Things got ugly when Maxine Waters supporters showed up outside her office

Tensions were high when a constitutionalist group announced plans to protest outside of Rep. Maxine Waters’ Los Angeles office.

The group planned to protest Maxine Waters’ “incitement of violence” when she called on her supporters to intimidate and harass Trump officials.

But nobody anticipated what would happen next when a large group of Rep. Waters supporters showed up as counter-protesters.

Armed with baseball bats and metal pipes, Maxine Waters supporters showed up in force preparing to violently confront Oath Keepers, the group who intended to protest outside of Rep. Waters’ office.

The local media laughably said, “some carried protection, just in case.”


While the local media and Associate Press characterized Oath Keepers as a “no show,” the group claimed on their website the LAPD advised them to call it off.

LAPD informed our leadership that there were already 50 Maxine Waters supporters in front of her office armed with steel pipes and baseball bats. And LAPD also stated there were three busloads full of other Maxine Waters supporters staged nearby, waiting for us to arrive before they deployed. LAPD advised our on the ground leadership that LAPD could not guarantee the safety of any protesters, and strongly advised that the protest not be held because of the danger. LAPD added that if a riot occurred, and we were attacked, the LAPD officers would withdraw and we would be on our own.

Given the high likelihood of lethal force violence (steel pipes and baseball bats to the head are clearly lethal force), and out of concern for the safety of other peaceful protesters such as the MAGA Girls, our advance team leader, Johnny Itliong, made the decision to cancel the protest.

Which only proves our point.

You can’t even hold a peaceful protest in front of Maxine Waters’ office, protesting her incitement of her supporters to violence, without facing the violence of her supporters, to the point of lethal force.

But showing up with pipes and bats wasn’t the only thing the “counter-protesters” did.

At one point, the they grabbed an American flag from the back of a passing pick-up truck that was stopped by the crowd.

Reports indicate some protestors had actually opened the doors to the pickup before it sped off.

The crowd then proceeded to step on and burn the flag, while someone in the crowed yelled, “This is not the American flag, this is their flag.”

This is just the latest example of what’s come from Maxine Waters’ call for harassment and intimidation of Trump officials.

We’ll keep you posted on any new stories of these liberal extremists.


  1. Maxine needs to be arrested for threats of treason, have all security clearance taken away from her, all ID to get into work taken away, and she needs to receive all benefits having committed treason against our President and Nation, and that is death penalty, without a trial. Tired of her evil corruptive means to violence against our President. She is another one that needs to be investigated, along with soros, sanders, lynch and others that speak out against AMERICA she ahs committed treason and that means death, period………….no more messign around time to make examples of sthese democrats for their corruption against oru PRewsident, Nation, USA Constition , FLAG and laws of our land. PERIOD….

  2. yes if they were responsible they would provide for their families and not have time for this bull get a job

  3. Where is Justice? Waters has broken the law. Threats of violence is against the law. Waters needs to be investigated and charged with sedition amd Treason.

  4. AHhhhhh, Too bad that now she is the one who needs protection……Violence is what she called for and now it will follow her wherever she goes…..


  6. Don’t forget those Cal. residents have already changed Colorado, Nevada, and working hard on Arizona.

  7. I feel very strongly that the counter-protestors, the ones who got violent, didn’t have a permit which would make their actions illegal. I also feel strongly that the LAPD would have let them do whatever they pleased. I don’t blame the Oath keepers for not showing up. They did the logical thing. Why show up and possibly cause their members to get hurt or being associated with a riot even though they wouldn’t be the ones starting it. If there had been a confrontation I think we should be insisting that Maxine be charged with inciting a riot. She should also be investigated for committing the serious charge of sedition. There’s little chance her constituents will vote her out as she gives them all the free things they want so it will be up to outsiders. SSG U.S. Army (RET)

  8. I don’t believe there was anyone left on the buses. They would all be there in full force.
    Your right about the LA Pansie Force. I believe the Wall should start where the Pacific
    meets Oregan and run South, Insuring California is located on the West side of the Wall.

  9. FEDUP365 The one thing above all would like to know is the I.Q. of her and all those that came to protect her. Really wonder if any of them are above 75 especially looking at the crowd that gathered.

  10. We all know what the police would have done had it been the reverse – liberals in peaceful protest, with right wing violence threats. They would have had no hesitation defending the liberals and locking up the right wing protestors. This is the worst part of it and those cops should be sued and drug through the mud for their blatant hypocrisy in supporting violence, which is what they did, and there is no denying it. They weren’t trying to prevent violence, they were supporting it outright because it was on the Left side.

  11. Right to carry in open sight just passed in the Courts. Anyone can open carry to protect their life. That’d be this last bat that dude ever swung.


  13. So, people planned a peaceful protest against Maxine Waters, but the liberal democrats came ready for violence. No surprise. No surprise, at all.

  14. Dan don’t you know there is no such thing as a democrat breaking the laws, only others can be guilty of that.

  15. You should not expect too much from members of law enforcement. The only law enforcement person elected by the people to enforce our laws is the local Sheriff. All other “Officers” are appointed and their first allegiance is to the people who appointed them. That includes all the alphabet names in the federal government except for the Secret Service whose job is to supply protection to the President and is allowed by our Constitution.

  16. That monkey should be locked up. I’m no lawyer , but I’ll bet some laws were broken here.

  17. That’s because there isn’t one intelligent one in the bunch! LAPD chief should be fired! Mad Maxine should be sent to GITMO!

  18. LAPD are fools because most of the left hate police. CPOA endorsed the liberal nominee for California governor the last election which means most of its members voted for that person because their union endorsed them. It’s ridiculous, LAPD will be one of the first to deal with a flood of mexican cartel, middle east terrorist, and don’t forget the dreaded Russians, when the left push for open borders. Who do they think will be backing them up when the s*it hits the fan. The gun totting conservatives. The libs can keep their bats, pipes and words but we’ll keep our legal guns. WTH:The blacks with the weapons and the cops are protecting them. Blacks are the ones who are always complaining about the LA cops now that is crazy. Who in the LAPD is Mad Max paying? Supposedly, two buses in route….I call BS.

  19. Dave Look back in the history of upheaval of Lousy Angles and you will see the Lousy Angles Pansies Department ran away and hid like a bunch of frightened chickens they are every time. They are only tough when there is 10 or more of them and only one or two at best. Their motto “to protect and serve” is a joke. They give law enforcement a black eye for how are.

  20. Why weren’t those carrying baseball bats and metal pipes arrested then? Those are considered weapons! There was a war and President Trump won in 2016! Mother Nature will take care of California… Why didn’t LAPD tell the other protesters, those for the treasonous domestic terrorist Waters not to show up either? The pendulum will swing the other way soon and then all these idiot BLM, anti-Trump, etc., will get their comeuppance soon…. Nov. almost here. The good train will continue to roll and Americans will get their country back…most of those idiot protesters with bats and pipes probably aren’t legal citizens anyway….. because the smart citizens make sure they become citizens legally!

  21. What should be of utmost concern is the attitude of the Los Angeles Police Department that wasn’t willing to do its job & protect the peaceful Oath Keepers protest! The LAPD clearly was supporting Rep Maxine Waters side by making it impossible for there to be a peaceful protest against her. Maintenance of law & order is their job unless LAPD wants to become the private security force of Rep Maxine Waters & the Dem Party.
    I think Pres Trump’s administration needs to show LA’s municipal administration just how poor they would be without federal funding! I say Defund Los Angeles municipal government & watch the attitudes of the unionized cops in LA change!

  22. Damn, I’m sorry I threw mine out, at the time couldn’t find another use for it.
    Visualizing the resemblance, you’re right.

  23. Van that would mean getting rid of blacks and would solve 90 percent of the problem. Too bad that can’t be done and keep the small percentage of good black people.

  24. Sharon she holds her job because the area she represents is mostly black, welfare and illegals.

  25. Diane that was a joke wasn’t it or do you just ignore the riots, burning of stores and police cars, huge ghettos unsafe for anyone to go into, nightly killing and huge prison populations. Could go on but think it would be a waste of time.

  26. There is no way she would be of any value as a slave, you think this worthless person would be of value to anyone except those on welfare or illegals.

  27. Because the members of the Loser Angles Pansies Department were all neutered by Mad Maggots Wasted,the mayor and the city council. They only grow marbles when directed to, and only when ordered to for a short duration.

  28. Carlos, you have spoken several profound truths. But can you really blame the right-wingers for standing down? Remember how the media BLAMED the whole Charlottesville violence on the right wing group? Objectivity in news reporting is GONE FOREVER. I could write you a book about how the famous “Selma to Montgomery” march was covered by the media here in Alabama.

  29. Thanks LAPD.
    You have just embolden these ignorant Soros operatives, protecting this horrid old woman…LAPD. Useto be a top noth force…
    now they are

  30. inciting a violent protest is a crime. When will Maxine Waters get the playpen she deserves to live in? Such as a cell in a prison.

  31. Believing lies your party spreads about someone else doesn’t make them fact.It shows that you are either complicit in their crimes or too lazy or stupid to determine what you hear is true. So which one are you?

  32. Scum bag waters, Queen of her walking dead! Her tribe probably don’t even know how to use a bat.

    King of the walking dead thanks for everything Obama,your just another Phoney,lying,muslim RACIST,PATHETIC,BUNCH!!!

  33. I’m tired of hearing Liberal activist saying before hand that they are peaceful activists and are always the ones who do the verbal and physical attacks. They obviously don’t know the meaning of peaceful. Most of them have no idea what they are protesting for because when asked an intelligent question about what there there for there responses are always the same on Facebook, tweets, rallies, etc.. Nothing to do with the issue at hand. Not one intelligent word from them.

  34. Remind me, Bobby, did Bill Clinton have 3 wives that he cheated on all of them? Did Bill Clinton have 16 women who filed complaints against him of sexual harassment and abuse? Did Bill Clinton have sex with multiple adult movie making stars that went unnoticed by the media? Yes, Bobby, if you still support 45 after his abhorrent behavior, then you ARE a fake Christian. He’s a disgusting pervert and should be removed from the office that he currently holds because he he’s illegitimate to begin with.

  35. Inciting a riot is a federal felony, punishable by up to five year in prison! Why did the LAPD squish!

  36. Now there’s that ” fake Christian” attitude that I despise so much! I think a good civics course is due for 45 since he has no clue how our government functions. For you, dear, I would suggest you turn off Faux AlmostNews because your ignorance is showing with each post.

  37. Anyone that showed up there with a baseball bat, pipe or any other weapon should have been arrested ON SPOT. Maxine Waters should be jailed immediately for inciting violence.

  38. Now I know for you brain dead people, this isn’t Breitbart or Faux AlmostNews, but try to be open minded (silly of me to even think that!) The state of the white supremacy and neo-Nazi groups in the US – ABC News – via @ABC

  39. Your questions are irrelevant to the Mexifornia Left and will never be answered. In CA, they run the show, get their way and don’t GAF about right & wrong. The optics here are really bad! A patriot group was branded right wing extremists by the accomplice media, intimidated by sub humans and they chickened out. This is mob rule rewarded, free speech stifled and the scum will see this as a P.R. win a repeat that tactic every time. Until we have a real bona fide slugfest with anarchist skulls cracking, this $h1t will never end!

  40. I’m very disappointed in Oath Keepers, who obviously did not even keep their word to show up. F**K the LAPD and their admonitions! Had Oath Keepers shown up in big numbers, those apes and beaners wouldn’t have done a damn thing. We protested outside Bill Nelson’s Coral Gables office in 2010 over Obamacare and 40-50 bussed in, purple t-shirted SEIU goons showed up and tried to intimidate us. We didn’t budge and were ready to f**k them up if they did anything. 2-3 tried crossing the street to our side and were told they had to keep to their side, just as we did to ours. After exactly 60 minutes, the rent-a-mob got back into their bus and went back to da hood, where they belong.

  41. Good questions…but will the questions be answered? How long will it be before someone gets killed by these lunatics. They behave like a street, ghetto gang. Uneducated, pathetic! which department has the authority to arrest those who conspire and urge to riot and violence? They better start doing their job before it gets uglier.

  42. A few questions come to mind here. Who informed these “counter protestors”? Who paid for the transportation (3 busses) to get them there? Since the peaceful protestors applied and paid for a legal permit, who paid for the “counter protestors” permit, or did they even have one? Where was the scumbag that started this hate (Maggot Waters) when her thugs showed up? Why didn’t the LA Pansie Department at least confiscate their weapons?

  43. Confusion over where to pee. If it’s an outie, the room with the urinals. If it’s and innie, the room with the most sit down recepticals.

  44. Diane,dear,WHO brought weapons to harm peaceful protesters?Not the Oath Keepers but mad maxine crazy people brought deadly weapons with the intent to harm,maim or even kill Oath Keepers.Just as Islam is said to be a peaceful religion,which we know is untrue,we,the people,know the left is a sorry bunch of losers and all they have left is violence,paid for by soros.Diane,dear,you sound as stupid as mad max and nutty nancy.It’s a good fit.Just stay out of my neighborhood.We,the people,are well armed!!!WEG1WGA!!!MAGA!!!TRUMP2020!!!

  45. Jack, thank you for your service. These rabid idiots don’t realize the lives that were lost for their right to be morons. Ingrates every one of them. My Father fought in the Pacific Theater. He made it home, but many did not.

  46. Obscene Waters and her supporters are nothing more than thugs. These individuals are the ones screaming up hill and down dale about violently attacking the POTUS and his supporters. They are all INSANE and the men in the white coats should be out in full force to take them to their “safe places.” While they are loose, NONE of us are safe. Violence solves nothing and hurts us all!

  47. Diane, you are a rabid, Ill informed crap spewing drone. Inform yourself by not following the color form unfaceted information train. A civics course is a must for you. Discover the function of each of the legislative branches functions. Please feel free to come back when you graduate.

  48. Amen to that statement, you give some people a inch, and they try to take a mile from the Tax payers, and try to bring about agenda’s that are not in our Constitution, such as not protecting our borders from illegal entry into our country. No one is above the Law of our nation which they seem to be trying to do.

  49. Spunky, THAT is the truth. Their intent was clear. Why let them walk away as if it was just another afternoon stroll with your iron pipe.

  50. When is Waters going to be arrested for trying to incite violence an attempting to undermine our government?? If this was anyone on the right the left would be calling for life in prison immediately
    The disbandment of the party, marshal law and God only knows what else.
    Looking and listening to Waters and Pelosi definitely proves two things:
    There should be term limits
    There should be age limits
    For every politician. Period

  51. This is totally unacceptable! Mad maxie should be held accountable for this. What if someone was killed? You know that it more than likely would have happened if the Oath Keeper had not backed off. This is UNCIVIL and should be addressed by jailtime for that abominable maxine waters. She is an abomination to the whole process.

  52. Now, that is something I would support with my money. Send her on a slave ship she would have to help row. Complete with leg rons and chained to a pair of oars.

  53. The protesters would be left to slaughter. Police would stand down. Their focus is to protect everyone involved. Lucky for us the people in charge decided to stand down rather than lose lives. More proof that mad max and her followers would rather incite violence and kill the opposition rather allow free speech. Just one more reason to prosecute max and remove her from office.

  54. Every policeman on the beat should be fired and sued in court for failure to protect the Oath Keepers. Jeff Sessions: get up off your butt, stop crying about your reputation and enforce the rule of law. If this continues, there will be a civil war in this country and the police will be helpless and will be considered on the side of those who support Trump. What a sad day in America when politics are stronger than our friendships. God help this country.

  55. “Armed with baseball bats and metal pipes, Maxine Waters supporters showed up in force preparing to violently confront Oath Keepers”

    This is not a group of “counter protestors” this is a group of her followers INTENT ON COMMITTING THE VIOLENCE she incited.

    Strange how when liberals bring weapons its for protection but when those ATTACKED in the past bring them for actual protection the media spouts as if they were responsible for “GETTING attacked” by simply doing so.

    The difference the “counter protestors” went there INTENT on committing violence while the ones who only carried after previous attacks against them “just in case” the anti Trump crowd attacked again were blamed for the violence by the media.

    The fact is once a politician calls for VIOLENCE to IMPOSE a political agenda they have committed an act of terrorism according to US law and should be PROSECUTED accordingly.

  56. One day the extremists will receive their just desserts.It May come from A 45 or 556 but it will deliver justice just the same. Always liked the phrase Mohammed Ali used – Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. Most cowards are braggarts like Waters the thugs that follow her are cowards also – take their clubs away and they would run like the vermin’s they are. All rats hide in the daylight.

  57. Your relative I,m willing to bet isn’t on a police force in California. This is the land of fruit & nuts. Anything goes out here. This is the State where LGBT& other like minded groups rule. Who in their right mind vote their state a sanctuary state and turn criminals loose rather than deport them. Where Border Patrol are thought of as second class citizens because they uphold the law. Until our elected officials choose to do what they were elected to do nothing will change.

  58. The majority of Americans are descent people. There are just as much scum in the Caucasian venue as in our fellow Black Americans. Nixon, Slick Willie (Clinton), Ted & Jack Kennedy), Remember Marilyn and Chappaquidic or Ted and his Nephews rape in Florida) I believe we all have secret closet sins we’ve hidden from others but know this – everything we do will be visited when your Lord meets you on judgement Day. You don’t have to believe but it won’t change our being held to account for our own life’s choices. The retoric you spew will come back to choke you later.

  59. I guess black lies matter and antifa are white supremacists? Get a grip. These are hate groups fully supported by the democommies.

  60. Never happen. Politicians protect each other no matter what side of the isle.
    Need to start public hangings again.

  61. The f’in lapd should be replaced with a battalion of marines. I think the story would be different. The Mayor of LA is responsible for the actions of his police force so he should be in Jail and maybe ole gov. brown could accompany him. This is wrong. Why isn’t waters in jail, oh right she is black. Caint tuch dem peoples.

  62. So it’s acceptable for the demoscum to harass, be repressive, threaten violence and stomp all over your constitutional right to peaceful assembly? If you believe that to be correct, then you are no better than the rest of the lowlifes that came armed.

    The demoscum “leadership” is pushing harder and harder every for a violent confrontation with those that do not completely support their hateful, racist, divisive, communistic position. When it happens,(and I hope and pray that people come to their senses and stop before it does) these lead inciters will scatter to the winds and not accept any responsibility for what they caused. They will be quick to deflect their actions and blame ANYBODY else. Even worse is that the democommie owned media will support their lies and actions by completely twisting the facts.

    I do not want to see a civil(?) war happen on this country because people hate the winner of the 2016 election so much, they are dangerously pressing hard for that to happen. If it does, as you can read here, there are many that are ready and will not back down. That would be tragic, and Dems will be to blame for their rhetoric.

    You have a right to dislike Trump, but you do NOT have the right to commit sedition, which mad Max has done. The Dems need to grow up, stop the continuous 2 YEAR TANTRUM, and work towards bringing this country together, not continue to fan the flames of extremist hate like they are doing now.

  63. Names, Dates, Places PLEASE???? There is no “White Supremacy” in America to speak of, and there is racism against “White Americans” and unfortunately has escalated to a fever pitch because of people like Maxine Waters, and underinformed people like yourself who listen to Faux Media spewing BS to them about Children in Cages. You actually believe that crap?
    Watch CRTV, Breitbart, Newsmax, The Blaze, OANN, or Fox and get informed girl, your ignorance is astounding. You just spewing hateful rhetoric and none of it is truth.
    Listen to “Candace Owens” from “Turning Point U.S.A.”

  64. When did your Lord give you the right to judge others. One day you will stand before Him and you will be judged. He warned all of us before we condemn someone for the splinter in their eye we should first deal with the plank in our own life. You have decided you have never sinned – one day you will find out when you will be called to task for your indiscretions.

  65. Oh, Suzanne, if that where your getting your “news” then it’s understandable why you are so misinformed, ignorant and brain dead! 45’s tax cut did NOTHING for the average American but did plenty for his billionaire friends. If you still think this a “ witch hunt” you’re going to be surprised when they indict Roger Stone, Carter Paige, Donnie Jr., Jared Kushner nd the big, fat orange slob currently in the White House. The walls are closing in on your hero so better takes your meds and get ready for the other shoe to drop……you poor ignorant thing!

  66. Must I remind you that most violence is committed by White Supremacy and Trump cult supporters? Please don’t lecture me on violence unless your side is totally innocent in the violence we have seen plastered all over the news (or doesn’t Faux AlmostNews NOT cover it unless it’s done by liberals?)

  67. It’s called “Censorship” and yes, Maxine should be thrown out. Someone needs to initiate a “Recall” Petition against Maxine Waters, or just have her tossed out on her own volition.

  68. Any leader either in the mayors office or police department who did not back up an Americans right to a peaceful ptrotest under the Constitutions guarantee of free peaceful speach did not do their job and should be fired. The peaceful group of protesters actually came out ahead by showing the voters there exactly what Waters stood for. Who could vote for such a person – she evidently stands for squashing free speech even if it takes thugs to enforce her communistic rhetoric and push to violently eliminate any true disagreements . Is this what we as Americans have accepted as ok. What have we degraded ourselves to – our soldiers fought and died for overpaid pro players to disrespect our national anthem and the flag which is the symbol of America’s resilliance and our own elected officials who won’t even stop the thugs in front of her office from burning and trampling our flag. Everyone has the right to move somewhere else. Every single voter in her district needs to search their soul and before you give anyone the privilege of your vote – ask yourself is what she spews from her speech’s and actions – really what You believe in. If it isn’t then take out the trash with voting for someone you agree with who aligns with your beliefs. If you see nothing wrong with her actions and words – then I truly feel sorry for you.

  69. Shoot the whole group if they were mixed in….I wouldn’t miss a minute of sleep over any of them.

  70. Don’t put “Black” Americans in one category friend. That’s absolutely not true. I’ve seen it first hand. They’re being lied to and manipulated. Support “Turning Point U.S.A.” and MAGA.

  71. Coming straight from the idiots mouth….better check your history book (ones that haven’t been rewritten)…Monica come to mind there deary? How about Marylyn? There have been more in Congress with a D before their names that have recently stepped down from office for sexual assault. Those that live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones moron.

  72. It’s a Communist tactic to keep citizens at war with each other, so they become divided. We need to bring people together, so they’ll understand the “Truth”. Support “Turning Point U.S.A.” and MAGA.

  73. Do you pay Taxes? He’s lowered Taxes on all American Taxpayers, and yes, he’s lowered the Corporate Tax so that money will be repatriated back into the United States of America, and so that businesses will thrive in the United States, rather than being shipped out overseas, where Americans cannot get jobs.
    You’re listening to PRAVDA Media lies.
    GO TO: CRTV, Breitbart, Newsmax, OANN, Infowars, The Blaze, and Fox News and watch a whole different take on “Truth”. The mainstream media are the liars and communists hoping to make America a Third World Country.
    The new release of “Carter Pages” unredacted documents is showing that the FBI collaborated to get a false FISA against the Trump Campaign and Mueller is the head of a “Witch Hunt”…plain and simple. You are listening to LIARS, LEAKERS, AND LEFTISTS.

  74. Please read my previous comment regarding this exact same thing. You will understand why they call it the People’s Republic of Calicommia.

  75. Hey diane, when as the Oath Keepers did….show up to peacefully protest and be confronted with bats and pipes. Should we now turn tail and not be able to have free speech?

    I didn’t realize they were going to be protesting at mad Max’s office, otherwise I might have made the trip down to do the same. Problem is…somebody threatens me with a bat or a pipe, they had better understand I don’t play that game. Mad Max’s supporters aren’t worth the air they breath if that’s their response…

  76. You are so right Gail. More things are wrought by Prayer than man has ever dreamed of, and let your voice rise like a fountain to the Father in Heaven, through His Son Jesus Christ. Amen.

  77. what do you expect from a Commie / Fascist group of Maxine Waters supporters. The answer is a concealed carry permit To defend your self of course.

  78. The Police may have opened fire on the “Oathkeepers”. Would not advise that yet. Find a place and we’ll fight a war, but let’s not incite it within the boundary of the city.

  79. Support “Turning Point U.S.A. and Candace Owens” who are fighting to keep Black Americans well informed and get real NEWS to them in their communities.

  80. Just turn the ethics committee loose on her – make her show where she got the money to buy a 4 million dollar house when she wasn’t wealthy until she was elected.

  81. Candace Owens is waking up the Black Community. Don’t be discouraged by those Black Americans who are taken in by Communist Antifa Groups. The LEFTISTS lie and if you watch CNN you’d think Donald J. Trump was the worst thing since Hitler. It’s unbelievable the hateful rhetoric that is spewed by the leftist media which are actually the Arm of PRAVDA. Black Americans are certainly not watching Fox News, or Alternative News such as Breitbart, CRTV, Infowars, OANN, Newsmax, or The Blaze. Candace is working on it…support her and support her cause, which is “Turning Point USA”. If you can, please give at least a small donation to help to cause of Real Information getting out to the Black Community and ignorant Americans and College students.

  82. All you need do is look at the history of California. When riots occur, LAPD is invisible or seen running away from the action. No need to doubt it. This doesn’t mean they are cowards, it means they are being led by cowards and libtatds. SSG U.S. Army (RET)

  83. Portland, Oregon is using the same tactic. The Mayor is not protecting ICE AGENTS when protestors block them, and cause them to have to break up by violence their protests. Mayor won’t allow Portland Police to break up the protestors. He’s complicit in the war against ICE.
    Make no mistake, we are in the midst of a “Civil War”. Don’t expect it to get better, and watch what happens during the 2018 Elections. Keep safe people. Don’t mail in ballots but drop off at drop off locations and don’t wear Trump regalia.

  84. Yes, it would be great. Maybe you’ve got a plan in the making here. Don’t show up, and watch the city burn. If Police wouldn’t protect the “Oath Keepers”, then they need not protect from the Antifa either.

  85. Hmmmm, are you promoting violence? How is that any different from what Maxine Water said? Or are you just being a hypocrite? Yeah, I think you are!

  86. Did you notice the LAPD would not protect the “Oath Keepers”. Now mind you, the “Oath Keepers” could, if they so choose, defend themselves too, and are highly trained ex-military, ex-cops, etc. and are in cooperation with keeping America safe and secure. They were at the border when the fighting ensued between Border Patrols and Drug Cartels. It went on for months, and they volunteered their services to keep the border safe.
    Police are told that a Peaceful Protest will not be protected by “Violent Anti-Trump Protests”. This is how unhinged and creepy California State has become. If I were a Conservative I’d get out of that State Quickly.
    Maxine Waters is the face of the Fascists/Communists/Antifa Hench Team.

  87. wouldn’t it be grate to schedule a bunch of right wing protests , and let the left show up , looking for trouble and they can’t find a single right winger, look at the money they will waste , forest gump , stupid is as stupid does ,lol

  88. Diane, What’s amazing is that Bill Clinton sexually harassed and cheated, as a SITTING president IN the White House. Hillary, as a presidential candidate, “laundered” money through their “foundation.” You seem to question the very existence of God on the one hand, yet indicate belief in his existence, by labeling “most” Christians as fake, on the other. Fake only because they support the presidency of Donald Trump. Why so much hate and vitriol? Your opinions and beliefs appear to be very conflicting.

  89. Tom, that may be the most brilliant comment I have ever read about Mad Maxine: ” things get ugly whenever she shows her face!”

    A truly legal way to overcome her is to remind blacks that since President Trump took office, black abortions have dropped to 45% of abortions. Before that, it was a full 50% – the largest abortion rate of any race in the USA. Young black men on welfare used to get their girlfriends pregnant as a sign of power to other gangs, and then push he into abortion. With jobs coming back to the US, some of these young men will get off of welfare, and marry their girls when they get them pregnant. Abortion will continue to drop, and a larger percentage of blacks than ever will vote for Trump. Even this will not break to progressive hold on California, but showing a drop in black voting % will “hit her where she lives.”

    These blacks will want no part in impeaching Trump. It will reverse the wonderful economic upward trends, and throw them back into poverty, and dependency on the progessive welfare system.

  90. Maxine is a racist in her own right. Congress should do something about a person that tells people to vomit violence against anybody she disapproves of.
    Having people (thugs) stand around her office with bats and metal pipes (as reported) is disgraceful.
    Let alone that the LAPD WOULD NOT protect the protesters that had a peaceful protest lined up.
    Maxine is only a one way person – her way or the highway.

  91. Maxine Waters is UGLY when she sits in her office , ULGY INSIDE UGLY OUTSIDE

  92. Exactly! The Police should be held accountable for this craziness, as well! They were not peaceful demonstrators if they showed up with baseball bats and steel pipes. On the other hand, the Oath Keepers should have showed armed with long guns for self-protection since the police were obviously co-opted by the criminals!

  93. Agree, Rep Waters should be condemning this reaction versus encouraging it. Always thought that inciting a riot was against the law!

  94. jc – he’s done NOTHING for me (or for you either, if you open your eyes). He HAS done things for Corporate America and has rolled back environmental regulations that will ONLY make you and your children sick! He’s a complete embarrassment to the country and his reality show with Putin was nauseating and disgusting. The new release of Carter Paige’s documents is bringing us closer to the fact that his campaign colluded with Russia and that’s treason. No, I can’t say that other president have ever done the same.

  95. It is almost impossible to legally carry a firearm in the People’s Republic of Calicommia. You have to show a “particularized need” before they will consider issuing a concealed weapons permit. The LA Pansie Department should have immediately arrested anyone carrying a weapon (bats, pipes, knives, sticks, guns, etc) However, they were most likely ordered not to take ANY actions against. So much for protecting and defending the constitutional rights of all citizens.

    ALL HAIL THEIR SUPREME LEADER, MOONBEAM BROWN and his communist lemmings! Your rights don’t apply here if they conflict with our “values”.

  96. I find it unforgiving that the gutless cops would back away should the violence have started!! Every peaceful protester should have been carrying an AR-15 and the violence would have been quelled! Why don’t the cops exist like during the Kent State uprising!!

  97. Yes! She should be LOCKED UP for Encouraging her SUPPORTERS to do evil agains the Country (people who are devoted to the administration of the affairs of the Nation represent the nation.) It is like she regards our President and His Aids as HER National Enemy! She failed to UNDERSTAND that she was elected to her position by her supporters! If the President decided to do the same to her, she would be Facing National Guards! We seek her RESIGNATION! She is Dividing the Country by her Hatred of the White Man Who is our PRESIDENT! SHE HAS AN Against America CRIMINAL MIND!

  98. These ignorant fools who bring weapons are wimps they can’t protest peaceful so they burn the American flag all you waters supporters are losers just like waters she is scum.

  99. Then the Blacks wonder why they are not respected……..MAXINE BLACKS give NO RESPECT…..They are becoming as blood thirsty as the illegals…..Its time for Calif. to drop off into the Pacific……..

  100. First of all Maxine wanted this to happen. Her twitter statement was putting it out there on purpose to get her pack of rats to show up. Why you wouldn’t believe the LAPD would turn on heel and run the other direction kind of astounds me..they release violent immagrants back on the street daily. They are probably more likely to protect Maxines rats then protect American protesters. Trump and true American loving patriots are being tested, and we will prevail. This is going to end badly for liberals, but they are picking the fight. We are many they are few..mess with our president and I feel sorry for you…MAGA

  101. Diane, if you throw rocks at this president, then you also need to throw rocks at most of our other presidents. Most have problems concerning morality. Research it. Then you need to take a good, hard look at what this president has done since taking office as far as his job is concerned. Compare him to Obama and others. Research this too. Dont pay attention to reporters, or politians. Sad to say, they are not the ones to find truth.

  102. I could be mean and say things get ugly whenever she shows her face. But the violence that occurs because of her rhetoric is serious. She must be held to account for it. There must be some grounds to impeach her.

  103. You know they don’t arrest black people and haven’t since they started rioting years ago even when they have them on video.

  104. Maxine Waters is the face of the Democratic party. It’s obvious, they don’t try to calm her down or get rid of her. This is what we are going to get if we don’t get out an vote in the next election. Wake up people, democrats condone this violence. VOTE VOTE REPUBLICAN. VOTE

  105. Using the headline ‘things got ugly when Maxine Waters supporters showed up outside her office’ is an oxymoron. Things got UGLY as soon as Maxine Waters showed to enter her office. I can think of nothing that can be more descriptive of the exact degree of UGLY that TROLL carries with her. It is not just her physical UGLINESS that makes her so repulsive but when you hear her speak, the UGLY she has in her Heart and Soul is horrific. She is, in my opinion, one of the most Hate-filled, Dangerous, Angry, Anti-American and UGLY persons on this planet. Just look to the report of what did happen outside her office by her supporters. They burned our Flag on the street in front of her office and attacked people walking or driving down the street past her office, yet she never appeared to either join in with her supporters or ask them to stand down. This event could have cost lives had the leader of the peaceful protest group not decided to cancel the event. I’ve heard Maxine Waters scream about her protestors ‘first amendment right’ to protest any where, any time they wanted. I always thought the ‘first amendment’ applied to every American citizen, even persons that do not support Maxine Waters and her agenda to impeach our POTUS.

  106. She won’t be votrd out..her moron supporters call her a national treasure. Can you believe that? Eventually supporters of Trump will get fed up with their violent antics and fight back. These people will be 4th he cause of the next civil war. Right now with the backing of Maxine these people feel untouchable..this needs to end one way or anothe

  107. If there WAS a God, there would be a President Trump. I doubt he or she would allow a serial sexual harasser, a man who had 3 wives and cheated on every one of them, had sex with multiple pro stars (when his 3rd wife just had a baby 3 months earlier), a corrupt (and apparently not very good) businessman who launders money and make him Commander-In-Chief. How can you spout this religious crap and still support this human feces piece of crap? You’re a fake Christian, like most of them are.

  108. How much money did that witch have to people to support her she is a disgusting person and should also be in jail, but everyone knows that will never happen. she needs to be voted out when her term is up.

  109. That is just the point…it is TIME to, forcefully if necessary, remove Maxine, and protect her from herself by incarcerating her.

  110. But going further to include the Media…this rioting nature has been the goal of the Media…to get both sides inflamed against each other…

    Folks, fellow Americans…the Media, those who are made up of hate themselves and who intend to overthrow our country..ARE FAR MORE DANGEROUS AND GUILTY than Maxine alone…

    ITs TIME, America, time to defend our country by applying the means furnished by our forefathers….Do IT!

  111. Michele Obrien, you don’t need police or want police you need 20 men and 10 womans with not interes to live who love America and working in night time and have the home address of the each leaders of all communistlybastarsdradicalislam and take care of then one on one and they family and friends this communist do all this violent rally in all the countries like Venezuela and they will take over any country who they people play clean to defend AMERICA WHO IS TO BE TAKE OVER FOR OUR ENEMY you have to be mean and smart, is they say “is better to kill 10 thousand today than 1 millon tomorrow”

  112. Its time we take care of America, and Maxine has to be taken care of by removing and incarceration. Now that we can see the kinds of supporters Maxine has embraced we can best see just how stupid and dangerous she is…

    Maxine has incited riots, and we ask our President to protect our rights…but we have to ask for legal action, forceful or not bust whatever is necessary…

    Just listen to her, and it makes you wonder just how close to “brown shirts” behavior she has chosen to be…

  113. now u know why they call them N.President Trump bashing,It is something a silly adolescent male-woman does when feebly striking back at someone superior to him,LIBERALISM Is It Mental Illness or Demonic Oppression?.

  114. COMEY DID A COVER-UP FOUND IN IG REPORT AND ON WEINERS LAPTOP of hillarys CHILD CRIMINAL CRIMES and a long list of names of Washington government officials names involved with these child crimes and child traffcing, clear COMEY ‘S NAME WAS ONE OF THEM along with john mccain clapper,brennan eric holder rosenstein mueller, COMEY USED THE RUSSIANS TO COVER-UP THESE CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN



  115. Hell if she actually came out to show her UGLY FACE, THAT WOULD BE ENOUGH TO DISCOURAGE
    ANYONE from being peaceful. IT WOULD DEFINITELY INCITE VIOLENCE. She is worth the agony of violence for what she believes in. As long as she’s in office, there will always be a threat of violence wherever she shows her unglypuss.

  116. We are living in the End Times bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! It’s written put your faith in God ask for his guidance and protection! God Bless our great nation president and our law biding God fearing people, through Jesus name! Amen

  117. Every one of these Maxine Waters supporters that showed up with pipes and bats in their hands should have been arrested just as the Antifa members that cover their faces and carry bats and pipes. Antifa is a terrorist group and don’t believe in peaceful demonstrations and constantly prevent conservative speakers from exercising their first Amendment rights through violen

  118. If a peaceful demonstration is wanted then go armed and if someone swings a bat at your head shoot the stupid SOB.

  119. I think they call it convenient depressing free speech, as long as you did not use profanity! But when the ult left like Whoopi can say what they want on TV. Sometimes I think they should allow the illegals to stay and deport the democrats~

  120. Why would she tell her supporters to stop doing what they were brainwashed to do By her?? Why is this even allowed to happen in Our country? The police told peaceful protesters to leave because they wouldn’t protect them? This country has gone insane and it’s time to put a stop to this b s.
    The longer we sit back and oh and ahh about it the Sooner we won’t have a country! Time for the People to stand up for America.

  121. Let the Civil war begin. It’s time the American loving people rise up and exterminate these American hating devils. President Trump needs to declare war just as Lincoln did and let us take care of this problem plaguing our nation.

  122. With the actions of other police departments, especially in CA when faced with Leftwing demonstrators and with the way the police find themselves under the microscope regarding their actions, I don’t find it implausible that the LAPD would warn the “Oath Keepers” of the dangers they will be in. I don’t understand why ALL weapons are not confiscated from All showing up at demonstrations.

  123. I find a disgraceful that Maxine Waters would not come out and tell her followers to disperse or protest peacefully. The only thing I find a little implausible is that the LAPD would say that if a riot occurred they would would withdraw. It is their job to intervene if a mass Riot is going on. I find that the only statement that may be a tad false. My brother-in-law is a detective in a major city. If something happens…. If someone creates a riot, if two groups become not only confrontational but violent then every single officer on that Police Department is called to the scene 2 quell the violence. So I am suspicious of that statement.

  124. I fully support treating the libtards, ignorant leftists… AND their ignornant gov dependent enablers as our countries official enemy…and if they attempt to infinge on rights of usa citizens or confront supporters of our country, I fully support fighting them.. and winning

    we have had enough of ignorant dems and can no longer afford to stay civilized in putting this horde of ignorance down

  125. Oh it’s coming…
    One side has bats and pipes, yet doesn’t know which bathroom to use. The other side has 8 trillion bullets.

  126. Yes, something has to be done, Miss Christine. After they throw her out of the House we must push really hard for TERM LIMITS!!!

  127. Please do not blame her on us (black people.)
    She is an abomination; a freak.
    Sir, we (black people) love this country as much as you. Our problem- some of us are just damn out of control. Hopefully we can fix that issue with education.

  128. I agree with Alan…….there are bad apples in the white and black barrels. We do need to unite in the name of sanity and for the good of everyone in this nation. Christine…….I think having Maxine committed would be an easy out for her. She needs to be arrested and tried for treason. She knows exactly what she is doing and is reveling in the power high it gives her. She thinks she is above the law. And I have to admit, it looks like she has good reason to think that………….she hasn’t been arrested yet and she just keeps on doing what she’s doing. And the LAPD is a joke as well. Good grief. The call themselves “law officers”? What a farce they are.

  129. CENSURE her!! That’s a joke! She should be REMOVED from her office in handcuffs and jailed. Censure is just a little light touch on the wrist. She will be laughing her a** off all the way home after she is “censured” These politicians don’t have a single bone of courage in their entire bodies. Either that or they’re afraid their under-the-table money will dry up if they do the right thing. Cowards all! And please feel free to quote me on the coward part. I get so angry at those people I could bite a ten penny nail in half.

  130. Sharon, that is my question as well. Why were’t the people armed with bats and pipes the ones told to go home? Everything is upside down and Maxine Waters needs to be arrested and thrown in jail for incitement to violence, treason and fraud. Because that is what she is personally and professionally. A big fat FRAUD. The Congress of the United States should have a code of conduct they have to adhere to. I don’t know if they do or not, but they should and it should state that anyone who violates it will be stripped of their office immediately. At the very least she should be arrested for inciting violence against our President as well as actually all those who don’t agree with HER! Isn’t what she’s telling her supporters to do terroristic threats? Last time I looked, I thought terroristic threats are a FELONY crime. I’m sick of her kind of behavior and more so b/c she is a member of congress for crying out loud! She needs to GO by any means necessary.

  131. At the very least Maxine needs to be evaluated by a competent psychiatrist – at at least 2, one black, one white, so hypocrisy cannot be claimed.

  132. Amen brother, we’re all one race in the eyes of God. And God bless you and our great nation.

  133. Really, y’all expect anything less from mad Max supporters. There just being like her, hate White’s blame everyone else and hate this great nation. Normal role model for the blacks.

  134. Oh, no! Please say it isn’t so. I know we are not going to fight amongst ourselves or censor other’s thoughts.

  135. Looks like my reply has again been removed from this site. Evidently the truth and law are not allowed.

  136. You are 100% correct. Let us hope they will abide by their fantasy gun control dreams so the victory over them will be quite easy!
    Yes, it is coming. Be ready!!!!!!

  137. This just proves who the violent aggressors are. The looney left is surely pushing for that civil war that the right doesn’t want but we so desperately need!

  138. It seems the left wing trouble makers always get a pass. Poor babies Always oppressed. I had a tough life growing up, but it made me have common sense. I don’t want to hear about our flag lending hand to racism. There is mostly racism amount blacks. Yes, some whites feel that way, but very few. Instead of yelling hands up don’t shoot , it should be pants up don’t loot.

  139. This is CA and south LA (remember Watts riots). The LA police remember and are prohibited from assisting non-mob related avtivities. I would have already left that state years ago. Who wants to live in such a lawless environment. Oh…liberals and illegals. I for forgot.

  140. Waters works for America and the flag represents America. How the hell is she able to hold a job while calling on people to hate people, cause them harm, burn our flag and so on.
    What is being do to get her out of office and charged with inciting riots. Walking around carrying bats and metal pipes.
    Why were the Oath Keepers called off? Why them and not these haters?
    I am sick of this, WHY is everyone bowing down and letting them treat law abiding people this way.

  141. Let us not go there. I am an American citizen and I am black and I am just as disgusted as you…. I think arrest is to gentile….. I think arrested, found guilty and placed in a forced labor camp. Maxine: arrest her and place her in a home for the grossly demented.
    Guys, it is not time to divide; it is time to unite. We Americans- all races and creeds- against them: THE DISCIPLES OF SATAN. AKA: THE DEMON-CRAP PARTY! MAGA!

  142. Vincent,
    You are right on the money,if those were WHITE “protestors” carrying bats and pipes their BUTTS would have been arrested in thrown in Jail (“double standards” yet again anyone???)

  143. This is Supposed to be America Of the United States of America so what the hell is going on they gotta cancel a legal protest because the Maxine waters guys showed up with baseball bats but that’s OK though huh. The Double Standard again Well I wish we had a billionaire like the left does would Soros Christie’s guys are getting paid to do it I’ll do it for free stand up to them people would the bats And I got a lot of people though I’m on my friends that feel the same way I do Amedeus saying they brung the batch just in case they’re the ones the brong the violence into the theater Something’s gonna is something is Pop off at a rally in the law should stop it before it happens you can see who the aggressors are they should be arrested and prosecuted not spanked on a written should go home you did a good job and I know it is a lot of people that feel like I do in this said a said they in America but something’s gonna happen I can feel it in my Which I hope it never does but all I can say is God-bless America and God-bless Donald Trump And the conservative party the rational people not the crazy people

  144. Not necessarily; that could be statewide policies in keeping with Brown’s “sanctuary state” policies. Whatever the case, it’s dead wrong and needs to be shut down.

  145. Apparently they either can’t or won’t; not sure which. It could be they’re ordered to stand down and withdraw if violence erupts; which is inane, but in character with the sanctuary policies in CA. So if you go, wear your kevlar and go armed for combat.

  146. There is a movement in Congress, initiated by Rep Andy Biggs (R-AZ) to censure her for that despicable behavior. Contact your reps and have them sign on with him.

  147. Where is the Ethics committee that should expel Maxine from the congressional duties permanently? Maxine encouraged intimidation and harassment against the Trump officials and MAGA supporters that can easily lead to violence and anarchy. It is a violation of constitutional law.

    I demand her removal now! We must set an example that her behavior cannot be tolerated. Or we may head to a civil war …

  148. I can’t agree with you more. Every time she opens her mouth something stupid comes out.

  149. Did you notice the black woman who was saying Maxine was the queen? Well, is is on welfare, does not have a job, lives with 8 other black relatives in a 2 bedroom house, and is fat, ugly, and ignorant.

  150. Maxine Waters deserves to be in Jail for inciting a riot! And her “followers”? They are just a black gang of hoodlums looking for yet another bloody fight!
    Maxine Waters caused this all to happen! And yes it appears as if we better get prepared for a Civil War against the people thanks to Maxine Waters!
    What a shame! She should be so proud of herself! NOT! Disgusting black woman promoting violence! Typical? Look what she has done for the respect to the Black community? Black rights? Really? The same rights for everyone! Rights to do what? To have the right to attack people in the streets? Over a political beliefs? Crazy! Not to mention her imposing her sick beliefs on everyone else too! Mean wicked stupid woman with a following of morons ready to beat up & kill their neighbors because they do not also follow that witch? WOW! How many low IQs do you need to injure someone? Do they not see how she is using them to forward her own demented goals? She is not for the common person, white or black or brown or orange or yellow or.. She is in it for herself! FULLY! KEEPING TO HER $$ LIFE STYLE! To hell with yours. Wake up and see the light people! She would sacrifice your lives & your neighbor’s lives to forward hers.

  151. The only ones dumber than Mad Max, are the idiots that keep voting her in. They live in poverty & filth, while she lives in the lap of luxury in a completely different district. Low life, low intellect morons, supporting another low life, low intellect moron!

  152. So in LA one can walk the streets with bats and steel pipes and this is ok,wtf better get armed. The LA PD won’t protect peaceful protesters then protect your self enough of this BS


  154. Arrest Maxine Waters, let her handles the Crimes that she permitted to happen! Yes, freedom of speech is for all! But, each person must be responsible for the words who spoke, that is the source of FREEDOM! That is everyone must takes Responsibility for whose Words and Action as well as all the Consequences of those Words and Actions!!

  155. The next time you protest, bring guns and knives and other protective items. Eventually there will be a civil war and the RIGHT must be there:

  156. Maxine Waters needs to be arrested and held accountable for her actions, for calling her supporters to attack and harass President Trump’s staff, cabinet members, and his administration.

    For police to suggest that they would not be there to protect any of the protesters that was opposing her suggestions, THE POLICE DEPARTMENT IS IN HER POCKETBOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Police are suppose to protect everyone, no matter what side you are on!!

    Maxine Waters suggestions towards harassment is going to get someone or somebody Hurt, or better yet, she is going to get somebody or someone KILLED, then she is going to have BLOOD ON HER HANDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Arrest Maxine Waters and prosecute her NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  157. And the “Civil War” pot is still bubbling along. When it boils over holy hell is ganna break loose.

  158. I’m not sure this even needs a reply. Common street thugs supporting a common mad maxine. They don’t even realize how badly their being taken advantage of, her district, that she doesn’t even live in, probably has the most homeless and is the trashiest and filthiest in all of LA.
    The hand you hold is the hand holding you down!
    Remember in November – Worthless politicians are elected by citizens who don’t bother to VOTE.

  159. Maxine Waters is responsible for those counter-protesters showing up with baseball bats and pipes. She should becensured and run out of Congress. Who advised them beforehand so that there were buses loaded with those idiots itching for a fight? And, burning the American flag? These people are deranged starting with the instigator herself, Mad Maxine,


  161. Minimum’s “followers”, probably paid to cause violence, carried WEAPONS, clubs, to stop THE AMERICAN RIGHT TO PROTEST MINIMUM’S CALL FOR VIOLENCE. Once again, they can do it, but no one else can. Reminds me of the Brown Shirts of the NAZIE PARTY before the Second World War.

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