These Never Trump Republicans are about to exact their revenge on Trump

Never Trump Republicans undermine President Trump every chance they can get.

Senators Jeff Flake and Bob Corker were forced into early retirement over their anti-Trump views.

But now they see a clear opportunity for revenge, and it could be disastrous for Trump — and America.

Liberal Republicans Lisa Murkowski (AK), Jeff Flake (AZ), and Bob Corker (TN) are threatening to delay (and possibly kill) Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh was accused of sexual misconduct by the Washington Post.

The event allegedly happened at a party in the early 1980s, when the woman was 15 and Kavanaugh was 17.

Kavanaugh told The New Yorker, “I categorically and unequivocally deny this allegation. I did not do this back in high school or at any time.”

But the woman’s story is full of holes.

And she is represented by high-profile #MeToo Attorney, Debra Katz.

Democrats have been sitting on these accusations for months, so this is just another partisan effort to scuttle Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

But with the vote coming down to the wire, Republicans can’t afford defections.

And that’s exactly what several Never Trump Republicans are threatening to do.

Politico reports:

“If they push forward without any attempt with hearing what she’s had to say, I’m not comfortable voting yes,” Flake said. “We need to hear from her. And I don’t think I’m alone in this.”

Asked if the committee vote should be delayed to hear out Ford, Corker replied: “I think that would be best for all involved, including the nominee. If she does want to be heard, she should do so promptly.” Republicans control just 51 seats in the Senate, so the comments of the two retiring senators are highly consequential.

Later Sunday, Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), a moderate who had yet to say how she will vote, echoed the notion that the vote might need to be delayed. “If there is real substance to this, it demands a response,” she told CNN.

In the 2016 election, many voters cast their ballot for Trump because they did not want Hillary Clinton appointing Supreme Court Justices.

Liberal Republicans are blinded by their hatred of Trump.

By joining with Democrats to hold up Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation they are thumbing their nose at Trump supporters.

If they succeed in taking down Judge Kavanaugh, it would strike a major blow to President Trump’s efforts to preserve the U.S. Supreme Court.

QUICK POLL: Is Judge Kavanaugh the victim of a Democrat-fueled smear campaign?

A – Yes
B – No

Write your answer in the comments section below!



      • I agree 100% unfortunately, and am extremely concerned as to we ever got this far down the road.
        I just wish that these liberal idiots would start doing what they committed to do for us Citizens.
        I hope that the liberal voters wake up and smell the coffee before it’s to late.

    • One more thing, if she was at a marriage counselor’s Office with her husband, maybe she was just trying to convince her husband why she was a cold fish in bed and she needed a story to justify it!.She never mentioned his name at the time and it’s so convenient that a few years later Brett Kavanaugh was nominated for SCOTUS.

  1. Yes, Kavanaugh is being treated unfairly in all aspects of this fiasco. Feinstein deliberately held the letter hoping to use it to cause the vote on his nomination to be delayed. Pretty sure the maneuvering that’s going on about times for the accuser to appear is more of that same hope. I, for one, do not believe the incident ever happened. While Whelan’s accusation against another student was misguided, it does raise, in my mind, the likelihood that Ford has chosen to use some vague memory of something that happened to her as another left-wing loony attempt to derail Kavanaugh’s vote. IF she should continue to lie or misrepresent what she calls facts, she should be prosecuted and
    should be required to pay the maximum penalties associated with deliberate defamation of a stellar person for political reasons. As for me, I’m sick and tired of the overblown “me too” crap. Just about any person could manage to dredge up a time during their high school years when they did something foolish. It is preposterous to think it makes any sense whatsoever to make a claim of assault after some 35+ yrs. It’s so obviously politically motivated by someone whose political bias is so far to the left that I’m appalled that anyone, including the tone-deaf dims think this stupidity would make a difference. Kavanaugh will be an excellent addition to the Supreme Court.

    Now, IF we can keep the illegals from voting, hopefully the blue wave will wipe out this kind of circus by the dims.

  2. She say she was carrying this shame and trauma with her for 37 years, I’m not a political person but where I come from a 15 year old girl gets felt up by a good looking 17 yrs old that’ hardly shame and trauma its called street cred!

  3. soros/hillary/dnc searched till they found this person and paid them well; and her atty is a nut case. soros/hillary/dnc will stop at nothing to do their dirt; they are the ones who should be in prison for treason. soros and his desire for one world and the deep state have to be stopped. ALL obama/hillary appointees should be removed from their jobs. President Trump is strong and smart and will succeed; he has done more to help our country than obama could even dream of doing. Obama is a fake in all ways.

  4. There is a cabal that became very upset by the fat old lady losing the election. There were promises that were to be kept, payoffs that were supposed to happen, positions that were promised and paybacks to be made. These things were thwarted by Donald Trump winning. This was not supposed to happen. What they didn’t count on was the intelligence of the forgotten Americans and the deep seated anger over what went on in the last eight years. They didn’t realize the dislike for the smug little girly-man and his very manly wife. They were living in their own little bubble and didn’t see the groundswell of resentment so many were feeling. That fat old lady had everything going for her including over a billion dollars to buy her way in. But a funny thing happened on the way to the Whitehouse. Now the war for the direction of the country is at hand. It’s a war that cannot be lost and if the democrats keep playing their games it’s a war that will really happen. I’m saying this to my fellow patriots, keep your powder dry.

    • It’s a smear campaign every time the republicans nominate someone, look at the history of Charley Schumer. The Democratic party has become lawless under his guidence.

    • Love your comments and they are right on!! It’s so sad that the democrat sheeple just blindly believe this contrived and made up crap!! I believe this good man and I’m so sorry for the heartache his family, children especially, are going through. Imagine his children at school now. Kids can be so mean at that age.

  5. Democrats are to stupid to be embarrassed about the childish unethical things that they do and do not who they hurt in the process of there dirty lies. Kavanaugh is a honest law abiding person that wants only to serve the constitution legally & the Democrats do not want him for 2 reasons 1:TRUMP 2:He can not be bought by the Democrats to sway there way on a decision.
    YES Kavanaugh

    • Democrats do what they are best at….name calling, lying, scaring people. They don’t care about the people or this country. They’re doing every thing they can to tear this country apart. They insert raceisim where there is none and extreme hate where there is none. I’m ashamed of the Democrats. Makes me want to be a Republican. If I can see through their smoke and mirrors anyone can. GOOD BYE DEMOCRATS YOU JUST LOST MY VOTE.

      • Yay for you, Wanda Reed! Yay for you!!! You just left the despicable democrats who will do and say whatever lies they have to to get what they want!! And what they want is the defeat of Brett Kavanaugh! Disgusting!! Thanks for seeing the light, Wanda.

  6. Yes. They are trying to smear his name, for ANY REASON, THEY CAN MAKE UP, OR PAY PEOPLE TO SAY STUPID THINGS MADE UP!! They want to stall as much as they possibly can, in appointing a Judge, COMPLETELY!! ITS TIME TO SETTLE THIS, NOW!! WHO GOES BACK 35-40 YEARS AGO, and prosecuted someone when First, if even True, THEY WERE BOTH MINORS. WHICH THIS NE VFC ER TOOK PLACE, IN THE FIRST PLACE!! I say throw out the Maybe Happened Ridiculous thing, and GO ON WITH THE VOTE, AND HIM BEING THE JUDGE!! Stupidity, since No Proof, No Way!! Dumb is Dumber!! Being ADULTS NOW, that is the Real Life thing. She is a Professor, and he is a Proffessional person too, trying to live his life, and Our PRESIDENT Trump has Nominated him For a Very Good Position!! Let it go onto a VOTE, AND SEE WHERE IT LIES!! DEMOCRATS HAVE STOOD AGAINST ALL WE HAVE TRIED DOING. PRESIDENT TRUMP HAS BEEN STOPPED FROM DEMS FOR NO GOOD REASONS. Let the VOTE GO ON, PEOPLE!! PRESIDENT Trump needs to get onto other serious matters. Obama is no longer, nor EVER GOING TO BE YOUR PRESIDENT, NEITHER IS Hillary Either. NEVER EVER!! GET OVER IT. START WORKING WITH THE PRESIDENT TRUMP IN OUR WHITE HOUSE NOW!! The Dems are making a Mockery out of the US, to All Other Countries. Looks are So Bad!! Get on with Real Issues the United STATES has NOW!! NOT WHAT TOOK PLACE, IF IN IMAGINARY MI NBN DS, 35-40 YEARS AGO, AS MINOR CHILDREN THEN!! PRETEND LIFE!!

  7. My only question is WHY did it take so long to come forward now kind of reminds me of all the others…….JUST SHOW ME THE MONEY>>>>>>>>>>

    • sherri, If this is true and i’m sure it isn’t!!! What was a 15 year old doing in a bedroom with two men, who she said were drunk. This one is a good one only the Democrats would think this one up. The Democrats are trying to delay the conformation of Judge Kanvanough. This is a trouble thing that this women is doing and she should be punished.

      • Yes, Mannie, she said that there were 4 guys at the party and that would have made her the only girl because she said there were only 5 people there. What was she doing at party if she was the only girl there? I smell a dead fish here. Confirm judge Kavanaugh now!!! I don’t believe these dishonest stories.

    • Yep! Agree! Sen Feinstein shld be
      censored by the Senate for bringing up
      this issue against a very decent and
      highly respected Judge! It’s wuite obvious
      she was just the Demos tool in trying to
      delay a good decent person’s confirmation
      to our SCOTUS which he deserves

  8. Yes this is totally a bullshit story to stop Bret from Democrats. They said they would stop this anyway possible and she should be prosecuted for these lies.

  9. This girl should have reported this thing if it did happen when it happened. As far as I’m concerned she was okay with it if it happen and so she has no right to come back and try to degrade the man She must have been paid to conjure this up!

  10. I hope Judge Kavanaugh will get a majority vote and this mess will be over! I try to look at something positive about this and because of the lengths the democrats are going to lying cheating with bogus votes slandering people who try to do good such as our First Lady Bambo trying to take credit for others good work. Kerry making a complete fool out of himself like he can do anything anymore and this boob in Texas jerking down flags in the Veterans Hall and on and on! Maybe smart people will wake up and see where those types of actions are headed along with over 12 million illegals and they will de ide not to let that happen!

  11. Of course his is being smeared by the DEMS. This is a play out of their old text book of crap politics. If this had any truth to it they would have said a lot more about it before the hearings. Any Rep. that follows along with needs to be recalled and kicked out of office the day after the vote. Jeff is gone already and a recall we can start the day after on Lisa if she turn her back on the party again. Collins seems to be the only one that has her head on correctly concerning this issue. Flake is a turn coat and everyone in AZ knows it so that is why he will never get back in an office in this state. Remember timing is everything Jeff is not smart enough to read the available to him so he needs to be kicked out.

    • That lying slut whom accused kavanaugh isn’t even sure of the details. She was probably stoned and turning tricks. Let’s talk about rapist Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy. Kavanaugh is a victim of lies

      • Hopefully you don’t have a wife, daughters or granddaughters to be using the vulgar tone you write with. What would your reaction be if a female member of your family was called that????? Reading prior posts of yours, “you would be locked and loaded” This country is surely in a sad set of times with all the hatred on both sides of the spectrum. Guess that’s why I never registered to any political party. Like the 1st president said: political parties would be the “ruin” of this country. What foresight that “man” had!!!!!

        • Adam I would be able to tell if it was credible. If my family member lied, I would throw them under the bus. If true, I would stand by them and demand justice. Lies have surfaced in my family that caused a lot of hurt before the truth came out. If that woman got assaulted, it needs to be clear who did it. Much of her story is suspect. She was probably stoned.

          • Dan…still not responding to the question. You are calling someone a “slut” and you don’t even know the individual. How would YOU respond if some called your wife, daughter or granddaughters a slut???? That would be acceptable to you???? Something tells me YOU wouldn’t. You would be as you state many times “locked and loaded???? Name calling shows a lack of maturity, would expect to hear this type of talk in a middle school yard.


  12. Think of each little thing going on in the world, as one small piece to a bigger picture. Now imagine yourself as a character in a play, where the ending is already known. And all the good and evil in it, is what guides you to that final destiny the end.

  13. Most definitely an assasination attempt on Kavanaughs reputation. Just another Democratic stunt to undermine our duly elected President.

  14. Yes. This is a political assassination. For 36 years this accuser was silent. Amazing that the “repressed memory”chose to make itself heard at just the right time to blow up Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination. What a farce.

  15. It is obvious that this is another liberal attempt to block the vote. Look at what has been done so far. Coat hangers sent, disturbing messages to a senator, lies by Hillary, Harris and others. Edited comments to throw a bad light on Kavanaugh. The democrates are the ones dividing the country.

  16. Flaky Flake from Snowflake (AZ)…blew his chance for a 2nd 6-year term with his anti-Trump crap and, now, 2 WOMEN are vying for his Senate seat! Down but not out…like Obama, Clinton, and Biden. Pathetic…

    • I have seen two things on the internet about the lying demorats. 1. Ford was a marcher in the women’s pink hat parade in Washington and she has donated to the DNC. 2. Kavanaugh’s mother, who is a judge in Maryland, presided over Ford’s parents foreclosure proceedings on their house in Maryland.

  17. These people have no character or morals. Take away their insurance (put them on obamacare) and their retirement benefits (social surcurity) Take away their ability to vote for these two things. Maybe then. They wont be so free to trot.
    Politicians have a great get rich scheme. Come in poor as church mice come out blooming millionaires. We the people put up with it. It’s our shame.

  18. If they let them open the closets of Brett Kavanagh at 17 the time to open the closets of all the legislators sitting on the hill today. Kavanagh didn’t have a Chinese spy working for him, he hasn’t stolen valor from the Vietnam war. Go ahead leftys and open the closet doors you won’t like the results.

  19. What a bunch of B.S. !!!! I’ve never voted in 54 years . This is the first year I’ve registered to vote and I’m voting republican in a red state where we have a blue Senator up for reelection.RED WAVE COME NOVEMBER !

    • Yes A they care trying their communistic best to let their Schumer, Soros run our country a long with Kerry. And the likes. We need to vote RED RED RED in November 6th Election.

      • Agreed!!! I for one am VERY tired and disgusted of the CHILDISH TAXPAYER MONEY WASTING DEMOCOMMUNIST “temper tantrum investigations” all because their corrupt crooked POS “queen” got her butt beat by WE THE PEOPLE voting for a REAL POTUS,that CARES about AMWERICA, and REAL “change” we can believe in. Remember this in November, my fellow citizens… Vote REPUBLICAN or expect to LOSE your bonuses, raises. and GAIN more regulations to control your lives further.
        In MY opinion, ANYONE that even CONSIDERS voting DEMOCOMMUNIST should find themselves a different country to live in that is more in line with your corrupt “ideals”. (after all there ARE 57 MOOSLIME SH**HOLES to choose from). Take your pick.

  20. A- Absolutely! This is just a perfect example of the leftist/progressive/Marxists’ delay/obstruct/obfuscate tactics. To support that statement I would point out my understanding that the statute of limitations law regards sex crimes (not that this has been proven to be such) began to toll AT THE TIME OF REMEMBERING BY THE VICTIM! As a veteran LEO, I can assure you that the statute of limitations is NOT 35 years. Thus this is clearly merely political maneuvering! On its face, this story is as full of holes as Swiss cheese! If it were assigned to me, I would interview the “victim”, fill out a contact form and close the case!
    A fine example of a political dog & pony show combined with smoke and mirrors!

    • Yale??? Give me a break. Another snowflake college. It’s been my expierence that most of dishonest people are people with so called higher education. After the way conservatives are treated at these colleges, do you expect us to believe this bull shit?

  21. Anyone who believes this total BS lie is either a moron or a dirtbag demoTRASH/rino scum bucket. Just another low life attempt to delay the confirmation. Get it done Grassley even if you have to circumvent the process. This is total BS and everyone knows it.

  22. yes the democrats are out to stop this judge from the supreme court. these democrats should be put in jail. the republicans that are trying to stop this nomination should be taken out period as treason to the usa no mercy just taken out for good

  23. There are many things wrong with this attempt to unseat our President. The main problem as I see it concerns the “Party Line” everyone seems to want. We need to remove the party as a “line” that should be followed. We are the ones that those elected should want to do things to help. Keep the dam party out of politics. When this crap first started many years ago the Republican and Democrats were of the same party. We should be voting for the best person to do the job NOT blindly following a party line.

  24. YES! These so-called Reps would act against our Country because they hate Trump. If they do, I hope they live to regret it to their dying day.

    • again another waste of taxpayers money. that’s all democrats do waste taxpayers money. so sick of there childish behavior. they need to grow up or move on.

  25. Yes. Desperate people do desperate things, no surprise when we go high THEY GO LOWEST.
    Maybe next they will drag out a former kindergartener who will claim he tried to steal her milk and cookies. 35 years later, sorry give me a break.


  27. In another sense if these never Trumpers vote down Kavanaugh then they are seeking revenge on people that voted for President Trump . These same people also put many other Republicans in office just to have them stab us in the back as well.Come to think of it the Dems are backstabbers also. Puppets or puppets with a very nasty streak?

  28. Yes-Just more of the same Democratic lies. Ask ten women about this incident and five will tell you they had an experience just like this at about the same age. Fortunately they didn’t let it BLOW A HOLE in their life for over 30 years. Can’t believe this woman is a clinical shrink and is so traumatised at this late date but not so much so to face Congess and the TV cameras..Give us a break. Can’t believe the Dems really think the American people are so DUMB……

    • I believe the entire process is a disgrace. Judge Kavanaugh has been treated by the Left by people who should no longer be allowed in the White House, evil people filled with hate. They belong in a third world country,.

      • I do not believe that the evil, downtrodden Commies would have the audacity to do that to Brett Kvanaugh. They are horrible people, Feinstein–most of the time she looks like she slept under a bridge. She is not very smart at all, a smartass YES! Ad that highschool girl was probably so drunk at the highschool party she did not know what she was doing She was offered big money by the Communist clan to makeup a story about her being attacked by KavaJocelynnaugh. What a bunch of SCUMBAGS!! Dont’ believe a world of it. We are lughing our sides out here in Colorado as we know what the Dumbocrats are like. They are the most worthless bunch of people that walk the face of the earth!!

  29. This absolutely an 11th hour smear campaign to derail ANY nominee Trump would put forth. As for Corker, Flake and other such scum, they put their ideology ahead of the best interests of the nation.

  30. Yes to the question, and it is obvious that the Sewer Rats are very desperate. America will be better off without Corkey and Sissy. They are untrustworthy anyway, it’s good that they get out of our way. All in all we are doing very good, we’re rid of McCain, and Flake, this is great in my opinion.

  31. YES,
    I don’t understand this. How were Jeff Flake (AZ), and Bob Corker (TN) “forced” into retirement? Isn’t retirement a voluntary act and if they are retired how can they vote on an appointment of the president?

    • Quixtop: They lost the primaries in their states, and therefore will not be able to run for re-election. (so effectively “forced into retirement” by their constituents).

      And YES this is another DemoRat smear campaign.

    • They are not going to seek reelection just like the house speaker. They will do as much damage as they can sell against our President and the people. Check and see how much money they are hiding. You can make bet that they are not doing this for any reason other than personal gain.

    • I was thinking the same thing…how is it that flake an corker can vote on anything. They we both forced into retirement…to me that says you are no longer allowed to participate in any issues…This is crazy…It’s time to make changes in our government’s craziness and do it fast. Whatever your poison we need TERM LIMITS for everyone…

    • They were “forced” by the realization that they had no chance of being re-elected. Their term in office doesn’t end until November.

  32. Yes, that’s what the dems do best, LIE LIE LIE!!!! Why wasn’t Clinton put in jail for his sexual antics when he was in office?????? Dems want chaos in this country, so they can pounce on us and try to take over the country!!!! I think it’s time we let them know and get out in November and BOOT THEM ALL OUT!!!!!

  33. My answer is A. An “accusation” from “high School”? Is this the best the Dems can do to defeat an eminently qualified candidate and to derail President
    Trump’s agenda?
    Even I am beginning to feel a little sorry for the Dems – kidding!


    • Wow. You need to calm down before you stroke out. Got a question though — what is gonna happen when the next group of Republicans see the Trumpons as the enemy and should be shipped out of America?


        • Thank God I am not a Republican, you guys are venomous snakes, that can’t get along with each other. You guys constantly attack the moderates or thinking Republicans, calling then dirty RINOs. You don’t get along with neo-cons and Tea Party, and then outside your party, you could not get along with Will Rogers, a famous man that never met a person he did not like.


            GET SOME HELP

        • M I could tell. Don’t worry about it. Note to my fellow bloggers. If anyone posts liberal crap using the name of Dan Tyree it’s just a commie troll I’ve only used my real name. But that’s how these libturd idiots get their kicks.



  35. Judge Cavanaugh and the American people are all the victims of the Slime bucket liberals tried to delay this hoping to delay this in case they haphazardly win in 2018 and then they can keep him out of the Supreme Court

  36. They need to check her bank records. Also I heard she was a college professor on the west coast.Thats pretty damning right there.

  37. This is totally false and the woman is lying. She is out for late,late revenge for her parents. Her lawyer is a crooked POS. Flake, Corker and Murkowski are simply Trump haters and want to hurt him in any way possible

  38. My hope for Cooker and Flake as they will see that the rest of their lives are a nothingness since they are traitors to the party they were members of. They are losers of the worst kind. They are still young enough to pay for their treason to the RNC party. They are both cowards, cause they wanted to leave but not go away quietly. Their votes now will mean only one thing, that being they want to spoil everything for the RNC.

    • Flake in particular looking for a job on MSM as a commentator….an anti Trump commentator that is

      Both Flake & Corker the worst of self serving politicians…Trump has an uphill battle…

      **Time to keep replying…VOTE REPUBLICAN in November…to save America**

        #WalkAway to the Republican party,
        we want and need all of you!

      • I just left a comment for the first time that I have ever commented on a story. You answered that it sounds like I had already said that . You are either sensoring these comments and selecting what you want or you are just being obstinate. Don’t worry I won’t be ever answering again.

  39. She is a lier. Did you see that note they dug up that is supposed to be from the judge a long time ago? Looks like a 1st grader wrote it. Him asking her to be his girlfriend,check box yes or no ? How stupid do they think we are. They need to go ahead with the vote Thursday,

  40. It is rather depressing how many of our government reps; Congressmen, etc., are part of the Deep State and are just in it for what they can rip off. They see a lifetime of riches and privilege, and are not in it to actually SERVE the country. And they see Trump as a threat to this Control. Hopefully Trump can get enough of the REAL public servants together to advance the goals of our country, and counteract the traitorous Far Left and these Rhinos.

      • They did NOT FORGET — they NEVER INTENDED TO UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION OR AMERICA. ALL politicians are liars and thieves, that is what “political scienc” is set up to be, and they are members of a corporation PRETENDING to “be” the United States, which was set in place only 5 years after the Revolutionary War was won, and a European-OWNED corporation as well. Look at the Act of 1781, that was when it was done, setting up DC as the HQ, and with Maritime Law over it INSTEAD of the Constitutional Law that is the Law of Our Land. It was slick, and they then mimio9cked our elections so that it all appeared good. When a Senator or Representative gets to DC, if they have any ideals AT ALL, they fail. Only the ones accepted by the GROUP will succeed, and they are vetted as officers of the corporation, NOT AS OUR REPRESENTATION. That is WHY they went so far off. They even replace our flag in DC with the one that has gold fringe on it, look it up — THAT flag represents Maritime Law ans NOT THE COUNTRY. So all of their debt is corporate debt and NOT a “national debt” at all! DC truly IS the swamp that needs extirpation.

  41. It is obvious that this woman is an opportunist who’s a Trump-hater. She’s just another Anita Hill, trying to cash in. She is a fraud!

  42. RINOs, RINOS, RINOS. Declare Republican to get elected and then SOCK IT ‘EM!

    Once they get inside the beltway, their only care is their paycheck and lifetime benefits.

      • A – tHIS IS PROBABLY A LIE. perhaps SHE WAS REJECTED BY Kavanaugh, and is seeking revenge or just another Trump hater looking for a little pubicity. at any rate a high school party. come on she says he was drunk, how about her, was she remembering it or dreaming it?

        • I agree with you. She was maybe ignored by Kavanaugh and has spent all the years trying to get even. Hopefully all these that are on the dance will see thru her and put Kavanaugh on Supreme Court where he belongs.

  43. Are there any real Americans left in authority who are supporters of our original Constitutional Republic?? Where are our true statesmen?? Its time for bold true Christian Patriots to step forward and press the TRUTH! If not we are headed for another “1776”!! Is that God,s will for WE THE PEOPLE???

  44. Every body need to take a look a look at this woman’s background, She is a trump hater and a big Calif. Liar. It’s all BS by Fienstein. She protested at all Trump protest rally”s She can’t remember who’s house this happen at and also other person in the room when this happened. All this is democrats BS .they made all this BS up a few days ago

    • She and hubby DemoCRAPS. Her lawyer…. DemoCRAP. First story was 4 guys. Now she says 2 guys.. can’t seem to get the story straight. 11th hour…hmmmmmmm kinda suspicious don’t ya think? Just saying…..

    • You watch too much CNN! Considered for perjury charges is BS and you know it. Judge Kavanaugh’s mother was also a Judge and Handled a case that favored the opposition against Fords parents and they ended up losing their house,this is her revenge. Why did she not say something in High School when this was supposed to have occurred??

  45. Another attempt to stop a very constitutional Judge that liberals and demogogs like want a transvestite in the white house .there is no truth to the accusation ,just smear liberal politics.


  47. Of course he is, so if the Rhino’s screw this up, it’s past time to hold them accountable and flush them down the drain… NOW!!

  48. YES How anyone can ever vote Democratic,Liberal,Progressive, or “NEVER TRUMPERS” into office can’t be comprehended by me!!!!!!!

  49. Corker is one of my senators and the worst I have ever had in my lifetime. He never represented my views even though I have voted for him in the past. He is just like the liberals, progressives, you can never trust him on any issue. Thank goodness his days as a senator will soon be over.

  50. If the Democrats keep their slimmy tactics up there will be a revolution of sorts by Americans that want their country back and EVERY ONE of them will pay DEARLY In the END!

    • This attack on Judge Kavanaugh is one of the most loathsome things I have witnessed in my 84 years of life. The judge’s accomplishments are simply beyond the attacks of the Democrats who have obviously paid plenty to this woman to buy her falsified story. The Democratic party has now positively shown itself to be unfit to exist in these United States. I was considering voting Democratic in the mid-terms to get rid of the incompetent, self-serving Republicans, but after this loathsome attack by the Democrats on one of the most accomplished and finest people in this country, I will look for another way to get rid of the incompetent fool Republicans.

      • Frank Hunnicutt, Please do vote Republican in midterms and forever. We are voting RINO rotten Republicans out as fast as possible. Thank you.

  51. lets demand a review of all those in elected national government positions over last 50yrs est. and watch the majority sweat.

  52. We want Kavananaugh on the Supreme Court. We are the voters. Remember us? We are your constituents. You are there to represent us. If you delay the vote, you are not abiding by the wishes of the people. You may not remember us, but I can guarantee you, we will certainly remember who NOT to vote for in the future!

    • Problem with that, Paula, is that Kavanaugh has the LOWEST support among the voters since Robert Bork, and he never made it through confirmation. Most Americans do NOT want Kavanaugh. Consider that Roe v Wade is supported by over 70% of Americans and Kavanaugh has shown a lack of support for Roe v. Wade. Second, there is some strong evidence that Kavanaugh lied to the Senate Judiciary Committee at least 4 times and was even being considered for perjury charges. And three, K supports almost unlimited power to the president, something against our constitution’s position of the balance of powers of the three branches.

      • You watch too much CNN! Considered for perjury charges is BS and you know it. Judge Kavanaugh’s mother was also a Judge and Handled a case that favored the opposition against Fords parents and they ended up losing their house,this is her revenge. Why did she not say something in High School when this was supposed to have occurred??

      • Roe v wade needs to go. It’s 1st degree murder. The sham is libturds will stand up for a hood rat getting killed trying to kill a cop. Also whine over some murdering asshole getting executed. But innocent little babies? KILL THEM!!!! You self righteous pricks.

        • Just wait till they meet the real Judge – Eternity is a long time – unfathomable to most of us- each one of them will not be able to lie their way out of the Murder Conviction they will receive. Every Atheist will choke when they find out their is a God and a Hell.

      • Ah yes. Bork. The Democrats did the same to him as their first “success” in demonizing a good man. They even prattle about it and say how they “Borked” a problematic (for therm) candidate up for vote.

  53. Yes, it’s an attempt to bring down Kavanaugh and a slam against MY PRESIDENT. I don’t believe any word of it especially after so many years. And even if it IS true, I don’t give a rats ass what Kavanaugh did when he was 17 years old. CONFIRM HIM NOW !!!!!

  54. As well as being sad for this unwarranted attack on Kavanaugh

    I am sad for America that mean spirited Republicans would chose to deprive America of this stellar choice for Supreme Court…He been vetted numerous times as he climbed the judicial ladder …and come out squeaky clean and more than accomplished judicial figure.

    Yet this woman fakes up what MIGHT have happened 35 years ago when the man a teenager.

    Along with RINOs who chose to sooth their frail egos by deprive America of this stellar accomplishment Judge. to rather than do what is best for America

    It is disgusting reflection on Washington if this man is not confirmed as the next Dupreme Court JudgeWHAT Democrats have to remember is…that what goes around..comes around

    Kavansigh is a more than sound

  55. Why did that insane bitch not press charges against Kavanaugh decades ago, sounds like another case of lies for money.

  56. I am so fed up with people who run for office under a party ticket and then do what they want to. No concern for the people who got them elected or who voted for them in good faith. This 30 year back in high school has no bearing on this nomination. Stupid Stupid Get on with the business of running our government as we the people want it done.

    • The left is so full of hate and against our country to prosper they should all be made to crawl back into the sewers they came out of their leaders are a perfect examples > Maniac Maxine Waters,wrinkled Nancy Poloshit,Elizabeth Wahoo Warren and the chief sewer rat Killary Clinton

  57. When I vote, I vote for the Conservative Republican platform, not the person. It means I want my Senator, representative, President, or dog catcher to follow the principles they put forth when they put their names on a Conservative or Republican line on the ballot. Anything else means they have misrepresented themselves and have simply lied to the people who voted for them. of course, by then they have the job and don’t care what the voters think.

  58. The democrats will do anything (if more evil than sane sense) just to ruin one good man’s life for one purpose only & that is delay & hatred of President Trump ! They will still pay dearly in the end !

  59. Typical Democratic smear job against one of the most qualified Jurists of all time. 35 years has gone by and now all of a sudden a high school acquaintance comes out and charges Kavanaugh with a sexual attack. He’s been a judge for 12 years on the appellant court in Washington DC, where was she back then charging him back then. Makes no sense and as usual a smear job of the worst kind, worse even than Judge Thomas. I’m sick of these criminals who continuously attack Republican candidates with smut charges.

    • I have more than a suggestion. Lets play their game. How do you think Feinstein got into the Miss America campaign??
      She slept with the judges. Lets get this out. A person does not want this name out there so lets hop on this headline. This is what aided their decision. I understand it was more than one judge.

      • She was a Miss America? I find that hard to believe. She’s ugly inside and out! I hope there is a special hell waiting for all these accusers, Mueller and his posse and ding bat DEMONcrats!

    • It is Appellate and not appellant Tim, you are absolutely correct about her accusations of being molested, when someone let’s that much time pass between their accusations and the when it happened something does not seem legit.

    • That should have read lets and not let’s, blame those poorly educated H-1B visa software writers, that was changed due to the Predictive Text software algorithms.

  60. Why do we even have a statute of limitations? Geez Louise!! 35 years!!!! These crazies could pull up stuff on children all the way back to the age of accountability (12 yrs old) if they are allowed. And all he was supposed to have done is made a pass at her. How could anything like this even be proven or disproven? There’s no proof. One way or the other. Just a he said/ she said thing. But that’s what the democrats have devolved into: they smear a person’s good name, hoping it will stick long enough for them to get their way. Someone needs to bring reason and logic back to our government!!! Or demand to run the same kind of insane, libelous checks on all of the Democratic Senators, and Congressmen. Heck, ALL Democrats in power now and those getting ready to run for office. What’s good for the goose….

    • that also goes for drumpf and he makes no bones about his actions and the women he grabbed, caught looking up their skirts, he thinks women like that he needs to be tried and impeached

      • Huck . Get a life .Quit dwelling on the election from 2 yrs ago. President Trumps voters knew all this before we voted for him . I admit he may not be the best human being , but he’s doing a great job for our country. If the liberal douchebags would think about the country first instead of trying to retaliate or block his every move , he could do an even better job .You stop letting tour feelings guide you. Use some logical thinking. It makes the left look like a bunch of whining little bitches constantly suckling on the teet of America.

    • Republicans need to step up for the good of the country. ALL of you. So you don’t suffer at the polls. Which means we ALL suffer and the country Goes to Hell and a handbasket.

    • This is pure hogwash…another typical Democrat tactic to derail a nominee they oppose. They are so slimy they will stop at nothing. Wouldn’t you love to see the deposit records of the accuser to know who and how much she has been paid since the letter came to light. Pure garbage….she should be sued for libel and slander.

  61. Ah, … not good. It is very unfortunate. I think this threat is very real. Of all kinds of wrenches that can be thrown at the works, the sexual misconduct accuser may be the most damning wrench. What’s even worse is that it happened in 30 years ago.

    How long will this delay justify this process? Will the nuclear option work in the process? Maybe not. How is that? We have the RINO problem in our party …

    The elites put up a big show at John McCain funeral, smearing Trump even more with a lingering quote “America was always great!”. And there was the Spartacus moment: W Bush and Michelle. Oh, I’m touched. ????

    Sorry, we have much work to do. America are in a very bad shape. The Iran deal is bad. The Paris accord is bad. The NAFTA agreementvis bad. The trade deficits with the US are bad. Out-of-control open borders are bad. Now Trump is turning everything around. He would have done a lot more if It wasn’t for his many, many enemies.

    Kavanaugh may either the victim of Trump Derangement Syndrome, or heavily conservative stance. I could say both of them. A very difficult for him. The nuclear option could be easily used, thanks to Harry Reid, but there are John McCain RINOs that are supposed to stay in the Democrat Party … unbelievable.

    America need MAGA!

    • I believe all of the aforementioned swamp creatures should leave their accumulative offices immediately! They have shown their stripes over and over again and should not be allowed to vote nor assist in any (NONE) decisions to be called as they have demonstrated their abject and total biases continuously to the denegration of our entire nation. Not a cintilla of objectivity among them!

    • Comes out that this lady is a hard lefty, she participated in wearing the pink vagina one of the sickest representations that the women movement did during the Trump campaign. If true then like Anita Hill coming after Clarence Thomas when he was being confirmed at the very last moment. His defense of a lynching being done to him without a tree was a classic defense and one that the Democrats ran away from and voted him in. This maybe the same unprincipled attack upon Kavanaugh the Democrats stoop to the lowest animals on the food chain.

  62. If the commiecrats are allowed to pull this crap we are screwed with a capital F. George Soros money talks again. The republicans didn’t pull shit like this when dem. presidents brought us up nominees Thomas and judge Bork come to mind. If I were judge kavanaugh , and lost my confermation because of these lies I would sue the hell out of that lying bitch and anyone else involved.

    • Dan….The republicans didn’t do pull any shit like this. You obviously have short term memory lapse. Merrick Garland???? Does that refresh your memory?????

      • Republicans didn’t pull this shit on Garland no matter how you try to deflect. thanks to Harry we only need 50 votes , he will be confirmed get over it.

      • Ben no one cooked up bullshit charges of sexual assault That guy was appointed by the words biggest communist. They did right. If you people had gotten crooked hillary elected, you would have had your lefty justice.

      • Hell no they didnt do to him like they have been doing to Kavanaugh they didn’t smear his name or bring up some made up bunch of bull crap the last minute just to keep him out and put him through three days and more of pure hell of accusations and questioning there is no comparison to what happen to garland and what they have done to this poor man and his family so go somewhere with your bull crap lie lady all they did to him is just didn’t give him a hearing because it was a presidential election year not midterm which that rule don’t include! Why can’t all you democrats let that bul shit go already I am so tired of hearing about garland y’all are all acting like a two year old who did t get their way and pitching a temper tantrum coming get over it grow up ! Besides that was not trumps fault or Kavanaugh fault either

      • Did the republicans put Garland through a bunch of shit that the Democrats did to kavanaugh? or did they just not meet with him ? BIG DIFFERENCE BBEENN!

  63. This is an instant replay of what the Dem libs tried to so to the Judge Clarence Thomas SCOTUS confirmation. Thank goodness 65 women who went to school with and have known Judge Bret Kavanaugh all his life have written letters on his behalf. D. Feinstein held on to the letter until the eleventh hour in a delay tactic to prevent him being seated before midterms. They plan to take control of Congress and prevent DJT from seating a constitutionist SCOTUS judge. It is just another gutter dirty Democrat tactic. And, what should we have expected from the DemonCraps?

  64. Lisa Mur-Cain is not a true Republican she wears a democratic coat. Jeff Fake is a demo-rat along with Bobbitt Corker. All should just say good buy.

    • Yes. That’s what the Dems do best smear.
      This woman claiming all this BS. I believe some one has paid her. Why didn’t she come forward before now? I think she is just like the Democrats out to get Trump and in the process ruin anyone in their way.
      Damn shame people have to get in the gutter.

    • Over the past few years Democrats have infiltrated our Republican party and caused havoc undermining our conservative movement brought forth by Reagan. John McCain, Mitt Romney, Collins, Ryan and many many more just have been corrupted by the deep state and therefore gets away with murder. Obama may not have won in 2012 if not for Romney disappearing four weeks from the election, John McCain didn’t challenge Obama by vetting his far left associations when then gave him the win and the start of eight years of changing America to a third world country. This latest smear job like Clarence

  65. No different than what occurred with the Garland nomination. It’s too bad this country is so divisive on BOTH sides of the political spectrum!!!!!

    • Agree to the charge of devisivness on both sides of the aisle but Garland’s defeat wasn’t quite so abusive with defamation tactics. Clarence Thomas, however…

    • And how was Garland smeared exactly? Following the Biden Rule and not voting on a SC nominee during a Presidential election year is far different than the smear job the Democrats are attempting to pull off and the RINOs are supporting!

    • Garland was not allowed to go forth for nomination because of a procedural objection that Joe Biden had set…That in a Presidential Election Year…no SCJ should be vetteted until new President seated

      Back fired just like Harry Reeds

  66. Democrats are doing everything that they can to delay Judge Kavanaugh being appointed to the Supreme Court.

    Why all of a sudden this woman decides that she wants to tell her side of the story, however, why wasn’t this letter brought up in the being of these confirmation hearings? Better yet, ” Why did Senator Feinstein hold on to this letter if she had it back in July?”, ” Why didn’t she say something earlier when these hearings started, instead of waiting until this very last minute?”

    To me, it sounds like Senator Feinstein was doing everything that she could to stall Judge Kavanaugh’s complete confirmation votes this week.

    Senator Feinstein needs to be replaced, and Senator Booker, Flake, and Senator Murkowski, should do what is right, and vote for Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court, and stop all of this stalling!

    President Trump will be very mad at these Senator’s that is doing all of this stalling, just because the Democrats are still being pist off because their girl didn’t win the 2016 election, they are going to do everything in their powers to stall as long as they can.

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