This bombshell report just implicated Obama’s Deep State in a massive coverup

Hillary Clinton has repeatedly accused Comey of “sabotaging” her campaign by telling Congress the FBI reopened their investigation into her email.

As it turned out, there was sabotage going on behind the scenes, but not of the Clinton campaign.

And now a new report just exposed the extent of Barack Obama’s Deep State corruption.

Barack Obama’s Department of Justice and FBI was corrupt to the core.

An extensive new report issued by Paul Sperry at RealClearInvestigations shows just how bad things were.

Piecing together information from the IG Report, the Strzok/Page text messages, Congressional Testimony, and interviews with officials with direct knowledge of the Clinton email investigation, Sperry paints a damning picture of how the FBI whitewashed the email investigation.

Remember how James Comey told Congress the FBI “reviewed all of the communications” discovered on Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin’s shared personal laptop?

Trump was in disbelief, “You can’t review 650,000 emails in eight days,” he said.

Comey claimed the FBI was able to conduct this feat “thanks to the wizardry of our technology.”

According to Comey, the vast majority of the emails were “duplicates” of information the FBI already reviewed earlier in the year.

Turns out, both claims were flat out lies.

According to Sperry, the FBI only reviewed less than 0.5% of the 694,000 emails for classified or incriminating information.

Three FBI officials completed that work in a single 12-hour spurt the day before Comey again cleared Clinton of criminal charges.

“Most of the emails were never examined, even though they made up potentially 10 times the evidence” of what was reviewed in the original year-long case that Comey closed in July 2016, said a law enforcement official with direct knowledge of the investigation.

Yet even the “extremely narrow” search that was finally conducted, after more than a month of delay, uncovered more classified material sent and/or received by Clinton through her unauthorized basement server, the official said. Contradicting Comey’s testimony, this included highly sensitive information dealing with Israel and the U.S.-designated terrorist group Hamas.

Not only that, but the FBI search warrant itself was narrowed to unusually specific perimeters.

“The FBI only reviewed emails to or from Clinton during the period in which she was Secretary of State, and not emails from Abedin or other parties or emails outside that period,” Horowitz pointed out in a section of his report discussing concerns that the search warrant request was “too narrow.”

That put the emails the New York case agent found between 2007 and 2009, when Clinton’s private server was set up, as well as those observed after her tenure in 2013, outside investigators’ reach. The post-tenure emails were potentially important, Horowitz noted, because they may have offered clues concerning the intent behind the later destruction of emails.

But the corruption goes deeper.

Sperry writes:

At the urging of [Attorney General Loretta] Lynch, Comey began drafting a new exoneration statement several days before investigators finished reviewing the sample of emails they took from the Weiner laptop.

Once again, the FBI would whitewash the Clinton email investigation in an effort to clear her of any wrongdoing. After all, they thought, she’s going to be the next President.

Sperry noted a celebratory air among the FBI’s corrupt investigators:

As news of the case’s swift re-closure hit the airwaves, Page and Strzok giddily exchanged text messages and celebrated. “Out on CNN now … And fox … I WANT TO WATCH THIS WITH YOU!” Strzok said to Page. “Going to pour myself a glass of wine … .”

Page noted that “Trump is talking about [Clinton]” on Fox News, and how “she’s protected by a rigged system.”

The full report is worth reading, but you can watch Sperry talk about it with former Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz on Fox below.

Will the American people ever learn the full extent of Obama’s Deep State corruption?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.



  1. Dear RR. Googie Google has Taken 0ver /INVADED your
    PC ‘algo’s. AmSure U are ‘aware’. CAN/WILL Your
    ‘tech’s Correct this ??? Thank you.

  2. Russia, Russia, Russia…Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Democrat Party’s platform is all smoke an mirrors. But Liberals are too stupid to see it. They swallow up all the CNN lies they can bite into. CNN officials should all go to jail for publishing slander and outright lies. Not just CNN, but the rest of main stream media…especially Rachael foaming at the mouth Madcow.

  3. Reality : ‘0’ can hardly keep his feet on US soil / ahem.
    (michael no where to be found, basically.) Daughters ?,
    well, NOT w/ (fake)mama/daddy. Another ahem.
    > Anyway, re AG Sessions. NEW Appointment of AG 0CCURS w/
    Presidential Election in 2020. UNTIL THEN, it is Not Likely
    a Resignation/0r ‘Dismissal’.(unless a ‘disaster’ of sorts) Much too Complicated & Would BE
    Totally WORSE ‘than now’ & IMMENSE GRIDLOCK.
    >> Y’All Must UNDERSTAND this. &&& IN the Meantime, IF y’all Saw
    AG Sessions ‘tweet’In Response to DJT – well(Read it), his 4 Points
    Cannot Be Unequivocally Denied. POTUS Knows this. As well as msm/ rinos/dems/establishment & they can Lie/twist/ Convolute all they want. Sooo,
    hang in there for 2 more yrs w/ AG , (he can ‘twist a few arms’).
    > & ‘notice’ – NoMore BS ‘talk’ of POTUS russian collusion. Such Farce. Mueller
    knows the ‘real deal’ As ‘he’ was Involved in the Uranium collusion w/ hillary et al.

    • The train is coming and its going to derail right on top of the Democrats , they know it , that is why they are lying and spinning all they can .Thats why they accuse others of the crimes they them self have committed .Its what they always do ,try to distract from them self so they won’t be looked at , and it seems to be working on Jeff Session .

      • Hey ‘gator’ Change to ‘Crocodile’ + haha. ‘Crocs’ Are way nastier
        than ‘gators’ per se. Anyway.what you speak of ARE ‘MARXIST’ tactics.
        > Hold 0Nto ‘positive Energy’ Towards AG Sessions, ‘he’ HAS a Lot to
        figure out in his own head re himself/family Safety.
        > Thnx for thought/reply. Hang IN. SAVE USA.

      • My main concern is not only are they covering up the crimes by the FBI, DOJ, Clinton and her possey, Obama and his by lying, hideing information, making up evidence, destroting evidence, But my main concern is that they are deliberatly running out the clock on the Statute of limitations on purpose. They know a defense is impossible because the crimes are too many annd too well documented. Sorry folks, if you wanted her in jail, you should have indited her last year! Yeah she’s guilty but statute of limitation and all that legal bullshit.

  4. The question is not whether the People will ever learn the whole truth. The question is whether anything will ever be done about it.

    • Not while Jeff (RINO) Sessions is still there at the DOJ. Any indictments have to come from the DOJ and we have a do nothing, milk toast MORON in power there. Rosenstein, the deputy will do nothing. He is hot on the Mueller case against Trump so it looks grim right now. Trump needs to fire Sessions, already and put a lawyer in there who will do what needs to be done

      • Bruno, I think Sessions is in there ,to drag it out past limitation , and then even if the truth comes out nothing will be done to any of them and WE the people are stuck with the bill for it all , same as always . Sad to think that,they think we are that stupid .

    • Mikey, You’re spot on with this analogy! Is it impossible for Trump to weather the “storm” of lies, deceits, cover-ups, and a host of other Liberal activities to run Trump out of office if not impeach him? Isn’t it time overdue to make a much needed change in the DOJ, starting with replacing Sessions with someone with the gonads to call out any and all Liberals on corruption, starting at the top with Obama, HilLIARy, Comey and all other upper echelon figures in the FBI and DOJ?!!

    • Agree with that too..What I really don’t understand why they’re against Trump so much, that he’s been our President in such a short time..But, Obama was president for 8 years and nothing has come out of his dirty secrets and lies..

  5. they call him a special prosecutor because he lied and sent 3 or 4 men to prison and when it was found out the special prosecutor lied they had to pay millions of dollars for his lying and one of the men died and there are many more times this special prosecutor was involved in UNLAWFUL practices .Yep! he is special.but he fits with the corrupt leaders of the f.b.i

  6. The greatest barrier “we the people” have in achieving truth and justice resides in the Republican party. There are a few goodly, patriotic, true conservatives here (mostly in the House) who are trying to get the truth out to the public. Sadly, most of the party and that which is in control are deceiving their constituents. These are commonly referred to as the “Old Guard”, establishment Republicans, neocons or Rino’s. It is the same ones who at campaign time tell you they support the same things Trump outlined in his agenda, but constantly, once elected in office made no effort to accomplish any of these stated goals. Even now, they make a pretense that they support Donald Trump as that is politically expedient. But, in reality, they are part of the conspiracy to halt his agenda, even get him out of office. This unconstitutional Mueller investigation witch hunt would not be possible except these controlling Republicans support it. Mitch McConnell leads this wicked pack in the Senate and I am beyond all reasonable doubt quite sure my two Senators from Georgia are part of it as well. Both have replied to me by email that they fully support the investigation and explained to me what a good and honest man of integrity that Mueller is, one they fully trust. Even a rudimentary look at Mueller’s past contradicts such an assessment, not to mention the team of biased and ruthless prosecutors he selected for his investigation team. His time as head of the FBI was spent covering numerous Clinton crimes from suspected murders to the biggest fraud and stealing scam in American political history via the Clinton Foundation. This whole investigation is truth tuned upside down, 180 degrees out from the truth. I conclude that the establishment Republicans are every bit as evil as are the Democrats and media/press. Just as scripture says about the leadership in the last days before Jesus’ return….they pronounce the truth a lie and a lie the truth, that evil is good and good is evil. Surely the stench has risen to heaven and judgment comes soon.

    • Steve Kerryman, You have nailed it. Now my question is, “Why hasn’t the Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, looked into this case and re-open it in order to get justice for the American People?” The whole lot of them, from Obama down to Comey, McCabe, Lynch, Rosenstein, Clapper, Bennan, and Mueller, are guilty of deceiving the American people and trying to take down a duly elected president. This is normally called sedition, but when you have a DOJ that won’t do its job, “where do we Americans get justice?” Everyone must remember to vote out all RINOs and Democrats this year and every year because the future of our system of a Republic depends on it.

  7. Sadly, we may NEVER know everything but we know enough to know that heads should roll. Hussein Obama will go down, not as a great Pres, but rather the most corrupt & decisive Pres in modern history. I now believe his primary role was to try hard to change America for the worst. He had 8 years to deeply embed corrupt people in key areas of the govt.. I never cared about the color of his skin, I completely saw him as a destructive force with a silver tongue. He completely relied on his color to get away with, shall I say, murder. Remember Scalia’s untimely death. Even if Hussein didn’t have Scalia killed, he knew he could use the race card to shut down any who opposed him. Too bad no one had what was needed to fully expose his obvious racism towards white people & his hatred of our phenomenal Country.

  8. No,the people will never know the full extent of Obama’s or Clinton’s deep state espionage. My reasoning is because the democrats are on the offense, while the republicans are too busy looking our for themselves. Rosenstein must have something on Session as he is part of the whole fake witch hunt. The DOJ and FBI are stonewalling the Congress while Mueller and his cohorts are making two whores rich at the expense of the citizens. I have a hard time understanding why some democrats have not seen some indictments? The only thing I can think of is that the democrats have more sleazy lawyers then the republicans.

  9. Former President Obama, and this need not be debated, micro-managed the government he was the head of. He knew, and knows still, how to manipulate the deep state to do his bidding(s), not that they need Obama’s manipulation, as they’re happy to help in any way they can.

    • mykpyp, you are correct. Obama had and still has a lot of help from the “never Trumpers” and “RINOs” like Paul Ryan and his 30 or 40 RINO Representatives in the House. Then you have Mitch McConnell in the Senate who has about 30 RINO Senators who want to bring down President Trump. This why we need to vote all Democrats and all RINOs out every election for the next 20 years. We must regain control of our country.

  10. Hillary could not even acknowledge her own sins …

    This article states that Hillary blamed Comey for “sabotaging” her campaign in a few days before the election. After all the years she meddled around, taking the advantage of our national government for her personal gain, she knowingly created scandals. She even stole the Democratic nomination. And she ignored her crimes by blaming Comey?

    She is plain evil. No matter how hard you point out at her crimes with her, she would look at you, saying “are you accusing me?!” That’s Hillary. Can’t reason with her at all.

    The court of the law demands that no one is above the law.

    Shame on US Congress.

    • If it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. CLAPPER’S OWN CONFESSION

    • Very obviouse that she was fathered m Web HUBBLE she is the spittin imagine of him, wonder what ol Hillery got out of that role in the hay besides a butt ugly daughter ? You can bet she got some thing , evil is not the word for that witch!!! Satanic servant would be more like it!!

  11. Sorry to say but Obama ,Clinton and all the players in the deep state are above the law . There is a law for common people and there is a law for corrupt doesn’t matter what team they play on , be it DEMOCRATICS or REPUBLICANS they all above the law. Do you see any of them going to jail? Matter of fact they maintain their jobs and all the HUGE benefits even after exposure.

    • Sorry to correct you, but as what happened to Agnew and Nixon, and a few other politicians that I don’t recall names of, they were punished in a public disgrace, and lost jobs, pensions, and benefits. Let us hope and pray that that fate will also play out regarding Clinton, Comey, McCabe, and ALL other criminals when found guilty, whether it be by public scorn or the courts. KARMA STILL EXISTS, let us hope it is not selective, but affects all equally, as it has done before!

      • I do not entirely agree. Clinton, at the very least, MUST pay more dearly with a prion sentence – and not just months or a year. In addition, she must never be allowed to hold any political office, or be a lobbyist, AND there must be monetary restitution – totaling millions or more. Perhaps she will never learn that NO one is “entitled” to break our laws with impunity.

    • Your fired, Have you ever seen one lawyer send another lawyer to prison ?It may have happened , but I have not seen it .What comes around goes around and they all know that, so it all fall under the saying CYA

  12. The Clinton email scandal was “closed” without benefit of a grand jury finding evidence to indict. So…SEAT A DAMN GRAND JURY! The THERE is ALL THERE! AND…it was CHINA that hacked her private UNsecured server with “courtesy copies” shot directly to a D.C.-based Chinese company! CHINA GOT IT ALL! STAY TUNED…

  13. They will never face justice. That’s the way it is. So sad but true. And now we have the daughter of Hillary coming into the political spot light…God help us all.

    • it is time for we Patriots to be more involved to ensure our laws are enforced. Fvery patriot must send a letter/email to AG Sessions, demanding he start investigating Hillary, Her ai Ag3edin(sp?), and the crookis in the FBI/DOJ who were involved in attempting to stop Presidenet Trump from running for president and then when he became President continued their attacks on him. If Sessions does not answer to the citizens, then the President needs to fire Sessions and get an AG who will follow our laws.

  14. Obama was never planning on “leaving Washington” because his paychecks would have stopped from George Soros and his cronies. I believe giving Obama enough rope and he will “hang” himself. He’s not smart enough to quit while he’s ahead. He will stumble and when he goes down a whole lot of the “swamp” will go with him.

  15. I am and a Fox News advocate. I hear nightly about the communist left democrats and their lying, cheating and abuse of our precious government, however that is all I hear. I hear about all the TRUMP Haters, all the deception that is being uncovered, however I see no type of retribution for their scandalous acts. Who is going to bring these individuals to justice? Jeff Sessions has NO friggin backbone !! Are all these people like Hillary, Loretta Lynch, James Comey, James Clapper, John Brennan, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, and,Bill Clinton somehow above the LAW !? I am personally appalled that justice is not being served. President Trump deserves better. Since his presidency, Trump’s accomplishments outweigh any other president in History. It is about time a business man and not a political hack that has been nothing but a public servant ran this country. GO TRUMP – The best thing that ever happened to this Country!!

    • I am glad to hear that someone other than a corrupt politition,, tells it like it is.. thank you. An God bless America,, an president Trump.

    • YES! Let’s put the offenders in prison for their deeds against our beautiful country! Drain that huge swamp! Stop wasting time and throw them all in jail where they belong! NOW! Crooked, lying, dishonest,& disgusting people. We certainly do not need another Hillary in there. Chelsea has been raised within that corrupt and unfaithful household, having been taught poor, if any, morals! Chelsea has been pampered her entire life. She cannot relate to the common citizens. She is going for her take of the funds now to support herself both financially & mentally.

  16. I feel nothing will come of any of this and the Obama gang will fight this forever let’s not ruin the legacy of Obama but how can you make it any worse

  17. Does the Ordinary Citizen need to know every twist and turn or a simplified version that states how many emails, approximate time to review, and the final tally. And, if there is prison time for any of the actors, then that needs to be posted. The Ordinary Citizen wants justice, not the ghost and witch hunt details as we are overloaded with information every day. We already know of the Democratic Party, Deep State and all the “stuff” that the swamp has been and is still doing; let’s just get answers, fines, jail time for all the actors and move on. We are paying Mueller for the witch hunt; and since it was to turn up collusion but there was none with a false dossier, stop wasting taxpayers money. Drain the dang Swamp and let our illustrious POTUS, Donald John Trump, get on with Making America Great Again.

  18. so what is new , there were so many cover ups in the oboma addminastration , the pile is higher then mt. everist, tired of reading about it indict the traytors oh yes sessions is busy burring the lefts corruption

  19. The writers of the Constitution recognized that there must controls set in place to ensure that governance was balanced and there would not be a singular entity acting as king. While this form of govenment has lasted for over 24o years, lately, on party has tried to corrupt the system. It is my sincere hope that this party is weaken in the next election cycle and fades into obscurity. The democrats deserve to fade to black……

    • The party you are describing is clearly dictatorial Trump who wants to grant pardons like Panera coupons, and when Congress even attempted to pass a bill protecting America from Russian interference in the 2018 elections, Trump unraveled it and sent word to stop it. Why? One thing we know is even before he took office, Trump lied and was doing business on a Moscow Trump blg, which would have been one of the biggest in the world. He watered down GOP stance against Russia invasion of Ukraine in platform, as soon as taking presidency, he had his people work on getting rid of sanctions against Russia for their attack and interference in our campaign. Trump dropped the joint military exercises with South Korea because of Putin (president’s own words) and finally, the Helsinki meeting where he betrayed the USA and defended if not scraped to Putin. Trump is COMPROMISED by Putin, and everything he does is clearly aiding Putin in his desire to cause problems for the west.

    • It is the general population, guided by publications like the WaPo and NYT, that has been corrupted to the point, that when a man like Trump comes along, exposes their own corruption, which they can not accept it.
      So they accuse the Incorruptible of Corruption

  20. ONE can ONLY “change” a country FUNDAMENTALLY, from GOOD to BAD, with NOTHING but “BAD, CORRUPT, LYING, DECEIVING, SATANIC-like people”…..NOT the OTHER way AROUND, while it was NOT even necessary, BUT in obozo’s, soros and hillary’s MIND, and in mind ONLY, America is/was a TOO GOOD of a country that it needed CHANGE, because THEY are all EVIL….NOTHING BUT EVIL……!!!!! Those 3 were BORN like THAT, the others were CONVERTED……!!!!!!

  21. It is beyond any reasonable person’s ability to understand why Hillary has been able to “escape” consequences for her illegal/unethical actions since her days at the Rose Law Firm. And she has continued on her usual corrupt wys ever since. Most Americans are perplexed why she is not incarcerated for her email server actions & those of her connection to the Clinton foundation. She has CLEARLY broken many laws of our country, yet she continues causing havoc that damages our country. PLEASE someone/people must have the integrity and will to thoroughly “take her on” and get justice for all of us!!!!!!!!

    • This is the crux of the matter.
      Liberals and the Donkey Party for some inexplicable reason to this Conservative have made the Clintons their Standard Bearer, the most corrupt and criminal couple in Leadership position in the Republic’s history.
      And the former incorruptible CIA and FBI law enforcement agencies are their Standard Bearer
      I can only hope that Trump will escape their machinations, and the people waking up, cancel their subscription to the two organizers to this corruption, the NYT and WaPo
      If those READRS AND ADVERTISERS of these two trash papers would cancel their subscription and ads, this would sent a clear message to these papers “CLEAN UP YOUR REPORTING, OR YOU WILL GO UNDER”

  22. If the contents of what was on Wiener’s computer ever see the light of day – The Clintons _ Obama – Lynch – Comey – Holder – Rice – and hopefully Soros too along with many others will all being doing the perp-walk. Every time it gets close to fruition look for more – louder – harsher – intense rhetoric from the guilty as the remaining SWAMP denizens attempt to save all their sorry asses.

      • You Trumpons are such sheeple that instead of braying “Baaaa” spout out “Magaaaaaa”
        and give the same “bumper sticker” garbage repeatedly like “clean out the swamp.” On the last one, Trump did not think much of that BS line at first and was surprised how his Trumpon sheep loved it, so he kept using it. Simplistic lines, mostly untrue or made up by right-wingers about a “Deep State” (with no evidence of it) and “Yeti, or abominable snowman. “Gov Mint gonna take away yer guns!”, conspiracy of the illuminati, or “end of the world” ways to scare the sheep into submission.

        • Reality Check , That bad taste in your mouth is bull$hit, how many times have you been told to eliminate in the toilet bowl. Yes, I know, ridiculous, so are you!

          • Well, the IDIOTS better pray, + ‘change their minds’ that
            NO SHTF in their lifetime, As they
            G0 Down (screamimg), AT Least ‘WE’ Will Fight.
            >The ‘Trend’ of
            Completely Seditious media/+ libs is questionable at best,
            to say the least.

  23. With more and more evidence pointing at the Obama regime as being the most corrupt in history Mueller will not dare turn a jaundiced eye in that direction. If he does, he will necessarily have to investigate himself. Any confidence we had in our law enforcement at the federal level needs to be reassessed.

  24. Obama was a smart cookie…..He just picked “EVIL” to folow, instead of the truthful and “RIGHT” way……. He was as evil as the DEVIL…… I hope he rots in “HELL” …….. Maybe “GOD” will fix him good ………. DBRx

    • You’re spot on. There has never been any written orders found about Hitler’s destruction of the Jewish people. He placed people in high ranking positions that thought just like him and there was no need for written orders. Obama did much the same with his “pick”…and they willingly went along even though they knew it was unlawful.

    • Well, remember he had MOSTLY muslims working in his REGIME, some NATURAL BORN muslims i.e. Muslim Brotherhood, some were CONVERTED, like Brenann and now I heard that Robert Mueller maybe a CONVERT too……!!!!! STAY TUNED….!!!!

    • Obama was/is an agent of the NWO, a one-world govt. The crashing of NAFTA (hopefully) is en route to bringing the NWO down; though NAFTA wasn’t Obama’s doing, but Clinton’s. If teleprompters were in front of “o’s” speeches he seemed like a well-spoken man, but representing EVIL, not the American way….

  25. Everything coming out points to the Obama Administration and Hil’LIAR’. Why Rudy doesn’t tell Mueller to go fly a kite is beyond me. Trump HAS to demand all documents be released before the Midterms. If the House goes to the Demons, it will all end and Trump will be impeached and our Country will fall into decline again, just as Trump is bringing it back. TRUMP: RELEASE THE DOCUMENTS!!!!

    • If the Dems take control of Congress, then yes, it’s entirely possible Trump will be impeached; but to throw him out of office the Senate would need 67 votes, virtually an impossibility. I, personally, don’t think the Dems will get even close to the numbers they need for a majority, much less two-thirds of the Senators. It just won’t happen!!

      • They impeached Slick Willie OClinton, but not out of office and wonder why then and why it would be any different if they Swamp impeached DJ Trump? For all the good that Trump has and is doing, we, The People, need to demand that this not happen as Donald may be a shady fellow in some ways, but not illegal as we’ve been shown. We need America and Americans to unite or our fine country will cease to exist. Jus’sayin

  26. Why? Why? Why? Why isn’t there a special prosecutor assigned to uncover all this cover up crap. Why aren’t people arrested for treasonous acts towards our great country? Why is it that Sessions is still the AG? I vote for getting rid of snake in the grass Sessions and get Trey Gowdy to accept the position and given instructions to take no prisoners.

  27. Anyone who reads a newspaper knows what’s going on. The fixes have been in since obama slithered into the oval office and coiled on a chair. You either agree with the corruption because it’s your corruption, or you despise the corruption because it’s their corruption.

  28. i agree, there needs to be another out-side investigator to look at these emails, and then they need to contact Huma Abdein, about requesting she bring in the laptop so that it can be examined by an out-side investigator and an out-side examiner, because, they will NO exactly what they are looking for on this laptop.

    Once these new investigators have been appointed to examine these emails, and hopefully this laptop, then hopefully and praying that we can get some real good answers, and then hopefully, this crooked and corrupt rigged ” WITCH HUNT!” can be shut down, and then bring all of these crooked and corrupt CIA, FBI, and the DOJ, and let’s don’t forget crooked and corrupt Obama and his whole administration and with Loretta Lynch, James Comey, James Clapper, John Brennan, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, and son’t forget Lisa Page,Hillary Clinton,Bill Clinton and anybody else that I might have forgotten. once all of this has been corrected and clear President Trump and his administration, hopefully, these crooked and corrupt Democrats can be brought to JUSTICE, once and for all. That’s including any of the crooked and corrupt Democrats are serving in office at this moment.

    Come the midterm elections, elect all of these crooked and corrupt Democrats out of office and get rid of all of the players in the ” DEEP STATE!!!” Then hopefully, we will get some new candidates in office that will work for the American people for good ans for sure.

    I trust President Trump and his administration 700,000%

  29. I can not believe that there is still no Special Prosecutor in place to uncover the corrupt plan to negate my vote for Donald Trump for President of the United States! Unbelievable!

  30. All reasons take a back seat to the prior OBAMA ADMINISTRATION that used direct orders from a sitting president (OBAMA) to the ATTORNEY GENERAL giving orders to a FBI DIRECTOR to affect an investigation into a candidate for PRESIDENT by not allowng a full, direct, and non-political investigation into actual CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR. That is the problem…when politics is used in a NATIONAL FEDERAL ELECTION FOR PRESIDENT SO ONE CANDIDATE IS TREATED MORE UNFAIRLY THAN ANOTHER. THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY, MAINSTREAM MEDIA, AND THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE USA…UNDER BARACK OBAMA…INTERFERED TO TRY AND CREATE A RIGGED ELECTION.


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