This 2022 poll shows just how dire of an outlook the Democrats are facing

28 House Democrats announced their retirement ahead of the Midterm elections.

It’s easy to see why.

Because this new 2022 poll shows just how dire of an outlook the Democrats are facing.

Since Democrats believe they are headed for a defeat in November, some members would rather cash in at the private sector than spend years in the minority banging their heads against the wall.

A recent Trafalgar Group poll – which is an A- rated pollster by – shows just how dire of a predicament the Democrats are in.

On the generic ballot question of which Party Americans want to see running Congress, Trafalgar found Republicans leading Democrats by 13 points.

That is an unheard of advantage for Republicans.

Even in the Tea Party wave of 2010, where Republicans scored the biggest victory in the history of the Midterm elections, Democrats led on the generic ballot question.

That’s because historically Democrats lead on this question as there are simply more registered Democrats in America.

For Republicans to hold a lead like this with 10 months to go before the Midterm elections portends ominous signs for Democrats this November.

Of course, it all comes back to Joe Biden.

No President ever lost as much polling support as quickly as Joe Biden.

Due to a series of failures by Biden, in less than a year his approval numbers tanked from the low 50s to high 30s/low 40s.

Biden’s numbers started their downward trend when he backtracked on coronavirus and began demanding vaccinated Americans wear masks.

Biden then tried to impose an unconstitutional vaccine mandate for private sector employers with more than 100 workers.

Record inflation and the supply chain crisis further dragged down Biden’s numbers.

And Midterm elections are always a referendum on the incumbent President.

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