This brand new poll is bad news for Joe Biden and every Democrat

Donald Trump is framing the Presidential election as a choice between his defense of American history and free speech and the Democrats’ embrace of “cancel culture.”

Democrats think they are holding a winning hand.

But this brand new poll is bad news for Joe Biden and every Democrat.

Democrats are flexing their muscles on social media and in corporate America by “canceling” anyone who expresses a viewpoint they don’t like.

This mainly entails online mobs pressuring businesses to fire individuals they claim are guilty of “wrongthink.”

However, a new poll from Morning Consult found that President Trump discovered fertile political ground in opposing cancel culture.

Another poll by the libertarian CATO Institute found that two-thirds of Americans fear sharing their political views online.

The only group that felt comfortable publicly displaying their political views on social media were staunch liberals.

There is a backlash building to the radical Left’s cancel culture.

Americans value freedom of speech and diversity of thought.

The Left wants to force every American to self-censor because their silence means only the Left’s political message is heard.

President Trump’s challenge is having just a little over 100 days to harness the growing backlash into cancel culture and turn Americans worried about the totalitarian Left into supporters of his campaign.

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