These liberal protestors weren’t expecting this when they targeted Mitch McConnell

Trump’s cabinet members are being targeted by liberal trolls for harassment.

One group of protestors was answering Maxine Waters’ call to stalk and confront these officials wherever they find them.

But they bit off more than they could chew when they confronted Mitch McConnell and his wife!

Video emerged of a confrontation between protestors and Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao as she and her husband, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell were leaving a dinner at Georgetown University.

While the protestors planned on confronting McConnell, it was Chao who did some confronting of her own.

The Washington Times reports:

[T]he couple was walking to their SUV when protesters approached them and shouted questions about the Trump administration’s immigration policies.

One protester, just inches from Mrs. Chao, yelled, “How do you sleep at night?” Another asked Mr. McConnell why he was separating families.

“Why don’t you leave my husband alone?” Mrs. Chao responded. “He is not.”

“Can I go please?” she asked as the protesters blocked her path.

“You leave my husband alone!” she said as she got in the vehicle.

The video spread quickly through social media after being shared by a former Democrat National Committee staffer who claims on his bio to be a political advisor to Hillary Clinton.

This is just the latest in a string of incidents as The Washington Times notes:

Just this past week, DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was chased out of a Mexican restaurant and accosted by protesters at her Virginia home, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was kicked out of a Virginia restaurant, the president’s senior policy adviser, Stephen Miller, was called a “fascist” at a Washington restaurant, and Florida Attorney Gen. Pam Bondi was heckled outside a screening for the new Mister Rogers documentary “Won’t You Be My Neighbor.”

What are your thoughts on the new level of extremist “activism” Democrats are adopting?

Will it hurt them in the midterms?

Let us know in the comments below.


  1. A high-powered green laser will blind temporarily or permanently if shown in the eyes. Something to think about. They can be bought through Wish App from China for less than $20.00. Just a suggestion. Be smart if you decide to use these. Don’t just go around lasering just anyone. I would much rather temporarily blind an idiot than to kill them. After all there might be some redeeming quality even in stupid people.

  2. A high-powered green laser will blind temporarily or permanently if shown in the eyes. Something to think about. They can be bought through Wish App from China for less than $20.00. Just a suggestion. Be smart if you decide to use these. Don’t just go around lasering just anyone. I would much rather temporarily blind an idiot than to kill them. After all there might be some redeeming quality even in stupid people.

  3. Nothing has been done and I don’t expect that anything will be done.I am becoming more untrusting of both parties. Trump is not only fighting a battle against the Democrats but many so-called Republicans. Our country is in danger and not much can or will be done. Make America Great Again is becoming a hollow refrain. Let’s be honest with ourselves America has lost her moral standing and God’s judgment is going to be harsh. No nation can allow and condone the legalized murder of 70+ million babies and expect to continue. Therefore HELL hath opened her mouth and enlarged herself without measure. This once blessed nation is sliding into HELL. Deceive yourselves if you want but as for me, I have read the WRITING ON THE WALL, and it’s in plain speech.

  4. Nothing has been done and I don’t expect that anything will be done.I am becoming more untrusting of both parties. Trump is not only fighting a battle against the Democrats but many so-called Republicans. Our country is in danger and not much can or will be done. Make America Great Again is becoming a hollow refrain. Let’s be honest with ourselves America has lost her moral standing and God’s judgment is going to be harsh. No nation can allow and condone the legalized murder of 70+ million babies and expect to continue. Therefore HELL hath opened her mouth and enlarged herself without measure. This once blessed nation is sliding into HELL. Deceive yourselves if you want but as for me, I have read the WRITING ON THE WALL, and it’s in plain speech.

  5. You need to read the Constitution of liberty.Dems are commies,Rules for radicals is the idiots handbook.The people are watching and waiting.

  6. When is our DOJ going to start enforcing the law, Sure we freedom of speech but we are not free to threaten government officials Mister Sessions get off you lazy ass an start enforcing the law.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. Why are thay not bring the people up on charges for harassment thay can be fired from there jobs Fine the news company’s and strap the news people from broadcasting take away there license and make sure thay never get them AGEAN. If we don’t STOP this now some will be hurt Bradley or Killed befor this come to a scression halt just you wate and see. I have said my pice.

  9. Amen to that. Biggest landslide ever! What a pay back that would be. Actually, I believe that is going to happen.

  10. Everything you said and more needs to happen to her. But as we know and can see there remains a two tier justice system one for the elites and one for the rest of us. Paul Ryan needs to go now, what kind of leader allows this to happen without some kind of punishment. At the very least a reprimand on the congressional record. I hope to never be approached by any of these left wing loonies. Not that I’m scared I’m just really good and quick with my Glock. Only a matter of time before they push the wrong person’s button.

  11. You swallowed the pussy grabbing comment hook, line and sinker. Trump stated he could not he did. He is quite correct. I am female and have witnessed women with no morals throw themselves at men with lots O money. The “legend” media (fake) will take anything out of context to make a name for themselves. That is their form of letting someone grab their “pussy”

  12. Cosmo, name one Republican, that did what Maxine Waters did. I am so disgusted with the Democrats

  13. Pepper spray in an open mouth is very debilitating. Saw it happen and it stopped the person immediately. It certainly stopped them from yelling…lol

  14. GOOD for You, Sir!!! As a child in the 60’s, I remember things all too well. The shooting at Kent State, and the Assault on the Pentagon. My Dad had to go assist with the guarding of the Pentagon (He was assigned there, as a Major in the AF.) I saw what was hapening on TV, and I was scared to death for my Daddy. Our children should never have to be subjected to this sort of bullying. EVER. We must all be prepared with at least, Pepper Spray. Someone is going to get killed before this thuggery stops. I do not know how any decent person can call themselves a Democrat with this sort of thing being promoted.

  15. RIGHT. And, I thought the worst was to tell us, American Citizens, that we are not welcome. WHO does she think she is? I hope this horrible woman gets a good dose of her hatred, right back at her, so she knows how it feels. Liberals can dish it out, but, they sure cannot take it back again.

  16. I have been recommending carrying Pepper Spray, and/or a tazer. These people have NO Boundaries, and you never know if they are truly dangerous, or just Obnoxious. In any event, there is NO Reason why we should tolerate someone in our faces, close enough to spit on us with their nasty mouths.

  17. You know something? Right now would not be a bad time at all to take up self-defense lessons. That way if someone got in your face, a takedown would be in order. If they see you won’t take their s__t, they WILL back off. In fact, they would probably RUN OFF.

  18. We should protest these protesters with the greatest political gift that we have “namely send them down to the biggest landlside defeat in the 2018 elections in American history and let them know we protest with our votes and not with threats or violence!! Even their own Democrat voters are turning away from them and are either going to vote for President Trump or refuse to vote at all in the 2018 election because they do not agree with their Democrat Party!!! BIG RED WAVE IS COMING!!!!!!!

  19. Where have you been hiding when all the crimes were going on? Can’t you see trump is trying to save our country from distruction will not take his salary fights the haters media and deter rats that are keeping him from doing the job we hired him for. In my 91 years I have never seen the misery that is going on

  20. I am a 91 years old ww 2 vet have lived long enough to se the country going to distruction. I used to be a Democrat voted for rosevelt and the good democrats I am a republican love trump he is the only one that has the guts to save us from what the democrats have done fast and ferrous fbi scandal lies protecting Hilary from her crimes planting spies

  21. If more people reacted in the same way you did these little brats would probably back off. What gives them the right to harass and try to intimidate people? What if someone did that to them?

  22. Remember, if you are threatened by verbal and actual pushing or threatening you do have the right, if you feel that your life is in danger, you do have the right to defend your self to the best of your ability. Otherwise it is best to just walk away.

  23. You are so right. I for one am tired of the Dems vicious agenda. If a person feels threatened, they have the right to defend themselves. Remember, conservatives believe in the second amendment.

  24. I’m 74 myself and was a democrat until Obama and Hillary ruined this country. Am solidly behind Trump and the conservative GOP movement now. The media has to be stopped as well. Most of their “journalism” is tainted and far too many lies.

  25. She needs to regret it from here jail cell! She needs to be arrested and charged with inciting violence. She needs to be charged for each offense! She also needs to be held without bail. Maxine waters needs to be issued a gag order as well as being held with out bail. So if any attempt to make any more public statement calling for violence will cause her even more jail time.

  26. They are going to cause violence. When they get in the wrong person’s face. Ganging, screaming at a person is assault if the person feels threatened, is unable to walk away. It is only going to take one of these idiots shoving someone for “game on”.

    I went through this crap in the 60’s. I would not take some flyer they were handing out. They started cursing me, kept blocking me from walking around them. Finally one pushed me from behind. I went nuts. Five to one kinda makes me angry. I made sure none of the five would be yelling for weeks & put two in intensive care w/ lifetime injuries.

    Case never went to court.

  27. Who needs this worthless, low life, moron, traitor, and hired protesters these individual usually are given a $2.00 ticket to buy lunch. They don’t do it free but a for a free lunch these idiots will do anything for free lunch. Isn’t this a great way to be remembered for. LOL.

  28. to backtrak. Cancels in TX/Alabama.
    >Uh &&& probably to Cancel a Whole Lot More.
    > She put a ‘target’ on her back.Too late,
    Maxine – you said what YOU SAID & E’0ne
    Heard it + ‘recorded’.

  29. Also on drudge Fri. – Maxine canceled event in TX & [Alabama(i think)
    anyway 2 States, due above normal death threats & cpl severe enough for
    a cancel. What did she Expect after her ‘terrible’ spew. Then tried to
    backtrak & say “peaceful” protests”. She NEVER SAID ‘Peaceful’. She SAID
    “confront & harrass” __.

  30. Maxine Waters will probably live to regret everything she’s ever said in bad taste towards the voters of the United States of America. I saw when she was caught on camera getting a dose of her own medicine. She was not happy!

  31. I for one agree with all the post. The one thing I will promise Maxine Waters is that if I’m ever assaulted by one of these Liberal Pussified Snowflake Democrats, I will immediately file a muti-million dollar lawsuit naming her as an Accomplice in the assault.

  32. I was just starting to write that one needs to carry a large can of RAID as it shoots 20 ft & can it do some damage. I’m glad to see someone else knows & the secret is out.

  33. Just when do you see Republicans attempting to take away an individuals Constitutional rights, barring them from public places, stalking them, being violent, physically attacking other, & the list is endless?????? You only see liberals, leftist, Demo’s acting as fools. Trump is simply following the law that was put into place by Bush & then Obama caged illegals & NO ONE said a word. Trump inherited this mess & all the others messes made by Obama & he is doing a super job & tearing down these messes. Get your facts in place, instead of your OPINIONS, stop following the fake media & you could learn the TRUTH. You probably don’t have time, since you probably are getting high, popping pills, possibly shooting up, getting drunk, prostituting & other disgusting vile behaviors. Spend some REAL RESEARCH time to know the truth so you aren’t the fool that you are at this moment…..

  34. The requires them to be arrested. Failure to arrest could leave a black Mark on your work record, it could also be seen as complicity in the crime. Public officials are require to report criminal activity. No excuses.

  35. One day, and it will probably be sooner than later, one or more of these liberals are going to confront the wrong individual and SHE’S going to beat the hell out of them!!! lol


  37. Here’s a warning to protestors: Don’t make the mistake of assuming that all Asian women are meek and mild. Remember, most of the martial arts (judo, karate, aikido, etc. etc.) were developed in ASIAN countries, and MANY Asian women are PROFICIENT in these arts.

  38. The fact of the matter is these people are paid activist, by democrat benefactors. Hillary, and most of the democrat elected officials have been clamoring decent, deceit, obstruction, defiance, resist, anything to create discourse. And I full believe Oblaimer instigated this action when he had his closed door meeting with what was left in office. The witch hunt, you name it all designed to stim ate the Trump administration. In my humble opinion it is as close to treason as it can be and their should be hell to pay those who instigated it. In my 85 years of life in this country I have never seen the antics of government obstruction as I have this past year and some. It is an insult to our Republic, it is a political scam, it is treason and it should be dealt with with swift and decisive action. Where is the DOJ?

  39. You are absolutely correct sir..! Thank you for your service. I was a Democrat 40 years ago. I don’t think there are any “Democratic” politicians exist. The last one was Hubert Humphrey.!

  40. When you have to resort to cussing to get your point across you’ve already lost the argument. He also doesn’t cite examples. He just says republicans do it to so it’s okay for them. I can tell you when I lived in Wisconsin and they were trying to recall Scott Walker and the left would chase down people with Scott Walker stickers on there cars to harass them. They went to his house and harassed his family. If you had his signs up in your yard they would rip them up. They even had to get the police involved at times it got so bad. The left uses the tactics that Nazis did during Hitler’s rise to power but they call Republicans fascists and Nazis. I say they need to look inside themselves and realize they are what they hate.

  41. Arrest all these neer-do-wells and make sure that what they are accused of deprives them of their voting rights. This will ensure that Hillary’s phantom voting plurality will never happen again!

  42. i am age 84 and spent 30 years in the military to protect NOT what is ongoing in our nation. One would think that the Dems and GOP folks were not Americans for they fight each other in actions against the citizens and the nation. An example of this is the Democrats wanting open borders. Surfely this is not protecting our security so the Democrats need to be put out to paasture. I was a Democrat but changed when President Reagan ran and am proud of being a Republican. All Americans must give PAY BACK to the likes of Comey, Obama, Waters, etc by voting Republican. Sustaining a BIG LOSS at the polls is sufficient punishment for the Democrats who do not cooperate with the President and his ideals

  43. we expect our leaders in congress to set an example of honesty, dignity, and actions beneficial to our nation and its people. The example set by Congresswomen Waters leaves much to be desired. She does not meet the qualifications of dignity to remain in congress.

  44. My parents were strong democrats for over 70 years but no longer support them. They realized that they have morphed into Communists. Never ever vote for any of these charlatans.

  45. Maxine Waters started this. She’s a one woman left wing hate group! She advocates violence. Lock her up now!

  46. It is very true of what you said. I feel the same way.This is getting to look like brown boots more and more.

  47. Knowing that there threats could turn violent those body guards should be able to stop there actions once they set a hand on Politician or family members knock there lights out and cuff them for threatening harm to a Political Figure and charge them Federally and state on there records never to be expunged/overturned.

  48. Look at this video and all the rest that show hostility and bullying by Liberals; they’re all Millennials!! The Progressives have gotten a hold of the Millennials and are using them carry out their deeds. When I watch this and other videos I am reminded of the “Hell, no, we won’t go” crowd of the late 60’s/early 70’s. This has been the group that the Progressives have found they can control the best. As time goes, they will get on with their lives just as the boomers did 50 years ago. That’s why the Progressives will eventually loose…they can’t depend on mob rule forever.

  49. I agree 100%. For there illegal verbal abuse and Assault charges towards a Federal Political figure be arrested with a Federal Offense and put in which will be more damaging to there further records that the charges can never be expunged entered by a Federal Court. That will prevent the Democratic Party from overturning the Judgment. Maybe in the future once that word gets out others may really think twice next time maybe even stop all together.

  50. Hoping with you! I am not an American, I don’t live in the USA and have never visited the USA. But for us, in the rest of the world, a string (financial, military, moral) USA is very, very good! May the midterms be a huge Republican tsunami!

  51. It’s the same in New York. The whole state, all 62 counties are bullied by the 5 counties that make up New York City. That’s where all the freebie seekers congregate.


  53. In Indiana you have to get a permit to do anything & yes that includes protest.
    I’m so grateful where I live we are civil to each other & who we vote for is kept to yourself.
    These protesters will cross the line & will hurt someone.
    Why don’t republicans do the same thing? They would be called every name in the book.
    Let them protest it shows how high their IQ is. What is the the highest IQ for a liberal is 73. Yep thats about right. One more thing they are acting like a bunch of jackals & can’t think for themselves where republicans can & do think for themselves.

  54. A picture of typical brown boot soldiers harrasing Jews! Who’s the N’s now, history does repeat for the less knowledgeable!

  55. They are Maxine Waters minions She is to blame for inciting riots and threats of harm which is illegal on her part. Maxine is worth 5 million dollars and one of many millionaires who think because of their wealth they have the mind of God. Well they have the Devils mind for what reason I have no idea but Maxine is the law breaker in this case and needs to go to prison at GITMO

    This action of course is going to affect the election in a good and positive way. More conservatives will get elected and incumbents ousted. and that is good.

  56. We all need to find a way to shut her up. Seem.s like she has been allowed to run her mouth for way to ong. Maye we should start a petition to have her removed from her sea. Would serve her right

  57. Arrest them on site. Take them to jail and process them. This will give them a record once they appear in court.

  58. These liberal ass holes should have been arrested for trespassing fist of all then as they touched the lady that was assault. They all should be in jail right now.

  59. pass conceal and carry and shoot the sob’s this is no different then refusing to bake a cake for a gay and they won, what’s the difference between sexual herassment and political herassment , nothing , it’s a crime arrest the sob’s

  60. I come from a family of die-hard democrats and till the day they died you could explain to them the udder double standard and the lies and they would smile and say how did you get so smart. but never changed. that is what a lifetime of brainwashing does to a people

  61. You are right, those people should be in jail for harrassing a public official. Start with Maxine Waters, then Pelosi then Schumer then Schiff amd continue on down the DemoRatic line.until you hit Obama and Hillary.

  62. At the rate this is going and what the protestors are doing, there will be some violence and somebody is going to get hurt real bad. these protestors are out of control and with instigators like Maxine Waters it will increase


  64. Good thing Mitch had his wife there to protect him. She should stay close when congress is in session to give Mitch a little guts when not representing the people that sent him to congress.

  65. It’s time we hit back and do the same thing to the Democrats in congress. Get in their face anything you can. Why they think they are the only ones that can do this crap is beyond me. Maybe it’s because we have to go to work and support their sorry butts.

  66. I applaud Ms. Chao. She put the thugs in their place. I advise all conservatives to carry mace or pepper spray in every pocket and if a person finds himself/herself in that kind of position: spray it in the faces of these thug cowards. It is called self defense and is not lethal!!!

  67. They also prey on their own. I was a democrat until Lyndon Johnson murdered John Kennedy and turned this once great nation into a potential califate for the muslimes or a complete disaster of a s### hole.

  68. It’s great and honorable to want to help others, but who’s going to pay to take care of them?
    If we pay people to come here, why would they not want to come here? We cannot pay for everyone who wants to come to the U.S. In addition to the $ cost, want about the crime risk and the risk to our culture?

  69. I think we can credit Hillary for all the nasty stuff that is going on. She is a poor role model and maybe it stems from being married to a womanizer. The liberals have lost all their dignity

  70. republicans hire some body guards and have them hang back a little bit, just long enough for these ungrateful brats to get in your face, and then SICK em!

  71. The problem with todays voters is they do not fit what the founders has in mind when they wrote our Constitution. Thopmas Jefferson wrote “this great experiment will only survive as long as the voters are informed, moral and God fearing” or something close to that. Most of the protesters are lost in a sea of untruths and outright lies.

  72. Before anything can happen to these terrorists, there needs to be a complaint filed with the local police. The terrorists are breaking many laws and need to start paying for their crimes. Round up the ring leaders and let them sit in prison for a few years. It all starts with a simple police report. Film them harassing you as evidence. Faces can be identified. There you have it: a crime being committed and evidence backing it = jail time and fines.

  73. Please don’t call them DEPLORABLE…That is our special name for TRUMP VOTERS…We, the people that voted for Trump are “The Deplorables” We like the name that Hillary gave to us.
    Call these little THUGS and Jackasses something else. They are surely learning how to act from the wrong people….Let’s pray fro them…
    I agree with Cheryl: Mrs. Chao is a very classy lady. She’s my hero!

  74. I live in Oregon a Democrat controlled state But has mostly Republican voters
    (DON’T Figure)The Gov Kate Brown supports Sanctuary City and supports Illegals with our money against our will !!! Now if you want real LIBERAL LOON & BULLING move to Oregon ! where your vote only counts IF you are a DEMOCRAT

  75. I do so wish that these people would get in my face just once, it would end their career of being STUPID.

  76. These are supposed mature adults and that’s not even mentioning that they were elected to represent us, the American people. These people are just “grown up” bullies. This has gotten so out of hand today and cannot continue to go on. This will only get worse unless an example is made of them. Prison anyone? Very distressing.

  77. I agree with you whole heartedly?The party has changed so much over the years that they are not even recognized any longer!

  78. You are exactly right. I am sure Nazi Soros is involved in this organized harassing as well,as OFA – the obama and Valerie Jarrett political PAC called Organize for Action. These democrats are completely unhinged. Our cabinet members need secret service protection. Look what they did to Sarah sanders and Neilson. It’s a disgrace! God bless America!! ????????????????????????????????

  79. I agree with all of you! “Mad Max” needs to tried for treason and all of her wealth stripped from her and her family. That is the problem with the Dems and some Repubs now! They don’t work for “We the people”, they could care less what we want. All they care about is lining their own pockets and fighting for the illegal’s that are pouring through our borders! I never thought I would live to see the day that our great Country would be turned into a mine field and that so many would absolutely hate our great President! The schools have gone wacky and don’t even teach history, the Constitution or anything about how and why this country was founded! It’s amazing to me that we have kids graduating from high school and college that are such whiners, but they can’t even make change without a machine to tell them! Mid term elections are coming! VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE! Rant over!

  80. This is uncivilized behavior. And is not expected to happen in our society with our political freedoms. These people are resorting to third world behavior and tactics.

  81. Wow, I have just about seen everything that a person (or people in general) can say about a group of total retards, criminals, idiots and some names that shouldn’t be printed in public. Notice that those people were just short of being violent and it wouldn’t have taken much more in the way of anger for there to be a full scale riot. Also notice how the GOP people watched carefully as to what was happening and they behaved like the sensible individuals that they are and kept the peace. Not much more that I can say . other than I’m in total agreement with the GOP and its long time members as well as ALL OF THE NEWBIES WHO HAVE SEEN ENOUGH OF THE CHILDISH ACTS AND BEHAVIOR OF THE MOANING AND GROANING LEFT. AND HAVE CAUSED AN UNKOWN NUMBER OF ‘STAUNCH’ DEMOCRATS TO DESERT THEIR PARTY AND GO WITH THE PARTY THAT KNOWS HOW TO CONTROL ITS OWN BEHAVIOR.

  82. I agree. Ms Waters will be the first to wring her hands and say “I just don’t know how anyone can do such a barbaric thing” while secretly paying the mob money for doing it. She’ll deny her involvement and backstab the mob she incited, is more likely than not. She seems like just that kind of person.

  83. There is a huge concern in our school system about bullying.
    InSeems like the kids are following the Democrates example. Can we suspend them from society?

  84. There are Democrats and there are Demonrats. Unfortunately, what
    You are seeing on the news is breeding the Demonrats. Time to
    exterminate them before they infect all!

  85. The people that do this stuff should be charged with homeland terrorism along with Waters, period!!!!

  86. The liberal democrats are running scared, the incitement for civil disobedience by them is a disgrace, they have no other tools in their toolbox. I hope and pray the people of this country vote them out of office

  87. Right – Liberals need to be beaten like a drum everywhere the run for office. And, they need to be fired from every teaching job the hold. It’s teachers who have created these useful fools.

  88. It is about time these jerks taste some expandable baton and the nickel-plated steel of 10-ounce Peerless handcuffs.

    72-hours in a cell may change their tunes. If it is violence they want, violence they shall reap.

  89. Until we start to arrest these hypnotized Libtards, they will feel empowered to continue with this illegal activity. When they see their cohorts in jail, they might think twice before doing it again. Finally, a few days in jail will wake them up and affect their wallets when they have to pay for their legal costs.

  90. I wonder how many of these protesters are receiving tuition free education. The USA is,” Handing the keys” over to these immigrants and this is how they thank us.

  91. These THUGS and DEPLORABLE JACKASS’S should have been taxed
    Cuffed and put in the nearest Mental Institution… The DEPLORABLE DISGRACEFUL DUMMYCRATS are to be blamed for this CRAP… PRESIDENT TRUMP needs to fire MAD HAG WATER’S and rest of the DEPLORABLE DEMMYOCRATS…

  92. America the left wing radicals have evolved into an angry fascist mob attempting to establish anarchy;; VOTE THEM OUT IN 2018/20.

  93. I view ALL OF THIS NONSENSE AS AN INFRINGEMENT ON OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!! THOSE idiots DO NOT HAVE ANY RIGHTS TO INFRINGE ON ANYONE’S CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!! That my friends is UNAMERICAN. I also blame MANAGEMENT for not protecting their patrons! We, as Americans, should not have to worry about being ridiculed, spit on (like the military were when they came back from Nam), verbally assaulted (BULLIED) by over zealous idiots when patronizing a business, restaurant, theater, library, etc. I really resent their infringement on my CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS! Probably never learned anything about the United States Constitution in school. SO MUCH FOR LIBERAL EDUCATION !!

  94. They should be frog-marched into the nearest police station, booked on any number of valid charges for their threatening behavior & detained until a court date can be set for them to answer to the charges. This should have a chilling effect on these cowardly, deranged haters.

  95. If all of this nonsense was being dealt with according to law, we would see less of these overgrown hoodlums acting up in public. Go ahead and make examples of them and see how fast it will stop. Maybe some of them will squeal on who is paying them also. Laws are for all, not just some, sometimes.

  96. I believe there are laws against stalking and harassment. maybe we should get the police involved. CHARGES BROUGHT AGAINST these types of protests I’m sure Antie Maxine with all her money and since she called for these types of unlawful actions she can pay the fines Impeach Antie Maxine, Impeach, Impeach, impeach Her term in office is coming to an end.Her hatered for Trump exceeds any good she could do for her constituents!!!!!

  97. YES! This will hurt them in the midterms, however, we have one Congresswoman to blame for all of this confrontation. Congresswoman, Maxine Waters started all of this over the weekend with her rally of supporters.

    She needs to resign or she needs to be removed from Congress’ office. She started all of this, and she should be the one to tell her supporters, they need to stop, however, this isn’t the first time she has done this.

    She is going to get someone hurt very badly, or someone will be killed due to her constant blabbering about what President Trump and his administration are doing towards enforcing our laws that are on the books, that former President Obama was to scared to do while in office for those long horrible 8 years. Then she will have blood on her hands for advising her supporters to harass President Trumps Cabinet members and his whole administration.

    I am praying to GOD and JESUS, that she is replaced this midterm, and pray that we can get someone in office that will work for the American citizens, because, we elect people into office to work for us, the American citizens and not for all of the illegal immigrants that are coming across our borders, to bring all of their problems and troubles with them to inflict harm towards us and our families.

    Maxine Waters, needs to stop all of this harassment from her supporters, before someone is hurt or killed, then, she will say that she had nothing to do with it, WHICH WILL BE A BIG HUGE FAT LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congress needs to stop her, before someone does some HARM to her, OR WORSE.

  98. she has violated her oath of office and should be arrested for High Treason, for trying to overthrow the Government of the United States and it’s laws …….

  99. The dumb dems and libs know we are voting them out in 2018 and 2020. These are there last death thoughs before they are sent home whipped. This country will have a great wall and people will be allowed to come in the legal way. America will and always will be free. Stand up America and vote like this country has never seen before. M.A.G.A. God bless you and this great country.

  100. All I can say is … shame.

    Where is the ethics committee that should expel Maxine Waters? She was inciting harassments and riots against the American citizens!

    Even the federal judges are silent. It reminded me of the UN strange inaction at the Rwandan genocide rampage. Disgusting!

    Redefine how to protest properly. We need a new law forbidding the protesters to invade private home properties. Stupid!

  101. I hope protesters read this because they are second cousins to uneducated scum. They think they are helping people when they are actually harming the country. This will piss them off, but we don’t need uneducated peons that the taxpayers will have to support. They are also economic idiots. If this pisses them off, great!

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