This Congressman proposed Democrats’ unthinkable solution to remove Trump

Democrats have embraced the “resistance” movement to Donald Trump.

Elected officials and candidates are involved in a content of who can fire off the most outlandish statement of opposition to the President.

But this Congressman suggested Democrats take one unthinkable step to oppose Trump.

Congressman Tom Suozzi (D NY) was at a town hall event when he was asked about how far Democrats should go in opposing the President.

Suozzi suggested taking up arms against the administration and waging what could be a bloody battle in the streets.

The New York Post reports:

“A Democratic congressman from Long Island implied that Americans should grab weapons and oppose President Trump by force, if the commander-in-chief doesn’t follow the Constitution.

Rep. Tom Suozzi made the remark to constituents at a town hall last week, saying that folks opposed to Trump might resort to the “Second Amendment.”

“It’s really a matter of putting public pressure on the president,” Suozzi said in a newly released video of the March 12 talk in Huntington. “This is where the Second Amendment comes in, quite frankly, because you know, what if the president was to ignore the courts? What would you do? What would we do?”

A listener then blurts out, “What’s the Second Amendment?”

The left-leaning Democrat says, “The Second Amendment is the right to bear arms.”

If a Republican proposed taking up arms against Barack Obama the media would have demanded the Republican party renounce that individual and that they be driven from office.

There would have been endless CNN segments about the violent attitudes taking over the GOP and how the Republican Party extremism was tearing the country apart.

But the mainstream media will try to sweep this under the rug and ignore an elected Democrat advocating an armed resistance – and possible assassination attempt – against the President.

This is why conservatives hate the media.

Do you agree?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.



  1. His comments are sedition and sedition is punishable by death. Round him up and all like him, put ’em in front of the wall and exercise the 2nd amendment on them. While there, grab Obama, Bill’s wife and the rest of his crooked administration.

    • Not any more; the left got the death penalty for sedition and treason removed under O’s regime; planning ahead in case they got caught, obviously!



  4. I wonder what would have happened had a Republican said that about that EGOTISTICAL MORONIC CLOWN Obozo???? He not Trump was and is the one who walked all over the Constitution. DACA is proof of that as was everything Obozo did in office.

    • How do we get the main stream media to see this behavior? You know what, this just helps the cause, the changes we want to see in our great country. Don’t be fooled, the silent majority realizes how much of an idiot this politician really is. We must stand strong and stand behind our present administration. I hope next time this clown runs for office that a smart level headed Republican whips his butt.

    • Our guns are our constitutional right…Leave that alone…We will never give up our guns..It is what kept Obama from overtaking this great country and now we will arrest, try and hang the bastard non president by his crooked neck at last.

  5. Has this idiot even considered the fact that many will take up their arms and go out into the streets against him and his cronies? This idiot is doing nothing less than advocating civil war. He needs to be arrested and shut down immediately!

  6. Dems’ weaponry is practically inexistent! How stupid! We Conservatives can AND WILL defend President Trump…and our overwhelming 2nd amendment weapons are locked and loaded.

  7. That stupid ignorant congressman should brought up on charges of instigating riots and revolution against the government. What an idiot.

  8. All of my weapons are loaded. I’ve said for the last eight years that a civil war was coming. What political party started the last civil war, DEMOCRAT!! Now what party is talking about it again, DEMOCRAT!! Who is pushing being white is bad, DEMOCRAT! They are piss, because the President is for America first, and the democrats can’t stand it, so nothing has worked to get rid of the of him, so as the last resort, civil war. AMERICANS “lock and load”, protect our freedom, our flag, and our faith. MAKE AMERICA GET AGAIN.

  9. If you think the way that this Nitt Witt Dumbocrat is talking the Dums May put him in for the Nobel Peace Prize. I’m
    Locked and loaded. Let them start it, we will finish it!! Semper Fi 68-71!!!

  10. As a 68 year old ‘Nam vet that still takes the oath to defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign or domestic as still “the real deal” I’m locked and loaded. I call upon all U.S. veterans to ready themselves…a shit storm is brewing and a stand may be required of us…again.

  11. I would welcome using immediate Marshal Law against anyone either talking about or actually threatening our President. And Arresting anyone either talking about or threatening our President. WHAT’S IT GOING TO TAKE TO SHUT THESE PEOPLE DOWN? Let them spend some time in a nasty jail cell – for starters !!!!!

    • That doesn”‘t need martial law; there are civil laws against all those things! The Secret Service should be all over that dud!

  12. Been waiting for these pussies. Let’s get this over with so I can finally relax in the keys on my boat. I figure 30 million dead in first day. The roads n streets will be crimson and the smell of powder wafting in the air with the smell of bile and death. Just like old days. I don’t think they comprehend the carnage and destruction that those of us have seen and experienced.
    May God have mercy on the souls that will perish.

    88-94 USMC
    Semper Fi

  13. Can you imagine the outcry there would be if a Republican Congressman had said the exact same thing about opposition to Obama? The hypocrisy of the main stream media and the Democrats is absolutely mind-blowing! The Congressman would be featured on a never-ending loop on the major main-stream media news outlets. And the Democrats would be calling for the end of the 2nd Amendment (again)! Democrats: if not for their double standards, they would have no standards at all!

  14. Stop voting for people like Criminal Democrats like Tom Suozzi he has did nothing for America I’m sick and tired paying for these free loaders. This guy is backing criminal Democrats he has not interest in making America great again stinking bastard.

  15. So this idiot is advocating taking up arms in opposition to a President who apparently will not support banning arms? What kind of sloppy logic is that? Even Obama, the left’s god, never penned an executive order banning guns! The elimination of the Second Amendment requires Congress to propose another amendment to the Constitution to cancell out the second amendment and then the States have to approve this proposed amendment, much as was done in overturning Prohibition. The President would have little say in the matter. If this is the official stance of the liberals, then they should be removed from their positions as soon as possible and as many mental institutions as is needed built to house them all!

  16. The left has been trying to gut the second amendment for many years an the statement that if someone had said lets use the second amendment to ouster Obama an they where holding a political office or not either would have had serious actions taken towards them even though he should have been removed.

  17. I would suggest that these wusses exercise extreme caution – since they probably oppose the second amendment, they probably don’t realize that there would most likely be armed opposition which would put a kink in their insurrection.

  18. The democrats have gone completely crazy. They are so filed with hate they are now pushing violence to get rid of our President who was elected by the American people and is doing just what he promised. People need to remember that the democrats do not agree with anyone unless it is what they want. Vote them out in 2018!

    • this congressman should be immediately fired for a terrorist threat against president trump and our government, he will be fired if all americans stands up demands him be fired

  19. Typical liberal lies and covering up for their own dumbocrats hatred. All of their LIES DECEIT AND ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES will soon see the light of day. McCabe is the first shoe to drop now watch as the rest of them run away lime cockroaches do whrn you turn on the light

    • we think there going to have the fight of there sorry lives. Our anger againsT the big mouth liberals is getting to be there true undoing. we have had enough and there past will be brought to light and then watch them scatter and stop the threats because were not threatening.. YOUR FAMILY WILL BE DISGRACED WHEN YOUR PAST COMES OUUT. Sso bring it on idiots>>>>you DION’T SEE US BACKING OFF..BAD sign for the ignorance of the liberals..

    • the worst enemy of president trump and america is mike pence, the true traitor in white house and to america, read an article that tory smith exposed mike for child traffcing and tory smith week later was found dead look up name tory smith for real truth and facts, also tillerson was fired for being a pedo

  20. What I want to know is what happened to peace, love, hugs and singing Kumbi ya in a big circle? These Dimocraps are getting so violent. My Goodness! I’m shocked. But hey yea, maybe the 2d Amendment is the way. Only problem is it will take a month long block of instruction for the Dims to figure out which end of the gun the bullet comes out of let alone how to fire it. Guess if we see an increase of deaths on gun ranges by self inflicted stupidity with a gun, we’ll need to get concerned. They are taking this moron seriously and trying to ready themselves. Watch out Range Instructors. U never know when U have a Dim in UR midst. 😆😂🤣

  21. No sitting President violated the Constitution more than Barrack Obama. George Soros didn’t get his civil war by that election and all of the violations against the Constitution and the American people. He won’t get it now either. Wake up America!!!! The rest of the world wants to divide us because the devil is jealous of our power over him!!! Speak the Word of God into all things! Bless this nation with the Word of his Power. Bless the world with the revelation that one nation under God is what it takes to be the greatest nation, and built upon God’s foundation, the world can be great too!!?

    • I could not agree with you more. Any one of any party who encourages Armed Resistance to a validly elected President needs to leave the legislative body period. No exceptions.

      • What this dim wit is proposing is murder, and sedition. If this narcissistic cesspool is so bent out of shape over a “president” why didn’t he do what he says against President Trump, on the obominator? Naturally, they are both liberal democrats and see each other as only doing right. They can’t accept that their actions and words could ever be in any way, wrong. This guy does not deserve to simply be put out of office, he deserves a jail cell for being seditious. I find it a major “haha” that someone of this ilk would not know what the second amendment is. Stupidity knows no bounds. Actually, a trial, and if found guilty, death by a firing squad, filmed and distributed might make a positive impact on people who speak foolishly, with no thought that what they say might put them in severe jeopardy.

        • Why is this idiot no arrested, tried, and publicly hung?
          He is promoting assignation of a president. What would the liberals do if this was said about our last
          Are all liberals this stupid? He has committed treason.
          But this ok cause he is democrat.


      • He needs to be arrested and tried for sedition. This piece of garbage doesn’t even know what’s in the Constitution. He never read it. If he did, he would know that Barack Hussein Muhammad Obama violated the Constitution of the United States every single minute of his illegal presidency. I trust the Secret Service will knock on this traitor’s door and arrest him for attempting to overthrow the duly elected President of these United States and what’s more I hope this sob is fried totally.

  22. After a statement like that, it is quite obvious that Tom Suozzi, like all other sick, demented and delusional Democrats, has lost his mind. It is HE who must be removed from office…….


  24. You have just read the real reason we have so much unrest. Hate speech. We have the George Soros and deep state funding and organizing protests along with the blessings of the Democrat Party.

  25. Not going to complain how idiotic he is. The US Secret Service need to ARREST him on the spot. He is sending out a signal to his constituents that it’s okay to do the violence.

    Where are the US Secret Service?!?! AG Sessions is responsible.

    His comment is the equivalent of Kathy Griffin holding up the beheaded president. Disgusting behavior.

    • My exact thought. There are Federal laws against “incitement to violence” and the range of punishments for doing that. For our “nation of laws”, those who engage in such behavior – no matter who they are – need to be arrested, charged, indicted, and jailed. ANY kind of public pronouncement is sufficient to PROVE guilt. To do nothing implies consent and allows those making such suggestions to be “above the law”. Also, each time some fool makes such comments encourages others to do or say even more.

    • Far worse than Kathy Griffin. This guy is fomenting sedition, sabotage, subversion, in other words Treason. He needs to be apprehended, and interrogated for a lengthy period. At which time he should be charged with inciting acts of violence by the general public fm a Gov Official. Failure to do anything and just smile is to say it’s ok, go ahead with creating the atmosphere to cause bodily harm to anyone that doesn’t agree with U. Put his ass in jail. Let him talk shit from there.

    • The mass of demoncraps will NOT take up arms against POTUS Trump and the federal government. However, encouraging violence will inspire “lone wolf” to engage in the “suggested” violence.

  26. It really baffles me that when you SICK, VILE, people say or do this mess that this person allegedly did it’s okay!!! But didn’t your orange master call for y’all sick asses to do the very same thing on national television? You all are indeed deplorable to continue to support this foolishness and call yourselves patriots. All I can say is get ready to start speaking RUSSIAN cause that’s where ya’ll are going to have to live when it’s all said and done!!!

  27. How truly sad. How do we expect our children to be good citizens when those we elect are idiots. This guy marched in anti-2nd amendment march 3 days after making this remark. Are we so desperate that we dredge the barrel of wanna-be politician who speak out of the lower, rear part of their body.

  28. This Liberal N.Y. Rep. sounds a lot like the Liberal College Professors who keep telling their Students to resort to Violent Protests in the streets. It looks like these Liberal DemonicRats may have to “learn the hard way” that we still have our guns, and they are not “ten feet tall and bulletproof”.

    • Speaking of not following the Constitution: the Dems are guilty of everything they throw at the Republicans. Interesting how this Liberal suggests using “guns” to take over the government. Their minds are thoroughly brainwashed!

  29. Let’s get the party started. This is the reason, dems try gun control, so they can become violent. 2 ways to get somebody to do something, cohersion and force. Their talking points aren’t working, so they want gun control, so they can use force against us!

  30. No action on guns after three weeks. Where Suozzi is the action YEARS AFTER Colunmbine, Connecticut, Las Vegas, etc, etc. Your idiot please don’t embarrass your family by these asinine statements that just shows your lack of even simple intelligence.

  31. Suozzi ought to be removed from office by the Secret Service and prosecuted. This has got to stop – morons like him (and I am a New Yorker, how the hell did he get elected)have got to stop threats to the President of the U. S. no matter who he thinks he is. What a shameful disgrace this guy is and if nothing at least remove him from office FOREVER. HOW DARE HE?

  32. This demorat should be if jail for making a threat against the president! Unless the left does not believe their own part about getting rid of guns they don’t stand a chance of winning a civil war against the right, and their illegals are not going to help them because they are not suppose to own guns and don’t want to die for the left.

  33. We wont need guns to beat back the mentally disordered liberal democrat snowflakes. All we need is a handy dandy windproof bic lighter to melt all those snowflakes

  34. Why is this piece of crap still walking around wasting good air. I’m thinking there are a lot more of us vets than snow flakes, so bring it punks. Cocked ,locked and ready to rock.

    • NY deserves two WOPs,Shummer, high taxes, high gun control, and high crime. They even have to pay a tax to buy food to eat. stupid dumbkrats. MSgt, USAF Ret

    • Paul, YOU ARE TOTALLY RIGHT ON! I agree with every word you wrote! Anyway, why are we surprised? demoCRAPers, libTURDS are the most disgusting, retarded, lying, and OMG…UGLY pieces of garbage we need to deal with!

    • Yes, AG Sessions NEEDS to direct the arrest of this so-called congressman. He also needs to direct DOJ agents to investigate and arrest college professors who encourage such behavior. And don’t forget congresswoman Waters who constantly encourage lawless activity. Also, the “ladies” on The View. But – WAIT – you say. There must be sufficient “evidence” to arrest and charge. Well, la-ti-da! Their PUBLIC pronouncement are a matter of PUBLIC record and is “sufficient evidence” of their crimes of “inciting violence”. They should be arrested, charged, indicted, and jailed – make an example of them. Failure to do anything will only encourage others – and some lame-brain individuals WILL act on the suggested behavior.

  35. I agree if a conservative had said anything like taking up arms aginist odummer the MSM would have had 24/7 coverage about it, the liberal media is our problem in America if conservative Americans ever take up arms aginist anything we should start with the media!! It is totally owned and operated by communist!!

  36. The GOP should do more than provide a “no consequence “ condemnation of this congressman and his comments. Start to take action against these people. Hold them up for consideration to be removed from congress or find some statute to charge them with an offense. Even if the action fails, the action puts these wing nuts on notice that there are consequences for actions and words do have meaning.

    • “find some statute to charge them”? There are numerous state and FEDERAL laws – including range of punishments available – outlawing inciting to violence. ENFORCE THE DAMN LAWS

  37. Stupid this is exactly why we need the second amendment . It is people like you who want to disregard the Constitution to assume power, You have just proven you do not belong in Congress. As a matter of fact I would kick you rel hard out of my country. This 90 year old third generation Democrat who believes in the Constitution says to you bring it on we Americans First are ready for the likes of you. LOCK AND LOAD.

  38. Bring it, you little Mother Fu%#er! You’ll find far more of us on the other side with arms as well as combat training and experience than you and your communist scumbags can muster.

  39. If he was not a rich liberal democrap he would have been arrested for that statement. And since he proposed this if the President didn’t follow the constitution, it is really a joke. Since when did democraps and obuma follow the constitution?

  40. This guy is a first class jackass if he is trying to get other liberals to take up arms against our government. He should be in custody for treason and plotting to overthrow America. We had the election. We did not vote idiot Hillary to be president. If anything, she should be in jail or firing squad for her crimes!

    • This Moron thinks that his Band of Snowflakes on the Left can stand up to more than 1/2 of the Armed US citizens on the RIGHT that know how to use use a gun. This guy is delusional. I would Love to see them start something like that because our country would be on the right track very quickly with 99% of the wacked out Liberals/DemonRats Dead or in Prison.

  41. Seems like the Progressive Democrats have totally lost their minds when it comes to socializing this country with their fake promises, while they openly Obstruct all the sensible conservative approaches to society. Those Progressive, so called experts, openly want a society of SURFS as their ideology is definitely aimed at doing that very thing. The Millennials better start thinking rather then listening to their sweet Bull Ship!

  42. This is why no one cares for democrats anymore cause they promote violence.Remember their words and hold them accountable with lawsuits for inciting acts of violence which may kill your children..Vote this person out and he needs to be locked up.

  43. I am ready. Just let the democrat fire the first shot. Most liberals don’t have guns any way. It will be a new civil war and they will loose.

    • You said that right, it is just hard to understand their thinking any more? Sad as well as scary, while the Millennials seem to be lapping it up? Have a good day!

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