This bombshell sex scandal lawsuit could force CNN to fire another big-name star

CNN just fired Chris Cuomo.

But now another star is immersed in controversy.

And this bombshell sex scandal lawsuit could force CNN to fire another big-name star.

In 2019, Dustin Hice credibly accused CNN host Don Lemon of sexual assault.

Hice filed a lawsuit alleging that Lemon shoved his hands down his pants, rubbed his genitals, and then stuck his hand in his face when he was at a bar in Long Island, New York.

Hice told Fox News host Jesse Watters that Lemon “…shoved his fingers up under my nose, pushed my head back, and asked me if I liked p—- or d—. I’m not going to say it. And I was disgusted, as you can assume, and I fled the bar.”

In the interview with Watters, Hice slammed CNN for protecting “predators and perverts” like Don Lemon.

“They’re a network rife with predators and perverts,” Hice declared. “Lemon will have to testify under oath in the near future, but it’s good to see that there’s finally some accountability happening.”

Hice said that CNN allowing Chris Cuomo to continue working even though Cuomo used his media contacts to dig up dirt on the women accusing his brother, Andrew Cuomo, was par for the course at the liberal propaganda network.

“This is who they are. They’re a predator-protecting machine, they slander and smear victims with impunity,” Hice added.

Hice described how CNN tried to intimidate him into dropping his lawsuit by allegedly bullying witnesses that could confirm his account.

“They’ve tried to grind me down, they’ve attempted to intimidate witnesses in my case, they’ve released confidential information about me in an attempt to doxx me. They are complicit. This is who they are,” Hice told Watters.

Lemon’s attorney, Caroline J. Polisi, denied Hice’s allegations.

“In response to Mr. Hice’s baseless allegations, I encourage people to review the public filings, which show that Mr. Hice’s claims have been steadily eroding when they have been exposed to the civil litigation process. Mr. Hice’s fanciful and salacious allegations against Mr. Lemon have collapsed of their own weight. Unlike Mr. Hice, Mr. Lemon has litigated, and will continue to litigate this case in the courtroom, not the press. We look forward to the approaching trial so he can finally put this case behind him,” Polisi’s statement read.

CNN fired Cuomo after allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced.

If Hice’s lawsuit proceeds and his claims are proven in court, CNN may have no choice but to fire lunatic left-wing partisan Don Lemon.

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