This Democrat just crossed a line with what she told her supporters to do to Trump

U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters has made impeaching President Trump her life goal.

Congress’ most radical Democrat is in a competition with herself for staking out the most radical anti-Trump positions.

But she just opened Pandora’s box when she crossed this line.

Maxine Waters encouraged her radical base to use any means necessary to harass and intimidate members of the Trump administration.

This could get ugly as she appeals to the lowest common denominator of socialists and Antifa domestic terrorists.

Fox News reports:

Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters on Saturday encouraged her supporters to fight back against the Trump administration amid backlash over the White House’s “zero-tolerance” immigration policy — and said “the people” will “absolutely harass” Trump staffers.

Speaking on MSNBC, the California congresswoman said current administration officials who defend Trump “know what they’re doing is wrong” and said they soon won’t be able to peacefully appear in public without being harassed.

“They’re not going to be able to go to a restaurant, they’re not going to be able to stop at a gas station, they’re not going to be able to shop at a department store,” Waters said. “The people are going to turn on them, they’re going to protest, they’re going to absolutely harass them.”

Rep. Waters even went so far as to that she supported Press Secretary Sarah Sanders being turned away from a Virginia restaurant for her beliefs.

Maxine Waters is actively encouraging her supporters, protestors, and even business owners to harass Trump supporters.

If this is how an elected official acts, it gives cover to the most radical elements of the Democrat base to do their worst.

The left needs to get themselves under control or it could result in serious violence.

Are liberal protesters becoming dangerous? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


  1. I have her photo printed on my toilet tissue and it helps the bodily function!
    liver Lips Maxine needs to move into her constituents neighborhood and tell them the Tax reduction is not good for them!



  3. Joseph AMEN & AMEN WATERS IS A LITTLE PIECE OF S###!! I do not understand why her constituents vote for her, all she cares about are illegals! She don’t worry about pay back because she is protected at all times!, her multi million home which she paid for with illegally gotten money has a tall wall around it!! DemonRATS ITS TIME TO VOTE ALL THESE EVIL SATANIC RATS OUT OF OFFICE AND DRAIN THE SEWERTHAT US THE DEMONRAT PARTY!!

  4. you really need to give it a rest. Nobody is buying your rhetorical hate-fear mongering BS anymore. Trump unmasked each one of you and I pity you all for having to re-enter society as a normal poster child for a true American patriot.
    Most of you only care about two things. 1. your 401ks and 2. never having to say you’re sorry!! You’ve lost all respect, if you’ve ever had any to begin with – by people OTHER than the likes of you and yours.

  5. The leftist radicals and media have just found another lightning rod to latch onto. They have been using violent tactics to intimidate Trump supporters since the lying media told them Hillary was ahead by eight points,then lost the election. Maxine Waters is a treasonous enemy of the United States and should be imprisoned..

  6. The law that was passed for wearing mask while inflicting bodily harm means 10 to 15 years prison should be applied to Mad Max. Imagine what Obama would have done, there would be UN Troops in America ASAP. Max is trying to incite Nation wide violence, when President Trump or the House trys to stop her she will play the race card.


  8. Leftists have already shown that they are dangerous with the shooting of Congressman Scalise, and with the attack on Rand Paul, to name two prominent people. There are others in ordinary life who have been attacked by some left wing crazy just because of their political views. There is no place in America for such tactics.

  9. Censure and impeach waters she is a racist crook nut job who needs to be out of office.

  10. I don’t know where you live, Mr. Sanchez, but if you live in Rep. Maxine Waters district, I suggest that you vote her out!!! Tell all your friends and family to do likewise.

  11. I blame the secret service for these morons getting away with sedition .Sure wish James West and artimus Gordon was real and alive they wouldn’t be so forgiving as the real secret service !!

  12. This witch needs to be in jail for inciting a riot. Where’s that Keebler Elf, Sessions? That traitor better start doing his job, because when this starts happening, it’s going to get ugly really fast.

  13. Not to mention she is the most corrupt member of Congress. Has enriched herself and her family for decades and gotten away with it because no one dared confront her lest she play the race card despite the fact that she and Al Sharpton are the biggest race baiters ever.




  15. Maxine Waters wants to impeach Trump for no other reason than that she does not like him. If anybody should be Impeached and removed from office it should be Maxine waters. Her calls for violence and harassment of members of the Trump administration and Trump supporters are definitely impeachable even treasonous. The US is a representative democracy differences are supposed to be worked out through negotiations and compromises not calls for violence. Her methods Hitler used: 1. Harrasse Jews. 2. Refuse to serve Jews. 3. Kristalnacht (night of breaking glass). 4. Arresting all Jews. 5. Final solution(exterminate them all). Can you see where Ms Waters is going with this when it comes to Trump supporters, conservatives and the Trump administration.

  16. Yes I agree. M. Waters needs to be arrested for inciting violence. That is no way a congress person to act. Congress needs to investigate how she got her assets. She lives very well on her salary, too well. We common sense patriots need to stick together and vote in 2020. That is the only way we can make America great again. The democraps are very fearful of losing their power. POTUS has done so much more than any other and they fight him every step. If we don’t go by the rules on immigration then this wonderful county will be forever gone. No other country puts ups with what America puts up with.

  17. I am fed up hearing about these harassing Hate Crimes being instigated by
    some Democrats against Republicans and White House Staff members. I thought
    this serious matter was against the law. Freedom of Speech is one thing
    but suggesting vitriolic actions is another, so why are violators not being

    charged with Hate Crimes ?

  18. Maxine is promoting riots. She is guilty of a Federal crime and should be charged. I wrote to my Repsenratuves and urged them to at least censure her. One of them was on the tv talking about doing just that. She is a worthless crook. How could a public servant who makes no more than $175K a year yet she lives in a huge multi million dollar home that is not anywhere near the people she supposedly represents. She is dripping in money and lectures everyone else. If a black person was denied service in a public place the world would explode!! They accuse others of being a bigot and that is exactly what she is. As they say, beauty is skin deep, but UGLY goes to the bone. I heard she is the “face” of the Dem party. Heaven help them if THAT is the face they want to be known by.

  19. Waters, verbally has become a traitor. A short trial with one statement is all we need. Madam Waters did you or did you not call for attack upon President Trump’s staff. She has to answer yes I did. The law states a fair trial for a traitor and when found guilty taken out and shot. We need some backbone in Congress to hold to the law and charge Madam Waters and see it through. In fact the lies and verbal attacks of the liberal media and other pond scum, Pelosi, Feinstein, Obamas, the Clintons, Madam from Connecticut, and the dried out old leftover from Nevada, should by their own verbalization and blocking the work and appointments of the President of the United States, stand trial with her. An attack on his staff is an attack on the President McCain should either crawl home and die or stand trial. His flip flops do not speak fondly of this man.

  20. Just like Obama, he never took the blame for anything either, it was always Bushes fault. Where is the law?? If these people would be arrested , tried and jailed for 10 years this would stop. No one wants to go to jail, that includes Waters, Fonda and all the rest. This is all against the law, if any of us acted and did this type of thing we would be locked up and the key thrown away.

  21. The rant by Max is typical. One Congress person wants to investigate Sarah Sanders for her tweet about being asked to leave the Hen restaurant but has said nothing about Max Waters and her threats of violence on the President and his cabinet. I cannot imagine our current fights in DC will be settled peacefully. I think the government persons stirring the pot should be brought up on sedition charges. But, that won’t work because most of them are in the office that has the power to charge them and they for sure will not resign.

  22. Maxie Waters … see the photo shown above? She spewed her profound hatred and then waved at everyone with a smile. She’s hypocritical in every sense. She will eventually fall. She will find her own lies that are unable to match the truth. The truth always come with the facts and she has none. So be it.

    Trump 2020!

  23. This is walking that tight line and borders on SEDITION which is advocating the overthrow of the Government. When was the last time you knew of anybody being charged and prosecuted for SEDITION?

  24. Hope that ice breaks.she should be arrested for inciting violence. People better wake up and realize these race and hate baiters need to be voted out.

  25. Is it true that Maxine’s IQ is 89? I saw that someplace else. One point lower and she would be classified as “borderline developmentally disabled but educable.”

  26. Here is the new battle cry. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL we fired our guns and the democrats kept a runnin there wasn’t as many as there was awhile ago. We fired our guns and the democrats kept a runnin down the Mississippi to the gulf of mexico.

  27. No Ruben, not entirely. The left is unarmed for either an argument OR a gunfight. They talk big, but run like cowards when confronted by even numbers. They are bullies who only pick on people when they have them outnumbered, but when their victim gets re-enforcements, they run like roaches when the light comes on. They are cowards who preach to end the 2nd Amendment, but it will leave them unarmed as well. They are THAT stupid. I agree with you that it will be war, and that’s unsettling, but the Conservative forces are fed up with the lefts antics and attacks. When you and the rest of us finally stand up and tell them enough!!!, they will run home like rabbits.

  28. I totally agree with Mr. Sanchez. Maxine Waters is a disgrace… But the media and hollywood perpetuate this behavior…

  29. Yes it’s way over due. Arrest her. If was a conservative person that person would have been arrested long ago.

  30. Here we go with the racist card again!! Give it a rest. I’m tired of people always using that card to satisfy what they want. No one listening anymore . It won’t work! It’s gime to use the reality card!!! She digging her own grave. She don’t realize it! She starting hateful problems. The Demo’s should put her out. They been talking about it maybe now it will happen. She needs to go to prison for her mouth in what she says. She’s a very hateful person. Her own party don’t like her.

  31. Let’s go. Bring it on democraps and libturds….got my AR’s ready. Is this what you really want to happen in this country? We Republicans will win!!!! No doubt!!!! It’s like North and South all over again.

  32. this is out of control it is down right dangerous ,Next step ! tragic .STOP this attempt to start a shooting revolution !

  33. Waters AND Pelosi! Both are a blight on American politics! I’m not sure how their relatives could ever be proud of them and the stupidity they display in their idiotic rants!

  34. Doesn’t she realize it’s dangerous for her to put ideas like that into the minds of radical left-wingers who already hate Trump? Also, she needs to remember that radical people are not only left-wingers, but also RIGHT-WINGERS, and they may use her tactics against HER! She doesn’t realize it, but she’s walking on thin ice.

  35. I hope this lunatic and goofball Jerry brown don’t ever make babies during their ‘midnight interludes’.

  36. She has entered into the PUBLIC with her calls for harassment and violence which means she can be linked to any violence that stems from her actions. She now has a liability for what she has said and should be sued for her part in any violence or harassment that ensues. I find her actions despicable but not unexpected from one without any trace of class.

  37. Just walk in, order food, and then take a picture of it with a cockroach in it. Show the plate to other diners, see how they like it. Maybe shut the doors and lock them, then maybe shove a toothpick in the lock and break it off? Stop your car in the driveway, lock it up, and walk away. Saying “It just quit, I’ll go get a garage to come get it”. When, that’s up to you. Lot’s of non violent ways to “Make their day”.

  38. She is NOT welcome in Alabama. I’d personally see that she found out we don’t want her kind in this beautiful state. I’d love to visit the Red Hed, and show them what a peaceful protestor can do to their business. Half a dozen of us could shut them down in five minutes. Without ever raising our voices or a fist.

  39. It is past time to arrest Maxine Waters on felony charges of incitement to do harm to Trump staffers!

  40. Lance Lucius, I totally agree with you. It doesn’t matter to me what “color” someone is. What matters is how they ACT. Your actions and words show the world what you really are. And like you said Mad Maxine is Gonzo. She is far beyond her expiration date. She needs to BE RETIRED if she hasn’t the brains to do it herself. VOTE HER OUT!!!!!

  41. she’s gone to far and if it progresses and any person is physically hurt this could turn into an ugly picture !

  42. inciting violence and rioting is not conduct we expect of a congresswoman. Accordingly, someone in congress must step forward and introduce impeachment proceedings against Maxine Waters. People of California, PLEASE do not vote her back into office next go around Instead vote for someone with dignity which Waters lacks.

  43. maxine waters needs to be voted out of office; she lacks the dignity designed of elected officials. She has been using her race to attack President Trump. Why not activate the house ethics decision made on her illegal activities and this time punish her not just slap her hands. I hope the people of California vote waters out of office for she is now an embarrassment to our entire nation.

  44. I don’t know what the laws are now, but 20 years ago when I lived in CA., it was a misdemeanor to slap someone in the face, and a FELONY to verbally threaten them. Waters just THREATENED the entire President Trump workers base. WHY isn’t this half-wit in jail???? Did she say all of this while in CA.???? If so, then I understand why she wasn’t arrested, because of all of the leftists running that state. Which is one reason that I no longer live there.

  45. Maxine’s felonious and treasonous act would get any ordinary person arrested and at least questioned by law enforcement.
    Stop the double standard just because she managed to fool the voters of California into “electing” her.
    Actually, duplicitous Democrats generally
    have gone over the top since President Trump
    was elected. I was never an Obama fan, but at I kept my opinion to myself and did not make an ass of myself.

  46. This is 3 tries to get this posted. I want mad Maxine to send her leftist thugs to screw with me. I won’t turn tail and run, I wear Trump tee shirts. Will enter public places and refuse to leave. We need to stand up and meet them head on. We should occupy and resturant that refuses service to us. Keep the tables full and only order coffee and soft drinks. When we leave, others can take our st places. Let them know the bullying stops now. If this don’t work, kick some commie ass. Stand now or lose our country.

  47. To me, her words are TREASONOUS! When is this person going to be arrested for trying to create RIOTS?!!!!!!!!!

  48. “Rep. Waters even went so far as to that she supported Press Secretary Sarah Sanders being turned away from a Virginia restaurant for her beliefs. ”

    Yet if you turn anyone they “support” the unconstitutional beliefs of away they feel you should be bankrupted and put out of business because you TURNED THEM AWAY because of their beliefs.

    “Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters on Saturday encouraged her supporters to fight back against the Trump administration amid backlash over the White House’s “zero-tolerance” immigration policy — and said “the people” will “absolutely harass” Trump staffers.”

    Except that all Trump did was ABOLISH violations of immigration laws committed by previous administrations specifically the “catch and release” policy that failed as the majority of them never showed up for their court date.

    The “POLICY” of separating children from the UNKNOWN adults that endangered their lives by dragging them along on the perilous journey when they are put in jail is a NATION WIDE policy that even applies to US CITIZENS when they are jailed we do not put their CHILDREN or any unidentified child they happened to have with them in jail alongside of them.

    “Speaking on MSNBC, the California congresswoman said current administration officials who defend Trump “know what they’re doing is wrong” and said they soon won’t be able to peacefully appear in public without being harassed.”

    Yet this has been going on since 2014 the only change was an end to an illegal policy that allowed those who broke the laws of the US free to disappear into this nation if they had ANY CHILD with them. Under PREVIOUS administrations all they had to do was show up with ANY CHILD and they were just handed a court date and released the vast majority of them vanished and never showed up for the court dates many of them ABANDONING the child they had dragged along with them because it was NOT THEIR CHILD.

  49. AK maybe you should watch the video tape on what she said. But then DummyRats don’t need proof, they have their own ideas and facts do not matter, only what they are told to say.

  50. Mad max needs her secret service detail to arrest her immediately for treason and sedition in full view of her supporters. Then she should be immediately impeached for crimes against the president and his supporters. ARREST HER NOW

  51. This is past ridiculous! These people who urged riots and other acts against Trump should be in jail! Put some of them there and the left. Might think twice before spouting off. And to think there are actually sane people backing democrats. They have gone crazy

  52. Why is she being protected and who is protecting her? The same people who protected Hillary, Lerner and all the rest of the democrat sedionists who’s objective is to take down our nation?

  53. What has this country gotten to. We have low IQ idiots like Mad Maxine pushing to escalate violence in our country because the liberal, left wants completely open borders to let the drugs flow into the country without as much as a speed bump. They want the ability to increase human trafficking, all for the sake of increased votes at the voting polls, to keep democrats in power. How many more congressman will be shot by the loonie left before retaliation erupts our country into a full civil war?


  55. I agree with you Rick. The problem is, the Conservative Way is akin to the Christian Way. We will keep rolling along the high road & taking it on the chin until the opposition either wears themselves out, or does something so heinous a call to arms is warranted. Want proof? Look at the timeline of the Crusades. The Mozlem aggressors had conquered most of the Christian lands and slaughtered Millions before the King of England said “Enough” and let slip the Knights Templar. Sadly, I see the same thing happening now Too bad the opposition isn’t just one entity.

  56. Waters is openly inciting violence and subverting the POTUS. Why has the Secret Service NOT arrested her?

  57. I demand she be arrested for inciting riots. She can be opposed to what is happening, but for her position as a congresswoman being paid to incite riots is a felony! Arrest her!

  58. Never heard a peep about this when Obama was doing it. Makes no different. First it was Russia, Nothing there, Then Stormy, Nothing there, then the Meeting with NK was good so lets get on with something else to smear the Presi. I have known about the scumbag lying media for over two decades now. Hopefully more and more people dont buy into it. Unfortunately they are all brainwashed…

  59. MAXINE waters act is called treason and a felony for asking people to violate rights of others and people vote for her yes the loonies sure do

  60. Only a clown such as Maxine Watters can get elected in a California, Gerryrigged district. Same with Pelosi.

  61. WTF is going on with all these Liberal idiots…harrassing people…threatening the President…his kids…his staff…these F**KTARDS need to be stopped…I hope we have enough Conservatives voting in November to vote them out…they are POISON and spreading so much hate…calling US NAZIS…CULT MEMBERS…I can’t remember ever seeing this much hate for a President in my lifetime…and now hating anyone who voted for POTUS..It sure would be nice to see any of them care for us Americans as much as they care for the illegals…I hope they all end up in orange jumpsuits…

  62. The President’s family should be totally off limits and always in the past has been.

    What has happened to this country? The resistance to our duly elected President
    is obviously planned and paid for. The day after the election people (via the internet) were setting up “indivisable” groups. How did that happen if it wasn’t pre-planned. I, as an independent, have crossed party lines in the past but with the disgusting actions of the left I will never vote democrat again. Not unless the “progressives” get out of there. I also don’t believe in the Christian Right on the Republican side. Where are the moderates in this country. Where has civility and
    good sportsmanship gone.

  63. This “poor mixed up lady” is in a position to vote on LAWS that will effect everyone in America.She needs to be ejected.

  64. I don’t care what her or their motive is. Their continuous tirade by any means to
    block or upset the progression of our duly elected President is nothing less than
    treasonous.I don’t care who she thinks she is, she must be arrested ASAP and brought before a judge or thrown out of her position in The House of Representatives.

  65. Whoever opposes President Trump will find out they are opposing God! Acts 5:39. Father forgive them, and heal our land.

  66. Wonder if it will accept the responsibility when its supporters are lying dead in the streets? Semper Fi!!

  67. We, the “basket of deplorables”, need to organize ourselves to make life unpleasant for Democrats, fools, Communists and other “resisters” when THEY want to eat in a restaurant or sleep at night. However, we need to exercise some SENSE (a word that b***h Waters doesn’t even know) and not violate the rights of those whose stupid views we try to change. We are not the fascists that the Left and the alt-left have become; and we must not behave in those ways.

  68. Gary. HURRAY!!!! My sentiments exactly. Lets get back to basics. These are the likes of people that I have never seen in my 71-years. Nobody used to carry on when the other political side won and life went on as normal. People were not in the streets protesting, causing destruction, killing other people. Life went on and you talked to your neighbor as a human being and had no idea if they were Democrat or Republican. This was America and you were entitled to your choice of political party. Life went on as normal.

  69. Maxine gives us good reason to shut down our borders to “asylum seekers” as we as a nation due to dear Maxine are in total discord by her inciting violence on Americans. How can we as a nation allow anyone from other nations come here until we get rid of our incited violence on one another? Thank You Maxine for bringing this to our attention! SHUT THE BORDER NOW! I still think my idea of the border protection is a great idea: Make 10 mile in from border all Military Bombing Practice Ranges! Practice day and night! We have a bombing range near where I live and they practice there a lot! I think it is GREAT!

  70. Maxine Waters wants all of these illegal immigrants to come into our country because, when it comes time to vote, she is wanting their vote to help keep her in office. She doesn’t care about the Americans or our country, she is more concerned for their illegal votes.

    When Obama was having these illegals stopped at the border, she and the rest of the Democrats weren’t shouting and crying about the children being separated from their parents. They were happy that Obama was doing it, but with President Trump and his administration doing now, they see it as being cruel to these illegals.

    The only way that we can really have any satisfaction with any Democrats is, they have to be replaced with new blood from candidates that are actually wanting to do good for our country and the American people.

    Maxine is going to get somebody killed and then she will say that it was President Trump’s fought for all of this happening. She doesn’t want to take the blame for anything that goes wrong with her chants.

  71. You have all been played by the RNC. Waters didn’t say that at all. Her comments are taken out of context for the sake of inciting riots and violence. This – is the Russian playbook.
    This is NOT what Jesus taught us. and, the very threatened ppl of central America have a RiGHT to seek asylum UNDER OUR OWN CONSTITUTION. If you don’t like that – call your Congressmen to send troops to their countries to stop their own invasions!

  72. What you said I feel is very TRUE Minoo! NOW in so saying, IF WE AS A NATION is having this discord, why (or what) gives us the right to give asylum to others from other countries? We need to clean up our country first! I feel until that, we need to close our borders to ALL IMMIGRANTS or ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS! If a nation cannot stand for itself, how can we allow others in?

  73. Alex, that so called woman is cruel & EVIL has done nothing good but to raise HELL with the citizens of the US. She has so much hate in her heart and always starting something to work the people up. President Trump is the best thing that has happened to this country. We are NOT COMMUNISTS and this is NOT a COMMUNIST COUNTRY. Why doesn’t she and all of the Hollywood elites just move to the Communist country of their choice and raise their hell and see how far they would get in another country. This is America, Land of the Free and laws to protect its citizens. We don’t need people like Maxine Walters or her few followers. Have this person committed or deported. She can’t be a citizen of the US.

  74. actually we are NOT a 3rd world nation! Maxine acts like she is from some other nation! She does not follow the law of being a congresswoman? What she is doing IS GROUNDS FOR HER BEING IMPEACHED! Guess she does not have the brains to know that! She is like a mynah bird repeating what she is told, never looking to find facts! She is however GREAT for the RED WAVE 2018! Gotta love how she DEMONstrates what the DEMONcrats plan to do to win! They have no plan except to incite violence! Q: What is their platform? A: Attack anyone who does not bow to our ideas (whatever they may be, we really have no clue!) Great platform eh? LOL

  75. Amen,Hatred and filth from Maxin Waters mouth is like poison that is polluting the minds of people around the country.She needs to arrested then Shot for inciting hatred and violence

  76. Maxine Waters is using the very same idiosyncrasy thought process that democrats are using to kill innocent school children to accomplish their goal to take our guns/protection away by “killing” the 2nd amendment. School shooting are planned and democrats can justify killing a few innocents(collateral damage) to reach their means. Same way with those republican congressman being shot. It’s a plan that democrats have been working on for several years and they are using “other people” to carry out their plans. Maxine is just a mouth piece for the liberals.

  77. I do believe they are. As they get exposed more and more. Their not democrate or republican. They’re a whole new party. However God is in control. And I pray of the administration and all involved. For their safety.

  78. Maxine Waters and Obama didn’t and doesn’t want our America back the way it was when we were growing up.

    I remembered fighting with my two sisters all the time, however, we didn’t call for any resistance towards our parents or any other relatives.

    My father was in World War II, and he said that he was glad to be back home, because he saw enough of death in the service. We surely do not need any body getting the ideal of hurting anyone, however, with Maxine Waters and former Obama, they would like to see another WAR here on our country.

  79. They need to put that woman in a mental institution. She likes to create scenes of disturbance and destruction. I truly believe she is a complete MENTAL CASE. Let those MS-13 gang members move next door to her or maybe house a few of them in her mansion if she is so in love with these illegal gangsters. She definitely needs to be committed.

  80. “Bad-Ass” Maxine thinks she can get away with this behavior, since she is a black Democrat. The Secret Service should arrest her and let her spend a few hours in jail. Of course, with “Mad” Maxine’s mouth, the officers might not be able to stand her tirade filled with cussing and hateful comments.

    She is a disgrace. Post her video in ads for her district.

  81. Ann–The right to live in peace is guaranteed by OUR CONSTITUTION-However, these DemWits are trying to void and tear up our constitution. Eventually it will come down to a REAL war between the two parties. Little do they remember or understand what we have done to become a great nation. Their education has been lacking, and the institutions of learning are not teaching them REALITY. They have been mesmerized by their lefty professors. It is time for Sen. Joe McCarthy to rise up and start his inquisitions again. Last point, we have lost the meaning of what it is to be a civilized nation, and we have lost all our civility.

  82. right , just like there was a story this morning about abusing the illegal kids by making them say the pledge of allegiance, i don’t remember them calling the 1st graders forced to say the pledge of allegiance to oboma for 8 years child abuse, like china and russia make the kids do

  83. You are 100% right. Someone is going to get killed. Stupid Maxine Waters need to be charge for the murder. She said that God is on their side. No the devil is with her not God.

  84. This witch needs to have her head examined. It is clear she is a disturbed person no longer able to function in society. Lock her up in a mental ward and throw away the key. She is unfit to be in congress and needs to go away. Maybe she will stoke out.

  85. That would be all the Democrats you are mentioning! Many used tax payer money in a slush fund to bail themselves out of sexual attorney fees! Menendez is STILL a sitting Congressman after going through legal proceedings! Some to avoid due process have suddenly “retired” and able to keep all their millions they have taken from tax payers.IF YOU WANT to do a list, then show ALL meaning DEMS and all their info as well! Just remember, what is good for the Goose is also good for the Gander! This will not solve a thing! Why don’t you give us YOUR INFO so we can come visit you and your family? Do you feel any safer now?

  86. Excellent comment! Maxine Waters has been rabble rousing for years now. She needs to lose her position as representative. We don’t need her ilk in government. Instead of having decent conversation, she tries to incite hatred. How she got elected for her position is a mystery to all of us. She need to be fired, and I hope she is.

  87. Absolutely! Why are these people above the law? Look at the Clintons…I am in total disbelief at how they are still not in jail. Waters is another mouth like Pelosi. They ARE out of touch with America’s MAJORITY. But Waters has described the kind of America she wants…civility is not a part of who she is. Treason, Terrorism, etc. is who she is.

  88. I really don’t think she is going to like the out come of her words. Because WE THE PEOPLE are feed up with this, Instead of reading about the last civil war she is going to b right in the middle of one with all her little sheep followers. All I got to say to all of my fellow AMERICANS that believe in the way our PRESIDENT is running this country, keep your powder dry cause you might have to get ur gun.

  89. Wonder why she keeps getting reelected????the following is the list of all the “good” she has done for her state and this country.

    …………………………………………………………………………………………. Yep! Empty list. Time for her removal…actually a good place for her would be in jail wearing an orange jumpsuit.

  90. Iam another American that is sick of the crimes the left, the politicians, the so called comedians (they are not funny at all). The so called elite actors/actresses in Hollywood. I am done with paying a red cent to sit through another movie. I can read a book or save my money and take a long needed vacation. I hope I see one of these traitors walking down the street. I have a few choice words to share with the cowards. VIVA Revolution!!

  91. She is going to cause some serious injuries. Should a crowd
    Get out of control and seriously hurt someone!
    What about the right to live peacefully, oops ……,is that a right?

  92. Come on Republicans, you need to put on a pair and start charging these radical, Non-American, Communist low life’s, with inciting riots and terror acts. The people in this country are getting tired of their crap, you need to do more before the SHTF, conservatives are getting fed up with them.

  93. She should watch calling for violence because she might just get what she asked for but only to her. She is so ugly through and through. Her heart is as black as her soul is. She should be arrested and ran out of the country.

  94. OK–you say Corporate FREELOADERS. What about the citizenry who freeload –their living subsidized by US Taxpayers. Now, the Dimms are proposing that we subsidize the illegals. That is so contrary to natural law where you are rewarded in accordance with your contribution (most of the time?). What La Waters said and also the others of her ilk, is absolutely immoral and wrong. This assumes a lot-knowing what is moral. There was a story that was floated just after the 1964 Civil Rights Act passed–Gov. Maddox, in his restaurant in Ga., served a hamburger to a black American–the person protested that the burger was not cooked. The Gov. replied-The law does not require me to cook it. Such is the madness of the present day Dimms.

  95. You’ve all been so conned again! She did NOT entice ppl to go out and attack trump supporters – but, they want you to believe she did. Her comments are taken out of context, just so that you’ll be the ones to start some sort of civil war. Man…when the right wants a job done – you people are just the sheep to do it.

  96. We are at war! The left keeps firing shots every time they invite violence. Conservatives have been the civil ones but are ready and willing to fight to keep our country and our Constitution!
    The liberals are the ones who apparently want to start a civil war that, it appears, we now so desperately need!

  97. I will go out of my way to avoid a public confrontation with the ilk of Democrats like Maxine Waters. HOWEVER, if my family and I are threatened with physical violence I will return the threat. As a matter of fact I will turn the tables and double the dose!

  98. I wouldn’t suggest that she is a sponsor of terrorism, she is a true supporter for terrorism. She can’t stand to see someone else in the White House, and changing the rules the way that he is Governing.

    Maxine Waters wanted everything to stay the same, because they were able to control former Obama, now they don’t like that they can’t control President Trump and his administration. Because, when Obama was in the office, he didn’t enforce all of our rules that were on the books, and now that President Trump is in office and enforcing our rules on the books, Maxine Waters and all of the Democrats think that is all wrong, that we should allow all of the illegal immigrants into our country with out any worries.

    Why don’t Maxine Waters and all of the rest of the Democrats let some of the MS-13 gang members move in next door to them and their families, and then they can see and feel some of the tension that the Americans are feeling when one of their family members have been killed!!!!!!!!!!!

    Maxine Waters is going to get someone hurt or killed with her rants and chanting “Impeach 45”!

  99. I am ready and able to assist any government official who is harassed by these fools. I have had enough of their crap. Let’s vote them out in November and really MAGA.

  100. Why don’t we harass Waters wherever she goes? This woman should be charged with inciting terrorism and she should be thrown out of Congress!

  101. The probability of violence is high. I am very disappointed in that this congresswoman is bringing back a hatred that in my opinion was healing and even subcited over the years. Now it seems that she and her followers Including EXPresident Obama want to relive the past when their ancestors fought so hard to get rid of it. Teaching our young folks to be divided instead of coming together as a country. This is America I do not recognize. What happened to having an opinion or belief. Are the democrats only allowed to have one. What happened to live and let live. Learn to agree to disagree. I love my country and support our troops! United We Stand and Divided We Fall. These words use to mean something. Lets get back to the basics.

  102. These blacks are so hateful, no wonder people hate them. Why is she still on the streets? She should be locked up in a cell with the key thrown away. When that half black was in the WH we did not protest like they are doing now. It just proves that you can’t take the jungle out of the monkey.

  103. Perhaps a serious chat with the Secret Service and the FBI is is asap order before someone is injured or hurt as a result of her requests to her public supporters to intimidate others by whatever measure. I cannot believe this is actually taking place in America and is condoned thus far!

  104. She has crossed the line,again! As I see it she has threatened the President. This belongs in the hands of the Secret Service, Not the FBI. This rhetoric is just enough to set off some kooks to take it literally with lethal violence and any blood shed should result in arrests of the perp; she should be arrested for aiding and abetting. Enough is enough. Free speech does NOT give someone the right to invoke volence

  105. You are spot on, this cretin is absolutely disgusting, then again what can you expect from a Liberal? It seems as though the left is really trying to start a Civil war and I am convinced that is the reason they want to disarm the people.

  106. Soon, very soon, a side will have to be picked. Are you an American or a Communist? Choose your side and if you side with America’s enemies, don’t be surprised if it blows up in your face. This is Terrorism and Anarchy and it will only be tolorated so long.

  107. Mad Max should be declared a sponsor of terrorism and removed from office now and have her assets frozen until she and her family are long gone

  108. What should be displayed is every name and person involve in personal attacks on a person and families well being. Shooting would be too good. Incarceration much better. So far nothing done to these lawbreakers.

  109. Many Hispanics legal and American born.. Not anchor babies.. Have changed to Republican. We are fed up with the hatred and violence that has been created by the Democrats and the lies by the liberal media.

  110. I don’t think we need to personally harass public officials, but they must be held accountable for the crimes and serious misdeeds they commit. One effective approach, I believe, would be to publicly display the names and faces of every Cabinet member as well as the behind-the-scenes power brokers who recklessly spend our taxes and create a world of instability that threatens the very survival of thew human species. We are living in the nuclear age under a psychological act of terrorism. Government officials and corporate free-loaders must be held accountable.

  111. This good for nothing POS should be locked up…..the sooner the better !
    Why is any one giving her the time of day ?!?!?!?!

  112. If these things were said about any other class of people she would never be able to get away with it. But if someone dares to Make America Great Again. It is evident that the enemies of America are more than willing to mobilize to insure that this never happens.

    Vote in November. If you don’t, you are part of the problem and not part of the solution.

  113. Why in the world is this sedition allowed to happen when does it end Mr. Sessions ? Mr. Trump is are duely elected president .I pray that this lunacy will end from the depraved extream left.

  114. There is something Maxine has not seen and she better pray she never does and that is when the Trump supporters say enough is enough. They have not been violent they have not rioted and burned property they have not stopped anybody from exercising their civil rights to speak or assemble. This does not mean that people like Maxine can insult and harass them if the Trump supporters are pushed to far there will be no civil war Ha Ha To have a civil war you have to have two equal sides and despite the best efforts by the main stream media the MAJORITY of Americans are on Trumps side. Every poll taken on him has him favored higher than any politician in the country his real approval rating is in the 90’s go ahead check the polls on all of these sites people like what he is doing and the blinders are off so this old ignorant woman who will not even live in her own district is not only out of touch but is no longer wanted. We the people have pulled back the curtain and want the swamp drained and the criminals in jail Amen

  115. I feel if this wrinkled old prune and the other big mouth Dems don’t stop suggesting such things like this, we’re going to end up with another Civil War…..God forbid someone get’s hurt or killed because of the rhetoric
    Maxine Watters is throwing around, the Dems have know one to blame but themselves….In my 70 years I have never heard or seen anything like this….I will be voting for President Trump again in 2020…..

  116. All the demonRATs are upset with our Pres. Trump because they are the swamp that should belong to the gutter. These corrupt politicians goal are for their personal enrichment and nothing more. Look where they live? Check their financial status before being in power. Now, they cannot move their corruption agenda because we have a very HONEST PATRIOTIC PRESIDENT TRUMP THAT TURLY LOVE AMERICA.

  117. The radical fascist left have long passed their first Amendment rights; the left wing media , hollyweird , waters and her trash , deep state liberals, mueller have created a conspiracy to over throw w duly elected potus, just because their idiotic agenda has been REJECTED. This is treason by any standard and must be dealt with;; prison time please they have all committed felonies by physically threatening harm to a public official/family. These are terrorists threats.

  118. The FBI should be in her ‘face’ and warning her she’s about to cross the line with her lies about our President and when she does, it will cost her everything.

  119. Talk about violating the law, this moronic single celled animal, is committing a crime I trying to incite violence against those who don’t agree with it. A stupid ass, that couldn’t fill a glass of water (LOL) by itself. I don’t care what her color is, she is a demented fool that drastically needs psychiatric help. Crazy, she is so far beyond crazy as to be a new definition. Anyone who listens to her needs to join her in a nuthouse.

  120. I know there are already laws on the books to arrest and prosecute this hateful woman. If a regular citizen called for violence, they would be in jail for inciting a riot or more.

  121. This woman is telling people to take away the rights of anyone working with President Trump! She is an elected official & should be prosecuted & impeached
    for not doing her job, & encouraging others to take away the rights of our government officials doing their job!! This has to stop!!

  122. She is an IDIOT who loves to divide and hate! I sincerely hope she is impeached for wanting divide rather the communication, resolve to accept or concede something (such as the views or wishes of another) agree to a plan or be in harmony witch it is obvious she is not capable of! Due process is for Legel Citizens, Not The Media or the Left to avoid or abuse! Immigration must be done responsibly!

    The Media and the LEFT continue to support Illegal Immigrants but not Homeless Americans or sick or DIEING Veterans, elderly or babies. Where is the Justice? Liberal Democrat Politicians (like AKA Pocahontas) jump on the stage making outlandish unsupported statements for free media points and coverage crying over and supporting people who refuse to enter our country properly under the law! HUMM, will they open their own homes and checkbooks to support these same people or do they just want you to think they care for a vote from the liberal media and supporters. Take a bite, now chew and swallow without forcing our own citizens to starve or go homeless like Liberal Jerry Brown did in California (aka, MOONBEAM) Social Media , The Networks as well as the Liberals clamp on to many things, some good, but some that divide America causing damage without weighing the big picture! America can not support the World, All of the Welfare Cheats, etc. , When the money runs out and it will keep in mind that it was suppose to be Tax Monies used responsibly by the Government, Not Pet projects or supporting Illegal or fraud abusers etc. The day will come when you will need it and it won’t be there! Our Coffers are already in trouble, keep that in mind and be responsible! Your Children’s future is at risk, You can’t always decide with a mothers heart, you have to have a responsible heart for the people of America’s life and future! That is why I support President Trump. He thinks about our future

  123. Maxine Waters to all those that have served in Congress and those currently serving – she is a DISGRACE. She is calling for violence of GOP staff connected with Trump Administration. I SEE THEY HAVE THUS FAR ONLY ATTACKED FEMALE STAFF. SHE IS CRAZY AS THEY COME. INVESTIGATE HER FOR ALL THE MONEY SHE IS GIVING HER DAUGHTER. THE RIGHT IS NOT GOING TO SIT IDLY BY WHY SHE OPENS HER MOUTH.

  124. There is NO line anymore to go over
    Could you imagine what Eric Holder would have done if someone on the right suggested this for the Obama administration?
    Jefrf Sessions is worthless
    Someone is going to get killed its only a matter of time
    At the least the DOJ should Harrass Maxine Waters fror what she is doing

  125. Anything I say will just be a repeat of those comments above. Are we at war now??? Liberals and Conservatives. What a way to run (ruin) a country. Let’s all pray that they just fade away.

  126. Where is the Congressional Ethics Committee on this on? Waters is supposed to represent “all” of her constituents, not just the ones she agrees with.
    Inciting harassment and intimidation against others is actually a felony and she should be arrested.

  127. WOW!!!! If we had said this against Obama……..we would all be called racists and jailed for inciting riots!!!

  128. Why so much hatred with this corrupt demonRATs, who tolerate and initiate riots and hatred, violence, war against good people, are these demonRATs soldier of the ISIS?
    Thanks God Pres. Donald J. Trump is our President, a gift from heaven.

  129. Lady? Michael you chose the wrong She is not a lady, and I understand why you used that word. Sometimes it is not nice for us to say what we really think of someone.


  131. Any harassing another goes to jail…this will stop and cool their jets on attacking any citizen from exercising their freedom ..

  132. I agree with Danny. Maxine has called for a civil war. The kids (13-20) do not realize that killing someone is forever, if they kill their parents, they won;t wake up in the next day like video games. I thought publicly threatening death was illegal. Why is Maxine, the lover of MS13, still wandering around spewing out her vitriol? Where are the people who are strong enough to take her down? She has FBI protection I am sure because she is too chicken to go out on her own. Where is our Attorne General on this action of hers? No reaction to me means he agrees.

  133. “What goes about comes about!” or “As ye sow so shall ye reap!” Maxine Waters, you better be careful with how your life might ends! Have you ever seen any evil wishers and doers died well, and whose offsprings are blessed? You are an EVIL WOMAN!! Your heart is full of Evil, HATE what is GOOD! YOU and your seeds will suffer……..

  134. I am ASHAMED to live in such a cesspool as California! ALL the evil jerks!! jerry brown ( that piece of crap!), maxine, pelosi, kamala…all the retards need their ASS IN JAIL! Wish I could get out of this stinky pit!

  135. Maybe it is way past time for us to face some difficult truths which could lead to another war in this great nation of ours!

  136. They need to get her out of office. It will be to late after someone does get killed. If that should happen then Waters should be put in prison and tried for murder. She is a BIG BULLEY!

  137. Sedition/high crimes/ misdemeanors/ attempt to over throw a sitting government is called TREASON, when is this idiot going to jail?

  138. Maxine Waters is as stupid as they come, and just as nasty. Southern California is just nutty enough to keep electing her. It’s understandable as they are birds of a feather. The woman belongs in either a mental hospital or a locked facility nursing home…..she is a wasted soul, a hate monger, a pimple on the face of Southern Cal AND the US Congress, and embarrassment to all civilized humans. I will assume that every violent death from now until this crap ends will be caused by one or more of Satan’s servants…..there are plenty of them around trying to get others to kill or maim for them. Hopefully, but not expecting that many of the SS’s (Satan’s servants) will land in prison.

  139. Someone is going to get killed. They are going to kill Sanders, or Pam Bondie or a border agent, someone. Maxine is actually calling for murder if you read between the lines. These kids are so ready to kill kill kill, for Maxine, or David Hogg. They have no concience, no morals, they just want to kill for the ’cause’.

  140. Maxie never had any sense in the first place and her voters…Losers !
    The American people need to come out in the 2018 elections and vote ; then President Trump/Pence can finish throwing out
    the trash, appointing new judges,etc. Keeping America Great!!!

  141. This is going to get someone killed. Where are the police? Isn’t there a law against inciting harassment, denying service, etc.?

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