Things are going from bad to worse at Fox News

The hits just keep on coming.

Since the last quarter of 2016, Fox News has lost nearly its entire primetime lineup, as only Sean Hannity remains.


  1. I have despised the mealymouthed Shep since I first watched him eons ago in Ft. Myers.
    It is to Fox’s credit, I suppose, that they keep him on; certainly, neigher CNN or MSNBC or any of the ‘real’ networks
    would ever give an hour’s time to anyone as opposed to their b.s. as Shep is opposed to conservative truth.

  2. Love to watch FOX News, with Lou Dobbs, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingrahm The Five, The morning show etc and FOX Business with Maria Barteloma. and the tall guy who talks about Wall Street and another guy who does the same thing…Never watch CNN, NBC, ABC..They are so dishonest in what they say and how they say it…They all still till this day can’t get over that Donald Trump won…The way the Liberals and the Media are behaving, They will never beat Trump come 2020. Mark my words..You all are helping him win…Thank You!

  3. Every since Rupert Murdock was observed attending the Bilderberg Group in the Netherlands, a “One World Government” proponent since !954, and “junior” Murdock took over and started the decline of Fox News as “Fair AND Balanced” by firing Bill O’Reilly and continuing replacing good analyst with liberal miscreants like Juan Williams, they have become 2nd or 3rd rate and an enemy of the fight for survival of our troubled nation. Hopefully, the few remaining true conservatives that are still with Fox will join Bill O’Reilly and other conservative stalwarts that love our country and honor The Constitution. I am grateful that so many Americans feel the same disappointment and have stopped watching Fox News.

  4. I think you might have lost us at Shep Smith!!! The absolute most left snickering, OMG I love it when Trump gets bashed and drug in the dirt!?? shep smith?? Would love to see him and Juan and Geraldo and those whiny nasal lefty women who virtually never shut up when someone else talking..would just shut up til another person comes to the end of a sentence! I do LOVE Harris Faulkner’s shows…she’ll set a lefty talking gobbledegook absolutely straight when they start lying or exaggerating! It is a shame Fox is sliding down in the dirt with it’s CONSTANT harping on the same stories a hundred times repetatively daily that shows Trump in a god awful light…over and over..Hey Fox there is other news than an occasional fire/migrant/ disaster/or shootings..and every person in America writing a boring “Look at my opinion piece of drivel” Get some new people with some personality instead of some of these new ones that all look like deer looking into car headlights!! Geez!

  5. I watched OAN and lived it. Then I moved and got dish and now I can’t get it. Loved the daily ledger and another one with a young lady. And theu werebotb terrific. Soon as my contract is up imoving back to direct as they carry OAN!!! BEST NEWS ON THE SIR.

  6. I watched OAN and lived it. Then I moved and got dish and now I can’t get it. Loved the daily ledger and another one with a young lady. And theu werebotb terrific. Soon as my contract is up imoving back to direct as they carry OAN!!! BEST NEWS ON THE SIR.

  7. I my opinion Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity are the best news shows in the evening to watch. Truthfull and up to date. Pulls no punches.

  8. FOX is losing us. It’s programing has slipped. Eric Bolling is not quality …That blond is an idiot and the special guesses are disappointing. the Five at 9 is not working well, you’ve ruined a great show. And you firing O’Reilly was just plain stupid. You entire programing is becoming more liberal and anti conservative. The Murdock’s sons are killing you and you will not get it back.


  10. I am surprised that anyone with a IQ over 40 would like O’Reilly back. He was the most over rated arrogant, know it all . He talked down to all of his
    guests who normally were a lot smarter than he was Glad the wife beater is

  11. Fox is on the way out, thanks to the Murdock son’s and probably old man Murdock himself. Guess they didn’t like being #1, because they no longer are – I voiced my opinion to them several times. I still enjoy Fox and Friends in the morning, however, and Tucker Carlson. As for the rest, forget it.

  12. Shep see’s it one way. I see it another. He has assisted the Commie Socialists of liberal media and hurt conservatives. His attitudes are the reason hateful and dishonest thugs like Harry Reed and The Clintons, have dominated the left. Let us say, GOODBYE SHEP.

  13. I fail to understand how you talk about the P.C. reporting by Shepard Smith and then you say you want him along with Bill and O’Reilly to start up a conservative network. How can you be thoroughly disgusted with the p.c. Officiating of Shepard Smith yet support him to be on a new conservative network??

  14. I haven’t watched FOX since they let O’Reilly go. Luckily, I found OAN (One America News) they are truly conservative, fewer commercials and a sister station AWE for nature and travel type programming.

  15. The only programs on Fox worth watching anymore is Hannity and TuckerCarlson. Forget the other wimps. I pretty much shut down everyone else. They shot down Beck ,Dennis Michael Lynch. They can’t stand the truth.The commies have taken over the air ways.

  16. Fox is starting to become more liberal. After watching almost every night for many years I am changing the channel or I watch the Fox Business channel which has remained conservative.

  17. I like Tucker better than I did O’Reilly. I was kind of happy when O’Rielly went off the air because I thought I’d finally be able to pull up and watch some of the old-time shows I recorded. Then my wife decides she likes Tucker a whole lot. Good-bye McHale’s Navy.

  18. I took the Tv and cable out of my house 14 yrs. ago, due to all the lying and false news at that time. I’ve known for many years that the mainstream media was owned and operated by the communist globalists that do not stand with the American people. Fox made a big mistake by getting rid of Bill OReilly. Fox’s loss ! It looks like to me that Fox is also against the American people. Fox is on the wrong side !

  19. What do you expect to happen to a company when it fires its top producers and then embraces views that are directly opposed to its faithful viewers. When will they learn? Stand for the USA and not try to destroy it.

  20. I’ve watched Fox News for years..normally left it on day and night. Since the Rupert kids and their wives have decided to change the traditional coonservative network to reflect their progressive, liberal ideas, I basically watch mainly Hannity, Tucker Carlson and the more conservative commentators. I am thoroughly disgusted with th p.c. Officiating of Shepard Smith and it appears Fox is declining towards the liberal p.c. reporting. In conclusion, I pray Bill O’reilly, Shep Smith and the others who believe and practice fair and truthful reporting will form a conservative news network
    And provide the American public with value network to pay back Fox for the deception

  21. Fox has been trying to bring back Julie Bandaras… excuse me while I gag. Remember her rant when the Supreme Court of Jokers illegally made Gay Marriage legal? She was so excited that now she can attend her Lesbian sister’s wedding… blah, blah, blah.

    She made her point. Now we make our point to grab the remote & switch channels every time we see her mug on Fox. She really seems more suited to MSNBC, CNN or one of the other Liberal MSM stations… like Meghan Kelly.

  22. I assume this means that the “target audience” prefers the soap opera swill presented by CNN and MSNBC and most other media outlets. The younger Murdoch Turks want to turn FOX into yet another CNNish news-spinner, so FOX will eventually dissolve into the brackish swampwater of its “brethern”. I was born in the USA but it looks like I will die in the swamp! RIP USA!

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