This Democrat is finished because of what he said about the migrant caravan

The migrant mob is traveling to America for one reason.

They expect amnesty.

And now, one Democrat is finished because of what he said about the migrant caravan.

West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin is in the fight of his life.

Manchin – who lies about being a conservative – is sinking in the polls.

That’s because voters see through his two-faced act.

He claims to be pro-gun but he championed Barack Obama’s national gun registration scheme.

Now his past is catching up to him.

Manchin voted for amnesty in 2013.

And his Republican challenger Patrick Morrisey said Macnhin’s vote for amnesty is a big reason 7,000 migrants are trying to storm America’s Southern border.

Breitbart reports:

“People in West Virginia respect our president, and they want to see him succeed, we need to get that message out in the days and weeks ahead, and if we do that, we will win this race,” Morrisey explained.

House then asked the West Virginia conservative what he thinks about the several thousand-strong migrant caravan barreling towards the southern American border. Morrisey contended that when Democrats such as Manchin offer amnesty to illegal immigrants, it serves as “welcome invitation” for more migrant caravans and illegal immigration.

“I think more and more people are going to know over the next ten days this is what happens when an open border liberal like Joe Manchin and all of his colleagues in Washington offer amnesty to illegal immigrants, it’s a welcome invitation for caravans and illegal immigrants to enter the country,” Morrisey charged.

“There are gangs there, there are drug traffickers, there are human traffickers in the caravan, and to me, it’s very disturbing that Joe Manchin was opposed to the wall, it’s disturbing that Manchin is pro-amnesty and that people are not recognizing the nature of the threats,” Morrisey continued. “Here in West Virginia when you look at an open borders policy, we know that’s potentially bad for human trafficking, we know that open borders also has led to a lot of the illicit drug supply that flows into West Virginia.”

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.