This bombshell Jeffrey Epstein payment is going to prevent the answer to one big question

Americans hoped Jeffrey Epstein’s mysterious death would not prevent the truth about his crimes from coming to light.

But now the public may never know the full extent of Jeffrey Epstein’s global sex trafficking operation.

And that’s because this bombshell Jeffrey Epstein payment is going to prevent the answer to one big question.

In 2009, Jeffrey Epstein paid Virginia Giuffre $500,000 to settle a lawsuit after she accused him of sex trafficking her to Great Britain where she claims British Royal Family member Prince Andrew sexually assaulted her.

Prince Andrew’s lawyers argued in court that the terms of the settlement prevented Giuffre from suing him.

Newsmax reported:

A woman who says she was sexually trafficked to Britain’s Prince Andrew by Jeffrey Epstein accepted $500,000 in 2009 to settle her lawsuit against the American millionaire and anyone else “who could have been included as a potential defendant,” according to a court record unsealed Monday.

The prince’s lawyers say that language should bar Virginia Giuffre from suing Andrew now, even though he wasn’t a party to the original settlement.

The private 2009 legal deal resolved Giuffre’s allegations that Epstein had hired her as a teenager to be a sexual servant at his estate in Palm Beach, Florida.

With Epstein dead and Ghislaine Maxwell headed to prison, Giuffre suing Prince Andrew could be the last chance for a full accounting of Epstein’s criminal activities as well as information about the rich and powerful men who partied with him.

The lack of a complete accounting of Epstein’s crimes is one reason so few Americans believe the official story that he committed suicide.

Shady circumstances surrounding Jeffrey Epstein’s death, as well as key evidence going missing from his apartment after an FBI search, leaves the distinct impression in the minds of the American people that there was a concerted effort to make sure his ugly secrets never saw the light of day.

Unfortunately, it’s looking more and more like Americans may never learn the full extent of Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking operations.

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