This brand new poll changed everything for Donald Trump in 2020

The Fake News Media is already writing Donald Trump’s political obituary for 2020.

Liberal journalists believe it is a sure thing that a Democrat defeats President Trump next year.

But this brand new poll changed everything for Donald Trump in 2020.

A new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll found Joe Biden to be ahead of Elizabeth Warren 26 percent to 19 percent.

However, the real news was buried in the internals of the poll.

According to the poll, more Democrats want a candidate campaigning on “bold” socialist ideas as opposed to one offering incremental progress.

NBC News reports:

The poll also shows how the Democratic electorate is divided — between voters who want substantial change and those who want smaller change.

Fifty-four percent of Democratic primary voters say they prefer a nominee who proposes larger-scale policies that might cost more and be harder to pass — but could still result in major change.

Among these voters, Warren leads the pack (at 29 percent), followed by Sanders (18 percent), Biden (16 percent) and Harris (14 percent).
By contrast, 41 percent of Democratic primary voters say they want a nominee who pushes for smaller-scale policies that cost less and might be easier to pass — but that bring less change.

And among these voters, Biden holds a substantial lead (at 35 percent), followed by Harris (14 percent), Buttigieg (8 percent) and Sanders (7 percent).

Biden is the establishment candidate trying to avoid the socialist label.

Warren is running as a bold leftist with plans for open borders and government-run health care.

If Warren can consolidate the majority of voters looking for radical socialism, she can win the Democrat nomination.

But that would come at a price for Democrats.

Polls show Warren is a much easier opponent for President Trump.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in the 2020 Presidential Election.


  1. Democrats sink to name calling and slander and not n the same world as the rest of us. The communist say the. End justifies the means . Same as the democrats who want POWER POWER-POWER

  2. Allen you don’t know racist..Afraid to work? Hate your life? Your wrong on so many levels…Get ready to Cry Again Liberals 2020 TRUMP

  3. These Democrats have no chance in hell of winning anything, for they are going to lose the Congress and lose even more seats in the Senate and Trump is going to win by a landslide!!!I don’t know how these Democrats and liberals can even think that the American people want to go back to a stagnant nation with taxes out of control, businesses leaving are country,and small businesses closing,and poverty at all time highs, and millions on welfare, and a economy that was dead, and a stock market that was also dead and so much more!!! These Democrats and liberal all have lost their minds if they think the citizens are going to accept the attacks on are free speech, are rights, are liberty,and are Constitution and are traditions they better rethink everything!!! For you can bet the citizens are not going back to to what the Democrats and liberals have done to are country, for they are offering us nothing but doom, for you can bet that they want to lead us down the path of failure and lawlessness, for if you watched and really listened to the debates they offer us nothing but doom and a end to freedom and liberty!!! Even Charles Barkley can see right through these Democrats and liberals, and I can only hope that the rest of the people of color can also see right through these sick and perverted Democrats and liberals!!! I really believe that the citizens are not going to go back to what we had 8 years ago!!!

  4. Alan, I could have been your father for a quarter but the neighbor’s dog beat me over the fence.

  5. In California alone, illegals have commited over 300 murders, and 8,000 other felony crimes !!! Is this what you want in our country ??? $10 million a day just to care and track them, again….just in California ! I’m a veteran and I have to use my private health insurance for service related problems (hearing loss). Let’s take care of Americans first !!!

  6. I truly am concerned about Dims cheating and stacking fake ballots. Dims will lie and steal power for power sake. god help the USA!

  7. Ken, dems have only hate and lies. They do not teach history in public schools anymore. It is all just lib indoctrination. You are correct. They know nothing of our founding fathers or why they came here. They just blindly follow the lib playbook without question.

  8. You are right on. Dems hate this country and have nothing to offer but hate and lies. satan controls the dem party and if they win, satan will rule.

  9. Alan…You obviously know nothing at all about republicans or Trump supporters. I know HUNDREDS and NOT ONE of them is racist.

  10. Alan, you are a very sad human being. Pres. Trump IS NOT a racist!!! If you bother to check, Pres. Trump has done MUCH MORE for blacks than Obama did. Obama did not care about them. And Obama is very racist and hates whites. But that is fine with you. sad

  11. I am amazed at the stupidity of people like you.You don’t give a crap about this country.What does open boarders mean to you?What do you think is going to happen ,no rules .Who cares who comes in right.You are a sad individual.God help our country with fools like you.We are all racist because we don’t think like you.

  12. One things about racists like Trump is they pretend they are not because they know it is unacceptable. It is. however, amazing to see the party of Lincoln throw itself solidly behind the racism of Trump as McConnell defends him. So we now know that Republicanism IS Trumpism, and IS racist. This should help us all in 2020 decide for what we stand and for whom we’ll vote. Are we human and humane, or are we White Nationalists like Trump, McConnell and apprently what is left of the Republican Party after so many of us have jumped ship..

  13. I want Trump to win again, but if he doesn’t and some how a Dem won, then I feel our country will no longer be the good old USA, but instead a country lost and we will feel it.

  14. Trump is going to put a stop to a lot of voter cheating. We have a real justice department now.

  15. This poll suggests that Democrat voters are, by and large, a bunch of ignorant people who know nothing about how this country came to be and what makes it exceptional. Simply put, they are morons.

  16. ok??? let’s look at history before the revisionists “Washed it clean” shall we?
    Who but the Democrats held most of the political offices south of the Mason-Dixon line pre civil war? Who wanted to keep the South as a Slave Nation? Who fired the first shot on Fort Sumter? Who after the war began and supported the K.K.K? Who passed all the Jim Crow Laws? Who filibustered against LJB’s civil rights laws? Sorry,there’s been only one party that supported and is guilty of all of these,YOUR DEMOCRATS! Yet somehow they have painted the Republicans with all these sins. No wonder the left has revised history, but truth remains truth.

  17. President Trump will be here for another term in office. He is keeping his promises which is more than can be said for the Democrats. The only thing is that President Trump has gave the Democrats too many chances and they fall down every time.

  18. I do believe Donald Trump is the man for the job we hired him for and he will be re-elected in 2020, he is the hardest working president of all times and loves America!!

  19. That , Fred is Spot On ! They Need To Do That ! Let’s See If They Practice What They Preach !!

  20. If, these polls are accurate, that means that the USA has the most ignorant people in the world! To give up freedom and prosperity for poverty and misery and bondage under these communist democrats would be the absolute dumbest thing ever. I think that the Russians will make me vote for TRUMP again.

  21. IF THE DUMOCRAPS WIN IN 2020, IT IS TIME TO LOCK AND LOAD! The day after election. The voter fraud is totally out of control. I think The President has a plan and trust he does. We should be ready however.

  22. That’s EXACTLY RIGHT! If they, the repubs, don’t get a handle on voter fraud we could be in big trouble.

  23. Brother I am with you.I am retired also a d the devil dogs can get done. SEMPER FI TRUMP 2020

  24. I would not watch the dems. Anytime on comes on the news, I turn off the sound. They hate this country, so why would they have our flag?

  25. Don’t forget…..polls for the 2016 election promised us that Hillary would win by a landslide. So why pay any attention to these polls?

  26. Voting Trump 2020???????????????? Helping to Drain the corrupt Swamp! Voting only Republicans in.

  27. Our border security needs to assign two incoming aliens to each protestor. That way they will have a place to live, food medical care. They will be responsible making sure the alien receives an education at a public school
    learns our system, and gets a job. They will have to make sure they can
    pass the citizenship test.
    They need to start with sponsors like Harris, Sanders, cortez,De blasio,and
    others. We pay them good money. They might as well be responsible citizens
    and sponsor some people. They will also be the responsible party if the alien does something against the law. They aren’t doing anything in congress.

  28. Unless, like I’ve been saying, that 2018 was a dress rehearsal for 2020. If it was, we are in big trouble, because every single one of the candidates they cheated for, pulled off an incredible victory. With new found boxes of votes in backs of cabs until Thursday night. And illegals being told, from the supreme commandant himself, the brown clown, that it was perfectly legal for them to vote. And people that have been dead for 50 years, suddenly casting votes for dems they never knew existed. And, from bussing people, read illegals, all over to vote in multiple precincts. All caught on camera. And what pray tell did we do about it? NOTHING. And that’s exactly what the left thought we would do. Nothing.

  29. Right. I mean, these polls were so accurate in 2016, huh? The left leaning pollsters tried this on us then, and it backfired terribly, so they are going to do it again? Isn’t that the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over, but expecting a different result? Call me crazy, but these people are nuts!

  30. If Donald Trump does win re-election in 2020, will the Republicans also win majorities in the House and Senate? Conversely, if the Democratic Presidential nominee wins in 2020, will the Democrats also win majorities in the House and Senate? Whoever wins the 2020 Presidential election will probably face a backlash in 2022, since that is what usually happens in midterm elections. Therefore, if our two major political parties and their Presidential candidates have any sense, they will campaign for as many seats as possible in Congress and state legislatures in 2020 in order to compensate for the likely backlash in 2022. This is one of the SEEMINGLY OBVIOUS lessons of Watergate. What good would it have done the Democrats to elect Hillary Clinton President in 2016 if Republicans were still in control of Congress?

    In 1972, Richard M. Nixon won a 49-state landslide, but it provided very little benefit to Republicans elsewhere on the ballot. Indeed, in the 1972 US Senate elections, Republicans actually lost seats. On the other hand, in 1974, Republicans lost massively as a result of Watergate, at least in part. In other words, the 1972 and 1974 elections were the worst of all possible worlds for Republicans in the non-Presidential elections those years. Similarly, in 1956, Dwight D. Eisenhower also won re-election by a landslide, but it also provided very little benefit to Republicans elsewhere on the ballot. Then, in 1958, Republicans also lost massively; also the worst of both worlds in the non-Presidential elections those years. In other words, it is clear in hindsight that the Republicans had absolutely no business celebrating their Presidential victories in either 1956 or 1972.

    Therefore, at this point, it OUGHT to be obvious to BOTH major political parties that it is ABSOLUTELY IMPERATIVE that they campaign for enough seats in Congress and state legislatures in Presidential elections to compensate for the likely backlash in midterm elections. Unfortunately for BOTH major political parties, the Presidential elections of 1984, 1988, 1996, and 2012 make it abundantly clear that we cannot trust our two major political parties and their Presidential candidates to campaign for enough seats in Congress and state legislatures in 2020 to compensate for the backlash that actually happened in 2018, and for the likely backlash in 2022.

    It is a TOTAL MYSTERY to me why this SEEMINGLY OBVIOUS history lesson of 1958 and 1974 keeps being ignored by BOTH major political parties. I will COMPLETELY REFUSE to vote for Presidential candidates who neglect to campaign for the rest of the ballot, as happened in 1956, 1972, 1984, 1988, 1996, and 2012, even if I agree with them on issues. It makes no sense to vote to expose a political party to a midterm backlash, if the Presidential election is not going to provide adequate compensation. Also, it is useless to have a President appointing desired Supreme Court Justices, if the Senate will not confirm them.

  31. TRUMP 2020 INDEED….!
    Read online, in Los Angeles elections, The Democratic Sinaloa Dug Cartel ended up with 1.6 million extra votes, of people who are not even registered to vote….. CROOKED DEMOCRATS, in Washington State on a 99.99% GOP District, the Democrats won BIG TIME, it was posted the van full of Fake “Democratic votes” being unloaded, the media went silent and our LIB AG looked the other way, isn’t that VOTE FRAUD or what?
    US Senator Patty Murray posted a sign instructing illegal aliens how to dodge the US/State/Local Officials, so they won’t be deported, a LAW Maker protecting a LAW BREAKER who are fugitives of the law. Without a doubt, Democrats are Pure putrid solid scam of the earth.. TRUMP 2020…!

  32. After trump wins again we need to just totally get rid of the whole demonrat party before they come up with even more stupid ideas

  33. It will be Donald Trump in one of the largest blowouts ever witnessed. The meltdowns on the CIA media will be epic!!

  34. The dumb-o-crap minions have descended into a battleaxe, order giving, big mouthed, pile of communist crap.

  35. Randall, I just read your post, brilliant, God happened! The effectual fervent prayer of a rightous man availeth much. James 5:16

  36. Jim,
    You are right. As a former Marine I will work hard to get President Trump re elected. Fred F.

  37. DEMONRATS tend to spew vomit, every time they open their mouth!! ANYBODY, who is going strictly by the POLLS, never saw what happened back in 2016, when the FAKE NEWS MEDIA PREDICTED, THAT KILLARY WAS A SHOE-IN!!! SHE HAD IT IN THE BAG!!! AFTERWARDS, people said, WHAT HAPPENED?? I’ll tell you what happened……GOD HAPPENED!!! HE IS THE ONE WHO SETS UP KINGS, AND TAKES KINGS OUT!! I REALLY DONT CARE IF YOU BELIEVE IT OR NOT, BUT THAT IS WHAT HAPPENED!!! OUR GOD, HEARD OUR PRAYERS!!!

  38. The DNC or Confederate party whose flag is always contravertional they are now and always have been antiminority unless they can profit by them.

  39. If the Democommies win the election, they will have stolen it! Don’t put it pass them, they have done it before and they will try to do it again! Just be prepared to stop them, no matter what it takes!

  40. I will be voting for Pres. Trump. There is no alternative. The dem party is deranged and has only hate and violence. Not one thing the dem party believes would be good for this country

  41. Now why would anyone in their right mind vote for these communists?! They all think we’re going to pay for those damn illegals, pay reparations, tax us with 70%, pay for abortions! Everything that us against our constitution! It is illegal for these pandering nazis to make americans pay for illegal freebies! This will not happen, the people work to support their own families and not some damn invading illegal! FORGET IT!

  42. If it ain’t broke don’t try and fix it. Trump has the nation on the right track so why would anyone in their right mind want change especially back to the old ways?

  43. Simple math. Sane,loves America and its people. That’s TRUMP.
    Dumbocraps. Not a sane moron in the bunch

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