This Congresswoman heard three words about prison that she never wanted to hear

Ilhan Omar’s alleged corruption is beginning to catch up with her and the Democrat Party.

That’s because it is now affecting Joe Biden’s chances of winning one swing state.

And Ilhan Omar heard three words about prison that she never wanted to hear.

Donald Trump’s first post-debate rally took place in Duluth, Minnesota.

During the rally, Trump blasted Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar for being corrupt and crooked.

“I’ve been reading reports for two years about how corrupt and crooked she is,” Trump told the crowd.

Accusations of tax, marriage, and immigration fraud have followed Omar since she first ran for Congress in 2018.

The crowd responded by chanting “lock her up.”

The President responded to the crowd by bringing up the Project Veritas bombshell undercover video allegedly showing an Omar campaign operative engaging in an illegal ballot harvesting scheme.

“What about Omar where she gets caught harvesting,” Trump told the crowd. “What the hell is going on! I hope the U.S. attorney gets involved.”

President Trump’s campaign is pushing to flip Minnesota red.

Omar caught up in allegations of voter fraud and illegal ballot harvesting will put Joe Biden and his campaign in a difficult spot.

Donald Trump only lost Minnesota by 45,000 votes in 2016.

And since 2008 the state has been trending red in Presidential elections.

Polls show Joe Biden holding a lead over the President in Minnesota for now.

But any event could change the polls, and allegations of Omar’s ballot harvesting scheme could change the dynamics of the race.

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