This Deep State leaker just found himself in hot water

Former FBI Director James Comey left the FBI’s reputation in tatters.

Comey tarnished the bureau by leaking his memos about his conversations with the President to a friend.

Now this Deep State leaker is in hot water.

Comey revealed in Congressional testimony that he leaked memos recounting conversations with President Trump to a Daniel Richman, a Columbia University Law Professor.

The former FBI Director admitted he sent the memos to Richman so they would be leaked if he was fired and lead to the appointment of a special counsel.

Comey also put Richman on the FBI payroll and now The Daily Caller is suing the Department of Justice for access to their communications.

The Daily Caller reports:

Comey hired Richman as a special government employee, or SGE, to conduct an assortment of personal duties for him, including the task of developing “talking points” about the bureau’s investigation of Clinton’s use of a private email server.

Richman served on “special projects” as an SGE for at least 19 months and “served at the pleasure of” Comey, FBI records show, according to Fox News.

Richman also gave multiple interviews to reporters between July 2015 and February 2017 defending Comey’s handling of the Clinton email case.

TheDCNF seeks all of Mr. Richman’s work product developed on behalf of the former FBI director. It also seeks “all communications between the bureau and Mr. Richman concerning his SGE work assignments, all intra-bureau communications about Mr. Richman and his assignments and activities, as well as all work product delivered to Director Comey or to others within the bureau.”

Richman is another Comey associate whose role in the Clinton email and Russia investigations is now under scrutiny.

His leaking of Comey’s memos was the one act that is most responsible for the Mueller probe.

And the American people deserve a full accounting of all his actions while being paid by the taxpayers.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this story.



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  2. Why is no one talking sedition??? The involved parties if found guilty tried to plot the removal of a legally elected president using the full force of government resources. Many of these people are different then traitors in my eyes. Does no one in government have the balls to send these people to the gas chamber???

  3. Communism makes as much sense as Ocasio-Cortez does! That’s why it fails every time it rears its ugly head! Liberalism is a mental deranged disorder. Pelosi, Waters.Vote Republican in Nov. to save our great country from being another Venezuela!

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  5. Butchy, you get what you want but you better consider your neighbor and friends, as no one person ever gets without watching others suffer.

  6. Ask yourself this. If anyone else or a group of people in the US had planned, plotted and schemed a way to take stop a presidential candidate and then overthrow the same should he be elected they would be in and under a maximum security prison right now. They would be facing at a minimum life in prison or possibly the death penalty for terrorism!This would have taken place in a matter of days or perhaps hours if it were ordinary citizens. Why aren’t all of their sorry asses in prison now? I believe it’s called double standards. Equal injustice only applies to ordinary hard working men and women of this country who are not politicians, wealthy or well connected, period. Equal justice under the law my ass!

  7. the pervert and Hillary both belong in jail along with clapper , and a few others not forget soros and obama

  8. Why isn’t Comey in Jail? Why hasn’t he been charged? People have been tried and convicted for lesser crimes concerning classified information.

  9. This entire shebang speaks of treason! It’s time to forget the offices these individuals have held and begin arresting them for attempting to bring down the government of the United States of America. It’s also time to investigate and expose the FBI. There are too many persons eating up our taxes in that organization. J. Edgar Hoover began it as a power struggle, and it’s maintained that classification since his time. The real government no longer controls the nation. It actually as Jay Edgar it to be a scare group to actually control government! They pay little or no attention to the safety and well being of the nation, and answers to no oversight, excepting the President, and is now attempting to take over that limiting factor. Get rid of it or tear it down completely!

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