These emails could land an anti-Trump FBI agent behind bars

FBI agent Peter Strzok was one of the ringleaders of the Deep State conspiracy against Donald Trump.

Strzok recently testified behind closed doors to Congressional investigators.

And Congress is holding the evidence that could land him behind bars.

During Strzok’s testimony he reportedly denied being involved in obtaining a FISA against Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

Republicans could not believe a high ranking FBI counterintelligence agent – who was playing a leading role in the Russia investigation – could not have been in the loop on obtaining a warrant to spy on Page.

Their suspicions were well founded.

John Solomon reported on The Hill that the Department of Justice produced memos to Congress that show Strzok told other FBI agents that news articles about Page were enough of a “pretext” to obtain a warrant:

The memos show Strzok, Lisa Page and others in counterintelligence monitored news articles in September 2016 that quoted a law enforcement source as saying the FBI was investigating Carter Page’s travel to Moscow.

The FBI team pounced on what it saw as an opportunity as soon as Page wrote a letter to then-FBI Director James Comey complaining about the “completely false” leak.

“At a minimum, the letter provides us a pretext to interview,” Strzok wrote to Lisa Page on Sept. 26, 2016.

Within weeks, that “pretext” — often a synonym for an excuse — had been upsized to a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court warrant, giving the FBI the ability to use some of its most awesome powers to monitor Carter Page and his activities.

The media would like to sweep this story under the rug.

Journalists claim the Deep State doesn’t exist.

But it’s real.

And there is mounting evidence high level FBI agents colluded on a plot to rig the election against Trump.

Does Peter Strzok belong behind bars? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.



  1. I agree with most of you. Need to vote all the corrupt *mf’s” out of office rep. Or democraps!!!!! This is all just sickening and they still go after our President the democraps are obsessed with getting one of our GREATEST PRESIDENTS out of office because with Trump in office they can’t rob the American people he is to much with it.
    If sleepy Joe gets in he will be walked over because he doesn’t seem to really be very knowledgeable about America past ir present and he is part of the problem we are facing with all the BS the government is trying to sell us Americans. Vote vote vote!!! TRUMP 2020!!

  2. AMEN………but I will be shocked if anything at all happens to anyone.
    What comey, brennan, clapper, paige, mc cabe, strotz, and ohr remind me of is the group of Nazis’sitting there at the Nuremberg Trial after WWII. They should be tried in the same manner an hung by the neck until dead! They are EVIL people. Add obummer, Hillary, and lynch to the list too!

  3. YES!, Everybody that was involved with this, all the way back in the Obama administration, the CIA, FBI, and the DOJ, needs to be arrested and put into prison and throw away the keys. Put Strzok and Page in there as well, and anybody else that I may have forgotten.

    • Yes, each and everyone who was involved in trying to bring an elected President down, need to go to jail. The were involved in crimes against the American people. The fact that they held the jobs that they did is all the more reason to be punished to the full extent of the law. The American people need to have confidence in our government and the laws of this country. And in the people who represent our government and these very laws. Never in the history of this great Nation has there ever been such disregard for our constitution and welfare of this country and its peoples. Shame on them. This should never happen again and the best deterrent is prosecution to the FULL extent of the law! That goes for Hillary and Bill Clinton as well!

  4. These emails could land an anti-Trump FBI agent behind bars


      • Why would anyone think they should remain as FBI agents or even work to protect our country and current leaders? They have shown true Americans
        they cannot to trusted. Being an ex-vet and believe in true American values they should have been locked up along time ago along with the other Demon Rats. It’s really a sad time for Americans when the politicians and corrupt officials can do whatever they want or politically correct and our DOJ just sweeps it under the rug. God will eventually take care of them but we still have to smell it!

  5. It seems to me that if Hillary really wanted to do our country a great service and elavate Her image in the hearts and minds of, We The People, She should notify the press of her intent, take Bill by the hand and march down to the department of justice and confes every issue of Her criminal past and anti-American activity and accept her due punishment. This would go a very long way to restore this country’s confidence in our Justice System and put us on a road to recovery. While She is at it she should go ahead and spill the beans about all of the other criminals as well.

  6. There are a lot of people that need to be locked up and the key melted. Never happen with our crappy justice system and biased FBI.Wish someone would do their job and make it happen !!!

  7. I think it is time to stop investigating and start iniiteing some of thease corrupt politicians. It is orange jump suit time.

  8. let’s finally put an end to this mess and put some of those people to jail.
    We had enough talk. let’s have some action

  9. I’m tired of all of this drama. Release and declassify EVERYTHING having to do with this and citizens can have public hangings on the White House lawn if justified.

  10. Congress needs to get off of their dead ass and indite him. How much evidence do you need on the guy. All in washington are dragging their feet. If this was a citizen, they would have been in jail a long time ago. Let’s get with it.

  11. I think all involved should be sent to jail. But not with a pass to get out free. This is a terrible thing these people in high places have did. They all should pay for the lies they have told and stand by that by they did no wrong. From top to bottom they should be jailed. Will we see this? I doubt it. Please pray for our President and his cabinet that God will lead them to do what they can to correct this terrible corruption. Pray for our leader every day. They need our prayer.

    • I agree Joan That these People need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law no passes what they have done has harmed our democratic system to a point that will live with the USA for a long time in history.

    • Hey Joan Pou, And pray for their safety. God protect them from all the crazy leftwing loonies who would like to kill them and all of us “subset deplorables”. Good comment from you and great reminder from another comment that POTUS gives his salary to charities. I would add that while he is working his heart out for this great nation his personal wealth is deminishing, that friends is love of Country!

    • I agree with all the commentaries. I am also extremely upset and fed up with so much talk and no action. So much repetition of the same obvious vicious undercover campaign against President Trump, by this evil cabal of corrupt, untrustworthy, bias spygate traitors and no action. All this, at taxpayers expense. We are not following what we preach. Why is it taking so long to conclude the investigation and harshly punish all those, (including Hillary Clinton), behind this filthy and unjust scheme, against the leader of our country.

  12. these idiots, every one of them should be fired without recourse or benefits, and banned from ever coming near a Federal office again. No retirement, no bennies at all! These are traitiorus crooks and should serve time as well! No Pnesions, no medical care, nothing! They are TRAITORS!

  13. Peter Strzok and the whore he rode in on should both be in jail. Some of the e-mails between the two state clearly that Obama wanted to be kept in the loop, which means that he, too, was a part of the criminal activity and should have an adjoining cell. There are so many scofflaws involved that one can’t just pick out one or two and call it good. Instead, a giant scraper needs to be used to scrape them all in a pile and jail every one of them.

    • I agree also with Big Ed. The deep state is indeed a very large group that should all be removed from government positions, and jailed or as traitors, perhaps more serious results for them! May God have mercy on the USA! May we survive the damage they have done.

      • Frankly, I don’t think they care about causing damage! They remind me of 10 year olds, having a temper tantrum! The very thought of the Clinton/Obama duo being in control of America, makes me shudder. I guess in part, that is the result of electing a president who is not a Natural Boron Citizen! Trump was my choice in the candidate-selection process and I would do the same again today! Brash, outspoken, politically-incorrect at times, but no could ever say he doesn’t love this country! MAGA! It is good that he talks directly to the people, not so much as “speech”; rather, he often talks about what he wants to accomplish. It is wonderful having a president who cares about this country and the people. So very, very different from some former presidents.

  14. Strzok is not a ringleader. He is one of many low-level conspirators. The congressional committee need to go after all the big fish: Hillary, Obama, Rosenstein, Mueller, Brennan(CIA), and others.

    You can’t really drain the swamp by going after a few low level criminals.

    • They are afraid of the “Open Borders Society”, which Mr. George Soros funds. Hillary is afraid of them as Soros gave her one check for $8 Million to help her get elected. She is “Owned” by Soros.

      • She sold Her soul to the devil long ago and that is why the “body count” does not bother Her at all as She has no soul.

  15. Don’t hurry the process, we want it to be all legal and not have any misdeeds so these traitors get out on a technicality. And a lot of them will be tried by military tribunals As is said, this will make Nuremburgh look like a cakewalk…….

    • I see you listen to Mark Taylor too! Mark said the very same thing, Killary and BO will be tried in front of military tribunals that will make Nuremberg look like a cake walk. It can’t come soon enough for all Patriotic Americans who love our country and President Trump!

  16. At this point there are a lot of people that should be behind bars. Right now they are stalling till the election when they think that all will be forgotten If Republicans get in they go to the big house, if the progressives win Trump is impeached for doing a good job and the cover up is complete. Then they will go after citizens. The borders are open, the population is changed to a world population and we have lost our country and the citizens are screwed.

  17. When Trump was running for President he said that it would be great to be friends with Russia. So the Democrats took what he said and twisted it into a huge lie and said that Trump was in on this crazy Collusion lie. That is what happened. I will bet that it was Hillary Clinton herself that made this whole story up if she were to lose.

    • This is happening all over the world. It is a world domination plot by the New World order. There are big bucks behind a one world government and no countries and no borders. Dictators in charge. Good luck to all. The whole world is to be brought down to he same level of misery.

      • Read up on the “Open Borders Society”, controlled and funded by Mr. George Soros. He worked for the Nazi’s in WWII by helping round up Jews to be sent to the “Death Camps”. BTW, Soros is a Jew!

        • … a Jew that turned in his own people, so he’s the lowest of the low, when it comes to patriotism, and support of country, (both Israel and the USA!) His dollars have caused a lot of destruction to the USA, as he paid “blood money” to kill our police officers and to fund destruction by rioting blacks. His money should be taken by the USA government to rebuild our cities and that southern border wall, etc!

  18. Everyone of you are absolutely right!!!! Get out and Vote!! But when you Vote do not vote in a person that is in right now just because he/ she is Republican (there are wishy washy anti Trump Republicans also) If these people cannot support our elected President and back him get them out Republican or Democrat. There is a big difference between disagreeing and obstructing



  21. If thet actually cared about evidence which is abundant and obvious, it would land a lot of big fish including Loretta Lynch. Eric Holder, Her Thighness, and the Muslim usurper himself and a list of others. But Don’t hold your breath!

  22. Obama should be executed for treason. Being paid and led by George Sorus, they both should be hung from the highest tree!

    • I sincerely hope that Crooked Hilly runs again, as a DEMOCRAP!! It would mean a “SHOE-IN” for the REPUBLICANS!! She will, however have a difficult time running for office as a CONVICTED FELON, which she definitely should be, if not behind bars! Maybe her RAPIST husband can keep her out of prison,,,he has managed to “STUPIFY” the public so far, and with the number of women that he has carved on his corral fence, and STILL not behind bars,,,,,,,well, who knows, maybe he could be “CELL-MATES” with her,,,,,,That would really make headlines,,,,FORMER PRESIDENT AND FORMER FIRST LADY SHARE A CELL!!! I wonder what Slick WIlly will say when his grandchild looks him in the eye, and asks,,,GRAMPA, DID YOU REALLY RAPE ALL THOSE WOMEN??? AND GRANDMA, DID YOU REALLY ACCUSE THOSE WOMEN OF LYING???, SOMETIMES IN COURT???”

    • I agree, BO supplied weapons to our enemy, and Killary helped. Benghazi a gun running deal gone wrong, then they blamed a lame film and put the Coptic Christian’s life in danger knowing full well the MOVIE had nothing to do with the savages attack. To rub salt further into the wound, BO and Killary took $70,000 of tax payer money, flew to Pakistan, and APOLOGIZED to the savages on behalf of America for the movie that made them so angry they killed our American Patriots and the Ambassador. YES, DESPICABLE, EVIL, Corrupt, Satanic leaders that should have seen the end of a rope, but still allowed to go on with their lives and be relished and protected by the Marxist Media.

    • Strzok committed treason as well as his whore and Comey all should be lined up before a fireing squad and shot why do they sit comfortably in their living rooms lock them up and force them to testify

      • A couple of days ago, I came across a photo of Mueller wearing a T-Shirt with a logo. I cannot remember the exact wording but it was something like “Trump versus the whole country, 2016”. Of course, he is not biased– much! Whatever happened to “Justice is Blind”. With the DNC financial issues, it is understandable that they are concerned but to threaten the take down of a president because of THEIR mismanagement makes no sense.

    • Hope obummer & crew get orange suits real soon. But of course they’re innocent. Sure is infuriating and it comes out drip, by drip. Hopefully their new favorite color will be orange, very soon.

  23. I’m sick and tired of these so-called “closed door” session where these anti-Trump vigilantes are questioned. Nothing ever happens. If we can’t change things on November 6th, then it’s time for the right to show the left what real civil disorder is all about.

    • AGREE 10,000% or if we do win in November and the demonrats hit the street to riot then we still need to go out and teach them some lessons. Let them know we are sick and tired of putting up with their disobedience.

  24. I agree with most if not all said in this thread however; I must be honest with everyone that what we print will not change one damn thing if we fail to vote this November. Getting rid of several rino’s should be top priority. We cannot allow Senator Schumer and Rep. Pelosi gain control or the deep state bureaucracy will run all over President Trump causing more damage than we already have.


  25. If this dirt bag is prosecuted, which id doubtful, it will be as a sacrificial lamb to protect those further up the ladder of Deep State corruption!


  27. None of these agents could have acted against Trump without orders from the president. Lynch, Comey and the other agencies were given orders to fix the hilliar problems and dispose of Trump. Obama didn’t tell them how to do it, he just told them to do it. And of course, it was all perfectly legal…until Trump won.
    Behind bars? No. Hanging from nooses, just like Kween Panzoota predicted.

  28. This all started on the tarmac with Lynch and Bill Clinton. Bill TOLD Lynch to MAKE Comey drop the investigation into Hillary and Bill knew just what to do! Bill figured Hillary would win and he would be back in the White House if Comey would let Hillary off the hook. Bill promised Lynch the Attorney General’s job when Hillary won. Bill promised the new FBI building for which money was being appropriated to build to be named after Jim Comey, and Lynch would convey that message to Comey. Bill knew the egotistical and narcissistic Comey would do ANYTHING to have his name on that building, and Bill was right. Remember the “no prosecutor that he knew would bring charges against Hillary” statement after reading off a litany of felonious acts that she committed!!! I believe this to be true because I saw in the Houston rag in a little hidden article that the money that was appropriated for the new FBI building failed to pass! Imagine that! So when it looked like President Trump could actually win, panic set in and the “Insurance Policy’ was put into play. Now they all have to lie about everything!!! And that truly un-American illegitimate obummer was involved to. If they are not all prosecuted and sent to prison, we are all doomed. why this scenario has never been on the news is beyond me! Thank the Good Lord and all that voted for President Trump….those TWO may be our only salvation. God bless Donald Trump and the United States of America.

  29. The feelings that most people feel for DONALD TRUMP IS  RACIST. A white, male, with great personal wealth, about to achieve all he wants, by intelligence, and ability.
    He has become the most powerful white male on this planet and therefore the total opposite of what liberal democratic facist idea of who should be running the world.

    Being a powerful, rich, and intelligent white male that can influence people is what the left find wrong and never right in our world.

    Even media seems to hate this guy…a guy that will not cower from people that do not like white males, and demands attention for his personal views.

    He is doing a job…and no matter his deeds only to be vilafied for fulfilling his campaign promises.

    I am with him…because he is the opposite of ANYONE that believes WHITE MALES ARE WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS NATION…A SIMPLE MINDED FORM OF …RACISM.


    Just hating because you just hate him is something that is much more cancerous than hating his politics…and that hate for the person…instead of his ideas…is much worse than RACIAL HATRED…FOR COLOR.


  30. YES! Everybody that is and was involved with this investigation, they all should be in prison, and that also includes, Obama, his wife, Clapper, Brennan, James Comey, Loretta Lynch, Strzok, Page, McCabe, and anybody else that I may have forgotten.

    Every one of these people have lied and continue to lie to the Committees that are doing these investigations, and they all need to be held accountable for their misdoings.

    With all of this new information, now is a good time to shut down Muller and his investigation towards candidate Donald Trump and now President Donald Trump and his whole campaign, and now his whole administration. Muller has NO evidence of collusion from candidate Trump and his campaign and now President Trump and his whole administration.

    All of these committees has all of the proof that they need that candidate Hilliary Clinton and the Democrats were in on this collusion, and that is also including former President Obama and his whole crooked and corrupt administration. Now would be a very, very good time to shut down Muller, and go after the real parties that were involved.



    It is time to give President Trump all of the help that he needs to build that BIG BEAUTIFUL WALL to keep out all of the illegal immigrants from coming into our BIG BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Anyone Involved With Trying To Disrupt The 2016 Election Should Be Behind Bars. Regardless Of Who They Are. This Would Show Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt That America Is Truly A Country Of laws That Everyone Is Required To Follow. It’s Not hard. I’ve Been Able To Do it For 60 Years.

  32. The further this “thing” goes, the more we find out, I am not sure this “cat” can dig a hole deep enough to cover all his crap. He can say he was kidding or angry and what he was saying not literal but, I don’t believe it for a minute! This guy is as dangerous as a rattlesnake! He should not ever be free to walk among the decent society again. I believe he intimidated more FBI agents than than have been exposed. I thought for as long as I could, it was just the top two or three agents that had been contaminated but there is no telling how
    many broke the law. How in the world do we fire them all and start over? It is just about more than my simple mind can comprehend but this has to be “fixed”. We need the FBI but, we have to be able to trust them to do what is right, honest, just, and apolitical (or keep their politics out of their d_mn job)! God help us all.

  33. They, who ever they is, needs to bring Ms Page in front of someone who will not pussy foot around and ask straight foreword questions and demand answers and it would be nice if they did not hide it behind closed doors. Seems like the government does not know what Transparency is or means. It is kind of like obeying the laws of the land for a change.

  34. His text about an insurance policy if Trump should win and his other text say he would ‘stop Trump from becoming president’ should he win the election sounds to my untrained unlegal mind as an assassination threat to a duly elected candidate and a lead in to a very real constitutional crises.

    If the FBI has taken upon itself the role of final decider in presidential elections then we do not have a republic but a police state.

    • You are so right!! And, if the Democrats get control of the Congress & Senate
      they will abolish the 2nd Amendment….then it WILL be the beginning of a Police
      State!!! GET OUT THERE AND VOTE!!!

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