This brand new poll was bad news for Adam Schiff

Adam Schiff never thought things would turn out the way they did.

The House Intelligence Committee Chairman launched his impeachment witch hunt steadied by his faith that he could trick the American people into supporting a coup to remove Donald Trump from office.

But this brand new poll was bad news for Adam Schiff.

An early batch of polls showing rising support for impeachment convinced Democrats the public was on their side.

However, it soon became clear impeachment was a partisan witch hunt and a typical political sham.

That’s when Democrats were hit with a series of disastrous polls.

One was from Monmouth University, where a majority said it was better to try to defeat Donald Trump at the ballot box in 2020 than go through with impeachment.

Breitbart reports:

The majority of Americans believe it makes more sense to focus on the 2020 election rather than to rely on impeachment in order to get President Trump “out of office,” a Monmouth University poll released on Tuesday shows.

The poll, taken October 30–November 3, 2019, among 908 U.S. adults, found that the majority of Americans — regardless if they support the partisan impeachment inquiry or not — believe it is better to focus on the 2020 election rather than an impeachment trial in order to remove Trump from office.

According to the poll, 59 percent of Americans agree that “if you want Trump out of office, it makes more sense to focus on next year’s election rather than go through an impeachment process now.” Even 39 percent of those who support pursuing impeachment in the hopes of removing Trump also believe that it makes more sense to focus on the election. Only 34 percent of the general public disagrees.

“Even many who would like to impeach Trump seem to feel that beating him at the polls in 2020 is actually a better strategy for ousting him from office,” Monmouth University Polling Institute’s Director Patrick Murray stated.

But Democrats don’t want to take the risk of seeing Trump on the ballot in 2020.

They know he is strongly positioned to win.

That’s why they are desperately trying to remove him from office in this sham impeachment.

Unfortunately for Adam Schiff and his allies, this poll shows the American people are wise to their game.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



    • Trump’s squinty eyes are way worse. Evil in there. The eyes of a cruel mafia boss. Look how he has abandoned Cohen, and others who have toadied up to him, and done all his dirty work over the years. Wake up, people.

        • Of course not. Bernie and Warren are weak and unelectable. Biden would be an improvement, though, a do nothing Prez, rather than all this insanity and instability that Trump represents. Some calm and normalcy, I’m TIRED of this bungling clown and his crazy moves, tearing everything down and getting NOTHING of value accomplished in their place. Opened all these fronts with his strutting and boasting, and just pissed EVERYBODY (but Putin) off. And no deals DONE ANYWHERE.
          But if no real Republican can rise to run for the nomination, a straight arrow like Romney or even Kasich, then there HAS to be some Democrat, however weak the field, that would do.
          Michael Bloomberg would be VERY ok with me. Moderate, has the SUCCESSFUL (20 times as successful as Trump) exec experience, both public and private, the gravitas, and the SMARTS to be good president, even with some of the climate change and gun control stuff that he might bring with him. That stuff is perennial fodder for debate, and not a lot of action.
          America has become a laughingstock under this fake (put in by Putin) “president”.
          Hillary was right about one thing: Trump is Putin’s “puppet”, and he has betrayed that over and over, doing things that benefit Putin, and NOT the US. Holding SECRET meetings, believing Putin over our 17 intel agencies on Russki interference in our election (the Mueller Report found EXTENSIVE Russian efforts to undermine the 2016 election: who does Trump believe? PUTIN!
          The latest embarrassment in abandoning our Kurdish allies to the Turks and hightailing it off the battlefield so the Russkis can dominate the region. I’m SICk of this corrupt, crooked, mafia style “leadership by my “president”. WE ALL DESERVE BETTER. MUCH, MUCH BETTER.

    • HANGING or public televised FIRING SQUAD EXECUTION for BOTH him and pelosi would be MINIUM Crime Punishment for TREASONIST maggots like these two …

      • Yeah, we want nasty, ugly thugs like you running things. But THAT is how the “boss” wants you to think and act. Oh, but when he tells you he will pay your legal bill, I would NOT believe him. Look what he has done to his own lawyers and supporters, like Cohen, Flynn, and Manafort. Sitting in JAIL.

      • Well, it’s Trump who has committed treason, if anyone has. HE WELCOMED the help in getting elected that came in from the Russians, right from the Tower Meeting on. He sides with Putin on every occasion, it’s clear in the record. Has secret meetings with no notetakers with Putin, believes Putin when Putin denies meddling in the 2016 election, when Mueller says they did so “extensively”, just like all 17 of our intel agencies did. Then he is okay with Turkey buying Russian weaponry, while abandoning our Kurdish allies, which is JUST what Putin wanted him to do.
        Oh, yeah, TRUMP IS THE TRAITOR. I know it’s tough, but try to pull your head out of your tail.

        • Your an idiot and all that’s bullshit. You will make up and believe anything. It’s a proven fact that the Russians were helping Hillary you idiot. And the Syrians, what about the 500,000 that Obambi let get wounded or killed. That just shows your a typical left liar and a murderer of babies!! How could anyone support Demonic activity.

          • Where is it a PROVEN FACT that Hillary was helped by the Russians?????? Hillary HATED Putin, and vice versa. Putin openly admitted that the Russians PREFERRED that Trump won! Hillary was even right about Trump being Putin’s “puppet” in the debate, and he has sided with Putin on EVERY issue, even his own intel services. And WHERE did 500,000 Syrians die, that weren’t at the hands of Assad and Putin? And if anyone is an servant of the devil, it’s Trump. He is an Agent of Chaos.

  1. Adam and Nancy has opened the eyes of more people. Now the commiecrats are being exposed as being a party of spoiled brats throwing a tantrum because they don’t get their way. I saw them for what they were becoming in 1993 when I walked away from them. But I’m amazed at how low they have become since then. They have lost what little dignity they might have had at one time. They sure as hell aren’t the party of JFK anymore.

    • Only in the sense that they are trying to do to Trump what they did to JFK assassinate him. Unfortunately he is not in their party to do so. Adam and Nancy should be prosecuted for Treason to put an end to this insanity.

      • Trump is the real traitor. He is a fake (put in by Putin) “president” who sides with Putin at EVERY turn. Even betrayed our beset allies against ISIS, the Kurds, and abandoned the battlefield to the Russians and Turks, to please Erdogan and Putin. He is a TOTAL DISGRACE to the American flag.

        • Howie being stupid is ok as long as you keep it to yourself. But you have let the cat out of the bag. Go back to sleep dumbass.

          • It’s all right there in the historical record. Look it up for yourself, if you dare. But you won’t. You like sitting in this safe little snowflake space echo chamber, making nasty thug like comments about the Dems and various individuals. I guess if it makes you feel good about yourselves, it’s just an outlet for your nastiness, but to any thinking human being, you all come off like THUGS. You really do.
            Just like your “dear leader”, a tyrant wannabe, like his heroes, Putin, Kim, MBS, and Xi Xinping.
            Where was I wrong, and why, exactly?

          • It is NOT BS, I have studied Trump’s past business history, the history of his pathological lying, and his thousands of documented lies and exaggerations, just since being elected. I note that you just call stuff BS, but show no proof or evidence as to why you believe it to be so. No, just as I predicted, you will take the intellectually lazy (or incapable) path of just labeling something BS, because you you WON’T do the research or any real study of the issues.
            The Mueller Report is FULL of documented collusion with Russian agents by Trump’s campaign staff and top advisors, starting right out from the Trump Tower meeting (look it up). Then there are the 10 instances of Obstruction of Justice, as cited by the WHITE HOUSE’S OWN COUNSEL, Don McGahn (who Trump now won’t let testify-even more Obstruction). Then there are the emoluments clause (of our Constitution) violations by Trump, in using (abusing) his power to enrich himself personally. (look it up).
            And now we have the Zelensky call transcript, which PROVES that Trump engaged in bribery/extortion of a foreign leader, again for his personal, political benefit. Just asking for the “favor” of a personal nature, Trump committed yet another illegal act. THAT is per the Chairperson of the Federal Election Commission last week. (look it up). THIS is how you want our leader to behave? What happens when a Dam is elected president next? Obama’s little Executive Orders will look like NOTHING compared to the damage that can be done by “presidents” with unlimited power, and the freedom to abuse it at will. THINK, MAN!!!!!!

        • Your an idiot. What about the 500,000 Syrians Obambi let let die or get wounded. See, your just another left idiot with you head up Pelosi’s A-s-s! Your a joke. Democrats are the one that collided with Russia, not Trump. Idiots.

          • Proof? Thought not. So if Trump’s campaign didn’t collude with Russia, why are 6 of them in JAIL for having lied to investigators about those 126 contacts with Russian agents? Hmmmmmm???? Don’t see any Dems in jail.
            Btw, it’s spelled “you’re”, and you are calling other idiots? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! You just PORVED that YOU are the dope.

          • Putin most certainly DID. What Trump SOLD to you rubes as a “hoax” was actually a detailed report that Barr misrepresented to the American people (per Mueller’s own letter.) Mueller DOCUMENTED 126 contacts between Russian agents and Trump’s campaign staff and advisors. 6 of Trump’s top people are doing or have done JAIL TIME for lying to investigators about those contacts, and 17 Russians are under indictment for their “extensive” (per Mueller) efforts to undermine our 2016 election. What more COLLUSION do you need to SEE?????
            And when Putin came out and denied having meddled in our election, in denial of the findings of ALL 17 OF OUR INTEL AGENCIES, who did Trump believe? PUTIN.
            That’s P-U-T-I-N.
            Man are you ever blind. And you believe what you HEAR from a pathological LIAR like Trump? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Bless your heart.

    • This is true but they are now true Communist and they are coming for our money, guns, life style, religion and All Of our freedoms. They have so many sins that they have to cover, they will do anything to remove Trump and to take control again.

      • Your an idiot. What about the 500,000 Syrians Obambi let let die or get wounded. See, your just another left idiot with you head up Pelosi’s A-s-s! Your a joke. Democrats are the one that collided with Russia, not Trump. Idiots.

    • Well, the Republican Party is not exactly the party of Reagan/Bush, either. Trump is a lying, corrupt demagogue, pure and simple. It might hurt a little, (but only a little, as it appears to be small) but pull your OWN head out of your OWN butt. You might even SEE the abundant evidence that is ALREADY plain to see, of Trump’s lies, corruption, and disdain for law and order. Those USED to be hallmarks of the Republican Party, and now the Trumpian Party has thrown all that honorable tradition into the trash, aligning itself with the worst elements of society: fascist/racists, wacky evangelicals, and the criminal underclass, all rebels who hate established authority (except within their own rigid hierarchies). They LOVE that Trump runs around trashing everything and everyone, and fixes NOTHING. Fits their own agenda just fine.

    • He works beside satan so the ice would just melt and then we’d have to deal with the flooding. Dang, he may be why some are so concerned with our climate changes. They may be privy to info the rest of us aren’t aware of. Hmmmm…….

      • And you thugs say that Hillary can’t accept losing an election (where there is a LOT of evidence the Russians interfered in) ????????????????? Now, let me think……..who are the nazi style thugs in this scenario?????? The Dems are doing it under the law, by the book. And you. want civil war. Hmmmmmm, think I have to side with Dems on this issue.

        • You are correct that the dems are doing the impeach scam under the law as you stated.
          Any time the 6th amendment is violated that is certainly under the law.
          Good observation on your part.

  2. When will the Democrats wake up and say “enough”! These “children” that they have elected and put in DC need to be removed by “adults” and put back in their cribs in CA, NY ,and IL. They make up the wildest stories and expect us to believe in them time after time. now its “our” time, the ADULTS in the room!

  3. Adam Schiff is full of Schiff,Sh__t, along with his other Schiff Sh__ts in the house of Democrat’s what a shame and suck bag’s these Idiots are. Sore Losers’ of the Soros, Clinton Crime and Obumer Family.

  4. Let it happen at the polls. We’ll see how many democrats get re-elected. That is the fair and honorable thing to do. But then when were the democrats ever fair?

        • I dont believe anyone, in their right mine, is applauding the murder of Epstein. Not wanting to defend his behavior: he was never brought before a jury of his piers also the “people” lost a lot with his death because so many guilty people will go unpunished as a result. However, you can rest
          assured that those who are guilty are also jubilant.

          • Ditto!! Murder is why they’ve gotten away with so many crimes over the years. He should’ve been placed in witness protection although no one could be certain those guarding him weren’t in the pockets of these corrupt and criminal people either.

  5. Adam Schiff thinks all 350,000,000 deplorables living in the country will agree with him if he says it enough. Most Americans just shut down when they hear impeachemt since they have been hearing it for the past 3 years. This is just Mueller 2.0

  6. Adam Schiff thinks all 350,000,000 deplorables living in the country will agree with him if he says it enough. Most Americans just shut down when they hear impeachemt since they have been hearing it for the past 3 years. This is just Mueller 2.0

  7. Their bodies became hot in the bathhouse. Clothes were discarded and she became moist and receptive. Bodily fluids were exchange in the warm water so half-breeds were brought onto us as Allah’s will has been done. Peace be upon them and praise to Allah and his prophet Mohammad Amen!

    • Ha Ha Ha julio
      Donald Trump has forced the democrats to show the American citizens their real agenda. pelosi was forced into a corner and she had to call for a vote.

      Only two of the democrats saw what DJT was doing and stood with the republicans. The secret kangaroo court isn’t quite as secret now. But still lacks transparency, equality for the pursuit of justice and truth.

      Americans are now aware of the democrats agenda. That’s to remove a duly elected president through an coup attempt disguised as an impeachment inquiries The democrats know that they can’t beat Donald Trump at the polling booths.

      From where I looking the real idiots are the democrats who have played right into Donald Trump hands.

  8. Really bad news for Adam Schiff will come when/IF Will Bottom gets his day in court.
    Will Bottom is a gay black man from L.A. who claims to have been Schiff’s lover and that Schiff beat him and sexually abused him. He has photos and other evidence. Unlike the nut job college professor from L.A. who managed to get a congressional hearing with no evidence or proof. Even the people who Dr.(???) Ford said would collaborate her story said they had no idea what she was talking about. To add more credibility to Mr. Bottom’s claims is Schiff’s very close association with Clinton and Democrat mega-donor – Ed Buck and the L.A. gay community. Remember Buck has had two gay black men turn up dead at his place. Those men have been dead for over 2 years and finally Buck is in jail “Democrat Privilege”? But Buck is not in jail for those deaths he is in jail for Meth distribution. There is a third gay black man who did not dies at Bucks place but has been there – who claims that Buck insisted in shooting the men up with Meth himself before sex. The mother of one of the dead men claims that her son had told her the same thing. The Democrat party is looking more and more like the reign of Caligula than anything else.

  9. Since Pres. Trump has done nothing wrong, he cannot be impeached. Hatred is not a reason to impeach him and it will not win them the election. The dems have only hate and lies and nothing at all to run on. They cannot win in 2020. Since they hate this country so much they are free to move to the communist country of their choice.

    • That’s a BIG AMEN! They can’t even dig up a credible candidate to run against Donald Trump in 2020. There’s only LOSERS and just LOOK at them; clueless, old and really sick, majorly ridden with AGENDAS for the American public. I feel sorry for voting American Democrats. Nothing to choose from and I do mean NOTHING. It’s shamefull and insulting.

    • Trump has committed at least FOUR crimes while in office, all in abusing his power for his own personal benefit. Has NOTHING to do with “hate”. Has to do with respect for the Office, NOT believing you have unlimited power, like an emperor. When all the evidence is presented, examined, verified, (or not) , we will ALL have a chance to review it and make up our own minds. Not before.

  10. Evil, racist white-folks in america always distract the truth from really being known. They are some of the worst demonic terrorist on the earth. And are willing to go into hell to uphold old lying, racist, money greedy trump-ah-hump who will run to Russia at the blink of an eye to be wit snowden. hahaahahaha

    • Hey Redshit, how do you sleep at night being so full of hate, anger, and bitterness. You pretty much suck and need help, if there is help for the likes of you.

    • haha you say worst democrat terrorist on earth_you eat some white racist rice and feel better_don’t be racist like democrat terrorist_you be fine_have some watermelon too_green on the outside – red on the inside like you ahahahahahahaha

      • That’s the result when you type with your fingers covered in pooh. It’s the same brown stuff that comes out of his mouth when he speaks it.

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