This attempt to destroy Fox News just backfired in one major way

Members of the Fake News Media hate Fox News.

They are constantly looking for new ways to bring down the network or take its stars off the air.

But this attempt to destroy Fox News just backfired in one major way.

Showtime debuted a new limited series on Fox News called “The Loudest Voice in the Room” based on fake news reporter Gabrielle Sherman’s 2014 book of the same name.

The event is a takedown of former Fox News President Roger Ailes who was forced out of his position after Gretchen Carlson accused him of sexual harassment.

But it flopped.

Outside of fake news reporters frothing at the mouth over the chance to write stories about the “dark side” of Fox News, there was no audience for liberal propaganda about the top rated cable news channel in America. reports:

One of Fox News Channel founder Roger Ailes’ obsessions was ratings, and the former Mike Douglas Show producer would have cackled at how quiet the debut of Showtime’s Russell Crowe-starring The Loudest Voice was. With just 299,000 viewers for its 10 PM opener Sunday night on the CBS-owned premium cabler, the series starring the Gladiator actor, Naomi Watts, Seth MacFarlane and Sienna Miller looks to be one of the year’s lowest non-broadcast debuts so far.

While the decades of antics and much alleged sexually harassing behavior of ex-Richard Nixon advisor Ailes was the subject of a forest full of coverage (including here on Deadline), especially once Gretchen Carlson sued her ex-boss in 2016, the initial numbers make it pretty clear there wasn’t much of a market for more outside the media itself.

Based on Gabriel Sherman’s 2014 bestseller The Loudest Voice in the Room: How the Brilliant, Bombastic Roger Ailes Built Fox News – and Divided a Country and the more recent reporting on the FNC scandals, the first episode of the Tom McCarthy-EP’d series was down 61% from the Season 4 premiere of Billions on March 17. With a marketing campaign that even the competitive Ailes would have admired for its reach and A-list scope, Loudest Voice was also off a hard 42% from the Season 4 debut ofThe Affair.

Perhaps most telling is that the limited-series opener delivered 43% less in total linear audience than the June 16 debut of the Aldis Hodge- and Kevin Bacon-starring City on a Hill, which had previewed online more than a week earlier.

The media exists in a liberal bubble.

Media critics and TV executives believe this is a massive market for a Fox News takedown because everyone they know hates Fox News.

And since everyone they know hates Fox News, that must mean everyone hates Fox News.

That is clearly false.

But the hype behind “The Loudest Voice in the Room” compared to the actual ratings is just another example of the liberal media’s ideological blinders.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Find out who owns majority of the stock in the US propaganda machine then comment again. I refer to them as Jews not as just because I don’t like them. I help provide for the children of Abraham so I’m not a Jew basket if your really an observant Jew. Most in America are not! I don’t help the followers of Baal which were Hebrews of the Northern tribes we commonly refer to as Jews but today are just Israelis. They were not from the tribe of Judah henceforth are not Jews. Anyway, they are for Hillary/Jezebel and Satan/Baal. Bottom line, Fox makes too much money for Rupert Murdoch and the other hundreds of rich owners that own most of the other news stations and happen to be of Israeli descent.

    • My comment was supposed to say, “I’m not a Jew hater”. I give money and have visited Israel which helps support their economy. I refer to ALL Israelis as Jews since that is about all anyone recognizes when talking about their people. What we have in the US like is a bunch of people who’s ancestors were born in Israel. Some of the Jewish faith and some just plain old citizens of Israel masquerading as Jews and now years down the road the influence that Jezebel had on those Israelis is bearing fruit with all of the Baby sacrifices their kinfolk used to do. It’s bringing forth the sales pitch from the media that homosexuality is part of society. If you wasn’t watching during Obami, he and they made it a central focus in America because a lot of Dems believe that carrying the faggot vote is almost as important as carrying the black vote, there is that many in America. One man mentioned in the conversation that whatever two people do in their home doesn’t bother him. Good point, but they brought it out into public to try and push it down our damn throat, no pun intended. Disney and other companies now treat it as people are supposed to be gay. The faggots wanted to hang their rainbow flags on our embassy flag poles with the American flag. Are they frigging serious? The world would laugh at us. Obama gave them an inch and now they want it all. Who in this country wants America to be recognized for its sympathy for fags and tranny’s. Without the Jews pushing these lustful reprobate mind individuals wouldnt come out of the closet into the streets to lease their desires.

  2. The only two channels that our family are watching are Fox and OAN. I love to see Greg Gutfeld show, but when ever juan Williams turn, we move to another channel. I can’t stand him, Wallace, smith, baer, and brizele.

  3. Fox is doing self-destruction right now. Juan Williams…got fired because he did some actual journalism so Fox hired him. Hasn’t done any sense. Nothing can be said about Smith that would make a difference. He sucks. Donna Brizile got fired from CNN because she lied to Democrats and then Fox hires her. Go figure?

    • Easy to figure, Gary B. Fox is owned and operated by Murdoch jr. I believe. A closet liberal, without someone like Roger Ailes doing the day to day, politically correct bullshit rules the day! I see Steve and Brian throwing up in their mouths whenever the have to have Brazile on.

  4. 90% of Americans are good,honest and patriotic people, However,all that is necessary for Evil to prevail is for these Good Men and Women to do nothing. We Must become more active and demand that “OUR congressfolks and senators carry out the wishes of “US”, the 90% ! Write, and vote at every opportunity. We the people are in charge ONLY if we speak up. Please be a proud American, WE can be and must be heard ! God bless America !!!

  5. No one is trying to get rid of Fox News. I’m too conservative for America and I’m not buying into that garbage lie. Guess they need to fire us up for a couple minutes to be able to demand the highest price for advertising. Now that’s truth! When all is said and done Jews own Fox and they are not about to part with the almighty dollar. Without Fox we would probably have factions popping up in America taking to arms. Sounds ridiculous right? In the last 25 years we’ve had several groups stand up to the state and federal government and were called anarchists or terrorists. What if they were following the first and second amendment? They were and paid the price because their interpretation of the constitution didn’t match with corporate and Ninth circuit interpretation. 3 conservative judges from the ninth say taxpayers don’t have to pay for these little sluts going out and getting knocked up on a drunken weekend. They believe American taxpayers should t be responsible for paying some buy her to go into a women’s pussy with tongs, suction tubes and cutters and chop up a little parasite with a heartbeat that by liberal standards today is not a citizen until it escapes those sick sons of a bitches. Now, 11 judges from the ninth mostly being disgusting liberals say it is constitutional for us to pay for someone else’s continued lack of responsibility as long as Trump is President and they are sitting on the bench. So this rumor about fox is another fake news report and unless you live in a cave with nothing that resembles the 21st century technology you might be shielded from the continuous lies. May those so called “judges” have a very long painful period right before the enter eternal death. (Hell)

    • Caldwell, you recognize that this is another right wing conspiracy basically to raise money for right wing nuts like Trump. You’re smarter than I thought but blaming Jews all the time is wrong, Murdoch is not a Jew.

  6. Heraldo Rivera is coming around now, he is more of a Trump person lately. As for why Fox is changing its because of Murdochs sons and their wives, they are all Liberal. But Fox has been voted the most watched News channel many times over now, and it will not stay this way if they keep making the wrong changes. They can kiss the No. 1 status away and lose viewers just like CNN and MSNBC who are dropping viewership big time.

    • Now they have Paul Ryan. Horrible mistake….,,I do NOT WATCH BRETT BAIER, CHRIS WALLACE OR CAVUTO. Stopped watching them at the gotcha debates”. It was disgusting to see adult men look like a gang beating up someone. I have Never watched Them again. Be fair. Treat everyone the same. We have ONE AMERICA also
      Bringing more corrupt Democrats we just turn the channel.

  7. I keep a eye on the fake news advertising
    any adds I see on these fake news channels
    I refuse to buy, or support.
    I found a link between who’s honest, and who’s
    Promoting the lies.
    It was difficult at first, but now l have a list.

    • They are glad not to have a hater’s business, you bring any company down with your crappy money or charges or thefts.

    • O S , so what is on the list? What did you find to link them together? If you have faith in your position, print it as a comment. Thank You.

    • We won’t ever use Dish again, no FOX no Dish. Fox is only network that actually tells both sides of a story, not just the DEM liberal side. If Dems get more trash in congress we’re in deep trouble. VOTE Conservative in 2020.

    • I Parked dish to the curb. . Over #5 Years Ago.. The Service Sucked/They wanted me to get a new tv ???? when I told them their system stop working NO Audio=Sound Stoped Working. Before I Called Them: I Tried my Own DVD player With NO Problems= Pure Sound/Audio NO Issues. Even tried PlayStation 2 Played GREAT!! Full Sound!! Naturally this had to happen during a weekend around the holidays (thanksgiving/Christmas) with family/friends. dish took my report-but Did NOTHING- So I waited till Monday morning-called using their repair service # -The Waiting period (You better have your phone with a FULL Battery Charge) was At Least #15 minutes (That I Will Never Forget) Wasted my time-They stated that the Report Was Corrected That It’s My Tv Not Them= dish’s Equipment, So There was no other choice but to Dump Dish’s (naturally had less than #40 days left) contract =their junk too. Have NEVER Regretted IT- Best Thing I Ever Did

  8. They hate FOX News because before FOX there was nobody countering what they told America. Remember when we were told that Walter Cronkite was the most dependable person in America? Maybe he was, but the quality of news reporting has gone downhill since he retired and died. He would be turning over in his grave if he saw how the news has become a propaganda machine. The reason FOX has the leftists on their shows is because of a stunt the liberals tried to use. They got a law passed that said you have to allow opposing views on your station. This was because of shows like Limbaugh, which rakes in millions of advertising dollars. When the liberals tried to have shows of their own, nobody would advertise and they had to pay for the air time. So instead of giving better content, they tried to shut down the conservative shows. One thing they didn’t take into account though was they would have to have conservative commentators on their shows.

  9. Russian history: Before the revolution they were called Lliberals then the name changed to Progressives; then during the revolution they were called Bolsheviks and finally settled on the name Communists. See any similarities in the USA 100 years after Russia?

    • Point taken! President Trump was able to poss off 6-7 million Americans more than usually went to polls and voted. The fact that he won was proof enough that the media is nothing but a propaganda machine for liberalism. Problem with America is that you have a large slice living in a Utopian brain, Un-Reality TV, etc and are crying non stop like a little child to head is in that direction you mentioned. Where the two immovable plans collide is Communism is an all or nothing plan. There is no part of that plan that provides everything for those who do not WANT to work or even can’t.

    • The college professors should be the ones reading THAT history…. they were among the first that the commies sent to the gulags. The commies were sure to have anyone they allowed to teach students to be fully VETTED to be sure they were 110% Communist!!

      • Could probably rewrite that old saying, “those who don’t know history, are destined to teach it”! Pathetic!!!

  10. FOX and One American News are the only truthful networks I know! Must have other networks running scared for them to invest their monies into this piece of trash!

  11. Please remove me from your mailing list. I find your “news” no more accurate than the other news available. It is just more htpe. Just give me the facts.

  12. Obama’s at Netflex also Susan Rice.These politicians taking o ver Free Speech..? Coeinedence? I think they are all Mocking Bird propeganda.Donna Brazil? Give me a break.

      • You know the thing that the alleged media call AOC, it’s a acronym for ANOTHER ORDINARY COMMUNIST ,low class, loud mouth, MORON!!! The trouble with them is those who listen to the MORON’S, DON’T REALISE THEY WILL BECOME THE LESS OFF’S OF THE MORON FUTURE!!!!! MORON’S CREATE LESS OFF’S

    • God is taking note of what is going on in America and he is to pleased. The weather happening in the United States has nothing to do with Climate control — its warning signs that some Americans (Liberal/Democrats) have crossed the line. The massive fire last year and two earthquakes this year in the Third World State of California should be warning them, but they are too dumb to heed God’s displeasure.

  13. Comical and pathetic at the same time, the more they lose, the more they hate! 2020 gonna be very entertaining.

  14. Fox News is ONE that I follow and believe. I could care less about their sexual activities, I just want the truth. Have you even considered the “catch phrase” that msm uses – be aware; “here’s what you need to know”! Sucks many people in to listen to their lies. Who the heck told them what “I need to know”? Dang it! It just burns my butt!

    • Sandra, The Commiecrats hate Trump for two basic reasons; 1) He beat HRC and she was the FRONT of the UN- AMERICAN various groups who were aware of her obsession with the OVAL OFFICE and the ability to use after she got to occupy it. There was so much dirt on her she would have been easy to blackmail. The next part;
      2) Trump blew their plan! After 8 years of Obama and all his un-american crap they were counting on 8 years of HRC. for a 16 year block of more and more left leaning Judges,Congress members and the laws THEY could push though! If HRC had won in 2016 you, yes you, could could pull the social contract AKA; THE CONSTITUTION from Washington to New York to Chicago, and out to San Francisco… without it breaking! The members of the HIGH COURT they would put up WOULD DECLARE it a living document, to be read the way THEY wanted it to be understood. We are very lucky that our system did work as it was DESIGNED to work. If all you needed to win was the body count the COMMIECRATS WOULD HAVE CHEATED (FALSE VOTES) A LONG TIME AGO.
      A solid 16 year block is almost a full generation, and that is all it takes to LOSE OUR FREEDOM to a determined political group,not a lot of bodies, just enough in the right places. Me, I thank God that we are still on the list to be ‘protected’.

    • Paul Ryan on the board? Not good. Likewise with Napolitino, he could be holding a grudge against Trump. Also Ryan is one of the establishment politicians. A RINO that once led the congressional agenda away from a few critical issues before he called its quit.

      Do you think that the FOX News are becoming hostile toward Trump?
      Look at Donna Brazile, Shepard Smith, Juan Williams, Chris Wallace (?), and maybe others too.

      • Fox is the station I watch for news but lately I have been switching to OAN because I cannot stand to watch Shepard Smith, Juan Williams and Judge Napolitino. They are truly bias in their reporting. My biggest fault with Fox News is bringing Donna Brazile on board after her cheating in the last presidental election for Hillary Clinton. I don`t mind seeing both sides but these people are too bias for my liking.

      • Could it be that Ryan and Napolitano are plants by the communist element in the country (Democrats) to take FOX down from within?????? The owners of FOX should really look at the upper echelon they are putting in charge and get rid of them now. Presently FOX, One America News and a couple of other new stations are the only ones NOT LYING TO AMERICA DAILY. Hannity, Ingram, Carlson, Judge Jeanine, Watters, etc. present both sides of the issue — no station in the MSM does that. They only present one side — THE WRONG SIDE!!!!!

        • And on’t forget Steve Hilton … one of the more intelligent people at FOX!!! He’s doing his best to drain the swamp.

          • I like FOX in the evenings as it is funny to watch them put on the daily ( almost ) sound bites from the alleged media… CNN; ” This is Damming ” , followed by ABC, CBS ,NBC , MSNBC, etc, using the very SAME seven letter word about (the topic) ” its damming”. The question of course is WHO is the SINGLE SCRIPT WRITER for ALL THEM??? They don’t seem to understand the tech world they work in… SOUND BITES can be really catching… UNTIL SOMEONE IN THIS CASE FOX, PUTS THEM TOGETHER AND THE LISTENER REALIZES HE WOULD HAVE GOT THE SAME STORY FROM ALL OF THEM!! NOBODY IN THE NEWS BUSINESS WANTS TO HAVE the same story….. Unless it is being FED to them. If they had two with the same story they would be going to court , each claiming the other STOLE the story!!! When you have 5 and 6 using the same thing it has a stink to it!!! Fox reveals it!!

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