This brand new poll left Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a trembling wreck

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her fellow members of the “Squad” are now the face of the Democrat Party.

That is not good news for the Left.

And this brand new poll left Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a trembling wreck.

Democrats and most of The Swamp thought Trump stepped in it when he attacked Congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rasshida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley for their socialist and anti-American views.

They thought wrong.

Polling following President Trump’s tweets – which the media falsely accused of being “racist” – showed President Trump’s approval rating with Republicans slightly increasing, and his overall approval rating unchanged.

Reuters reports:

Support for U.S. President Donald Trump increased slightly among Republicans after he lashed out on Twitter over the weekend in a racially charged attack on four minority Democratic congresswomen, a Reuters/Ipsos public opinion poll shows.

The national survey, conducted on Monday and Tuesday after Trump told the lawmakers they should “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came,” showed his net approval among members of his Republican Party rose by 5 percentage points to 72%, compared with a similar poll that ran last week.

Trump, who is seeking re-election next year, has lost support, however, with Democrats and independents since the Sunday tweetstorm.

Among independents, about three out of 10 said they approved of Trump, down from four out of 10 a week ago. His net approval – the percentage who approve minus the percentage who disapprove – dropped by 2 points among Democrats in the poll.

The polling data proves President Trump picked the right fight with the right enemies.

Ocasio-Cortez and her allies are America-hating radical socialists.

If the President can frame the 2020 election as a choice between his brand of America First patriotism and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s anti-American socialism, the President will win re-election.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story



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    • Julio you can stick your prove it BS UP UR OWN ASS and ALONG WITH UR ONE FINGER YOU LIBERAL SIMPLETON , ITS TO LATE FOR YOU Julio and your liberal buddy’s Renewed Right , your both on the wrong side , President Trump is the Man 2020 MAGA ,

  1. I’m more to the center than the right and I side with Trump against the four anti-American women! AOC, Tlaib and Omar are lesbians!

    • I don’t care who they sleep with,My problem with them is they are Muslim and all Muslisms hate Christians and believe in Sharia law and put it ahead of the Constitution. We are a constitutional republic, with a separation of the church’s and the state. We are ruled by the constitution and nothing else.

      • Whether we’re a democracy or a republic is subject to debate, but I agree with you on the Constitution and separation of church and state. The First Amendment reads: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion (meaning the government can’t favor one religion over another) nor prohibiting the free exercise thereof.

        “…respecting an establishment of religion,” in a broader sense of the word, really does mean freedom of belief. Thomas Jefferson was laissez-faire (“hands-off!”) towards all belief and disbelief, not caring whether his neighbor believes in twenty gods or no god. Religious leaders warned that if Jefferson were elected, Bibles would be confiscated, churches would be closed down, etc. Clearly, that didn’t happen. Secularists are NOT atheists.

        Most violations of church-state separation, however, are not coming from Muslims, but from Christians pushing their religion on others where it doesn’t belong: Christian prayers in the public schools; Christian prayers before city council meetings; theistic expressions like “In God We Trust” on coins and currency; theistic expressions like “one nation under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance, etc.

        We’re NOT talking about radical Islam and beheadings, but about Muslim Americans and persons merely mistakenly perceived to be Muslim (e.g., Sikhs, Hindus, Bahai’s and Buddhists) facing discrimination here in the United States.

        The Department of Justice noted that it has investigated over a thousand hate crimes and other acts of discrimination against faith groups since September 11th, 2001. This disturbing trend correlates to a steady rise in crimes committed against Muslims and those perceived to be Muslim. The real 2014 total of anti-Muslim hate crimes could be as many as six thousand or more.

        In February 2016, a still-unidentified suspect broke into a Minneapolis mosque and vandalized it. Earlier, a Spokane, Wash., man broke into a local Sikh gurdwara and caused $35,000 worth of damage; he told police he believed he had discovered a mosque affiliated with ISIS. And a Buddhist monk was attacked in Oregon after a man mistook him for a Muslim.

        The Lincoln County Commission in North Carolina Chair Carrol Mitchem told local news outlets in 2015 that he has no intention of allowing any non-Christians to offer invocations before commission meetings because Christians constitute a majority in the United States. “I don’t need no Arab or Muslim or whoever telling me what to do or us here in the county what to do about praying,” Mitchem said. “If they don’t like it, stay the hell away.”

        That is what religious discrimination actually looks like.

        It’s a far cry from asking bakers to obey public accommodation laws.

        Joseph Callahan similarly commented on the Huffington Post in 2015:

        “It is pretty hard now days to turn on the television or open a newspaper without hearing about ‘the war on Christianity’ and see devout believers lamenting on how horribly they are ‘persecuted’ in America today. With gay marriage, abortion and atheists removing God from every aspect of the government, it seems pretty obvious that we secular citizens are using separation of church and state as a new battlefield against religion. How horrible a life American Christians must be forced to live.

        “In Iran, Christians are being executed for their faith. In Myanmar, you can be thrown in prison just for owning a Bible. In North Korea, well, you face death just for believing any god exists. The 2015 report from the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) shows that thirteen million people have fled seven countries (Syria, Iraq, Nigeria, Central African Republic (CAR), Eritrea, Burma, and Afghanistan). Many of those displaced are Christians, and mostly due to fear of violence and/or death.

        “The Bible, and distributing it, is restricted in over fifty countries worldwide, and spreading the gospel will land you in jail or executed in many of those. But none of this compares to the wholly American horror of (possibly) being forced to bake a cake for a gay wedding! How could we compare the American ‘war on Christianity’ to the Christians (and other religious beliefs) persecuted worldwide? I mean, our own little bubble, and our own discomforts in the first world are all that really matter. The rest of the world isn’t us, so we shouldn’t compare ourselves to them, right?

        “In America today, you can proudly say, ‘I’m a Christian’ and carry a Bible with you everywhere you go. You can go to any church you want to without being arrested. You can say anything you want! You can even proclaim that you worship the Giant Spaghetti Monster, and all the persecution you will receive is strange looks from some people.’

        “Yet, in this, one of the most religiously tolerant nations, Christians are screaming persecution just because our laws are changing to embrace everyone’s belief structure. By not allowing one faith to force their beliefs down our legal throats, the country has launched a ‘war’ on (one specific) faith.”

        Anyone perceived to be Muslim, like Sikhs, Hindus, Bahai’s and Buddhists, often face the same discrimination. Religious minorities in this country are merely asking for the same level of consideration and equal treatment given to Christians.

        It was reported in the Indo-American press in either the ’90s or 2000s that a coalition of Hindus, Buddhists, and Jains were going to court to demand a completely religion-neutral society, which does not favor one religion over another, nor one set of beliefs or disbeliefs over another.

        I’m Hindu, not Muslim. The fact that American liberals refer derisively to the Christian right in this country as “the American Taliban” indicates disdain for the Islamic Taliban. Again, secularists are NOT atheists.

        • vasu murti, you are but partially correct. partially if your going to write a book, you need to have your all your facts lined out which you do not

  2. so trump’s actions riding a golf cart in Sardinia while the rest of the leaders have no trouble walking the 400 yards between meeting places makes his claim of feeling young a vibrant a lie.

    • Ad hominem attacks are worthless in an argument, in fact they show desperate lack of any worthwhile counters to an opponent.

  3. Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh admitted that Republican fear-mongering over the federal deficit under President Obama was “bogus,” while defending the deficit’s explosive rise to $1 trillion under President Trump.

    • HUH????? Social Security FUND????? It is but a line item memo of the Fed budget!Part and parcel of the Fed budget. The idea of “LOCK_BOX” died decades ago!

  4. The only thing that’s wrong with the U.S. is,that we have all too many “ticks” living off of our economy. We also made the mistake of letting our corrupt government to get it’s greedy hands on OUR Social Security Funds!
    People like the squad offer no solutions to our problems, all they do is put our country and our President down. AOC and Omar are the worst of the pack, I think that they are nothing more than liars and thieves! In Omar’s case, she lied to get into this country so, it shouldn’t be difficult to get her deported or placed in prison….

  5. after he put back onto the books the spending that bush had dishonestly kept off the books he reduced the deficit which trump promptly ballooned.

  6. Ho much money did the Clintons get to their phony “Foundation” that we don’t know about and how about all the money from the Uranium One deal that was made under Obama and Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton’s speaking fees while Hillary was Secretary of State. The democrats in power now and those that were should all have their taxes looked at by Trump – Maxine Waters should be one of the ones at the top of that list – they all get to be millionaires

    • Trump has already demonstrated that he’s a better man who loves his country and will continue to do this with vigor.

  7. right off the top of my head since I have distant ancestors on my mom’s side I can think of the trail of tears. or are you going to blame that on Obama.

  8. no. haters of my and AOC ilk do not hate our country. far from it. we just think it could do some things better.

    • Julio:That is a dumb reason for Trump to release his. If joe blow jumps off a building does that mean we should also? Don’t think so. Just because someone else does something it does not make it a rule. Besides there is no requirement in the constitution that tax returns are to be released.Are we a nation of customs or of laws?

  9. if you say, “go back where you came from” for nearly ANY reason, you are racist. and the u.s. has done some terrible things.

    • When you tell the world that you hate our country, I would also tell them, to get out! I would say the same thing if you are white. What “terrible things” has the U.S. done? You are here living fat and sassy so, tell me what terrible things has the U.S. done to you?

    • Julio, haven’t seen any proof of AOC doing a better job. Can you provide actual proof of something AOC has done to prove your statement?

    • What he said was go back and fix your crime ridden countries. They should since they don’t like it here they’re free to leave. It’s not racist you liberals have worn that word out means nothing. Well I guess now it means to liberals if you don’t agree with me you’re a racist, god you’re a tool.

  10. I still want to know how Obama ever got to be president. There is so much about him and his past that is questionable but no one ever did anything about it and you see it now with the “SQUAD”. The 2 birth certificates showing Obama born 6 years different and 2 Social Security cards – him sealing all his records. No one ever coming out from his supposed early days in elementary school saying that they were in school with him. And now you have Tlaib who lied about where she lived to get elected and no one cares about that and Omar who they say married her own brother and on one seems to be bothered by that and another thing I recently read is that George Soros is involved with or owns the company that makes the voting machines and we wonder how voter fraud happens – gee- someone needs to check that out more. I have a lot of questions that never were answered to clear my mind.

  11. well they are no different then the obomas , for 8 years the obomas traveled the world telling them how racist and terrible the u.s. is ,so it’s clear the squad grew up in the same sewer as the obomas

  12. The 4 “women” are angry, bitter, sophomoric and have a tendency to transmit nonsense when they should be listening…. they are awful people that have no business in government with radical ideas, hate filled speech and limitless liberal media types that cant help but put them on the air. A dreadful pack of liberal hags with ugly dispositions – a snapshot of what the left has become.

    • Like Obama the pos sealed his college records, what’s he afraid of? You liberals never mention that. There is nothing in Trumps taxes he’s audited every year and they’re none of your business. On another topic you should make make sense it’s like they are written by a 5 year old. You could also you could also put them in one comment rather than every thought being separate. I know you’re an attention seeking liberal but this is pathetic.


    • Republicans increased the deficit? Tell the truth Julio . Your favorite , Barry Obama doubled the national debt from $10.5 Trillion to $20.96 trillion In 8 years !!!! This was more than all of the other Presidents combined ! ” like the republicans who increased the deficit ” Not very factual Julio ! Typical of the new left …. nothing but illogical B.S. Geeeesh !!!

    • Obama increased the deficit more than other presidents combined. Do you know how stupid you sound? You must get your news from CNN or MSNBC. God you’re an idiot.


  13. Since when does being a person of color make you more virtuous and insulated from criticism? The U.S. is 61.4% Caucasian, non-Hispanic, and 76.2% Caucasian, including white Hispanics. The unholy four Congresswoman represent a minority constituency which is even smaller than the 23.8%, because most blacks and Hispanics legally here, support American values, which these four miscreants reject.

    • If they are so diversity-oriented why is there no Native American woman with them? Oh wait, I forgot about the fake Indian Lizbitch.

      • The democrats and the media has turned this into color get off the plantations and do your job democrats this isn’t the 60s if you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen!!!

  14. aocacio………is terrorist/vulgar/bitch/macheteros/enemy-wearethepeople…….no deserve nothing….comeback………beers-bar

  15. These four horseshit of the Apocalypse accused Pelosi of being a racist. They called themselves “women of color”, thinking that everybody should sit down and shut up.

    Even the whole Democrat Party served them like a queen. They completely ignored the fact that these women spewed racism repeatedly but they all had their tail limping between their hind.

    No, that’s very wrong to lie. The liberals can’t simply call Trump a racist. They need to look at the whole context of his statement. They need to grow up and know the points of his statement. Yeah, the election is coming and the Democrats must be very desperate.

    • FGS: The true Democrat mantra is, “When they go low, go even lower.” That once great American political party has for some time been scraping bottom. The Squad, themselves hateful, angry, bigoted and racist, with the enabling of the mainstream media, without which the Squad would not exist, are the face democrats are showing he world. Where is the rest of the caucus? Silent. Leaving the problem to Nancy Pelosi who enabled them by giving them soap boxes on major committees. What a disgrace the democrats are today: led by bullies who are playing the Obama card by hiding their profanities behind the false façade of race, they cower under their seats in congress, sticking their heads out to assail law and order for failing to care adequately for illegals storming our border behind a wall of innocent and abused children while they refuse to provide funding and solve the crisis they themselves have created. How disheartening it is to watch today’s insanity play out in the news. It is a show written by Quentin Tarrantino. It is democrat leadership who is truly deplorable. Who in God’s name would want to live in an America ruled by people like the Squad? Or the majority of the party who hind under their desks too cowardly to speak out for reason, justice and common sense?

  16. The commie squad unamerican bunch.Talking down the country and it’s people.Now there worried.What the hell did they thing was going to happen.????

    • The president’s comments were NOT racially charged. Unless you can call stupid and vulgar a race. Saying his comments were so charged is only helping the dumb-azz women wave the only flag they have to try and hide behind. The old and tired out charge of “Raaaaacist” to everything you don’t agree with.

  17. Why is it that American people seem to have no right to say anything against these people who pretend to speak for USA. We open our mouths about anything these days and the dumorats are ready to deport us yet these 4 plus even more of the dumorats say miserable things against USA citizens and hold beliefs that are directly in conflict with USA like Omar and her ties to terrorist groups of Muslims. How can she NOT remember 9/11 and puts that down, how come she attends group who are known terriost and with terriost groups yet nothing seems to heppens to them. This country is totally messed up and the dumorats are turning it into 3rd world country by letting in hating people into our government, supporting people who are known to support terriost, supporting people who have nothing but hate for this country??????????

  18. ‘She’s a trembling wreak’?? Soros funded a million dollar book deal and Obama/Susan Rice/Netflix funded her a 10 million dollar Movie deal… so she is rich… she never has to tremble ever again… saying the most bizarre things.. she was paid 11 million dollars to say.

    • The “Trembling Wreck” title is one more of the stupid, overstated, misleading headlines I have been complaining about.
      it defies any common sense to realize that some boob is actually getting paid to write about all the “dropped jaws” and “bombshells” that are supposedly happening right in front of us. its insulting to see that someone thinks we all have the I.Q. of an old Granny waiting breathlessly for the next episode of her soaps.

    • She is so dumb that I have no doubt she will piss through that money in no time like lottery winners have and do. She hasn’t the foggiest idea how to manage money!!!

  19. I don’t understand Republican hostility towards Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. But since Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is pushing a Green New Deal, she really should be vegan, like so many of her colleagues. An animal rights message is warmly received on the political left, not on the right. Bill Clinton was vegan and Al Gore is vegan. Dennis Kucinich is vegan. Cory Booker is vegan. Reverend Al Sharpton is vegan. Chelsea Clinton was vegan for a number of years: her wedding in 2010 was strictly vegan. Amy Carter is a vegetarian. And the Bush daughters were famous for… underage drinking? Well, to be fair, PETA reports that Lauren Bush, niece of George W. Bush, is a vegetarian.

    The Democratic Party platform should support: Animal Rights, Defending the Affordable Care Act, Ending Citizens United, Ending Marijuana Prohibition, Giving Greater Visibility to Pro-Life Democrats, Gun Control, Net Neutrality, Raising the Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour, Responding to the Scientific Consensus on Global Warming, and a Sustainable Energy Policy.

    Democrats for Life of America, 10521 Judicial Drive, #200, Fairfax, VA 22030, (703) 424-6663

    • Humans have lived on animal protein since we crawled out of the caves a few billion years ago. We discovered vegetarian diets only a few thousand years ago. When I was in my 20’s I tried to go vegan. I got sick. A lack of adequate vitamin B-12 plagues vegans. Once I started back on animal protein I got well. So much for vegan being a healthier diet. I do not in my wildest dreams believe that to be true.

      • Hey Dan, you and all your friends and family are invited to have dinner at my house. The main entre , tasty animals!

    • A very good friend of mine says that veggies are what FOOD eats.
      I’ll admit that a bowl of Butter Beans with a slice of onion and some hot Cornbread is sometimes a meal fit for a King, but I still have a place for a pork chop, slice of ham, or a med. rare steak.
      Almost all fried, baked, broiled, grilled, smoked, or boiled critters are more than welcome !
      You can stick all your Tofu meat in your bun warmer and leave it there !
      Human beings are omnivores, not grazing animals.

    • Vasu; You really don’t see much of anything, do you? AOC is part of “the squad” that has demonstrated nothing but hate for our country and it’s values.Go back to the Democratic party and tell them that their(and yours) propaganda is not working.NOBODY cares about your cut and paste nonsense.Oh and by the way, you being a Hindu, I do not think you are in any position of lecturing Christians how they are supposed to act and quoting from the bible..

    • Clinton is not vegan. Many photos and videos of him eating at McDonalds. Humans are not designed to be vegan. It is unhealthy in the long run. That is why we have both molars and canine teeth. So we can eat meat when we catch it and eat vegetables and fruit when we can’t.

  20. The squad needs to keep their mouths shut! I’m sick of their racism against white Americans and lying and saying we don’t want immigrants coming to our country which is totally false. We want immigrants to come into America legally not sneaking across and turning themselves in to get a free ride paid for by the American taxpayers. They need to apply from their home country and come in the correct way.

    • “The Squad” my name for them “The Nitwits”.
      I don’t know what the word racist means but I’m going to look it up in the dictionary and be one because of you 4, nitwits.
      I know you are all “allegedly” educated.
      One race, which is the human race. Race is a noun, sufix “ist” to a noun means “of the”. Ex: what is a chemist, biologist. There many nationalities and many nation’s BUT one race,again you educated girls, we are all racists because we are members of the human race.

  21. Just by their ability to cry so much without facing a firing squad they should be in love with their new country. They should be in love with a country that gives their children a free education and is relatively safe. Gives their children an opportunity to have a quality life. This mouthy hate of the USA is only for one reason. Submission! Why in God’s name do we need to change into the Middle East. Why turn into that trash I killed in Afghanistan. Those people squat like dogs beside the road. The bus would let them out and men and women would be feet apart squatting and shutting and posing with their dresses over them. No toilet at all so how did they wipe their nasty ass? With their right hand! Animals

    • Gee, I saw the same thing in Vietnam. They would piss and shit upstream and brush their teeth downstream.
      I had them wash my fatigues and wondered why they had a stink like river water in them.

  22. They all say trump is a racist if trump a racist then
    What the hell is omar this physcho is a terrorist
    What the hell is wrong with these democrats
    These 4 bimbos need to go
    No disrespect to America woman who are the best

    • DeMoncrats are $atanists & are protected by other $atanists – BUMS
      aka BAR UNION MEMBERS who support the illegal, unlawful importation of MUSLIMS who are sub human, unfit, bottom feeders that should, will be eliminated from the face of the Earth, as they are incapable of living in peace anywhere on the planet.

  23. Trump does not need to worry, because while 75% of Dems who say they are so Woke and really compassionate and like Sandy would say, you know, like they totally want open borders and stuff…Will in the end vote against it because even those on the leftwing are opening their eyes to the dangers unchecked unregulated open borders pose to themselves (and lets face it, in the end, that is who really matters to the left) via diseases, crime, poor effects on the economy, cost (we spend over $130 Billion with a B) on illegals each year, that when they get to the privacy of the voting booth a large portion of them will say sorry but AOC and her squad gotta go and so do many in the Dem party.
    Think Dems, you can use common sense and see the policies that Trump is enacting are to protect and prosper Americans or you can hide your head in the sand and stand with the Dems in their globalist power grab that gives Zero concern and consideration to the American people!

    • Well said. They will never work for the American people, because they don’t care about Americans. They want control, power and to completely control america. They already think they are worth more money, when they actually paying the American people for putting up with them. The President is not racist, but those 4 are and they should be held accountable. Many of there words and actions are seditious and even treasonous.

  24. AOC and her freshman cohorts are not the Face of the Democrat part. They are the face of disgusting, disgraceful America Hating Democrats and should not be in Congress. Omar is a foul Moth Anti- Semitic and by al rights should have her American Citizenship revoked as a undesirable person and deported. AOC has done nothing but tell LIES, while Omar ha committed Immigration Fraud. Tlaib is racist and lied to get elected, and Pressley is total Racist. All 4 support terrorist and violence

  25. The Ugly Squad never know when to shut their mouth. Omar needs to go back home to her terrorist country. Perhaps she could “change” it the way she thinks America needs to be changed. I say it again, “Omar is the POSTER CHILD for not giving out Citizenship like candy.

    • Congress gave her the right to be Anti American, they allowed the jackass to swear in on the Koran, they allow her to wear the rag on her head, they treated her like she was the queen of another Nation. She is a danger to this Country who’s citizenship should be renounced. Obama let all those ignorants into the country because his goal was to change the Country, will we finally got rid of that fool and we need to get rid of all they lousy fools he allowed in.

      • You are correct Lee Ann. She never should have been permitted to be sworn in that way and they never should have changed the amendment from 1953 which stated that no Muslim should be permitted to have a place in government. Now…how many times will we be having to endure this kind of chaos? Lord, help us all!!

      • So true. With illegal voting dominating our last elections, we can project this activity will be on the rise. Why do the Democrats so fervently oppose “Voter ID” and asking the “Citizenship” question on the upcoming census? They fear the loss of illegal votes will cost them another ill-conceived election into the White House.

  26. Interesting that it seems the only people who like these four are idiots who want to see the USA as a Third World Country, even more decietful than the Dems are already, and to top it off all the idiots who believe in the so called gay agenda love these idiots because the idiots supposedly support their insane agenda along with the idiots from Hollywood, not all of them but most of them. Time to wake up and smell the roses.

    • But it just happened to be enough to vote them in . Has America learned it’s lesson about the shit culture Islam? 9/11 wasn’t enough to ban this scourge from our shores I suppose.

  27. AOC(incl. Rt & Io) is a Pathological liar (also called pseudologia fantastica and mythomania) is a behavior of habitual or compulsive lying, she can look you straight in the eye and tell you ‘bareface lies’, and, if questioned will turn the table on you, lest she be cornered, and she will move away for a more receptive crowd. She prefers a gullible audience and not one waiting to trap her and, that she does not like. She has the support of democrats like rep. Elijah Cummings and others who encourage her to speak freely and backs her up. What she is doing is to incite the crowd into believing what she sees and what she says about a situation knowing fully well she will lie about it and her audience will listen. AOC knows how to make it up as she goes.This young woman is full of tricks and needs to be caught out by questioning her. Her problem is she lacks factual and moral observation and is ready to shoot the shit the way her democrat leaders have advised coz they do the same thing. She is the trashbag for the democrats the way they are themselves. The democrats are in league with Central American countries for this crisis south of the border and play a game of silence to put unnecessary pressure on PTrump to ridicule him to handle this situation created by demon-rats. A full investigation should be conducted with Central American Countries to find out who is responsible for this sudden invasion of the USA border in effect to create problems for the Trump admin. Most msm play political games along with democrats to heightened levels of intensity using this crisis to blame Trump. This is your dirty demon democrat devils disruption. However, sedition, treason and subversion continue without any charges being laid or culprits being apprehended, we remain a quagmire of lawlessness. It tells democrats and some republicans, see we can do what we want and get away with it, we are above the law, we don’t recognize this president and it will be played out till the 2020. These miscreants know one thing when you stand up and throw-the-book at them and bring them to reality for what they have done. By Tough-love!

    • This is exactly the case. I believe they should have been released back to their home districts to face the music as soon as they were sworn in and using profanity to describe our president. If he is not their president, then they don’t belong in this country. They said it. That should have sealed their fate.

  28. AOC(incl. Rt & Io) is a Pathological liar (also called pseudologia fantastica and mythomania) is a behavior of habitual or compulsive lying, she can look you straight in the eye and tell you ‘bareface lies’, and, if questioned will turn the table on you, lest she be cornered, and she will move away for a more receptive crowd. She prefers a gullible audience and not one waiting to trap her and, that she does not like. She has the support of democrats like rep. Elijah Cummings and others who encourage her to speak freely and backs her up. What she is doing is to incite the crowd into believing what she sees and what she says about a situation knowing fully well she will lie about it and her audience will listen. AOC knows how to make it up as she goes.This young woman is full of tricks and needs to be caught out by questioning her. Her problem is she lacks factual and moral observation and is ready to shoot the shit the way her democrat leaders have advised coz they do the same thing. She is the trashbag for the democrats the way they are themselves. The democrats are in league with Central American countries for this crisis south of the border and play a game of silence to put unnecessary pressure on PTrump to ridicule him to handle this situation created by demon-rats. A full investigation should be conducted with Central American Countries to find out who is responsible for this sudden invasion of the USA border in effect to create problems for the Trump admin. Most msm play political games along with democrats to heightened levels of intensity using this crisis to blame Trump. This is your dirty demon democrat devils disruption. However, sedition, treason and subversion continue without any charges being laid or culprits being apprehended, we remain a quagmire of lawlessness. It tells democrats and some republicans, see we can do what we want and get away with it, we are above the law, we don’t recognize this president and it will be played out till the 2020. These miscreants know one thing when you stand up and throw-the-book at them and bring them to reality for what they have done. By Tough-love!

  29. A few hundred years ago a bunch of guys were unhappy with the way England was administering the American colonies. Did George Washington, Thomas Paine and Benjamin Franklin, et al, leave? or did they act to change things up? America was founded on the right to express dissent. It is un-American to suggest otherwise.

    • I agree, BUT when acting like Pathetic Ghouls they should be providing American Solutions to the “issues” they illuminate.

      But, this is impossible as they continue to rant about everything being based on Racism, when actually, they are the Racists.

    • Julio, you are certainly correct, but those founding fathers did not engage in the hateful, vulgar personal attacks that these four constantly present in their public commentary. “Impeach 45” was chanted by another congress person before President Trump was even inaugurated! Clear examples of TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome)

      • recall that duels to the death were not uncommon. and congress would devolve into fisticuffs. They threaten to punch anyone?

      • CT look no farther then My DADDY potus that is where they learned how to be RACSIST MY DADDY wrote the book on RACISM so sad to see that these same people claim TO BE GOOD CHRISTIANS using derogatory remarks calling them nigar hang them burn them at the steak only satonic demonic Republicans use this kind of language they voted for RACISM Democrats vote to stop this kind of behavior thats what scares the radical right being racist white supremist they’re losing control America is going to change we will leave them in the dust deal with it VOTE FOR CHRISTIANITY NOT SATANISM

        • Donny, You are EXTREMELY SICK!!!!! Pres. Trump is not racist and has done far more for blacks than Obama did. And Obama is the racist. He hates whites. But that is fine with you. And you know NOTHING about republicans. I know HUNDREDS of republicans and NOT ONE of them is racist or would condone what you said. dems vote to stop this kind of behavior? REALLY????? It is the DEMS who are racist and hate everything this country stands for. Dems live on hate, lies, and violence. They have thrown God out of their platform and satan has taken over the party.

          • Bj ur so incorect My GRAND DADDY was sued gor being racist it’s been in my Thrump family for generations thats what puts bread on the table

        • Donny Jr. You are wrong on your points. The Democrat party is racist. They created and supported the so called Jim Crow laws which suppressed minorities. That even included separate but equal which was anything but equal. They even let the racist cowards of the KKK have free reign of terror over people. Non-democrats were the ones pushing to stop the Dem party from their racist practices for domination. I personally new Dems who opposed the Party and fought for social justice to end the Democratic racism. That was finally dieing away until the racists liars named obama were squatted into the White House as the muslim-in-chief and the 1st racist.

        • Donny Jr; You know what’s really sad? Is a grown person pretending to be a child.And tell your”daddy” he supports the radical, racist party;The pathetic Democratic party. Oh and by the way, it’s spelled stake not steak. Learn to use spell check…

    • Julio you are absolutely correct in the right to dissent AND THE RIGHT OF FREE SPEECH. The ones you have mentioned were patriots that were willing to give their lives for the country they loved. They did not ever say hateful and vulgar comments about the greatest country mankind has witnessed. They did not claim this country to be garbage! They did not use the word impeach the M–F–!! The right of dissent is every ones right in a free country like ours but with responsibility. The media and the opposition are quick to condemn the president as a racist!!! IMPEACH THE M–F– IS JUST AS RACIST BUT YOU HEAR THE MEDIA TO CONDEMN


    • You have left a couple of important points out and have “smashed” together some other issues.
      First – the Colonies were being over taxed. Washington, Paine and Franklin never complained about the thirteen colonies. They complained about England and her King (the over lord). The four elected representatives took a different tact. They bitterly complained about the country who gave them all such wonderful opportunities as to run for and be elected by “the people” of their respective districts. Complaining and espousing NEGATIVE RANT just shows they are ingrates and do NOT appreciate the true freedom we all hold most dear. They are young and very immature and they still try to “Trigger” the president who will NOT ignore their collective “disrespect”. Maybe you should NOT join in least you find yourself embroiled with their SEDITION as a accomplice in aiding and abetting. The President has indicated that to “trash” this great country as they have done and by the way they have NOT YET put forth any document or proposal on how they would solve any of the problems they so readily complain about. They simply complain so if it is too hot for them in the kitchen maybe they should just “get out” How many times did Obama say those same exact words to the republican representatives after midterm elections in 2010. That is the difference.

    • They are in govt. they are some of the most privileged underprivileged people on the planet but when you say you love American the say you want to Fundamentally change it (because obviously only your opinion matters) then you negate the I love America statement and show your true colors. Don’t be offended by Americans who do not like their supercilious, anti-American biased hate and feel someone who is supposed to be Representing America and Americans is NOT fulfilling their jobs! Tell me what exactly has any one of these deceitful women actually proposed or done in the past six months in office to help their districts, the American people or their Govt?

      They spend lots of time on camera but should spend that time on legislating and helping their districts who they were elected to help! They were not elected Representatives of the USA they rep. small (sorry Bronx) and somewhat insignificant districts. Do your jobs and get off the National stage! You are not there to Save the World AOC, Omar and Talib can go to Palestine Al Quida and Hamas and fix them then tell us how to fix our issues, and Presly gives it up girl you see Racism in a cup of black coffee!!! Enough!
      Sorry ladies but you cannot claim to be woke adults with all the answers than when someone questions the validity or viability of said answers or question your policies ware your Gender, Race, or Religion as a shield against all criticism- Sorry in the big bad world that type of PCBS does not fly!

    • America doesn’t need changing you asshole. The kind of changes them bitches want would kill our freedom. If you don’t like it here gather up the c—t squad and get the hell out of here.

  30. It is a lot more than AOC and Bernie Sanders. We have many teachers at schools brainwashing the kids how to embrace the liberal agenda. Just read yesterday’s article that a teacher was teaching (influencing) the elementary kids to kill free speech …

    Many teachers are bad. Ms. DeVos, the head of U.S. Dept. of Education must act. There is a need of constitutional law curriculum requirement for every middle school student to take. Hopefully, that would stabilize the behavior.

    Seem that every liberal took many things for granted. “Freedom is not free!”

    • I totally agree with Mannfrom Grey. The enemies of our great country ( Russia and china ) do not have to interfere in our elections. It is too costly and too risky. But to infiltrate our educational system is much easier and more rewarding. The are able to brainwash our lame brain educators to brainwash youths. We better wake up before it becomes too late!!

      • You have your priorities wrong. We have two major enemies and Russia is certainly not among them, you are brainwashed. One of our enemies is China (Economy) the second one and the most dangerous one is ISLAM. It is an ideological enemy with its aim to totally obliterate our laws, believes, honor, country. A similar situation (sponsored by Soros) is now happening in Europe, it is a cancer which has to be fraught now if we want to survive.

  31. After watching Hannity last night I can only wonder why no one is talking about the GOP candidate Hannity had on his program that is planning on running against AOC. After listening to this candidate, I could only stand and applaud with hope and enthusiasm. And she mentioned overwhelming support from all directions!! AOC must be trembling from ankle up if has any awareness as to how many enemies she really has.

    • RANDY,

  32. Trump, Washington, Lincoln, are three American Heroes!
    AOC and her bunch… not so much… they are ZEROS!
    More than this they each must be their identical twin?
    WHY? No-one person can be this dim!
    This is the why for this saying: Ignorance can be remediated, but God only is able to fix stupidity!

  33. The Squad as they call themselves best watch there step , they just might get put in front of a Firing Squad , for crimes against God and Country , please do keep it up girls , Dumbasses you are , that’s a fact !

    • Will; Oh Will be careful. I made a comment that the only squad I wanted them linked to is a firing squad. And right after, that Justice for Trump and Gun nutty guy, left me a comment they reported me to the F.B.I.. Now, here’s the funny part, my cousin is an F.B.I. agent!! I just wish these idiots would stay off these sites and stop wasting our time with their childless nonsense.But these women are true traitors and such face severe punishment….And a few others as well….

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