold, a disgrace to America and its citizens, what is just as disgraceful are the people who voted for them.

  6. There is a simple way to not only get the money but some of the work done ASAP for nothing. See Trump needs to direct ICE to take all the extremely violent ILLEGALS and drop them inside the walls around all Democraps trying to block the Wall and that includes those who claim they are Republicans but act like Democraps. This will get the Wall funded at a rate of ten times what is asked and that will be for a ten year period. So instead of 5 Billion they will give Trump 50 Billion each year till the Wall is built. They will also hand dig the footer and mix the cement to fill the footer not just in areas but for both the Southern border and the Borthern one as well.

  7. The demorats would not be in office now, if not for the illegals voting and voter fraud. Where do they get off letting the illegals vote? They are not American citizens, therefor they should not be voting in our elections!!

  8. They built walls under Obama, but because it is now Trump, they will not build a wall. They will not get re-elected. Democrats do not care about the United States.

  9. I’m getting tired of hearing Pelosi and Schumer running off at the mouth about not needing a WALL/BARRIER at the Border – they don’t have the GUTS to visit the Border for a few day/nights to see for themselves how serious the problem is…. I Challenge both of them to do this…..

  10. Nice idea wouldn’t work they don’t want their voter base kept out. I suppose the dead voters they use could take up the slack. These DEMON-CRAPS are very inventive!

  11. Of course, Chucky Schumer and his evil Democrats are lying about the Border situation. Yes! It is an emergency at the Southern Border and these Anti-American, Anti-Constitution, Anti-Freedom, Anti-President Trump Democrats are more worried about these Illegals instead of the American people’s safety. This is High Treason on the Democrats.

  12. it seems that the dems think there is no problem at the border, i like the idea of bussing in all the illegals from the boarser dropping them i DC let DC take care,feed,house ,medical schools see how long it takes to build a wall

  13. Thomas, I agree with your comment 100%. It won’t be long before the fences around the politicians houses and their guards will not detain these criminals. I call them CRIMINALS and not just illegals because that is just what they are. I just don’t understand what the hell is wrong with the American citizens of this country. I agree to use guns at the border and I am personally sick to death hearing about how much it costing the American taxpaying citizens for this nonsense. I am 72 and have worked hard all of my life since I was 16 and paid my taxes and I ALONG WITH OTHER CITIZENS WILL BE DAMNED IF WE WILL SUPPORT THEIR ILLEGAL, CRIMINAL ASSES because of the DEMORATS IGNORANCE. I say bring in the National Guard and shoot on site if need be. The RATS are not thinking or protecting the American taxpayers that pay their GD salaries. UNBELIEVABLE.

  14. To most of the Liberal Democrats it would not matter if they went to the Southern Border.

    The Illegal Aliens is their future voters. Congress (Liberal Democrats) does not care about Americans, they are working for the Illegals.

    But stupid Americans will keep voting them into office.

  15. Most of them just run for office so they don’t have to ever work in their lifetimes and hold a ‘real’ job and become rich off the backs of the voters.
    They are mostly leaches and parasites. Kick the whole lot of them out.

    THINK ABOUT THAT while you’re sitting in judgment on those people

  17. Send Congress to the border for 6 month’s put them where the action is. AMERICA’S WALL IS WAITING

  18. It is time the president tell the courts in California to pound sand and send active shooters to the southern border (civilian and/or military), we are being invaded and if this would happen the illegals coming would stop. If that did not stop the illegals, what would happen if one in these unconstitutional ruling jurists or their families is harmed by one of these they desperately want here. or the same thing were to happen to a congressmen/women or their families. Guarantee, if this were to occur, we would see a complete reversal. They would either be falling all over themselves to reverse their unconstitutional rulings sending the illegals back to where they came from or write bills to do the right thing to stop the illegal crossings.

  19. Get your state to pass the Convention of States. That is the only way we can get changes such as Term Limits, balanced Budgets, congress has to abide by the laws they pass and a heck of a lot more.

  20. Liberal trash didn’t have a problem with Bush Jr calling the border a National Emergency in 2005 and sending troops to work on border road, wall and steel vehicle barriers. If I was Trump, I would send all of our southern border Border Patrol to our Northern Border with Canada. By the time the 2020 elections came around, our economy would be collapsed. Within that 24 months an additional 25-30 million would have “migrated” in as we call it with no security and chaos would overwhelm all southern border states. This would drive north and east into Chicago, New York and more sanctuary states and cities. It wouldn’t affect me, I live in a rural area and we police our own. States law enforcement would be overwhelmed, heap housing would disappear and tent cities would start popping up. The Red Cross and resources like them would be so taxed, they would disappear. Wages would drop to 1980’s level $3.25 minimum wage or so an hour and we would still be without skilled labor. Since the Baby Killing Party and media know so damn much, I would say screw you, here you go. Wouldn’t take long until all of the little fag loving liberals would be begging to leave the third world 50 independent states.

  21. EGE, go to Patriot Pulse, scroll down to nancy pelosi where one will find petitions are waiting to be signed. Follow all directions as you do along. We, can help get this rolling for America in the right direction.

  22. EGE, go to Patriot Pulse, scroll down to nancy pelosi where one will find petitions are waiting to be signed. Follow all directions as you do along. We, can help get this rolling for America in the right direction.

  23. why are they trying to take our guns away? they don’t want you to be able to defend our county when they take over! the war is starting very soon,be prepaired to take them out.

  24. why are they trying to take our guns away? they don’t want you to be able to defend our county when they take over! the war is starting very soon,be prepaired to take them out.

  25. I just might have some spare ammo laying around that I would not mind putting to good use protecting our nation from this never ending invasion.

  26. I fully agree with you Christine. To start with that……

    I suggest sending a caravan of busses to pick up all of the Representatives, Senators, and all those maggots that feed off them. Then,take them all to…..oh yeah! Take them to Gitmo. Maggots include but are not limited to: pages, aides, lobbyists, their researchers, and all others who have no clue and NO CARE about what we in the S.W. have to live with and fight against. There is a major crisis along the southern U.S. border! By the time this menace engineered, not by the needy, but by cartels of all types, reaches Washington and the eastern states, it will be too late and the invasion un-stopable.

  27. Thomas, I dought this going through but here goes. I think we should dig a mote and fill it with crocs and gaters. Then put a 20ft. tall fence on each side of it. Then whoever can cross without a weapon will be allowed to stay. No medical care given on this side for bites. With signs on each side that says CROSS AT YOUR ON RISK. That way it will be easier to guard our borders.

  28. These dumb hillbillys in Congress would get off there soros paid asses and spend one day and night at the places the activity is! They could see fist hand what going on there! Better yet strap them to the fence for a day! Oh Lurch Schumer and whacko Pelosi are to stupid to know anything! George Soros puppets!

  29. I agree with you every body I talk to didn’t vote for that trash we have for a governor yucca valley ca

  30. Time to put all the National Guard units at the Southern border and shoot the invaders. Screw “human rights” when it comes to these illegal aliens. They’re using children to gain our sympathy. Meanwhile those children are being abused. Many of these parasitic illegal aliens are disease infested trash. Many are gang members. Many are mozzzlem terrorists. This country CANNOT handle all these people who will milk our Welfare system dry, take jobs away from citizens, cause our Hospitals to be overwhelmed with people who can’t pay, and use up valuable medicines, over run our schools with their illiterate crotch fruit and rape and murder the citizens. This is an INVASION and we have every right to defend ourselves.

  31. He reads from his written notes 98% of the time…. Who writes them….
    I don’t believe anything he says.

  32. All of the people above are correct in their views. When our elected people can not work together to create a better way of life for the voters they need to RESIGN.


    Signed ////
    Stockton, California

  34. You made a statement that looks pretty bleek. I hold that there are more Reps that are decent and want a better nation to leave their children. Few Dems are good and decent people IMHO. Sure there are Rep scum but those are the ones Trump is talking about being in the swamp. I live on a block with 9 families and I only know of 1 that vote. Out of 21 voting age adults only 2 votes out of 21 are cast. 19 belly acres that are unwilling to vote and are taking every free bee they can get out of the government.

  35. So true! American citizens are the ones who will and ARE paying for all those who have already gained entry into our Country! We do NOT want to support them for 3 years while they’re waiting for their legal hearing. Criminals are using the invasion to their advantage and entering right along with them. When your house is broken into, the stores in your town have their windows smashed in and goods stolen, when you and your children catch the diseases that we have eradicated but will be exposed to in addition to awful diseases we don’t yet have that they bring in, then maybe some of those unfortunate people will WAKE UP and see the consequences of their adverse opinions about the migrants “infecting” our Country!

  36. Nasty Nancy and spurious Schumer all just want more voters so they can control the country and raise our taxes, which is exactly what will happen if migrants enter our country! We are already having to pay for those who have already gained entry, their housing, food, water, necessary clothing, beds, etc. Enough is enough! Most of us do NOT wish to support them for 3 years while they are waiting for a legal hearing!

  37. Thomas: I agree with you 100%. They are getting paid off by drug cartels. These people are traitors of the USA and Attorney General should start dealing with them. Unfortunately, no Republicans have any balls to deal with these traitors. They should be sent to Guantanamo forever.

  38. When talking about the worst and most damaging type of PARASITES and, I’m talking about some of the most toxic of vermin that have long been around or, have always existed in any a known human-civil-society, the most toxic of such kind does happen to be known as a “politician” or, a “public servant” if so you prefer. If it’s called a “Democrat or Republican” .. doesn’t much matter, for either one of them is but the opposite side of the one and same coin. Of their best known of “qualities” .. other than lying, deceiving, defrauding, manipulation, extortion, stealing or, betrayal .. often times, many of these pigs who consider themselves as being “highly educated, untouchable or, simple above everyone else”. Totally dishonest and cowards that the majority of them are, most lack the courage to confront any a “rival” that they view as a threat or, as an obstacle to their sick and most perverted ambitions .. and, in certain cases, fearing getting “dirt on their hands”, some of them have been known to pay ($) for “favors” so that others do a “dirty job” for them. No telling which of the two (d-r) are the worst.

  39. these politicians need to be reminded who they work for!
    they were elected in by the people to serve us.
    if they are not capable of serving our interests . they can voted out of

    office . or need be we can call for their impeachment.

  40. The Bible tells us that “Love of Money is a root of all evil!” I say this because too much of “politics” is focused on financial haggling! Of course, there are also those who have great wealth and seek to control and distort the purpose of the “Voice of the People”!

  41. If is true that voting information is being passed out at the border,those doing it should be arrested and who is paying them also.any state allowing illegal voting should stop it and those allowing removed from office.those votes should be not counted.


  43. Every illegal immigrant arrested at the border should be trucked up to Schumer’s house and deposited at his front lawn so he can personally inspect each illegal immigrant to give them amnesty to enter his and only his house and use his food, bathroom, front room and all the furniture! Then we all can watch why Trump called him crying Chuck!

  44. I don’t care if anyone else believes this but, I believe that Schumer, Pelosi and a host of other politicians (Democrats and Republicans) are in the pockets of the Mexican Drug Cartels! There can’t be any other sane reason why they are against the building of the wall. Even the false news medias are starting to admit that we have a National Crisis on our hands. Besides the invasion of illegals, we’re going to have to deal with the increased threat from gang members, terrorists and disease. If we can’t have a wall, we’re going to need a hail of bullets to stop these people!

  45. I think that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer need to be forced to spend a few days at the most dangerous and busiest part of our southern border so that they can experience firsthand the seriousness of the illegal immigrants who bombard our border with drugs, sex trafficking, and all kinds of evil deeds. Let them experience firsthand what our border agents are up against and the dangers they face. Let Nancy and Chuck mingle with the illegals and even invite them to be their personal guests since they love illegals so much more than the people who voted for them.

  46. Using the MSM to continuously misrepresent what is actually happening is the number one weapon used by dishonest politicians within the globalist state and it’s in full swing with these caravan incidents. Question EVERYTHING. Especially that which is adopted as the official narrative.

  47. It says in the Constitution, that each state has the right as citizens to protect their sovegrity, if the government refuses too! But looks like the constitution doesn’t even exist anymore!

  48. I have only one thing to say to any Republican who votes with the Democrats to Stop President Trump National Emergency thay are Cowereds,Traters, Teariests, Unamerican, And are Really Democrats at Heart. And when it comes to ReEleacton time Find new Republican to Run And Replace them don’t vote for the nocount ones in OFFICE that are there know that are False Republicans

  49. Schumer is a lying piece of scum who will do absolutely anything to hold or gain power. Even his appearance with those spectacles hanging over his nose is despicable. His Senate leadership has been one of obnoxious contention, forever. He is a disgrace to the Republic.


  50. Currently it is an unarmed invasion…until they get here and then they abuse our existing gun laws and become armed with no fire arm training what so ever. Most of them are uneducated, not inoculated,non skilled, do not speak English and have absolutely no idea of what being a citizen of the United States of America. Yes I am sorry for their plight however as the age old fable goes, we cannot be everything for everybody. There simply is not enough to go around especially for those unwilling to assimilate into a society. Like it or not but the democratic party has been fully compromised by the communist party. If you cannot see that then take of the blinders (rose colored glasses). Time IS running out and when it does then the only way to fix it will be bloodshed, a lot of bloodshed. In any war, civil or otherwise, the first casualty is the truth. Unimaginable bad stuff is the norm and for the love of God we do not want to go there.

  51. Crying Chuck Schumer and the demonrats want open borders so they will have more voters for them. They are losing the black vote and the Hispanic vote, well at least the ones that are here legally. Dems are in panick mode. They are their own worst enemy. The ones who have a brain are leaving them behind. Their kind of thinking will be their demise. Just wait and see. It will not be long. They are just as crooked as Crooked Hillary. MAGA!

  52. Any body including you who posted this article is dead wrong about there not being a crisis at the border with Mexico,so why is it being allowed to be published by anyone who thus becomes anti American in every way and should be investigated as to whether they are competent to even be involved in any government position even as a bell hop some where. We the people of this country have every right to demand those who lie be removed from office and they be charged with the crime of treason against the United States as well as endangering our lives That would include the publisher of the lies So we know that the whole of the democratic party has placed itself in that position which is far worse then yelling fire in a crowed building. That is criminal intent

  53. Time for a national uprising, of our calling and writing Congress and creating a patriotic WAVE of voters in 2020 and EVERY ELECTION FROM NOW ON to save America from the left’s plan to flood our country with illegal aliens.

  54. Chuck Schumer i believe is a Traitor to the United States and it’s citizens, so please don’t believe a word This Lying Bastard says, or his counter part Pelosi, they only care about themselves and the money they can make, America and Americans are secondary.

  55. Cliff…I like your summation of the situation! I couldn’t have said it better! AND…I do not know why the Rinos do not see the handwriting on the wall!!!

  56. Term limits…. We need to get rid of Schumer and Pelosi both, they are totally evil people that are set on destruction of America.

  57. People from TX like me, have been seeing that for over 50+ yrs. But He and the speaker and the others think we’re stupid. But they are. But people keep putting them in office.

  58. The thing Chuck Schumer does not want Americans to know is that DNC people are at the boarder handing out voter pamplets, “Vote Democrat, We Care”. Yea, You all care alright, you care about your vote. You should really be saying,” Vote Democrat, We know how to break it off in the tax-payer”.

  59. Man From Grey, Rand Paul is still holding a grudge because President Trump whipped his butt, became president and he didn’t. Plain and simple.

  60. You have to ask yourself why in the whole world this group of RINO senators would betray Trump. Even Rand Paul joined them. I don’t think he made a valid reason either.

    I’m entirely for the national sovereignty. We need to protect the constitution. Ask 68% of Democrats that also wanted the wall.

  61. It looks like the time has come for WE the PEOPLE to step up OURSELVES to defend our Country, Families and Property from ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT INVADERS.
    The only thing DEMOCOMMUNISTS are looking for are more GULLIBLE ILLEGAL VOTERS to replenish their depleted “plantation”, because MANY INTELLIGENT AMERICAN CITIZENS are FINALLY “realizing” what the DEMOCOMMUNISTS are “up to” and #walking away from the DEMOCOMMUNIST “party” (These SCUM are attempting the total destruction of our REPUBLIC to carry on OBUNGHOLE, the gay,foreign fraud, MOOSLIME POS’s “legacy” to “fundamentally change” America to a third world COMMUNIST-RUN CRAP HOLE.)LOCK and LOAD..Protect OUR HOMELAND!!!

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