This CNN host just got caught red-handed lying about Democrats’ intentions

Anti-gun activists love to disguise their true intentions.

Hiding behind focus group-honed phrases like “common sense gun reform,” what they want is to outlaw Americans owning guns.

And one CNN host was just caught lying on national TV when confronted by that fact.

Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens recently penned an op-ed titled, “Repeal the Second Amendment.”

In response, President Trump tweeted “THE SECOND AMENDMENT WILL NEVER BE REPEALED!”

But while many publicly deny it’s their intention, a recent poll showed nearly 40 percent of Democrats want to repeal the Second Amendment.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo was interviewing Rick Santorum when he questioned “Who is calling for a repeal of the Second Amendment?”

The Daily Caller reports:

“You’ve got the President of the United States tweeting that the Second Amendment will never be repealed,” Cuomo said. “Who is calling for a repeal of the Second Amendment? Who is calling for it?”

“Justice Stevens did,” Santorum shot back.

“He did not, it was in the context of a conversation about the fastest route to legal change — of course, if you didn’t have the Second Amendment… it would be easier to change the laws,” Cuomo said, doubling down. “That does not breed unity, it’s a bogeyman and you know it.”

Though Chris Cuomo was caught red-handed lying and trying to obfuscate the point by arguing that Justice Stevens is retired.

When Cuomo doubled-down on Twitter, many were quick to call him out.

Is this just another case of CNN spreading fake news?

Is Chris Cuomo trying to cover-up Democrats’ true intentions by lying about them on CNN?

Or did Cuomo just miss the memo that radical Democrats have officially ripped the mask off to reveal their true intentions to destroy the Second Amendment?

Let us know your thoughts Cuomo’s comments and Democrats’ favoring repeal of the Second Amendment in the comments below.



  1. It would be easy to counter anything they said in a campaign, so maybe it would be good if one ran. Or they could run as one for Pres and the other for VP. Only thing better would be Clinton partnered with one of them. LOL!!!

  2. Hard to imagine a Jewish person actually espousing the methods used by the Nazis against the Jews. It is ridiculous for Cuomo to promote taking away the public’s Constitutional right to bear arms. Taking our guns is just one step on the road to ruin. I hope the Cuomo reign is coming to an end finally. They have abused the public long enough. It probably won’t take much to prove the whole family is dirty.

  3. Actually, the LEFTISTS are the Nazis Take away guns:Hitler, Take away religion:Hitler, Separate Domestic Army: Hitler, Political Correctness: Hitler, Loss of parental authority: Hitler, Government required educational courses: Hitler. The only difference is Military funding. Hitler weapons to conquer the World. Leftists decrease funding to let the World Conquer us.

  4. The LEFT has already declared war on the First Amendment- ANYONE who does NOT agree with the LEFT is called a Nazi, Bigot, Racist, etc, etc, etc. It comes as NO surprise to me, that they are trying to get rid of the Second Amendment- AND, they’ve been trying for decades!

  5. The only thing that keeps thugs and gang banger from kicking in our doors is they know we are packing. The law want protect us the government can’t protect us! We must protect our selves!

  6. If you’re not one now, I encourage you to become a History Professor/Teacher. You are spot on and public education desperately needs you’re knowledge.

  7. There have been a number of Libertard Dems running off the reservation and showing their true intentions. The rank and file of the Dems are playing the old Soviet tactic of two steps forward, one step back incrementalism.

  8. Just consider the source of the lie…Chris Cuomo. All the Cuomos do is LIE for a living. Look no farther than his slippery ultra-liberal brother Emperor Cuomo…

  9. THE owner is a BIG DISGRACE to the GOOD JEWISH PEOPLE. HE ISC DIRTY. CHECK HIS BACKGROUND. YOU shouldn’t be shock that he would have the sick beliefs that he and his staff of liars put out.. but there not going to be around to much longer , they only have an AUDIENCE OF IGNORANT PEOPLE THAT CAN’T EVEN READ..

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