This brand new poll changed everything for Donald Trump in 2020

The Fake News Media is already writing Donald Trump’s political obituary for 2020.

Liberal journalists believe it is a sure thing that a Democrat defeats President Trump next year.

But this brand new poll changed everything for Donald Trump in 2020.

A new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll found Joe Biden to be ahead of Elizabeth Warren 26 percent to 19 percent.

However, the real news was buried in the internals of the poll.

According to the poll, more Democrats want a candidate campaigning on “bold” socialist ideas as opposed to one offering incremental progress.

NBC News reports:

The poll also shows how the Democratic electorate is divided — between voters who want substantial change and those who want smaller change.

Fifty-four percent of Democratic primary voters say they prefer a nominee who proposes larger-scale policies that might cost more and be harder to pass — but could still result in major change.

Among these voters, Warren leads the pack (at 29 percent), followed by Sanders (18 percent), Biden (16 percent) and Harris (14 percent).
By contrast, 41 percent of Democratic primary voters say they want a nominee who pushes for smaller-scale policies that cost less and might be easier to pass — but that bring less change.

And among these voters, Biden holds a substantial lead (at 35 percent), followed by Harris (14 percent), Buttigieg (8 percent) and Sanders (7 percent).

Biden is the establishment candidate trying to avoid the socialist label.

Warren is running as a bold leftist with plans for open borders and government-run health care.

If Warren can consolidate the majority of voters looking for radical socialism, she can win the Democrat nomination.

But that would come at a price for Democrats.

Polls show Warren is a much easier opponent for President Trump.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in the 2020 Presidential Election.



  1. Democrats sink to name calling and slander and not n the same world as the rest of us. The communist say the. End justifies the means . Same as the democrats who want POWER POWER-POWER

  2. Allen you don’t know racist..Afraid to work? Hate your life? Your wrong on so many levels…Get ready to Cry Again Liberals 2020 TRUMP

  3. These Democrats have no chance in hell of winning anything, for they are going to lose the Congress and lose even more seats in the Senate and Trump is going to win by a landslide!!!I don’t know how these Democrats and liberals can even think that the American people want to go back to a stagnant nation with taxes out of control, businesses leaving are country,and small businesses closing,and poverty at all time highs, and millions on welfare, and a economy that was dead, and a stock market that was also dead and so much more!!! These Democrats and liberal all have lost their minds if they think the citizens are going to accept the attacks on are free speech, are rights, are liberty,and are Constitution and are traditions they better rethink everything!!! For you can bet the citizens are not going back to to what the Democrats and liberals have done to are country, for they are offering us nothing but doom, for you can bet that they want to lead us down the path of failure and lawlessness, for if you watched and really listened to the debates they offer us nothing but doom and a end to freedom and liberty!!! Even Charles Barkley can see right through these Democrats and liberals, and I can only hope that the rest of the people of color can also see right through these sick and perverted Democrats and liberals!!! I really believe that the citizens are not going to go back to what we had 8 years ago!!!

  4. Alan, I could have been your father for a quarter but the neighbor’s dog beat me over the fence.

  5. In California alone, illegals have commited over 300 murders, and 8,000 other felony crimes !!! Is this what you want in our country ??? $10 million a day just to care and track them, again….just in California ! I’m a veteran and I have to use my private health insurance for service related problems (hearing loss). Let’s take care of Americans first !!!

  6. I truly am concerned about Dims cheating and stacking fake ballots. Dims will lie and steal power for power sake. god help the USA!

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