This Deep State leaker just found himself in hot water

Former FBI Director James Comey left the FBI’s reputation in tatters.

Comey tarnished the bureau by leaking his memos about his conversations with the President to a friend.

Now this Deep State leaker is in hot water.

Comey revealed in Congressional testimony that he leaked memos recounting conversations with President Trump to a Daniel Richman, a Columbia University Law Professor.

The former FBI Director admitted he sent the memos to Richman so they would be leaked if he was fired and lead to the appointment of a special counsel.

Comey also put Richman on the FBI payroll and now The Daily Caller is suing the Department of Justice for access to their communications.

The Daily Caller reports:

Comey hired Richman as a special government employee, or SGE, to conduct an assortment of personal duties for him, including the task of developing “talking points” about the bureau’s investigation of Clinton’s use of a private email server.

Richman served on “special projects” as an SGE for at least 19 months and “served at the pleasure of” Comey, FBI records show, according to Fox News.

Richman also gave multiple interviews to reporters between July 2015 and February 2017 defending Comey’s handling of the Clinton email case.

TheDCNF seeks all of Mr. Richman’s work product developed on behalf of the former FBI director. It also seeks “all communications between the bureau and Mr. Richman concerning his SGE work assignments, all intra-bureau communications about Mr. Richman and his assignments and activities, as well as all work product delivered to Director Comey or to others within the bureau.”

Richman is another Comey associate whose role in the Clinton email and Russia investigations is now under scrutiny.

His leaking of Comey’s memos was the one act that is most responsible for the Mueller probe.

And the American people deserve a full accounting of all his actions while being paid by the taxpayers.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this story.


  1. Build the wall and throw all the crooked DEMOCRAPS and rhinos over it and put electric razor wire on it

  2. Why is no one talking sedition??? The involved parties if found guilty tried to plot the removal of a legally elected president using the full force of government resources. Many of these people are different then traitors in my eyes. Does no one in government have the balls to send these people to the gas chamber???

  3. Communism makes as much sense as Ocasio-Cortez does! That’s why it fails every time it rears its ugly head! Liberalism is a mental deranged disorder. Pelosi, Waters.Vote Republican in Nov. to save our great country from being another Venezuela!

  4. I say start building additional space at GITMO for just the Political Wing and every one that is guilty of treason, Looting the government and taxpayers, all those who are liars and all those who start riots these are the one we need out on this country. I think you all know of those I speak. Good Luck and I would donate to build it the space. But we still need that WALL. Maybe we need a wall around the country with gun turrets. Just shoot anyone who comes near the wall. Oh, even better lets electrify the wall. Then we need a place to bury them don’t deport them its to expensive

  5. Butchy, you get what you want but you better consider your neighbor and friends, as no one person ever gets without watching others suffer.

  6. Ask yourself this. If anyone else or a group of people in the US had planned, plotted and schemed a way to take stop a presidential candidate and then overthrow the same should he be elected they would be in and under a maximum security prison right now. They would be facing at a minimum life in prison or possibly the death penalty for terrorism!This would have taken place in a matter of days or perhaps hours if it were ordinary citizens. Why aren’t all of their sorry asses in prison now? I believe it’s called double standards. Equal injustice only applies to ordinary hard working men and women of this country who are not politicians, wealthy or well connected, period. Equal justice under the law my ass!

  7. the pervert and Hillary both belong in jail along with clapper , and a few others not forget soros and obama

  8. Why isn’t Comey in Jail? Why hasn’t he been charged? People have been tried and convicted for lesser crimes concerning classified information.

  9. This entire shebang speaks of treason! It’s time to forget the offices these individuals have held and begin arresting them for attempting to bring down the government of the United States of America. It’s also time to investigate and expose the FBI. There are too many persons eating up our taxes in that organization. J. Edgar Hoover began it as a power struggle, and it’s maintained that classification since his time. The real government no longer controls the nation. It actually as Jay Edgar it to be a scare group to actually control government! They pay little or no attention to the safety and well being of the nation, and answers to no oversight, excepting the President, and is now attempting to take over that limiting factor. Get rid of it or tear it down completely!

  10. I hope you wrote that as sarcasm because nobody in their right minds could ever think that way or that there was even a shred of truth in it.

  11. Zee, I thing Grizz Mann was being sarcastic. I have seen several comments he wrote and I read this evening. He is a friend of our views.

  12. Hey Dan T., I felt sure when I read the Grizz Mann comment, I had seen comments that agreed with me, criticizing Dem libs. I thought he was making a “funny” but if he was serious, I made a big ole boo boo! Been quiet today, missing some bloggers usually on and was beginning to think RR had me in the corner with a dunce hat on for awhile because I wasn’t seeing new stuff from them. But, just got a couple of new comments so guess it’s all cool.

  13. Colunbia is a toilet, filled with scumbag operatives of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic-Nazi Terrorist Organization.
    As long as you have a penis or vagina you will be admitted.

  14. M a lot of stupid comments from people believing in the FBI will be flying from Clinton news network. The will circle the wagons just as they did for killery.

  15. GrizzMan, Glad I know you are, as we used to say as kids, talking backwards! I hope that bunch soon has date with the court system and serious jail time following! What a crew! I am sure there are names of agents we have not heard of at this point who belong in jail also!

  16. Brilliant post, it’s way past the time that we see some indictments amongst these vile players who threw caution to the wind and openly and whole heartedly supported a coup and criminal actions to overthrow our President Trump. We hopefully are seeing a slow but steady progress in seeing evidence of their collusion to stop the Trump Presidency. It’s a matter of time but justice will be served especially if we continue to vote Republican and support our President.

  17. He is correct Ernie. Just that it is a level of competency, integrity, and transparency that falls far below what the standards use to be. But it is a new level. Somewhere between basement and center of the Earth.

  18. K, When I can get past the anger perpetrated on the American people to try to steal the election and now an attempt to unseat our duly elected President, it is a scary thing I never
    thought could happen in the USA. It reads like a novel, K

  19. Thank the Lord, the wheels of Justice May actually be moving in the right direction, FINALLY! I will not be holding my breath though, I would love actually see real Justice for every single one of the corrupt individuals & entities that were involved in this unbelievable and undeniable act of attempting to steal an election because of political beliefs. From Hussein Obama to the lowest level player & ALL IN BETWEEN, they all need to be imprisoned and a few may need the death penalty.
    I suspect there will be one or 2 scapegoats and they will have do their time and be well compensated by those that remain “untouchables”. The real bad actors, those being “untouchable” ,
    I truly hope that God sees fit to deal with them with n only the way that he can, especially if there are those who will offer to be the sacrificial lamb or lambs, and there are!
    It does not matter what side Of the aisle you are on… Every Patriotic American should be very disturbed by the well orchestrated series of events that are unfolding before our very eyes. From the self proclaimed, transparent administration of Hussain Obama, it was ANYTHING BUT TRANSPARENT. You can bet that he was directly involved and is as dirty as one can get. I never voted for him, his views are too radical for me as I’m not a student of The “rules for radicals” mentality. However, he is a cheat & a crook, he should go to prison, along with ALL THE REST who think they know what’s best for you & me!

  20. No more special councils, we need an independent commission. No government influence or control. Just truth facts and justice. Prosecute and hold accountable the guilty.

  21. steel magnolia, Oh you’re bored also but, with me. So sorry, all I can say is the obvious, don’t read my comments. I am sick of over the top attacks on Republicans and just proving the point. Dems attack, Republicans retaliate, the insults fly and the real subject is forgotten. Sad can’t have mature discussion and exchange of ideas among people. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to explain what I am about. So steel magnolia, don’t read M .

  22. Robert Müeller, Jim Comey, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Rob Rosenstein, and Andrew McCabe have ushered in the new level of competency, integrity, honesty, transparency and trust to the FBI.

  23. &&& ‘they Walk’. The ‘corruption is Immense’.
    DOJ/AG/Deputy/ Special Counsel/ District Courts etc
    Where Are You ???

  24. I think I agree. I keep hoping his family will tell him All he ever accomplish is going down the drain and he is beginning to look like an old fool

  25. Comey needs to be arrested and his pal, Richman, needs to be arrested also. They both need to be put in prison and throw away the keys and let them both rot in prison.

    Comey did wrong by send his memo to Richman and by putting Richman on the FBI’s payroll for his meddling. Comey needs to be tarred and feathered for all of his crooked and corrupt ways. Also, OBAMA,CLINTON,LYNCH,CLAPPER,BREENAN,McCABE,and STROZK, and LISA PAGE all needs to be arrested and put in prison and throw away the keys and let all of them rot in prison.

    I never did like COMEY to start off with!!!!!!!!!

  26. James Comey should go back to stocking shelves at Shoprite in New Jersey. And don’t ask him if he ever played Basketball he gets upset.

  27. Dan T., Guess Diane had to meet her handlers and discuss new strategy for attacking Republicans over dinner. Hope they supplied her with better than the last ones. Poor thing must be really tired and stressed, doing the blog all day being mean and nasty to decent serious people then getting and learning new tactics to use on us. Well, fear not we are ready. It sure was attempting to be harsh with you in the last comment. I know you laughed the entire time you were reading it. It never fails to try and entertain us! Speaking of entertaining, I am getting bored with Diane and hope she has lots of new material, can’t wait to hear it.

  28. Ye, and just look at who the Dems are hiring for their office work! Arabs, Indians, even Chinese! Pelosi’s driver is a very good example!

  29. Dan – Good to see I’m still getting under your thin skin. Just back from going out to dinner. I see your sorry a** has been on this right wing(nut) website all day long. Doesn’t surprise me…..i’ll bet you don’t have a whole lot of friends. Do you even have teeth or are you like all those morons they interview at a Trump rally that gum it to death? Hahahahaha What a schmuck.

  30. Comey is a traitorous villan. He did what he did not because he was afraid of being fired. He knew the President could fire him for no reason at all if he wanted to. Comey did what he did to try and set up an obstruction of justice claim that would lead to articles of impeachment. I personally believe there is a conspiracy with Rosenstein, Comey and Mueller. Otherwise, Mueller wouldn’t even be talking about obstruction. Those three will go down in American history as the men who attempted a bloodless coup. There should be a special counsel appointed to investigate. This is the darkest treason since Benedict Arnold.

  31. ….the fascistcrats and mooler are too stupid to realize that the longer they keep this anti-American, anti-Trump, pro-jihadist, pro-illegal immigrant farce in operation, designed to keep Americans distracted from learning the facts (that normal people have known about for years)about the 8 years of corruption and treason by the ohbummerscum…they are actually causing more dirt to be uncovered and exposed…so much so that ANYone who STILL votes for ANY ‘crat in November is as guilty of treason to the USA as the zero and the beast and the nazi collaborator that owns them both.

  32. All that have stolen or used the taxpayers monies should be made to repay. All the lies that have divided Americans against each other cause of them. Charge them for all the investigations.

  33. The “infestation” ,of Our government over the past few administrations , has left regular Americans without representation as Justice is NO LONGER BLIND.

  34. Please don’t let the idiots know they are being played. It is fun to monitor their stupidity.

  35. Just VOTE anybody except liberal demorats..and if 2 demorats are running then dont vote at all..leave the spots blank..

  36. Yeah basically “ ALL BARK AND NO BITE “ and with Mr. Sessions MIA I doubt anything will happen to anyone. When if it were anyone they would be in jail waiting for their trial date
    WE NEED A CONVENTION OF STATES so we can take the power away from the politicians and put these criminals in jail where they belong

  37. Who’s in “hot water?” Are either Comey or Richman indicted? Nope! Another BS article to say nothing.

  38. tell me when they did a lagitament investigation into any of the oboma trolls ,and most of the oboma trolls still have their jobs , they should have hired terminx to rid the government of the pesty oboma trolls , and you still have the most corrupt person to ever sit in the white house running around acting like he is still some body , when he should be sitting in gitmo with the rest of the islamic terrorists

  39. Soon to be another casualty of hitching a ride on the Clinton ‘Death Star’? They never learn that once you cease to be useful or become a potential liablity to Clinton, Inc., you get jetisoned. It’s unfortunate for Little Rock, that one day POTUS BJ and Hillary will be ensconced for eternity at the Clinton Library and Massage Palor overlooking the locations where BJ perfected his marital infidelity.

  40. Not only should comey be charged with the crimes he committed, he should have to pay back to the taxpayers – OUT OF HIS POCKET – the money he STOLE to pay Richman. I am so sick of the lying, cheating, criminals running this country. Is there not ONE who is honest? They each break all kinds of laws and then cover up for each other. We, the taxpayers, have no idea just how much has been stolen from us and what has been done to our country just so all the politicians can line their pockets.

  41. While Comey disgraced the FBI, I would have to also say that the FBI has disgraced the FBI. The entire command structure was and still is rotten to the core.


  43. To answer your question Ronnie,, NO Ion’t believe any of them,,,, and Richman should be sent up as well

  44. The law should start with Comey and go down the line to get intel from each and every “leaker” that came after the first one. Keep investigating and gathering info and facts from each one, plus anyone else who is close to him. When they have all of the facts, then lower the boom, and jail ALL of them. Maybe some of the ones he led by the nose can be put in the same cell with him, and then tape everything they say or yell at each other. More info.

  45. Comey was clever to have Daniel Richman on the FBI payroll. I agree that there is a need to scrutinize their recorded communication. Since Comey had been fired for being politically biased, it is perfectly legal to investigate the depth of his involvement.

    I wish for another special counsel to trace all the connections involving the false Russian dossier scandal. A critical need to root out the corrupters.

    No one is above the law.

  46. He should be brought up on charges and pay the price for his conduct for what he has done. He disgraced the FBI and being a fool for what he did. He should go to prison for a long time as well as his cohorts PAGE and her lover.

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