This bombshell document has Brett Kavanaugh facing the most difficult choice of his life

When Senate Republicans confirmed Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, they thought they had a 5-4 majority.

Right now the Supreme Court is deciding one of the most important cases of the current term.

And this bombshell document has Brett Kavanaugh facing the most difficult choice of his life.

The Supreme Court is in the process of deciding a case concerning the Trump administration’s attempt to include a citizenship question on the 2020 census.

Liberal groups sued because they want illegal aliens counted to increase the possibility of Congressional Districts being drawn to favor Democrats.

The administration argued that the question was necessary to comply with the Voting Rights Act and accurately count Hispanic Americans.

But the case was turned upside down when the estranged daughter of deceased Republican redistricting expert Dr. Thomas Hofeller turned over documents from his hard drive to liberal groups.

The documents allegedly show Hofeller once wrote a citizenship question would benefit Republicans and increase the voting power of whites.

The Daily Caller reports:

New evidence allegedly shows the Trump administration wants to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census to give a political advantage to Republicans, a civil rights group claims.

Newly recovered documents purportedly prove a Republican redistricting consultant called Dr. Thomas Hofeller advised Trump transition officials on the political upshot to a citizenship question on the census form, and helped develop a Justice Department request justifying the need for granular citizenship data.

“The new evidence demonstrates a direct through-line from Dr. Hofeller’s conclusion that adding a citizenship question would advantage Republican and non-Hispanic whites to DOJ’s ultimate letter,” lawyers for the New York Immigration Coalition wrote in a Thursday letterto U.S. District Judge Jesse Furman.

The coalition is one of many plaintiffs challenging the citizenship question in court.

The Trump administration strongly denied any wrongdoing.

The Daily Caller also reports:

“These eleventh-hour allegations by the plaintiffs, including an accusation of dishonesty against a senior Department of Justice official, are false,” a DOJ spokesperson said. “The study played no role in the Department’s December 2017 request to reinstate a citizenship question to the 2020 decennial census. These unfounded allegations are an unfortunate last-ditch effort to derail the Supreme Court’s consideration of this case.”

The citizenship question was previously included on the census so this is nothing new.

Liberal groups were worried the five conservative justices on the Supreme Court recognized the fact and looked set to rule in the Trump administration’s favor.

So the Left is throwing everything against the wall to either taint the decision or bully the justices into ruling against the President.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in ongoing story.


  1. Everything repugs do is evil and immoral. So much for repugs proclaimed assertion of so called christianity.

  2. If not an American citizen, either by AMERICAN parents or nationalized, they should not be allowed to vote! Yes, it should be on the census as it was before it was changed!

  3. Relying on the statistics presented in the Census assumes that every illegal alien will honestly report himself/herself as a non-citizen. Who believes that will happen?

    If the liberals are successful in making a law requiring EVERYBODY to surrender their weapons, who believes that crooks will comply?

    I’m afraid the answer to both questions is: Only liberals will believe that their “authority” will be followed unquestioningly.

    Oh, and perhaps a few simpletons, also.

  4. Dr. Thomas is correct. illegal aliens are not citizens, they are not subject to our military draft, in fact cannot join our military even if they want to, they cannot vote. Except in California where they are permitted to vote in local elections. Why? they are here illegally and have no right to legislative representation at all, so should not count for house of representative district purposes. The only reason they should be counted at all is because we need to know how many jobs would open up when they get deported.

  5. We should follow Mexico’s example. A boat load of Chinese who were headed here happened to stray into Mexican waters where the Mexican navy intercepted it and guess what they did? They loaded them all in a plane and shipped them back to China. Hurray for them.

  6. This is a bull crap argument by libaturd states because the number of congress critters they get is based on the census, thus counting ILLEGAL aliens gives them a numeric advantage. Plain and simple!

  7. Illegals Aliens must not be included in re-districting because only citizens are allowed to vote. Since we, as American Citizens, pay all of the damn bills, we should do all of the electing, not some illiterate welfare recipient from overseas. Simply, from a political standpoint, illegals don’t count and shouldn’t count.

  8. Illegal aliens should not be counted for anything. Certainly they are not citizens. They have no right to anything except what the governments of their NATIVE countries may Deem appropriate. There presence, or lack of presence in any area should have NO effect on that areas number of electors in the electoral college. They have no RIGHT to vote except if voting is allowed in their NATIVE countries. They have no RIGHT to any support from any group based in this country. If they NEED support, they should make application to the go ornaments of which they are citizens.

    If the liberals still want these people , even though they CANNOT legally contribute anything to the “progressives” lust for power, then, by all means, send them all to the cities and/or states that have declared themselves to be “sanctuaries” so long as NO federal tax monies are used to support the invaders!

  9. Truckman: I agree. However I don’t know what all the fuss is about having the citizenship question on the census. Illegals lie to get into this country, lie about seeking asylum and give fake Social Security numbers–more lying. People lie to vote illegally why wouldn’t they just lie on the census? And they want to be called undocumented instead of illegals. Right, yeah. Lie. Lie. Lie. Great way to start on the road to the citizenship they think they are entitled to.

  10. These Democrats want the Illegal Aliens to come into The United States because they want them to Illegally Vote for Democrats. The Democrat Party know that will never win the 2020 election.

  11. The citizenship question is a legal question. It will show how many illegals are in the USA

  12. The Government know how many non-citizens are here legally. To approximate the number of illegals just start looking at the social services rolls.

  13. I totally agree with you. I come from Ecuador which is a little country in S.A. Ecuador; However has and always had the citizenship question on the census questionnaire because it was considered ilegal to allow any foreign born person to vote during election time. The right to vote is considered a sacred privilege for its legitimate citizens.

  14. absolutely only usa citizens should be allowed to vote furthermore the question on citizenship should definitely be put in, are you really going to follow the lead of the left, there was once a time when it was included I have my census taken when I was a child & it was included so I STILL HAVE IT AS PROOF what is the problem now, they invade us, we have no border,no respect as citizens, we should have priority these people are ILLEGALS, they have no rights whatsoever, go to Mexico and see the real story Mexicans first every single time, I am so disgusted that it is making me sick the people, government have no backbone At all, when are you going to wake and see the reality of what is happening in our country BEING TAKEN AWAY FROM THE TRUE AMERICAN, AND SADDEST THE GOVERNMENT IS ALLOWING IT TO HAPPEN, WE MUST FIGHT BACK FOR OUR LIBERTY AND FREEDOM AND RIGHTS ARE WE SENDING OUR MEN TO FIGHT AND WE AT HOME ARE JUST SITTING DOWN AND NOT DOING ANYTHING ABOUT THE SITUATION IT HAS BEEN PUT TO US!!!!!! I AM 82 YRS AND REFUSE TO LET THESE COMMUNIST AND NO GOOD POLITICIANS GET AWAY W/IT ALL FOR THEIR BENEFITS VOTES, MONEY AND POWER

  15. The political result is immaterial. Just as voting districts should be drawn in a reasonable manner without regard to what political result they will encourage, the census should include questions that on their face are reasonable for the purposes of the census. When the question was previously deleted, it may have been to politically advantage Democrats. The Supreme Court should ignore any question of intent and rule on the simple matter of whether the question is a reasonable one to include on the census. I appears to me that it is reasonable to help determine who is a citizen and who is not. There is no justification to complicate this issue, as the liberals are trying to do.

  16. There’s a bigger question there though. How many aliens ARE in the US and how many are here illegally? The govt needs to know that information to determine how to set our immigration quotas

  17. The answer to that is in our Constitution only American Citizens can vote and be counted in the census

  18. it was a common question before and why would it matter when only US citizens are supposed to count for representation all the others are noncitizens and should not count except to tell how dang many we have here screwing this Country and the Census form should only be printed in English if you are a citizen thats what you should be speaking

  19. NO illegal under any circumstances should be allowed to Vote! Have we totally gone crazy? I can’t vote in other countries and it is crazy to let any non citizen of this country vote. If we allow this to ever happen we have LOST our country. We are losing our minds.

  20. Why in the world should anyone (NOT A LEGAL CITIZEN BE ALLOWED TO VOTE IN THIS COUNTRY.) AND if being a citizen was a question that was asked in the past WHY WAS IT DISCARDED?

    ARREST usurper illegal alien Muslim jihadist infilrator Barack Obama aka Barry Soetoro, prison, then deport to Kenya or Indonesia without his dirty $-millions.


  23. This is the most ridiculous thing that we can ask. There is no organization that will allow nonmembers of the organization to vote
    on anything, if they are not a member. What is wrong with people. If you are not a bonafide citizen of the United States you should have no say so in our government. If you don’t like our government the way it is, then go somewhere else. Good grief America.
    Let’s stand up for ourselves. Either conform to our way of life or go back where you came from. This is not a game. Non-citizens
    donot have the right to vote on anything in our country. This is AMERICA.

  24. the census doesn’t ask what political party you belong to. It counts the number of people living in the United States. The country has a right to know how many people are citizens of the United States, or any other country. Would you like to know how many Russians live here, or how many Canadians? What about the number of people from Uganda or Guatemala? What harm befalls United States citizens by knowing who else is living here? The House of Representatives is supposed to represent legal citizens of our country. How can apportionment be fair and honest if that number is blurred?

  25. I just moved to America from Aba Zaba. I’ve been here for two hours and fifteen minutes. Where do I go to vote for Democrats?

  26. Republicans seeking for a political advantage???

    Only the American citizens vote! End of story.

    Liberals keep twisting the laws. The majority of the American people went the aliens out of their country now!

  27. Have the Conscience of our American Citizenry left our HEARTS that we are now promoting SIN and ways of how to CORRUPT the Innocents and the UNTAUGHT? How far must we go against the Principles of our Founding Parents?

  28. If a US citizen is spending 6 months in a foreign country – say Canada for example – would that US citizen be Entitled to participate in the Canadian census just because they were in the country and their child was going to school while they are there? The answer is a resounding “NO”. We currently have between 11 million and 40 million “illegal aliens” occupying our country. Why would we want to include illegal aliens in our national census without identifying them? The US census is designed to count US Citizens. It is instrumental in determining the number of representatives a state has in the house of representatives. Why would we want illegals represented in our government?

  29. If this doesn’t pass the Supreme Court //// SOMETHING’S WRONG! //// I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW HOW MANY ILLEGALS ARE HERE!!!!!!!!!

    SIGNED ////
    Stockton, California


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