There is one video of Joe Biden that Democrats now want to erase from the internet

Joe Biden’s handlers thought they had things under control.

Biden and his administration tried to save his flailing Presidency with a speech.

But there is one video of Joe Biden that Democrats now want to erase from the internet.

Joe Biden delivered a speech to the nation where he announced he would impose a tyrannical federal vaccine mandate on 80 million Americans.

The Biden regime is drawing up an unconstitutional rule forcing every company with more than 100 employees to mandate the vaccine.

A mentally unstable, power-mad Biden alternated between shouting fury and bizarre whispering during his speech announcing what amounts to the federal takeover of workplace operations.

In Joe Biden’s new world order Americans must submit to mandatory vaccination or lose the ability to feed their family.

However, back in December Joe Biden promised Americans that the coronavirus vaccine would not become mandatory.

Following Biden’s insane announcement, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy posted a video on social media of Biden answering a reporter’s question about if his regime would ever mandate the vaccine.

Biden said no.

But that was in December before Biden’s Presidency imploded under the weight of his failures on COVID, the border, jobs, inflation and Afghanistan.

Biden and his handlers thought the only way to get out of a defensive crouch was to pick a fight.

And the battlelines they chose to draw are with their fellow Americans.

Biden’s totalitarian mandate and un-American speech marked a turning point for the Biden regime and the American Presidency.

Biden ran on a platform of uniting the country and “healing the soul of a nation.”

But when push came to shove Joe Biden seized near dictator-level power to punish Americans he perceived as his political enemy.

The American people must let House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy and elected officials at every level of government know that simply posting clips about the lies is not enough.

Neither is waiting and hoping Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts won’t stab Conservatives in the back like he has time and time again.

State officials must refuse to comply and Congress must take action to yank the Biden regime’s funding to enforce this insanity.

If not, the next President will be Hunter Biden.

Because power grabs of this sort when unchecked lead to despotic dynasties – like the Kims’ in North Korea.

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